Fran AbramsComplicit74
Fran AbramsFlying AwayOnline 6
Anya AchtenbergStory Guru’s Instructions for Writing During HurricanesOnline 2
Anya AchtenbergCurriculum Vitae for Corona Virus Employment (CV4CV)Online 2
Anya AchtenbergLoss and LotteryOnline 2
Reneé AdamsKing Virus Dance74
Albert AbonadoThe Secret History of Joy Division57
Albert AbonadoMonkeys on the Hood57
Clayton AdamsThis Nickel and Dime War57
Clayton AdamsBar-le-Duc57
Carrie AddingtonBody As61
Carrie AddingtonHarvesting61
Patience AgbabiPain Doesn’t Hurt39/40
Deborah AgerSometimes I Count to Forty-Nine47
Deborah AgerMeditation51
Yesim Agaoglumy tongue licks60
Yesim Agaoglutransvestite60
Yesim Agaoglunight’s dress60
Serena Agusto-CoxEndless SpiralOnline 4
Jamika AjalonBlackability (where da revolution at–revisited)41
Anna Akhmatova“I have a certain smile” (translated by Judith Hemschemeyer)32/33
Anna Akhmatova“It is simple, it is clear” (translated by Judith Hemschemeyer)32/33
Magdalena AlagnaHalloween 197650
Karren AlenierA College Boy Finds His Way59
Karren AlenierParis in the Twenties: 192959
Karren AlenierBupple’s Cat59
Buzz AlexanderEntering Prison50
Buzz AlexanderWithout Me Again50
Elizabeth AlexanderWashington Etude39/40
Kwame AlexanderI(mus) Be Crazy54
Kwame AlexanderAfter Reading E. Ethelbert Miller54
Amy AlfierAmelia’s Ultimatum71
JC. AlfierStopping at Texas Looseys on a Warm Monday Homeward65
JC AlfierMorgan City Fragment71
JC AlfierIn Wabbaseka71
JC AlfierTaking Up Again in Louisiana73
Tobi AlfierNo Hemlock for Me60
Tobi AlfierMan as Broken Levee71
Tobi AlfierLeo’s Bar ‘Round Midnight73
Abdul AliThe Subway Men56
Abdul AliHoly62
Abdul AliBroken Watch62
Abdul AliHow to Begin a Short Film62
Jeannette AlléeFeastdays53
Jeannette AlléeThe Harpist Played Sidesaddle53
Jeannette AlléeThese Bathrobes, Dear Bathrobes53
Joel AllegrettiThe Dick Van Dyke Show: The Unaired Episodes60
Joel AllegrettiDracula in Tangier75
Joel AllegrettiE Train to Forest Hills75
Joel AllegrettiPoem Inspired by Degas’s L’AbsintheOnline 4
Joel AllegrettiAutobiography of the GimpOnline 4
Henry AllenIdyll #627
Kelli AllenBeginning with a Wager59
Kelli AllenAn Asterisk for the Weather68
Kelli AllenThe Mountain Loon Tells a Story for Lovers68
Linette Marie AllenThe Bridge by Penn71
Linette Marie AllenCasting Crowns at Memphis71
Nancy AllenCity Park Interlude65
Nancy AllenMexico71
Nancy AllenKing of. the Dogs71
Nancy AllenResort71
R.A. AllenNot So Easy59
R.A. Allen62 Moons60
R.A. AllenGun Control.262
R.A. AllenThe Quality of Laughter62
R. A. AllenOffice Casualties64
Shane AllisonPoem for Craig Kilborn48
Shane AllisonTeenage Drag Queen61
Shane AllisonTodd’s Wife, Kerry61
Shane AllisonLavender Wedding61
David AlpaughAgainst/For65
David AlpaughSecret/Life68
David AlpaughMiles/Fucker68
David AlpaughRoo-Zuh-Velt/History71
John AlspaughAbsoluteOnline 5
John AlspaughThe Russian Plate SpinnerOnline 5
Ivy AlvarezNagpapahinog 70
Ivy AlvarezNagtatae ng salapi70
John AmenMissive #654
John AmenMissive #1154
Heather AnastasiuThe Body Dynamic57
Eric AndersonLife During the Bush Years50
Eric AndersonBetween the Lines50
Jim AndrewsDystopia53
Lisa AndrewsThe Swimming Lesson41
Lisa AndrewsThe Tigers54
Lisa AndrewsStory54
Lisa AndrewsThe Big Heat: A Benediction70
Lisa AndrewsDeath Takes a Holiday (1934)70
Lisa AndrewsMistaking Sex70
Nin AndrewsConfessions of a Succubus44
Nin AndrewsDedicated to the One I Love44
Nin AndrewsThe Beautiful Lie48
Nin AndrewsTaking the Kids to Interview at Western Reserve Academy50
Nin AndrewsTalking about Sex50
Nin AndrewsMy Tail53
Nin AndrewsDangerous Kissing Tip or What Gmail Knows about You53
Nin AndrewsMy Life as a Bull56
Nin AndrewsThe Unattainable Orgasm56
Nin AndrewsThe Last Orgasm56
Nin AndrewsHow to Write an MFA Poem57
Nin AndrewsHow to Write an Artistic Statement for a Grant Application57
Nin AndrewsHow to Become a Famous Poet57
Nin AndrewsHow I Became Our Lady of the Orgasm57
Nin AndrewsThe Orgasm Master60
Nin AndrewsThe Oh60
Nin AndrewsThe Kiss60
Nin AndrewsThe Last Orgasm60
Nin AndrewsThe Mentascopy62
Nin AndrewsSubmission Guidelines for Open Press62
Ron AndrolaThe Way She Left6
Ron AndrolaThe 100th Rape6
Ron AndrolaThree Variations6
Ron AndrolaReligion of Circles7
Ron AndrolaNo7
Ron AndrolaDays of You8
Ron AndrolaTime of Distance9
Ron AndrolaCoffee as of 3/14/7810
Ron Androlastone & rain11
Ron Androlasmoke curls11
Ron Androlasnow no school11
Ron Androlasong11
Ron AndrolaCountry-Sketch15/16
Ron Androlaz particles & summer morning rain37/38
Ron Androlait’s these bodies37/38
Ron Androlawild rain wind48
Ron Androlathe theory of a falling moon48
Ron Androlamolecules of george48
Ron Androlamonths in the war48
Ron AndrolaWe Give58
Ron AndrolaHe Is Walking around in My Mind58
Innokenty AnnenskySecond Tormenting Sonnet (translated by Nancy Tittler and Devon Miller-Duggan)37/38
Innokenty AnnenskyThe Bronze Poet (translated by Nancy Tittler and Devon Miller-Duggan)37/38
Aaron AnstettThe Bargain64
Aaron AnstettWhat You Mean by “I”64
Simon Anton Niño Diego BaenaDeath Anniversary75
Simon Anton Niño Diego BaenaOne Winter Day in Bergamo75
Simon Anton Niño Diego BaenaRitualOnline 4
AntlerThreat to Our Community54
Jacob AppelFlying with Clarity65
Jacob AppelTouring Greenwich Village65
Jacob AppelTransaction Costs65
Ivan ArguellesMadonna37/38
Daniel Abbott ArmstrongSilverfish and Glue75
Daniel Abbott ArmstrongAunt Becky’s Discount Rainbow, or Treading the Eye of the Donut75
Glen ArmstrongAfro-Wig62
Bob ArnoldTreasure39/40
Rane ArroyoWhy I Hate Pittsburgh #142
Rane ArroyoCome Back, Blue Jay42
Saadia Ali AschemannBelow Zero57
Joe AsserGraffiti Artist41
Cynthia AtkinsGraffiti Is My Mother64
Cynthia AtkinsMy Password64
Cynthia AtkinsSelf-Portrait with Others72
Cynthia AtkinsGod is a Treasure Hunt72
Cynthia AtkinsIlicit74
Cynthia AtkinsHypnos74
Cynthia AtkinsDolls, INC74
Bonnie AuslanderA Brief History of Fasteners56
Naomi AyalaTwelve Days51
Naomi AyalaOn Monday Evening the Radiators Hold Their Breath54
Naomi AyalaHorses54
Naomi AyalaLotus74
Naomi AyalaFuego74
Naomi AyalaKiss74
Naomi AyalaAfter Lovemaking74
Naomi AyalaMen, He says74
Lauren McLean AyerUnseen50
Steve AylettBestiary41


Julie BabcockThe Reluctant Hostess58
Sara BackerPostcard From a Past Life Goth61
Sara BackerAphasia Blues64
Sara BackerAdvice65
Sara BackerThe Man Who Is Never Wrong65
Sara BackerAgainst Thematic Unity72
Jenny BadmanThe Boyfriend Poem42
Jenny Badman w/ Kim Vollmer-LawsonWays to Appear a Reliable Source57
Eric BaizerParty10
Eric BaizerVirginia15/16
Eric BaizerLiterature19
Eric BaizerThe Fourth World19
Eric BaizerBent19
Eric BaizerAround the House19
Eric BaizerA Shopping Mall in Delaware19
Eric BaizerWonder Block19
Eric BaizerOne Step Down19
Eric BaizerYou19
John BalabanRoot Boy Slim, 1945-199343
D.N. BaldwinNight of the Savior55
D.N. BaldwinRimini58
JoAnn BalingitMy Life as the Fugitive Tijuana57
Stacey BalkunFather64
Jan Ballcross-dressers in spring clothing55
Elaine BanderAngouleme59
Cynthia BargarDon’t Wear Pearls to Therapy62
