NameType of GraphicIssue(s)


Annie Adjchavanich3 photos39/40
Tom Ahern   2 photos   17/18
C. Albert2 collages (Swept Away; Offering)57
Robert Aldercover art (computer-manipulated graphic)42
David AlpaughVisual Poem72
Jillian Annphoto, self-portrait50
Nin Andrewstwo pieces58
Nin Andrewsfrontispiece, cartoons59
Nin Andrewscartoon60
Anonymous   cover photo  (Fassbinder/Schygulla)   27
Anonymous   cover photo  (Louise Brooks)17/18
Anonymous   70
Anonymous   71
Cecilia Arnold2 photos27
Sigal Avnicover art45


Debbie Bakerdrawing4
Anna Bananafrontispiece — “Gargoyle Commemorative 1976-1989” (stamps)37/38
Kathy Bell2 photos27
Kathy Bellphoto32/33
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“My Name Zubitz”)32/33
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“Ted Priester as Max Beckmann”)32/33
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“Dee McNeil as a Bird”)32/33
Leslie A. Bellcover photo (“Youth and Age on Holiday”)35
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“Berlin Idyll”)35
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“Miss Marple’s Only Son” )35
Leslie A. Bellphoto (“Figure/Ground Relationship (Being Mortal)”)35
Bobbi Bennett3 photos35
Henry L. Berben   drawing (frontispiece)32/33
Lili Corbus Bezner3 photos43
Jeanne Birdsallphoto (self-portrait )27
Raya Bodnarchuk7 sculptures24
Raya Bodnarchukphoto (sculpture)24
Dmitry BorshchFrontis: The Making of Brothers60
Lisa Montag Brotmanpainting24
Bleddyn Butcher3 photos42
Terence Byrnesphoto (Catherine Kidd)50


Claudia Carson photo (“Dog Crown”)48
Grace CavalieriPaper, beads, paint on canvasOnline 3
Grace CavalieriPolyester fibers, plastic/paper, paint, beads on canvasOnline 3
Grace CavalieriAcrylic, photos, text, beads, watches, paint, on canvas mounted on acrylic backboardOnline 3
Grace CavalieriAcrylic palette, beads on canvasOnline 3
Grace CavalieriOnline 5
Tom Chalkleydrawing2
Tom Chalkleydrawing10
Tom Chalkleydrawing (“No Early Warning”)14
Tom Chalkleycomix (“One Hundred Years of Suburbitude”)44
Tom Chamberscover photo (“Icy Road”)56
Lonny Chantfrontispiece58
Lynn Chassyetching (“Twilight Over the Country”)14
Meg Chrislerphoto3
Meg Chrisler2 photos7
Lisa Chunphoto (“Windham Ranch Cowgirl”)48
Lisa Chunphoto (“Christine”)48
Lisa Chunphoto (“Plaza Blanca, New Mexico”)55
Lisa Chunphoto (“Roger with Dawn”)55
Lisa Chunphoto (“Xena in Window”)55
Lisa Chunphoto (“New Mexico Storm”)55
Lisa Chunphoto (“Llama”)55
Lisa Chun4 collagesOnline 1
Y. David Chungdrawing (“Bar Scene”)37/38
Y. David Chungdrawing (“Street Scene”)37/38
Y. David Chungdrawing (“The Spill”)37/38
Y. David Chungdrawing (“Nightclub Act”)37/38
Mark Clarkpainting (oil)14
Mark Clarkpainting19
Phil Clinephoto (Allen Ginsberg)10
Phil Clinephoto10
Joseph Cocodrawing3
Susan Colemandrawing11
Susan Colemandrawing17/18
Susan Coleman4 drawings19
Roy P. Comiskeydrawing (cover art)3
Lydia Conklindrawing (“farm kitties”)56
Lydia Conklincomix (“about a tear”)56
Cynthia Connollycover photo36
Cynthia Connolly3 photos37/38
Cynthia Connolly4 photos (“Black Canyon, Arizona 1/19/97”)41
Nina CorwinMP PavillionOnline 6
Rosemary Feit Coveylino cut (“South African Childhood”)32/33
Rosemary Feit Coveylino cut (“Writing on the Wall”)32/33
Rosemary Feit Coveylino cut (“The House after Noon”)32/33
Russell Coxcover photo1
Russell Coxphoto4
Russell Coxphoto (“John Gardner”)11
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“Christ, Discarded”)68
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“Italian Cypress Surfaces”)68
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“The Century Plant Remembers Ruth Asawa”)68
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“Palm Dunk”)68
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“Jesus Takes a Break from the World”)68
Kelly Cressio-Moellerphoto (“Lemon Fingers”)68


