Gargoyle Online

# 6

Silvana Straw and DJ Fleg performing “Off the Hook: Voicemail Messages from Mamma”
with Floating Lab Collective at the WPA Art Parade in June 2010.
Photo by BYT.

Table of Contents




Lindsay Forbes Brown
• Big Lipped Alligator Moment

T.J. Butler
• Songbirds

Laura Costas
• Extinction

Jim Ray Daniels
• The underachiever

Glenn Deutsch
• Creatural Homage

Suzanne Feldman
• Five Dollar Box

Gary Fincke
• Counting the Reindeer

Jessica Claire Haney
• Atmospherics

Mike Maggio
• The Herds

Jessica Purdy
• Psychopomp

Doug Rice
• The Nostalgia of Pittsburgh Bars: A Triptych

Jessie Seigel
• The Naked Man

Noel Sloboda
• Unnamed

Daniel Stolar
• Graham’s Buck

Christina Tudor
• The Girl with the Third Leg 

Donna Vitucci
• The Divorce Antlers

Theodora Ziolkowski
• Lily Exits

Fran Abrams
• Flying Away

CL Bledsoe
• Women in Refrigerators
• Banana for Scale

Jamie Brown
• The Wastrel
• Questions for Homer

James Cervantes
• The Story as We Know It
• Late Eulogy for Halvard Johnson
• I Wrote a Poem While Reading Your Book

Gail Braune Comorat
• Aftermath
• Married Life/Not a Love Poem

Christina Daub
• Unknown Coordinates
• Bow Lines
• My Father’s Shoes

W. D. Ehrhart
• Not in a Hurry

Tony Gloeggler
• Jesse and Bruce

Shelley Blue Grabel
• Reflection doubles the story

Kelle Groom
• Letter to Kelly Cherry
• Department of transportation
• Poem with Bumper Sticker
• Rules for Total Annihilation

Michael Gushue
• The Parable of the Puffed Grain
• Foibles

Nina Heiser
• Angel Fire: Where the Pavement Ends

Donald Illich
• Big Blue Monster
• Delay of the Monster

Beth Konkoski
• After Decades

Joseph Lerner
• Anamnesis

Melvin E. Lewis 
• A Song for You

Margaret McCarthy
• The Sheboygan Conservatory of Music

Brandy McKenzie
• On the Voynich manuscript I keep by my pillow at night

Leslie F. Miller
• Traffic Ticket
• Oedipal Arrangements

Miles David Moore
• A Song for September
• Martin Luther King Day, 2021

Ken Poyner
• Covenant
• Defined Threat

M.A. Schaffner
• November When the Light Changes
• A Bite to Eat in Hardeeville, South Carolina
• What I Saw of Saint George

Steven Schutzman
• Yogi & Bogey
• The Race

Kate Powell Shine
• How Do You Do?
• Resolved
• Could Have Been Mad

Silvana Straw
• It Is September

Pat Valdata
• Maintenance Never Stops
• To the Young Man Who Made Me Espresso on the Local from Arles to Agen

A.D. Winans
• Stretching the Imagination
• Choices
• Poem For My Mother
• For Lady Lynne
• The Beginning of the End

Pamela Murray Winters
• Face
• Friday Night Cinema

Sandra Beasley
• Gained in Translation

J.D. Brayton
• Alice ➔SO WHAT

Sean Thomas Dougherty
• This Shit Oddly Not So Far from Love

M. Scott Douglass
• 8000 MILE ROLL, A Motorcycle Memoir

Karen Paul Holmes
• Re-Reading Nancy Drew

Susan Tepper
• Air Over Hanoi

Sally Wilde
• The Murder Show Demographic

Pamela Murray Winters
• This was Supposed to Be a Tribute to Treat Williams


Nina Corwin
• MP Pavillion

Kevin Downs
Five Photos
• Shuggie Otis
• Valerie June
• Patti Smith
• Nick Cave
• Hubert Sumlin

Howie Good
• In the Soup (collage)

Alberto Gáitan
• Remembrancer
• Cache Installation
• Appliance

Brandon D. Johnson
• group pix

Silvana Straw
• Cover art and more

• Poetry Museum pix

La Volpe
• Drawing


Alberto Gáitan
• Bluesy

W.F. Lantry
• Rilke Was Right
• How Are You?
• Wearing the Mask


Freddy Dugard’s Hit Squad
• Let’s Hang in the Backyard

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kevin Downs for the cool pix, and to Freddy Dugard for the video.