Mary BargteilAn Elegy in Word Problems57
Mary BargteilThe Authorized Artifacts of Lilith57
Mary BargteilPerhaps She Will not Die Today61
Mary BargteilOscar Night70
Mary BargteilLife’s AnvilOnlilne 4
August BarhamFemaleium75
August BarhamHer ‘little helpers’75
Henry BarianA Recurring Mood5
Henry BarianIf Tybalt’s Wound Had Healed5
Sarah Barlow-OchshornMild Scoliosis65
Beth BarnyockWhat I Have Not Forgotten45
Todd Barona wave in which27
Tina BarrGospels in a Jar64
Stacy BartonBetween Boughs62
Stacy BartonStanding By62
Stacy BartonNapping62
Stacy BartonBeside You on the Porch65
Stacy BartonI Was Reading About Ascension Symptoms…65
Lisa Marie BasileFour Poems64
Laurel BastianCallipygian57
Laurel BastianAppetites57
Charles BaudelaireI Love You as I Love the Vault of Night (tr. by Lola Haskins)61
Charles BaudelaireThe Taste for Nothingness (tr. by Lola Haskins)61
Grace BauerBirthday50
Grace BauerDetours61
Grace BauerRe/wind61
Alessandra BavaLes Goddesses64
Alessandra BavaThe Cabinet of Curiosities64
Alessandra BavaLove Letter to Anne Sexton #17Online 4
Alessandra BavaLove Letter to Anne Sexton #37Online 4
Daphne BeaberOrange Dreams72
Jeffery BeamPhysical Love45
Jeffrey BeamThe Dead Arrive57
Francesca BeardThe Poem that was Really a List41
Sandra BeasleyEverything Relative50
Jill BeauchesneNewton’s love50
Jill BeauchesneA Tale of the Makara57
Jeanne Marie BeaumontShe Speaks from Experience39/40
Jeanne Marie BeaumontPhotographing the Dolls39/40
Jeanne Marie BeaumontWhat are You Wearing?47
Jeanne Marie BeaumontSome are Haunted74
Jeanne Marie BeaumontBucket List74
Jeanne Marie BeaumontMad Woman’s Multiple Choice74
Anne BeckerThe Laws of Nature32/33
Anne BeckerThe Excised Pages32/33
Anne BeckerVariation32/33
Anne BeckerThe Landscape of Prayer32/33
Anne BeckerNot a Ghazal–Snapshots from the Museum of Life48
Anne BeckerWe All Want It/The Thing with Feathers74
Anne BeckerThe Ge ofd Old Women74
Paulette BeeteBlonde Ambition64
Guy R. Beiningfelt tongue 160.61
Kacee BelcherNo Ass Licking59
Bridget BellPink skin, no feathers56
Francesca BellEndometrial Biopsy60
Francesca BellGoing to the Sperm Bank60
Francesca BellIn Due Season60
Virginia BellForgiveness62
Jacquelyn BengfortWe Take the Bus64
Guy R. BeiningUnsettled view74
Guy R. BeiningExtinguished74
Maria Bennettfour metaphors for the body57
Nina BennettRegret65
Nina BennettThe Day We Get Our Marriage License, I Turn onto a Dead End74
Nina BennettThree Lies About Size, and One Truth74
Nina BennettWhat to Do with Poem Drafts74
Nina BennettLegacy for My Sons74
Paul BennettIn the dark between dreams39/40
Susan BennetIn the Center Ring74
Jocko BenoitFreud’s Lesser-Known Cousin59
Jocko BenoitWhy Atlas Shrugs59
Jocko BenoitThe Nagging of the Surreal59
Jocko BenoitFiltered Sunlight68
Jocko BenoitAll Out of Bubble Gum68
Jocko BenoitGodzilla vs. the Economist68
Roy BentleyZenowich and Raymond Carver68
Roy BentleyCrucifixion Birds70
Roy BentleyThe Spell for Stopping Those Who Take Everything70
Roy BentleyRecuperation from an Incident Involving an Armadillo through Gmail and a Poem by William Heyen72
Roy BentleyEaster75
Roy BentleyBack in Baby’s Arms75
Lora BergHigh WireOnline 3
Lora BergUlulationsOnline 3
Jill BergkampConjuring Angels in Davao City59
Kristin Berkey-AbbottCassandra Visits the Fertility Clinic72
Pal Hidasi BerliozIf She Would Stand42
Barbara BermanThe Star of Mars Bars45
Billie BernardThe Door’s Mistake56
Cliff BernierCongo Square57
James BerryBearded Old Sam39/40
Jennifer Jackson BerryOrgasm in Iowa64
James BertolinoFive Views of the New History27
James BertolinoLines to Restore Van Gogh’s Ear37/38
James BertolinoLike Ripe Pear39/40
Michael BertonPhlegm and Philosophy62
Craig BertugliaRevivalOnline 4
Kevin BeznerPlaying Ball37/38
Kevin BeznerTo Think of Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams One Morning Driving to Work39/40
Kevin BeznerThe Boy39/40
Shinjini BhattacharjeePolaroid68
Shinjini BhattacharjeePaper Theatre68
Mary BiddingerA Little Action64
Mary BiddingerConsolation Prize64
Mary BiddingerConspicuous Consumption64
Mary BiddingerHorizon-Free Living64
Mary BiddingerMost Unique, Mint Condition64
Lucy BiedermanPastoral54
Lucy BiedermanWith Sleep for Everyone But Me58
Jen BillsNecklace56
Paul BirtillBest Seller41
Eugénie BisulcoBodies41
Eugénie BisulcoNo Assing Rough48
Michelle BittingThe Accompanist45
Patrick BizzaroIn the Niagara River27
Candace BlackA Daughter’s Tour of Duty: Vietnam 200661
Ralph BlackAnna, Dreaming50
Sheila BlackPost-Confessional72
Sheila BlackPersephone in Texas72
Nicole BlackmanBlack Box41
Nicole Blackman27 List Poems I Should Write41
Nicole BlackmanFifteen, She Learns42
Nicole BlackmanThings We Will Need for Our Performance51
Marie-Claire BlaisJames (tr. by Steven Moyer)50
Vanessa BlakesleeSwamp-Goddess59
Gary BlankenburgThe Late News44
Gary BlankenburgA Walk on the Wild Side50
Gary BlankenburgSummer Reading58
Gary BlankenburgRapture58
Gary BlankenburgAfter John Donne60
Gary BlankenburgCosmology60
Gary BlankenburgThe Sky-Blue Barn60
Gary BlankenburgDogwoods65
Gary BlankenburgFather Charlie65
Gary BlankenburgGood Little Soldier65
Gary BlankenburgFather Walt70
Linda BlaskeyWorld Atlas57
Linda BlaskeyGrand Canyon Honeymoon, 192861
Linda BlaskeyThe Salted Barn75
Linda BlaskeyElegy for Annie75
Linda BlaskeyApertureOnline 5
Linda BlaskeyIntercourse Pennsylvania: A Travelogue of SortsOnline 5
CL BledsoePaper Cuts60
CL BledsoeThe Rube Goldberg Device of the Heart60
CL BledsoeThe Unnatural World60
CL BledsoeLa Brea High60
CL BledsoeApril 26th, 201165
CL BledsoeDoors65
CL BledsoeDog in the RainOnline 4
CL BledsoeThe Work of DyingOnline 4
CL BledsoeWomen in RefrigeratorsOnline 6
CL BledsoeBanana for ScaleOnline 6
CL Bledsoe/Michael GushueDriot du Seigneur73
CL Bledsoe/Michael GushueThis Way to the Egress73
CL Bledsoe/Michael GushueListen Carefully, As Our Menu Has Changed73
CL Bledsoe/Michael GushueHow to Find True Love73
Adelaide BlomfieldTo Speak Your Name11
Valerie BloomLizards39/40
Claire BlotterElegy for an Electric Angel57
Rose Mary BoehmSummerfest71
Rose Mary BoehmA respectable mother75
Rose Mary BoehmImmersion75
Laurel Ann BogenPoem48
Ace BoggessAdvice for Killing a Spider71
Ace BoggessWrite This in the Morning Before Turning on the News75
Ace BoggessOnce Upon a Time75
Ace BoggessThe Other Dinosaurs75
Ace BoggessThe Ex-Cons ParadeOnline 4
Ace BoggessWhite rabbitOnline 4
Dermot BolgerBeechwood42
Robert BolickThe Audubon Elegies53
Diana Smith BoltonCollapse65
Jody BolzAmbush43
Jody BolzThe Shadow Box58
Margaret BonfiglioliNarcissus42
Bruce BondThe Narcoleptic in L.A.37/38
Paula BonnellAfterwards61
Paula BonnellThe House of Old Lovers64
Paula BonnellPark Street Station68
Paula BonnellKnowing71
Paula BonnellInstruments of Purpose, Considered71
Paula BonnellAt Last75
Carrington BonnerPoem for Kitty3
Jennifer BosveldAbandoned Piano51
Rich BoucherUsing a Candle to Tell the Time61
Jim BoureyAmaryllis, Snow, Dementia64
Geoff BouvierOrganized Philosophy43