Nicelle Davisdrawing (“Class Notes from English 360: Modern British Literature”)70
Nicelle DavisCover artOnline 3
Kathleen Dawedrawing3
Norm DeVallieredrawing5
John Dolan3 photos35
Jane M. Dow3 paintings15/16
Ann Downerfrontispiece (Hawk and Dove collage)51
Kevin Downs5 PhotosOnline 6
Rikki Ducornetfrontispiece lithograph39/40


Bela Egyedi2 collages9
Bela Egyedi2 collages11
Rogue Embryo4 collagesOnline 4


Ruth M. Fairchildstuffed fabric sculpture (“Seated Woman”)24
Kathy Ferrellcartoon60
Carolyn Fischer3 photos35
Kerry Flint2 drawings1
Kerry Flintdrawing2
Caty Forden3 illustrations35
Allen Forrestfrontispiece—New York Noir 262
Allen ForrestMemphis Minnie62
Allen ForrestLulu Jackson62
Allen ForrestBlind Willie McTell62
Allen ForrestClandestine Service68
Allen ForrestCity Life, in Transit68
Allen ForrestCity Life, Cyclist68
Allen ForrestCity Life, Unhappy68
Allen ForrestLondon Noir, #168
Allen ForrestLondon Noir, #368
Caroline Forsythlino cut9


Alberto Gaitan3 PeicesOnline 6
D.J. GaskinButterfly DanceOnline 4
Julia GeiserCover Collage65, 66
Stephen Gibson3 comix48
Jesse Glass, Jr.collage14
Cintia González“WTF?” cover58
Howie GoodCollageOnline 6
Zhenya Goresocks (photo)61
Sy Gressersculpture (“I Thou IV”)24
Sy Gressersculpture (“Hirsoshima II”)27
Sy Gressersculpture (“Limestone Lovers”)27
Dave Griffithspainting (oil)11
Dave Griffiths2 paintings14
Brion Gysinphoto (Paul Bowles)24


Alexandra Haropulosdrawing14
John Hegleyfrontispiece cartoon41
David Hernandez3 drawings45
George Hitchcock   collage   15/16
Bibiana Chia-Pi Huangdrawing11
Virginia Hubbardcover art–sculpture (“Crow Woman”)17/18
Kevin Hughesdrawing10


Connie Imboden3 photos41


Leavenworth Jacksonfrontispiece, rubber stamp art 48
Wolfgang Jaspercharcoal (“Alice in ’73”)27
Wolfgang Jaspercharcoal (“Open House”)27
Grace Jeffers/Dan Treadocollaborative painting37/38
Joyce Jewell2 etchings17/18
Joyce Jewellcollage17/18


Jesse Lee KerchervalWoman in PinkOnline 2
Jesse Lee KerchervalUnsteadyOnline 2
Jesse Lee KerchervalBlack Coffee in a CornerOnline 2
Jesse Lee KerchervalShe Told Me She Dreamed She was Inside a ClockOnline 2
Jesse Lee KerchervalSundayOnline 2
Jesse Lee KerchervalPinkOnline 5
Walt Kileydrawing (“Jimi”)2
Matthew Kirkpatrickfrontispiece (“Pineal Gland”)57
Tuli Kupferbergfrontispiece cartoon 42