Grateful to Helena Kenevan for permission to run some of her late brother’s art and music. And also to David J. Brown, Vincent Gallegos, James Huckenpahler, Andrea Pollen, and Claudia Rousseau .

I also need to give alms to Cathy Alter, Barrelhouse, Michelle Brafman, Nita Congress, Joyce Kornblatt, Nancy Mitchell, Joseph Riippi, and Silvana Straw.

Wendy Guberman -Electronic mag layout

last words

“Always stick to what makes you weird, odd, strange, different. That’s your source of power.”
— Robert Greene
“Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity. It is the essence of compassion and the beginning of morality.”
–Ian McEwan in Fiction Writers Review
“In my mind I just block out the fact that people are going to see what I’m writing. I don’t read reviews, I don’t read anything. I don’t want to directly engage with anyone who hates my work because that would make the doubt even worse. I don’t need it to be worse. I don’t think of it as powering through the doubt, it’s just one foot in front of the other. And never stopping to think, Does this suck? Do I suck? I have to resist self-sabotage.”
–Samantha Irby
“The young novelist sitting beside me began a description of how he had efficiently and effectively planned his first book to be commercially successful, adaptable for movie purposes and generally a money-making machine. The plan worked. He made money. (I quietly began to dislike him.) And then he talked about writing his second novel and the way he’d written that one for his friends. He’d cared about it. At which point he cried. Right out on stage, he wept big authorial tears of sheer bloody happiness. He had accidentally done something which had made him deeply happy – he had written for love. The only thing better than sitting next to that level of joy is having it yourself. Every day.”
–A.L. Kennedy in The Guardian
“I do keep going back to the desk. And every time-every single time–the fog rolls in, my mind goes blank, and the struggle begins.”
–Vivian Gornick in The Paris Review
“I don’t know anyone idiotic enough to claim that you can teach someone to be a fiction writer.”
–Tobias Wolff
“When seemingly random pieces fit together well, one can sense an intention behind it all. Something wants this to happen.”
— Rick Rubin
“The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything.”
— Milan Kundera
“The median income for a full-time writer last year was $23,000. And writers’ incomes declined by 42% between 2009 and 2019.”
“When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in.”
–Haruki Murakami
“For every poet it is always morning in the world. History a forgotten, insomniac night; History and elemental awe are always our early beginning, because the fate of poetry is to fall in love with the world, in spite of History.”
–Derek Walcott


Martin Amis

Leny Andrade

Alan Arkin

Julian Barry

Tony Bennett

Helmut Berger

Pamela Blair

Jim Brown

Pete Brown

Gabrielle Carey

Michael Denneny

Daniel Ellsberg

Frederic Forrest

Mo Foster

D.J. Gaskin

Astrud Gilberto

Francoise Gilot

Tom Glenn

Bo Goldman

Robert Gottlieb

Russell H. Greenan

Saskia Hamilton

Redd Holt

Glenda Jackson

Joe Kapp

Milan Kundera

Bill Lee

Rita Lee

Linda Lewis

Gordon Lightfoot

Johnny Lujack

George Maharis

Bruce McCall

Cormac McCarthy

Tony McPhee

Randy Meisner

Francis Monkman

Floyd Newman

Sinead O’Connor

Minnie Bruce Pratt

Paul Reubens

Andy Rourke

Julian Sands

Don Sebesky

Knute Skinner

Charles Steck

George Tickner

John Tranter

Tina Turner

Keith Waldrop

Martin Walser

Cynthia Weil

Treat Williams

George Winston

Anita Wood