Clark BouwmanTornado WatchOnline 5
Clark BouwmanTo Make of One’s Body a PlaceOnline 5
Janet BowdanOn Nighthawks and Other Western Art Showing Women Listening to Men64
Robert B. BowieOur Lady the Teeth Wants More5
Robert B. BowieAlchemist5
Jacqueline BowlesHolding Mama’s Hand2
Jacqueline BowlesAcapulco (& I): 1966 Revisited2
Jacqueline BowlesMore Bloodshed Ahead?2
Judith BowlesL.S.M.F.T.61
Judith BowlesIf I Were a Catholic64
Ann BrackenThe Mental Health Box68
Ann BrackenBranded68
Ray BradburyWhich Shall It Be43
Amanda J. BradleyThe Nicene Creed Meets the Jabberwocky58
Anthony Issac BradleyFirst Porn Star65
John BradleyCelestial Pablum65
John BradleyDonald Trump Poses with Bible . . .74
John BradleyI Don’t Even Know If They Know What They Don’t Know74
John BradleyPortrait of Edith Schiele, Egon Schiele, October 28, 191874
Dan BradyFrom “Sonnets to E”57
Elissa BraffSynthology57
Jeff BraninCheese With11
April Michelle BrattenIf you don’t know by now…65
Barbara Swift BrauerZabriskie Point75
Kate BravermanActs of Autumn #350
Kate BravermanAutumn Women #250
Kate BravermanLadies Night at Club Lobotomy50
Kate BravermanFox and Camouflage55
Kate BravermanRussian Hill Woman55
J.D. BraytonChalkOnline 4
J.D. BraytonMeasles on The AgeanOnline 5
J.D. BraytonWriter’s BlockOnline 5
Shirley J. BrewerQueen Kong64
Shirley J. BrewerIn Place of Cake65
Shirley J. BrewerThe Prince of Cheese65
Shirley J. BrewerTwist65
Shirley J. BrewerWedding Dress68
Shirley J. BrewerAnnie O68
Shirley J. BrewerAccounting71
Shirley J. BrewerMarilyn Speaks71
Shirley J. BrewerDate at the Diner73
Shirley J. BrewerA Farewell to Cool Whip75
Shirley J. BrewerEndless Feast75
Shirley J. BrewerMemoir in 22 LinesOnline 4
Shirley J. BrewerCubicle 4Online 4
Steven BreyakWhat I learned in Bill Knott’s Poetry Workshop57
Steven BreyakThe Gunman61
Steven BreyakHelping My Father Fix the Tractor73
Traci BrimhallChastity Belt Lesson55
David BristolUntitled14
David BristolUntitled14
Michael BrockleyHaving Discovered Unreliable Narrators…65
Michael BrockleyThe Mayor of Hamelin65
Michael Brockley€œThe Only Aloha Shirt in Town65
Michael BrockleyThresholdOnline 4
Michael BrockleyWile E. Coyote Faces an Existential Crisis and Doubts His Worth as a LoverOnline 4
Frank BroderickAn Heroic Poem9
Michelle BrooksAnyone Could Do It48
Dustin BrookshireIf Dolly Parton Had Been My MotherOnline 5
Amy Knox BrownLet’s Pretend56
Amy Knox BrownThe Turkey Buzzards56
Jamie BrownBeatitudes64
Jamie BrownThe WastrelOnline 6
Jamie BrownQuestions for HomerOnline 6
Kevin BrownPrison65
Korie Beth BrownFatal Attraction45
Harry BrownGretchen Waiting6
James BrownOde to Reggie Dunlop, In Retirement58
James BrownThe Assertion58
Pete BrownJet Set Jewel (lyrics)9
Sass BrownStone Baby70
Steven Ford BrownTwilight11
Steven Ford BrownA Nude Woman Under the Eyelid15/16
Terri Brown-DavidsonThe Cabin45
Susan BrowneSwearing, Smoking, Drinking47
Sarah BrowningAssess Your Own Eating Behavior51
Sarah BrowningFalling for Tiger Woods in a St. Louis Airport Bar51
Sarah BrowningHeadline: Six Killed in Raid58
Sarah BrowningFasting58
Sarah BrowningKissing Boys60
Sarah BrowningFile Room Job60
Elizabeth BruceBlueprintOnline 5
Elizabeth BruceEast Village in the 80sOnline 5
Mark BrunerNumber 387
Emily BrungoShockoe Bottom (aka Hungover Again in Richmond, VA)55
Calista BuchenOde to Competitive Scrabble Players56
Mary BuchingerPardon me, deserts, that I don’t rush to you bearing a spoonful of water.64
Mary BuchingerTo the Raven Feeding on Carrion on the Side of the Road72
Mary BuchingerTranslating Edip Cansever’s poem with my
friend Adam Onart
Mary Buchinger/ swift / as in “swift of clouds”75
John F. BuckleyBest-selling Children’s Books According to the Salinas Scarab56
M. T. BuckleyThe History of Cape Cod7
M. T. BuckleyPoem about Poems7
Charles BukowskiParis32/33
Charles BukowskiJoe35
Charles Bukowski2 Henry Miller Paintings and etc.37/38
Charles Bukowskimy father37/38
Chris BullardThe Boy Stood on the Burning Babe59
Chris BullardOde to Stupidity68
Claudia BurbankMorris, New Jersey, 196755
Katherine BurgerPaying for Your Girlhood Sins39/40
Linda Joy BurkeOff the Chain54
Sara R. BurnettHard LemonOnline 3
Sara R. BurnettSonnet for a Time of AmbivalenceOnline 3
Sara R. BurnettThere Are No Words ForOnline 3
Matthew BurnsideA Brief/Infinite Summer of Playing House60
Mary Lou BuschiMaybe I Wanted to Give You More than Ruin59


Linda E. CableFishing for Dead Poets55
Rick CampbellAsh75
Rick CampbellBurning the Railroad Tracks75
Rick CampbellForgetting the Nicene Creed75
Nick CarboDinner Party74
Nick CarboApres Le Pluie74
Nick CarboThe Wuhan Shuffle74
Chezia Thompson CagerThe First Ho in Space45
Chezia Thompson Cager41 Shots51
Chezia Thompson CagerAsk Your Mama I55
Chezia Thompson CagerAsk Your Mama II55
Chezia Thompson CagerA Country Girl’s Recipe55
Mary Ann CainI Pretend to be Chinese65
George CairncrossIt Never Really Happened. But It Doesn’t Matter, 
I Love You Anyway
George CairncrossBird Is Only Sleeping11
Carmen CalatayudSoul Search in Mexico58
John CalderSeduction42
Phillip CalderwoodH57
Claire CalmanLove is Blind41
Nancy Harris CalmanOrchids when the moon27
Roger CampBonfire of the Valentines65
Roger CampMike, the fish guy73
Mary Ann CampbellMelissa55
Mary Ann CampbellJoe55
Rick CampbellOn the Lake58
Rick CampbellElegy in a Small Town Churchyard58
Rick CampbellTexas Highway Good Night58
Rick CampbellWaiting for the Piggly Wiggly to Open58
Valentina CanoRejecting Domesticity61
Katie CappelloScorpion Hunting59
Nick CarboTormenta Electromagnetico48
Nick CarboTranslating Lorca in Andalusia48
Cathy CarlisiFragile51
Nancy Naomi CarlsonThe Hat56
Nancy Naomi CarlsonCalder’s MenagerieOnline 4
Nancy Naomi CarlsonAn Excess of DreamingOnline 4
Nancy Naomi CarlsonBy Any Other NameOnline 4
Sean CarmanOn Being Trapped in a Grain Elevator with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Five Angry Badgers55
Glenn CarmichaelAnd41
Emily Carrchapter 8: (& when hope returned it was another hope entirely)56
Emily CarrQueen for a Day59
Emily CarrLateral Gene Exchange59
Gladys CarrLove Story56
Doritt CarrollKatie65
Doritt Carrollmy name65
Doritt CarrollEEG68
John CarterThe Naked Man Dancing7
Jessie CartyA Conversation I Did’t Have with Li-Young Lee64
Marc Carver2nd Free Beer62
Michael Caseydiction, a detriment to the working class57
Michael Caseythree ladies to Manchester62
Michael CaseyAtalanta70
Sandra M. CastilloI Dream of Crispen Glover53
Sandra M. CastilloLSD and Kyle McLachlan55
Sandie CastleWarning35
Anne CastonWhat Seems to Be43
Pamelyn CastroEve-Pandora72
Grace CavalieriThe Long Night48
Grace CavalieriWater on the Sun48
Grace CavalieriCavefish Out from Under the Rocks65
Grace CavalieriFirst Meal after His Death65
Grace CavalieriUntying the Wind70
James CervantesPoems for Friends at Mid-Winter45
James CervantesI Want You to Understand61
James CervantesThe Story as We Know ItOnline 6
James CervantesLate Eulogy for Halvard JohnsonOnline 6
James CervantesI Wrote a Poem While Reading Your BookOnline 6