Caroline LaceyRaya Bodnarchuk deskOnline 5
Kate LaDewPolka Mountain66
Marianne Larochepainting (“Pipe Dream”)37/38
Kathy Lindertpainting69
B. Lysoyetching (“Ariadne”)6
B. Lysoycover art – etching (“The Odyssey”)7


Ellen MacDonaldoil (“After Lebanon, Toro”)24
Man Raycover photo (Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes)44
Margaret McCarthyCrystal BootsOnline 3
Margaret McCarthyCrystal DressOnline 3
Margaret McCarthyOrange CrushOnline 3
Margaret McCarthyPiercing DiptychOnline 3
Scottt McIntyreetching — cover art11
Scott McIntyrelino cut11
Franetta McMillian6 photos71
Franetta McMillianI Can’t Stand the RainOnline 2
Franetta McMillianThe Dream ApothecaryOnline 2
Franetta McMillianFun and Games with Christie PittOnline 2
Franetta McMillianStranded by GravityOnline 2
Judy Millerassemblage (“Weather Vane”)24
Judy Millercover assemblage (“Café Exquisique”)32/33
Leslie F. Millerpix of Baltimore Poets – David Beaudouin60
Leslie F. Millerpix of Baltimore Poets – David Franks60
Leslie F. Millerpix of Baltimore Poets – Jenny Keith60
Leslie F. Millerpix of Baltimore Poets – Mimi Z and Alan Reese69
Borislav O. Milutinovichfront and back cover art10
John Minihan4 photos42
Marty Mintzellcover photo12/13
Marty Mintzell22 photos12/13
Moki3 photos22/23
Mokicover photo24
Michael Montfort8 photos35
Ellie Moran3 photos37/38
Dave Moricecartoon22/23
Dave Moricefrontispiece (“Whistler’s Mother’s Artichoke”)43
David Moss4 photos51
Katharine Muenchcharcoal11
Jody Mussoffoil — cover art (“Boy”)20/21
Jody Mussoffoil — cover art (“Woman Standing”)25/26
Jody Mussoffcolored pencil (“Blonde Catching Puppy”)27
Jody Mussoffcolored pencil (“Five Women”)27
Jody Mussoffcolored pencil (“Girl Pressing Friend’s Head”)27
Jody Mussoffcolored pencil — cover art (“Girl with Green Birds”)30/31
Jody Mussoffcolored pencil — frontispiece (“Woman with Cherubs”)32/33


Susan Smith Nash7 illustrations54
Anna Neagoe3 paintings17/18
William Newman“Johnny Be Good” (oil)24
Ashby Northcover art (drawing)9
Ashby North4 drawings10


Walter Odetsphoto (Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop)50
Andi Olsencomputer manipulation — cover art41


Jose Padua4 PhotosOnline 4
Gary Peabodydrawing1
Gary Peabody2 drawings2
Gary Peabodycover collage4
Gary Peabodydrawing7
Richard Peabody2 photos19
Richard Peabody2 photos49
Twyla Peabodydrawing48
G. Byron Peckphoto37/38
Photographer UnknownTara Campbell fleeing Roger Cutler’s Dino sculpture at Artomatic 2012Online 2
Cynde Pierceetching6
Cynde Pierce2 etchings7
Cynde Pierce2 drawings9
Cynde Pierceetching9
Cynde Pierceetching10
Cynde Piercedrawing11
Cynde Pierceetching11
Cynde Pierceetching (“Dante’s Dance”)14
Cynde Piercedrawing14
Charles Plymellcollage17/18
Lynn Pruitt3 photos17/18
Shawn Pruittphoto (“Arm with No Hammer”)14
Shawn Pruittphoto (“Butt”)14



Jessy RandallMonotone Functions65
V. V. Rankine3 sculptures22/23
Chris Rexon5 photos8
Doug Rice3 photos/w text61
Eugene Robert Richee cover photo (Louise Brooks) 37/38
Derek Ridgers3 photos42
Dee Rimbaudfrontispiece45
Linda Ligon RodgersLinda Ligon RodgersOnline 4
Andy Rumballcover photo (poet Aoife Mannix)55


Dave Scalzidrawing14
Claudine Schafer-Legrandcover photo39/40
Claudine Schafer-Legrand3 photos39/40
Sanford Schellercover photo28
Sanford Schellercover photo29
Charlie Schlager3 photos1
Charlie Schlagerphoto6
Charlie Schlager2 photos11
Lynn Schmidtpainting (“Offering”)39/40
Margaret Schnippercover photo (from Blue Sunglasses Project)46
Margaret Schnipper3 more photos (from Blue Sunglasses Project) (disk/booklet)46
Margaret Schnippercover photo48
Anna Schuleit-HaberPhoto with FinneganOnline 1
Janice Shapiro“Popular”58
Haig Shekerjiancover photo (“The Immeasurable”)15/16
Regina Shekerjianwoodcut (“The Old Dissembler”)11
Brian Sheridan2 photos19
Lynn Sheridandrawing7
David SheskinYou Are a Person of Interest65
Scott Shrimpphoto (Jillian Ann)50
Zenon Slawinski2 drawings4
Zenon Slawinskidrawing5
Zenon Slawinskidrawing — cover art6
Zenon Slawinskidrawing6
Zenon Slawinski3 drawings8
Zenon Slawinski5 drawings9
Zenon Slawinski5 drawings10
Zenon Slawinskidrawing11
Zenon Slawinski3 drawings14
Janet Snelloil (“Red Devil”)27
Janet Snelldrawing37/38
Joe Sorrencover painting (“Acrobats, Hooligans, and a Horse”)43
Marilyn StableinHigh Time (collage)61
Marilyn StableinCloud Boat in Rising Seas (collage)68
Marilyn StableinThinking of Her (collage)68
Marilyn StableinZebra Collage (collage)68
Marilyn StableinWater LogOnline 5
Marilyn StableinLobster VisionOnline 5
Marilyn StableinVenus AscendingOnline 5
Charles Steck3 photos37/38
George L. Stein4 photos70
Walt-Christopher Stickneydrawing (“Gargoyle”)14
Patricia Stormscartoon – frontispiece50
Patricia Stormscover drawing51
Patricia Stormscover disk art52
Barak Strahandrawing8
Barak Strahandrawing9
Nick Strangeway6 photos (“Cool Britannia?”)42
Virgil SuarezOnline 5
Linda Swickpainting (“The German”)24
Graham Sykesphoto37/38


Charles A. Taorminaphoto (“Gargoyle”)35
Keith Tartlerdrawing – cover art5
Keith Tartlerdrawing6
Nancy Taylor4 photos43
Nancy Taylorphoto – frontispiece44
Benedict Tisa3 photos27
Dan Treado/Grace Jefferscollaborative painting37/38
Sarah Tuftpainting (“Clutches”)24



Dan VeraPortraits of DC Poets: Bomani Armah, Holly Bass, Regie Cabico, Grace Cavalieri, Kim Roberts, and Joseph Ross62
Alexander Viola2 photos14
Damon Von Eiffcover painting34


Sheila Walshe-pitaphs60
Lynd Wardwoodcut24
Randi WardWired (photo)61
Randi WardBlades65
Randi WardCattails65
Stan Waymancover photo8
Larry Wentzelcover drawing14
Gerald R. Wheelerphoto – frontispiece54
Carl Wilfandwoodcut – cover art (“Climbing to the Sun” )2
Carl Wilfanddrawing (“The Blackship Docks”)1
Nick Wineriterphoto (“Pete Best”)65
Colin Winterbottomcover photo (The Bartoli Fountain, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC)50
Bill Wolak2 collages57
Bill Wolak5 collages66
Bill WolakThe Curiosity of Dust72
Bill WolakThe Trance of Anticipation72
Bill WolakWhat the Mirror Sees72
Bill WolakThe Bridge of Silence72
Mike Woolsen 6 photos53




Melissa Zextercover photo47
Melissa Zextercover photo and thread (“Russian City”)49
Melissa Zexterback cover photo, thread and acrylic (“Baseball and Collection”)49
Rob Zimmetphoto24