Laura Cesarco EglinWithout Words [tr. by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval]65
Laura Cesarco EglinWriting in a Café [tr. by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval]65
Laura ChalarThe Horreum at Narbonne72
Laura ChalarAt the Figari Museum72
Christopher ChambersInterview with a Birdcage48
Christopher ChambersHow Terrible Orange48
Robert ChampAll I Care About60
Robert ChampThings Falling60
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-OrafaiSpell for the Hive68
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-OrafaiSpell for Drained Public Pools68
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-OrafaiThe Gone, the Disappeared68
Sara Biggs ChaneyThe Problem with Daisy Buchanan64
Patrick ChapmanOubliette55
Patrick ChapmanShokushu Goukan60
Patrick ChapmanNot a Bird65
Patrick ChapmanFinney, Welles & Co.70
Patrick ChapmanWe are the Martians75
Patrick ChapmanThree Kisses75
Rene CharAn Explained Enigma, Little Touches of Love (tr. by Nancy Naomi Carlson)60
Susan CharkesHow to Move a Mountain62
Susan CharkesI Stand at Your Gate62
Alan ChazaroPi.ata Theory #268
Alan ChazaroLeaving Footprints on Waterfalls68
Alan ChazaroUsing Google Translation in Mexico68
Maxine ChernoffDiary: In a house I’ve never seenOnline 4
Maxine ChernoffDiary: Simple realismOnline 4
Maxine ChernoffDiary: At the flea marketOnline 4
Alex ChertokBeing Liquid57
Laura ChesterSurvival of the Violet Girls51
David C. ChildersUntitled14
David C. ChildersFor a Woman Not Put Off15/16
Billy Childishsex crimes of the future42
Mira ChiruvoluCrayons74
Don Mee ChoiAt Saint Matthew’s Cathedral42
Lily ChiuMulberries60
Lisa ChunSeven Stages of Seasonal Affective Disorder48
Lisa ChunThe Beauty of Painful Transition53
Lisa ChunHow to Coax the Soul Out of the Words that Want to Become a Poem60
Lisa ChunYes, This Is the Way Dreams Get Built60
Stephen CicciarelliOh Tap Dancing God I Love You8
Alex CigaleThe Rabid Loves of the Americans55
Alex CigaleMy Mother the Witch, My Father the Broom58
Alex CigaleFrom an Evening with the Brothers Quay58
Lisa CihlarCarving Burr62
Lisa CihlarTradition62
Christopher CitroA Marriage Made on the Dining Room Floor59
Lana CitronEternal Optimist42
Lana Citron100% Love42
Maxine ClairReincarnation17/18
William F. ClaireThe Bass Man and His Bass11
Kathleen ClancyExpecting My Ex73
J. Wesley ClarkWith Sheila, in the Mudbaths42
Jo Ann ClarkAbecedary for a Despot60
David ClarkeFrantic with Detail4
David ClarkeTrysting No One5
David ClarkeSex Begins to Merge with Other Feelings5
David ClarkeSonnet5
David ClarkeFurther Horizons Frantic with Detail8
John Cooper ClarkeEat Lead Clown41
John Cooper ClarkeMartin Newell: The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness42
Wendy Mitman ClarkeBreakbone Fever75
Jan ClausenCliff Notes to the Book of Revelation51
Grant ClauserOde to a Jackalope62
Grant ClauserCoat of Arms68
Grant ClauserOde to the Half-Dead Bear on the Way to Defiance68
Grant ClauserHow to Set a Broken Bone75
Michelle T. ClintonDating the Dick Heads37/38
Abigail CloudPaulo Aims to Stay Grounded62
Susan CohenAnkus64
Allison Hedge CokeBreathing59
Allison Hedge CokeThe Last House Creeley Left59
Allison Hedge Coke’7361
Travis Hedge CokeGod and Pony Show59
Joan ColbyShell54
Joan ColbyThe Names of Torture56
Joan ColbyBarn Fire58
Joan ColbyThe Wing-Back Chair60
Joan ColbyClio Prepares for Surgery61
Joan ColbyPandora64
Joan ColbyFloating71
Joan ColbyDia De Los Muertos71
Joan ColbyThe Atrium in the Hospital74
Joan ColbyThe End of the Trail74
Joan ColbySelling the Guns74
Joan ColbyThe Salt Widow74
Michael ColeThe Floating Man74
Robert ColeEmergency37/38
Robert ColeSaffron59
Robert ColeBarbes62
Ellen Aronofsky ColeAdvice to the Creature75
Ellen Aronofsky ColeLeda in Old Age75
Katharine ColesPancake Batfish57
Katharine ColesSelf-Portrait Up in the Air62
Katharine ColesCanis Latrans62
Katharine ColesFine Dining68
Katharine ColesEndure68
Katharine ColesInvisible75
Katharine ColesUncanny75
Katharine ColesMagnolia75
Michael CollierMoon Valley Country Club39/40
Michael CollierIn Achilles’ Tent39/40
Anne ColwellTitus’s Hand56
Anne ColwellIn the Ladies’ Bathhouse56
Gail Braune ComoratJealous of His Weimaraner58
Gail Braune ComoratWhat She Remembers about the Honeymoon58
Gail Braune ComoratIn This Dream of Endless Aisles71
Gail Braune ComoratAftermathOnline 6
Gail Braune ComoratMarried Life/Not a Love PoemOnline 6
Joyce Conklin194415/16
Joseph F. ConnellyThe Clowns7
Flower ConroyArtificial Red64
Antoinette ConstableReading His Letter57
Juliet Cookmiddle ground pussy65
Juliet CookSemiabstract Self-Portrait65
Juliet Cook/j.j. hastainInstead of the Doctor65
Juliet Cook/j.j. hastainMiss America Turns into Fried Fish70
Matthew CoopermanMs. Stein in Laramie48
Robert CoopermanThe Museum of Lost Causes57
Robert CoopermanHave You Fallen62
Robert CoopermanA Short Movie of Blaze Starr, the Stripper65
Robert CoopermanTracks in the Snow: Christmas Eve65
Robert CoopermanThe Newlyweds68
Robert CoopermanCures and Charms68
Robert CoopermanWorse71
Robert CoopermanMelvin Dickson, The Girl Scouts, and Pot Shops71
Robert CoopermanFirst Rock Concert73
Robert CoopermanBeach Dream75
Robert CoopermanSpiders in the Basement75
Kathleen CorcoranWounded Angel74
Claudia CortesePlaces to Hide57
Nina CorwinRehearsal Dream with Upright Bass56
Nina CorwinChameleon Man Flips History While Penning a Switch57
Nina CorwinAll of It Baggage, None of It Checked75
Nina CorwinBack Room at Bookman’s Alley75
Robert O. CostaTango41
Laura CostasPsychic Operations While Driving Home
Laura CostasInstitutionalized
Bill CostleyOn My Turning 6148
Bill CostleyBYRD Fiddles in Purgatory57
Bill CostleyNO DRAFT, NO WAR, Just Peace60
Chella CouringtonRedder than Diane’s Lipstick56
Brandon CourtneyThe Startle of the Sleeping World59
Lisa CouturierA Letter to My Father’s Lewy BodynOnline 4
Lisa CouturierAn Excess of Dreaming• By Any Other NameOnline 4
Kelly CovenyThe Orkin Man57
Ed CoxEntwined43
Ed CoxHer Recounting43
Ed CoxThese Clouds43
Ed CoxThe Vulnerable43
Reilly CoxAt Dusk in Delaware beside the Crabbing Dock73
Karen CraigoBower65
Karen CraigoTime Is Money65
Eric CrawfordYou there with the legs60
Henry CrawfordD.C. Pinball73
Henry CrawfordAfterwardsOnline 4
Virginia CrawfordDrowning41
Virginia CrawfordSomeone Else’s41
Virginia CrawfordGoing to Bed after PBS51
Kelly Cressio-MoellerDouble Helix60
Kelly Cressio-MoellerSomething to Remember64
Kelly Cressio-MoellerSuburban Aubade with French Horn64
Eleanor E. CrockettCigarette Girl22/23
Barbara CrookerVery Long Afternoons57
Barbara CrookerAll Saints57
Barbara CrookerDreaming of Florida61
Barbara CrookerSins of Omission64
Barbara CrookerWeather Systems64
Barbara CrookerMartini68
Barbara CrookerWhy I Love Being Married to a Chemist68
Barbara CrookerCrow Mischief71
Barbara CrookerMoon71
Barbara CrookerBlack and Purple Petunias71
Barbara CrookerMidlife Blues73
Barbara CrookerThe Sky Shrugs Its Indifferent Blue Shoulders73
Barbara CrookerHeartOnline 5
Barbara CrookerLitany for SpringOnline 5
Lynn CrosbieSuperfly39/40
Lynn CrosbiePaul Teale, Mon Amour39/40
Gregory CrosbyWalking Away From Explosions in Slow Motion39/40
Teri Cross-DavisMorning when a dream lingers54
Alba Cruz-HackerMarch 200754
Alba Cruz-HackerFlesh Eaters at Sunbridge Psychiatric Facility54
Dan CuddyStand For Peace75
Dan CuddyOn the Block, Baltimore75
Tim CummingLandscape with Valve41
Tim CummingDays42
Melissa CundieffFairy Tale62
Dana CurtisBedroom Lights62
Dana CurtisBody Apocalyptic 574
Joe CushnanTo Trust a Lover42
Jennifer CuttingAt Ollie’s47
Jennifer CuttingA Day at Sense-Camp58


Rachel DacusA View of Life from the Beach65
Rachel DacusGood Head for Numbers65
Michael DaleyGrace61
Michael DaleyGentle Dong65
Michael DaleyThe Loss of Beauty65
J. P. Dancing BearSeen Through a Vase of Flowers50
J.P. Dancing BearLung56
Debra DanielThe Olive Oyl Tapes47
Jim DanielsWoman1
Jim DanielsLunch1
Jim DanielsDigger’s Territory35
Jim DanielsEating Drunk39/40
Jim DanielsTaking Account50
Jim DanielsThe Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir Esperanto54
Jim DanielsMarvin Gaye Esperanto54
Jim DanielsSpinning Donuts in the Universal City Mall57
Jim DanielsFoundation58
Jim DanielsElegy for Phone Booth68
Jim DanielsPhone Booth, Eight Mile and Ryan68
Jim DanielsOn Patriotism, God and swimming nakedOnline 5
Jim DanielsTractionOnline 5
J.K. DanielsAs Mary Magdalene62
Mark DanowskyThe Rocky Mountain Locust Surge65
Mark DanowskyGrace71
Mark DanowskyBird in a Box71
Teresa d’ArenysThis64
German Dariocrucible73
German Dariogolondrinas73
German DarioWork73
Kristina Marie DarlingDearest V.56
Kristina Marie DarlingFootnotes to a History of the Victorian Novel57
Kristina Marie DarlingFootnotes to a History of the Cathedral58
Kristina Marie DarlingAn Index of Illustrations60
Kristina Marie Darling/John GallaherThe Museum of the Occupation In the Bird Museum65
Andrew DarlingtonA Feast of Fiends5
Andrew DarlingtonArtificial Ecstasy5
Andrew DarlingtonAnother Poem5
Andrew DarlingtonGiant Plastic Replica of Magritte7
Andrew DarlingtonAural Sex14
Andrew DarlingtonAct of Gross Indecency/Cottaging in Thornes Park42
Andrew DarlingtonAll the Space Between/A Part, and Yet Apart74
Andrew DarlingtonLow Walls74
Andrew DarlingtonMinerva at the Time of the HorseOnline 5
Andrew DarlingtonBeing Angry Fifty YearsOnline 5
Ann DarrThe Beltway Murders1
Ann DarrRearing on the Horse of Your Voice1
Ann DarrFor the Seventies1
Christina DaubUnknown CoordinatesOnline 6
Christina DaubBow LinesOnline 6
Christina DaubMy Father’s ShoesOnline 6
Christina Daub
Christina Daub
Christina Daub
John DavidDear John Letters57
Phebe DavidsonChangeling47
Kelly DavioChildren’s Art is Asylum Art56
Kelly DavioRound: “In the Kingdom of Thud, Globes Plummet to Black”61
Hayes DavisChinese Takeout Dream54
Hayes DavisBurn the BlindfoldOnline 3
Hayes DavisDolphin SpeaksOnline 3
Hayes DavisThe Unwritten Poem SpeaksOnline 3
Heather Lynne DavisFrom the American People55
Heather L. DavisBecause of Poetry71
James DavisCharity59
Katharine DavisShe’s Leaving HomeOnline 4
Katharine DavisDon’t Tell the ChildrenOnline 4
Michael DavisSunlight Reflecting Off Clouds70
Nicelle DavisA Girl named June Says about the Desert59
Nicelle DavisFoot Note 262
Nicelle DavisFoot Note 362
Nicelle DavisFoot Note 462
William Virgil DavisCorminbouef 43261
William Virgil DavisSeventeen61
William Virgil DavisA Box of Dark Hands65
William Virgil DavisA Dark Before Dark 70
William Virgil DavisBefore the Fire70
William Virgil DavisA Response to an Implied Question74
William Virgil DavisA Short Treatise on Black Holes74
Holly DayQuiet, Like Marble62
Holly DayThe Decorating Preferences of Starlings and Housewives73
James DeahlBlack Sausage51
Patricia DearingTrophy60
Mark DeCarteretFamily Reunion48
Mark DeCarteretAnother Beatrice Chesterton Diary Entry59
Mark DeCarteretA Being Seen as a Decoy59
Mark DeCarteretNerval68
Mark DeCarteretNot to One’s Taste68
Mark DeCarteretThe One Absent from All68
Mark DeCarteretBlake: Late Night Cable Guest72
Mark DeCarteretOn Becoming a Man72
Mark DeCarteretThe year I went Without Seeing a GhostOnline 5
Mark DeCarteretThe year I went Without Influencing AnyoneOnline 5
Mark DeCarteretThe year I went Without Hurting AnybodyOnline 5
Barbara DeCesareHoneymoon42
Barbara DeCesareLove Letter to the Unabomber42
Barbara DeCesareNathan and I Dream in French50
Barbara DeCesareThe Day After I Destroyed the Women, I Wished I Had Not Destroyed Them54
Barbara DeCesareAccidents Grotesque57
Barbara DeCesarePoem Employing Somewhat Cheap Metaphor to Describe My Anxiety about Public Performance68
Barbara DeCesareOther Son68
Barbara DeCesareParking Lot Bridge 272
Barbara DeCesareParking Lot Bridge 372
Barbara DeCesareAt Conowingo72
Barbara DeCesareFood72
Barbara DeCesareParking Lot Bridge 572
Barbara DeCesareGoing72
Diane Shipley DeCillisA Day at the Lake with Gertrude Stein48
Andrea DeFoeThe Beast from the Lake and the Beast from the Forest56
Margaret Del GuercioFrom the Top62
Margaret Del GuercioHow Long You in For?62
Margaret Del GuercioAnne and Richard: She Picks Her Poison62
Joanne Rocky DelaplainePregnant61
Robin DellaboughOz Redux71
Robin DellaboughAll Our Stories71
Brian Komei DempsterThe Mother Dreams Her Daughter Away from Benjamin59
Ariana D. Den BleykerNature Wears Black Upon the Death of August64
Ariana D. Den BleykerShe Paints Pictures of Animals Dying64
Kiki DenisThe Mirror58
Kiki DenisMaterialistic Virtues74
Kiki DenisRewriting Ithaca74
Kiki DenisThe Mirror74
Kiki Denis?s74
Kiki DenisNecropolis: a space for more than our bodies74
Donna DenizeRunning the Big River39/40
Matt DennisonEl Sabor59
Matt DennisonBarbarians68
Shira DentzFruit47
Daniella DeutschBrooklyn Has Bad Water Pressure Anyways 73
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanAgnes Martin (2002)53
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanThe Last Generation Before Zyprexa68
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanNight Library: Marcel Broodthaers68
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanPoetry in Another Year of War72
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanBill Traylor75
Deborah Elliott DeutschmanJuly 16, 194575
Diane DeVaulThe Parable of the Wise Frog9
Diane DeVaulJonah10
Diane DeVaulFor My Mother (1.)10
Alan DevenishSilver Heart Over Chevy Chase, Maryland35
Gillian Devereux50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong51
Stephen DevereuxRoof Space62
Jaydn DeWaldSilent Cortège56
RC deWinterschizocreatophenia73
RC deWinterSliding Scale73
RC deWinterMemo to Hopper74
Lyudmyla Diadchenkofrom “15 Poems from 2019” [tr. by Padma J. Thornlyre]74
Jennifer K. DickPisces47
Jennifer K. DickLooking for Engrams51
Jennifer K. DickFour poems from the CERN 200 Project62
Danny diCrispinoGhazal for Gary Blankenburg54
Barbara DiehlOn Not Drowning at a Family ReunionOnline 4
Barbara DiehlI Wanted to Ride to Work in the Back of a Pickup TruckOnline 4
Margaret DiehlWomen Remember71
Margaret DiehlWhy I Write Novels71
Margaret DiehlConfessionalOnline 4
Margaret DiehlThe ObituaryOnline 4
Alex DimitrovSaint Sebastian after the Arrows55
Alex McRae DimsdaleThe Kiss57
Alex McRae DimsdaleDiplodocus71
Alex McRae DimsdaleKiwi71
Michelle DislerSolutions59
Pamela DitchoffLakeside Park Concert48
John DitskyMan Is6
John DitskyCross10
Tom DiVentiBeginner’s Guide to PoetryOnline 5
Tom DiVentiCloud CoverOnline 5
Celeste DoaksBaltimore Triptych70
Celeste DoaksWhite Ain’t for Sundays Only70
Liz DolanThe Russian Émigré´s Bookstore57
Liz DolanWhite Space68
Christine Lahey DolegaRatios11
Sharon DoubiagoCojo at the Millennium43
Lisa M. DoughertyHusband73
Sean Thomas Dougherty3 A.M.58
Sean Thomas DoughertyCanzone Composed with Your Wetness on my Fingers60
Sean Thomas DoughertyPortrait of Prince as Walt Whitman72
Sean Thomas DoughertyPhiladelphia72
Sean Thomas DoughertyGeography Lesson72
M. Scott DouglassAinsworth, Nebraska47
M. Scott DouglassCookies58
M. Scott DouglassFinding Iowa68
M. Scott DouglassMath Don’t Lie68
M. Scott DouglassSunset Over Suburbia68
M. Scott DouglassYou Know These Roads68
M. Scott DouglassLiving in a Red State Blues, Pt. 1   Online 1
M. Scott DouglassClothing for SaleOnline 1
M. Scott DouglassErasing a Color from LiteratureOnline 1
M. Scott DouglassHarmonyOnline 1
Ann DownerPractical Holiness27
Emma Lizzie DowningPiggly Wiggly54
Buck DownsIn Memory D Thompson42
Buck Downsodysseys74
Philip DozalGarcia Lorca’s Coffee Lounge57
Doug DraimeThe True Story of Noah48
Doug DraimeZoot Sims Crying57
Barbara DrakeLove over Sixty54
Barbara DrakeImpressions74
Barbara DrakeA Rainy Night74
Barbara DrakeThe Elephant Seal at Battle Rock74
Barbara DrakeConfetti74
Barbara DrakeGoya’s Dog74
Alexis Drautnikau lodge73
George DrewCSI Gil Grissom in the Kingdom of the Dead55
George DrewWhy I Could Marry Temperance Brennan62
George DrewRomancing Lamentation on the Ides of March68
George DrewI Turn to Charles Bukowski73
Stephanie McCarley Dugger3:00 am, Knoxville65
Denise DuhamelTen Qualities as a Cosmo Girl I Really Want in My Man37/38
Denise DuhamelMy First Book was Like My First Baby39/40
Denise DuhamelLines39/40
Denise Duhamel (w/Maureen Seaton)The Scarlet Letter41
Denise Duhamel (w/Maureen Seaton)The Scarlet Letter 241
Denise DuhamelMidlife Crisis Poem45
Denise DuhamelMy Mother’s Hair50
Denise DuhamelHealing Pies50
Denise DuhamelOrchidOnline 4
Denise DuhamelThe GlobeOnline 4
Denise DuhamelAdaptationOnline 4
Denise DuhamelFlipOnline 4
Denise DuhamelMy Mother’s New DaughtersOnline 4
Beth DulinBrooklyn: 199175
Cheryl DumesnilNarrative47
Melanie DunbarRed Barn, Tin Roof64
Oliver DunneBarbara Rubin, 1946–198153
Jared A. DuranHospitals of the Heart and Mind64
Jared A. DuranThe Chewing of Gum64
Gabe DurhamCraft Hut57
Bobbi DykemaFor Gwen54
Bobbi DykemaThe Bare Necessity of Place54


David EbenbachNot Long After the War, There Was Another War68
David EbenbachBe the Change68
David EbenbachHanukkah68
David EbenbachDisappearing Cities68
David EberhardtKoan72
David EberhardtIn Mem, zen master Peter Matthiessen, nature writER—zen prelude with fugue72
David EberhardtPoem after music by Albeniz
David EberhardtFragment72
David EberhardtA Simple Air72
David EberhardtVermont72
Kari Ann EbertI Caught a Train to Dublin Once68
Kari Ann EbertBy Chance One Night, I Met a Man Named Sunday68
Meg EdenTokyo Steakhouse64
Meg EdenPurity Conference68
Meg EdenNorth Carolina Historic Home Festival68
Cynthia Schwartzberg EdlowBLT72
Russell EdsonGetting the Doctor into the Kitchen39/40
Russell EdsonThe Sitting Organ39/40
Aschala EdwardsBlack Widows59
Teresa Senato Edwardsexcerpt from “wing bones” (verse novel in progress)60
Brendan EganThe back porch is the all sliver-giving paint job56
Moira EganGirl Talk50
Moira EganLaurus nobilis55
Moira EganWisteria sinensis57
Moira EganBaudelaire64
Moira EganLagerfeld for Men64
Moira EganPaestum Rose64
Bela Egyeditempora mutantur8
Bela Egyediend-of-line8
Bela EgyediWrap9
Bela EgyediSuperimposed Image9
Bela EgyediCosmic Message?9
Bela EgyediOld Soldiers D. C.11
Larry Eignerany more hours Paris8
Larry EignerFor R. A.8
Larry EignerUntitled10
Larry EignerUntitled10
Larry EignerShadowy Gesticulations11
W.D. EhrhartFamily SecretsOnline 5
W.D. EhrhartNot in a HurryOnline 6
Sarah EinsteinThis Is the Problem with all that New Age Bullshit about Positive Thinking and Not Letting the Disease Win61
Cathy EisenhowerJane Talks Dirty to Herself42
Rachel EislerGuest Speaker64
Rachel EisleriLear64
Tara A. ElliottThe Fox75
Carolyn ElkinsThe Moon and Stars Café48
Lori EllisonIn the Mouth of the Evening59
John ElsbergBell Poem7
John ElsbergThe Risks of Perception7
John ElsbergLiterary Influences10
John ElsbergComplexity17/18
John ElsbergFragment35
Alan ElyshevitzArson Day73
Renee EmersonNo one can camp next to a Kentucky redneck56
Kristina EnglandWhen I Die57
Kristina EnglandTrue Story60
Kristina EnglandDear Avocado Flower60
Kristina EnglandSticky Sweet61
Kristina EnglandAnd maybe it was64
Kristina EnglandA Poem to Golfe Juan64
Kristina EnglandA Statement of Lines65
Kristina EnglandEating my way through death65
Lucy EnglishRight Now42
Sean EnrightSheep54
Julie R. EnszerBreasts58
Julie R. EnszerThe Pinko Commie Dyke Hot Rods70
Joyce Maust EnzorIn Her — Portraits of Myself64
Joyce Maust EnzorNever Look in the Eyes64
Joyce Maust EnzorGrowing Up Mennonite65
Elaine EquiApproaching Orgasm32/33
Elaine EquiAnother Form of Suicidal Behavior32/33
Elaine EquiBeauty Secret39/40
Cathryn EssingerNamaste68
Dave EssingerPoetry à Bears68
Michael EstabrookI couldn’t be there74
Phil EstesI am Enron and Josephine is my samurai poet trained by birds56
Robert EstesI’ve Never Tried It73
Robert EstesYou Poor Bastard!75
Jean EsteveBubbleland68
John EustisThe Bad SamaritansOnline 4
John EustisDemolitionOnline 4
Nausheen EusufChapped64
Benjamin EvansCheever in Bluffton56
Danielle EvennouOde to Gaby Hoffman’s Telegenic Bush64
Danielle EvennouWhat Happened64
Greg EveryApache Women50
Robert EvoryForgetting64
Robert EvoryMistake64
Alex EwingTrips with My Father70
Blair EwingJust Another Byte Out of Time41
Blair EwingTributary48
Blair EwingTrying to Clean My Rifle on Dewey Beach53
Blair EwingFor My Father57
Blair EwingBourdreau57
Blair EwingMy Favorite Communist62
Blair EwingPlautus62


Catherine FaheySeal Eyes71
Kallie FalandaysWatching at the Window for Something Big to Happen65
Lane FalconCrescent68
Duncan FallowellRainbow Party: Fuschia’s Song from Gormenghast42
Dyane FanceyAfter Seeing Renoir74
Dyane FanceyBiology and King Kong74
Dyane FanceyYgraine74
Alexis Rhone FancherHey: 19: Daddy’s Pal, Paul and I Cut to the Chase73
Alexis Rhone FancherClueless73
Lauren FanelliSonnenizio for Kim Addonizio50
Laura FargasHyperbolae32/33
Laura FargasPlato says poems are58
Laura FargasThe Old MacArthur58
Real Faucherclutching at straws8
Michelle FentonDark, water73
Joel FerdonJuvenile Offenders Remanded to Concord, NC74
Maurice FergusonVerblessOnline 1
Maurice FergusonConqistadorOnline 1
Kristin FerragutCelebration of SurvivalOnline 4
Kristin FerragutSeems We Fall into Buddhist SurrenderOnline 4
Kristin FerragutEmpathyOnline 4
Irene FickSex on the Sand64
Irene FickThe Big Lonely70
Irene FickIt’s Rachel from Cardholder Services70
Irene FickThinking About Death at the Dollar Tree72
Irene FickBehind Closed Doors75
Raina FieldsCinematic Yearnings53
Ken FiferGloss62
Ken FiferCaravaggio’s Kimono75
Roger FinchIncertezza del Poeta27
Gary FinckeThe Danger of Yawning54
Gary FinckeThe Headless58
Gary FinckeGirl’s Talk (A Sequence)61
Gary FinckeContagious (A Sequence)68
Gary FinckeMiracle Fish, Los Angeles71
Gary FinckeHousehold Hints for Men75
Carol FirthChronologies47
Carol FirthRed Question47
Harrison FisherBurning the Empty Ax9
Harrison FisherBurning the Emptier Ax9
Harrison FisherHow to Write9
Harrison FisherNow to Write9
Harrison FisherSperm Poem11
Harrison FisherMy Biographer11
Harrison FisherModern Gargoyle14
Harrison FisherDetective Io14
Harrison FisherAnybody Can Write14
Roy FisherA Poem Not a Picture24
Roy FisherThe Only Image24
Piotr FlorczykFairway Falls59
Sandy FlorianWindmill51
Richard FlynnDefining Gravity27
Richard FlynnApples for Minerva74
Andy FogleGroundless Sketch60
Andy Foglefrom Narrow, Little Way72
Andy FogleDisillusionment Practice75
Andy FogleIt Must Be Some Kind of Cycle75
Andy FogleMother CountriesOnline 4
Andy FogleThe Swimming LessonOnline 4
Roxanna FontCarnal45
Frederick FooteDark Center53
Frederick FooteDivision53
April FordQuite SimplyOnline 5
April FordThis Love is Not for YouOnline 5
April FordSay Anything for SexOnline 5
Rebecca FoustThe Writing Life58
Rebecca FoustThe Ones with the Guns60
Rebecca FoustAgainst Plastic Surgery61
Rebecca FoustThe Poet’s Calling61
Jay Fowler, Jr.Letter Home10
Jay Fowler, Jr.Free Fall11
Hugh FoxWe Arrive54
Hugh FoxAging Comfortably54
Larry FoxGiacometti11
Vievee FrancisWhat Happened to Us50
Jared FrankThe Following Program Contains Theatrical Recreations68
Jared FrankThe Growing Season68
Thaisa FrankThe Letters51
Thaisa FrankConfessions from a Tattoo Parlor51
Brenda FrazerAnimated Midnight Dream41
Marc FrazierDesign74
Marc FrazierJournal of the Plague Years: One74
Jan FreemanI Am Like You, I Am Not Like YouOnline 5
Jan FreemanThere’s a (Freudian) ResemblanceOnline 5
Jan FreemanConfess, Confess [Roberta Allen Pal]Online 5
Sunil FreemanThirty, Feeling Like Seventeen Again37/38
Sunil FreemanThe Performance Artist Recalls39/40
Sunil FreemanOutside Looking In: Psychedelic Sylabics39/40
Sunil FreemanReturning, Decades Later, to Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap51
Sunil FreemanWash51
Sunil Freemanin an alternate universe58
Stuart FriebertAdam and Eve (1504)58
Stuart FriebertStotting59
Alan FriedmanReturn10
Sarene FriedmanCupcake57
Sarene FriedmanThe most detestable of words58
Sarene FriedmanHaving no mercy60
Sarene FriedmanThe Innocuous House of Butchery60
Naoko FujimotoMeadowsweet, Koi Kokoro56
Richard FulcoAnderson ParkOnline 4
Richard FulcoSuburbanly StonedOnline 4
Tina FulkerMother10
Tina FulkerIsolation10
Tina FulkerLeafy Afternoon11
Tina FulkerFrom Winter11
Tina FulkerUntitled41
Steven FusteroWhen a Professor Walks Out in the Middle of a Lecture6
Steven FusteroThe Day the Squirrels Ran Over the Cars8
Margie FustonZombie Vanity64
Bridget Gage-DixonThe Beekeeper’s Daughter55
Jeannine Hall GaileyHonestly I Should Be a Lot More Paranoid72
Jeannine Hall GaileyI Worry I’m Falling Into72
Joe GainerThe Real Mule10
Kate GaleOrchard Bees50
Michael J. GalkoThe Protective Eye71
Michael J. GalkoNo Catullus of the incels75
David Gallowayhow I have saved the world73
Rachel GalvinCovenant at Little Devil Stairs50
Majda GamaThere Are No Straight Lines in Nature62
Leland Pablo GamsonUntitled6
Forrest GanderImagining You32/33
Kenneth GangemiCalle Bolivar37/38
Matthew P. GarciaGuava Wine Blues65
Roberto Carlos GarciaElegy in which I explain the end of the world to a ghost72
Karen GartheThe Soutine41
DJ GaskinSeven Moon Drive Opus58
DJ GaskinSecrets74
DJ GaskinFragments74
Greg GatenbyIn a Toronto Bookstore, 197611
Molly GaudryBug, Car, Man; A Trptych57
Molly GaudryVelveteen57
Molly GaudryIs to love an imperative infinitive?57
Molly GaudryA Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings57
Théophile GautierFellah (translated by Ken Krisak)59
Théophile GautierSong (translated by Ken Krisak)60
Jason GebhardtThe Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara74
Jason GebhardtWho Knows? (A poem in the Form of the State
of Ohio)
Katherine GekkerMemory’s Snake74
Katherine GekkerAutobiography74
Christine GelineauEating Blueberries60
Jean GenetLove Song (translated by Mark Spitzer)54
Jean GenetDialogue between the Sun and the Moon (translated by Mark Spitzer)54
Christopher T. GeorgeThe Legend of the Green Man75
Christopher T. GeorgeThe Way I Think of Her75
Christopher T. GeorgeThe Unholy Deal75
Gerald GeorgeFigment Ninety62
Stefan GeorgeMy white parrots . . . (translated by Ulrike Weber and Richard Jones)37/38
Elena GeorgiouOne Night Stand47
Amy GerstlerPerpetual Honeymoon22/23
Amy GerstlerAlice and Lewis27
Amy GerstlerWish in a War Zone35
Amy GerstlerRussian Lullaby35
Lorca GettySum of Its Parts42
Bernadette GeyerPractical Applications of Newton’s Laws of Motion44
Bernadette GeyerMyopia: A Parable56
Bernadette GeyerGhost, I Remember65
Bernadette GeyerParable of Impending Doom65
Christien GholsonBodies, Waiting68
Christien GholsonJob Interview68
Stephen GibsonLast Blues42
Stephen GibsonI Can See the Machinery Turning Behind the Drywall, Even Now45
Stephen GibsonAt Mazar-E Sharif51
Stephen GibsonPlate 36: Berlin60
Stephen GibsonMusée des Beaux Arts Update64
Stephen GibsonSaving the Mare65
Stephen GibsonPortrait of Madame de Pompadour at the Frick Collection in NYC73
Stephen GibsonHans Holbein the Younger’s Portraits . . 75
Stephen GibsonOn Kurt Cobain’s Guitar at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)75
Grace GilbertAfter being dumped in the park I realize I’ve
used Love as a fantastical & self-denying interlude
Maria GillanThis Year for the First Time Ever60
Maria GillanWe’re Into It Now, This New Year60
Megan GillerSomeday, When I Meet You in a Foreign City57
Jenny GillespieCetacean, 2653
Kate GillespieTo the Arising Civilizations on my Right Hand65
Kathleen GillespieThe Ballad of Lovecraft County71
Kate GillespieThe Number is 79Online 5
Kate GillespieWyn, WestOnline 5
Corey GinsbertThe Illusion of Study59
Daniel GinsburgBlack Snake Coiled in My Black Leather Sofa73
Robert L. GironSanta Fe54
Robert L. GironWalled In73
Robert L. GironSplit this Bone74
Gabriele GlangMenopause74
Gabriele GlangCut and Paste74
Gabriele GlangCamera Obscura74
Jesse GlassTo a Suicided Poet7
Jesse GlassAs He Ascended11
Jesse GlassMayakovsky Is Dead24
Jesse GlassListening45
Jesse GlassRadio-controlled Jags o’ Jeffers: a Para-human61
Jesse GlassChronothanatolertron61
Jesse GlassExcerpt from “Hometown”74
Jesse GlassFrom “Nothing Epic: The Complete Gaha Noas Zorge”Online 2
Lisa GlattIf You Have Sex with a Stranger with One Ball43
Anthony GloegglerAn Ode to LossOnline 5
Tony GloegglerJesse and BruceOnline 6
Salena GoddenButter Drag Lady42
Salena GoddenSaliva Gloopy42
Salena GoddenHenry42
Edward GoldUne Femme Comique17/18
Sid GoldCat65
Sid GoldCrawl65
Sid GoldMine65
Sid GoldNoon65
Sid GoldStranger65
Sid GoldPoint68
Sid GoldThree68
Sid GoldDream68
Sid GoldEyes70
Sid GoldHop70
Sid GoldEyes73
Sid GoldDefeat73
Sid GoldAleph75
Sid GoldFit75
Sid GoldBeautyOnline 4
Sid GoldCryOnline 4
Laura GoldinAnother Experiment in Lucid DreamingOnline 5
Laura GoldinSnow White Reframes the Narrative [Amy Holman Pal]Online 5
E. Laura GolbergIf I Were a Car64
Benjamin GoluboffLeiber and Stoller Meet Big Mama Thornton73
Benjamin GoluboffJohn Hammond Meets Louis Armstrong on Board the U.S.S. City of Hoboken, Bound for Liverpool, 193373
Angel GonzalezTo Poetry (translated by Steven Ford Brown and Pedro Gutierrez Revuelta)35
Ray GonzalezWithout Sorrow48
Ray GonzalezBamboo Face48
Howie GoodSound Bites72
Howie GoodTwilight Lasts a Long Time73
Howie GoodA Bouquet of Mistakes73
Regan GoodThe War Horse41
Regan GoodLord’s Day: There Is in this Universe a Staire74
Regan GoodBraid Like A Coprolite74
Eric D. GoodmanWater Fall BluesOnline 4
Eric D. GoodmanEmbracing HermithoodOnline 4
Joseph GooseyHiatus is Widespread and Thickening56
Pamela GordonOde to a Broken LeftOnline 2
John GosleePatchwork61
Erica GossAt ElevenOnline 4
Erica GossGuerrillaOnline 4
John Gosslee4 Erasure Poems64
Shelley GrabelThe Reluctant Tomboy55
Shelley Blue GrabelRandom FactOnline 4
Shelley Blue Grabelreflection doubles the storyOnline 6
James GrabillIn a Sleep-Dive Swoon71
James GrabillOut of Unfathomable Time71
James GradyValentine’s ViewOnline 5
James GradyVeins of InkOnline 5
C. John GrahamFaultless62
Lea GrahamAlma./ (Spanish), (n.) soul, essence, life 72
Lea GrahamWhen You’re in Romania and Wish You Were Alone72
Alex GrantPhilosophy Mid-Term53
Paul GrantThe Ghost of Buck Jones’ Horse, Silver, Talks to Reporters about Fire Prevention35
Paul GrantGrand Terrace Shuffle35
Anne GraueWhy I Play Candy Crush on my Phone Every MorningOnline 4
John GreavesUntitled41
Timothy GreenDiorama in A-Minor51
Madeleine U. GreengoldThe Last Mile7
Jonathan GreenhauseThe Seat Wants You to Sit in It65
Anne Wilson GregoryWarning the Hunter55
Robert GregoryWaiting for the bus with the ghost on it, in back37/38
Robert GregoryElegy in Advance55
Eric GreinkeBreakfast for Paranoids64
Eric GreinkeSummertime Blues68
Jennifer GreshamWe Spit on the Word Evacuation51
John GreyI Was Not a Hit64
Kimberly GreyMnemonic of the Invented Man57
Kimberly GreyMnemonic for the Reconstruction of Memory57
Kevin GriffithEating the Piano56
Paul GrilloThe Roland Kirk Story22/23
James GrinwisZeugens are Jagged-Shaped Columns of Rock50
James GrinwisLandscape of Serene Debauchery61
Harry GriswoldIn Churchport55
Jay GriswoldThe Man Whose Eyes See Only Real Things35
Jay GriswoldRefugees65
Will GroficDan Cemetery56
Kelle GroomLetter to Kelly CherryOnline 6
Kelle GroomDepartment of TransportationOnline 6
Kelle GroomPoem with Bumper StickerOnline 6
Kelle GroomRules for Total AnnihilationOnline 6
Jim GrossSourdough 195556
Jim GrossSong for a Suicide56
Jim GrossMonk58
Jim GrossDoin’ Time58
Jim Gross5 Egrets Descending61
Jim GrossPoem for Bill Knott61
Jim GrossClarity64
Jim GrossDad’s Fish64
Jim GrossGreen Shadwell64
Jim GrossGuillem de Poitou 1071–112764
Jim GrossHard Pressed No. 664
Jim GrossThe Let Go68
Jim GrossThe Light Applause68
Jim GrossOne for the Ph.D.68
Jim GrossOne for Bukowski68
Jim GrossVibe-branded71
James GrossGeorge Oppen75
James Gross“Maps” revisited75
James GrossThe Corso Effect75
James Gross“Pick-up Sticks—Swampscott”75
T. N. GroveNotes Near the Collapse of the American Empire6
T. N. GroveTears of God7
Mary L. GrowWhite Bones & Beauty60
Susan GubernatReading Loop: The Sibyl at Cumae55
Susan GubernatI Was in Gym Class When Walter Cronkite Said They’d Shot Him55
Susan GubernatBullet in the Back65
Susan GubernatPoet, Found and Lost65
Susan GubernatI’m No Buddhist, But . . .72
Susan GubernatArt: For Whose Sake?72
Susan Gubernat“Feels Like Sugar on the Floor”72
Susan GubernatKaleidoscope72
Susan GubernatThe Pangolin Redux74
Susan GubernatGoing Viral74
Susan GubernatOthers of the Pandemic74
Susan GubernatBardo State of the Quarantine74
Susan GubernatRemains of SaintsOnline 5
Susan GubernatIn the Soup with SextonOnline 5
Susan GubernatListening to Ralph Vaughan Williams’ ” Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis” for the First Time Through.Online 5
Eric GudasCatalog of Tools47
Herb GuggenheimThe Image8
Herb GuggenheimPete Sussman Hangs Out at an Art Opening58
Herb GuggenheimPete Sussman Leaves on a Jet Plane60
Herb GuggenheimTimmy61
Herb GuggenheimAthena61
Herb GuggenheimDate61
Herb GuggenheimLaser65
Michael GushueThe Subprime Mortage Crisis Explained57
Michael GushueThirteen Ways of Looking at Bling Teeth57
Michael GushueThe Empire Limited61
Michael GushueGodzilla, King of Monsters61
Michael GushueEnnui68
Michael GushueThe Parable of the Puffed GrainOnlline 6
Michael GushueFoiblesOnline 6
Daniel GutsteinTwo Weeks in December58
Dan GutsteinThe Windowpanes of Phantom Addresses72
Dan GutsteinIneffable72
Piotr GwiazdaA Poem61



Hedy HabraOr Don’t You Ever Offer Yourself as a Main Course64
Hedy HabraOr How Could He Ever Win the Heart of Any Woman?68
Hedy HabraVanishing Point68
Hedy HabraAllegro Ma Non Troppo71
Hedy HabraOr Don’t be Fooled by Her Self-Righteousness
Or Are Seniors Really Expendable, You Tell Me!
Hedy HabraHave You Ever Heard of Dupuytren’s Contracture?Online 2
Hedy HabraEntrapment within a Douanier Rousseau PaintingOnline 2
Hedy HabraShowing OffOnline 5
Hedy HabraKhristos, the Anointed OneOnline 5
Andrea HackbarthInventory #3162
Robert HahnGrief as Bad Art73
Robert HahnSaxophone Player in a Large Empty Room73
Robert HahnMorning Devotions73
Ian HaightPeacock Meditation at a Thai Nursery56
Ian HaightVisiting Bulguk Temple75
Ian HaightSalt Silver75
Joe HallFirst & Last Poem about Teaching Comics During a Time of War60
Joe HallPastoral60
Joe HallKen Shines60
Joe HallDream of Hipsters60
Diane HalstedLottery48
Janet HamillNocturne41
Elizabeth HamiltonIt Is Easter Week41
Brenda HammackSyssigy56
Annalynn HammondCarlos and Analea48
Karla M. HammondCircularity37/38
Susan HanklaQuestions8
Susan HanklaElegy for a Motorcycle8
Greg HannanGreyhound10
Greg HannanBetween Friends37/38
Maryanne HannanDesiderium: Ardent Longing, As for Something Lost59
Maryanne HannanA Short Manual on Flying60
Maryanne HannanWalter Mitty, Wonderbra and I Were Born in 194760
Maryanne HannanAnother Cock & Bull Story64
Maryanne HannanExercise65
Maryanne HannanPejorate65
Maryanne HannanFracking70
Maryann HannanAubade to April75
M. Michael HannerAlmost Extinction59
Toni Hannerthe dim radiance of HE 152359
Jenny HanningTrench55
Chloe HansonYour Body, The Afterlife71
Alan HarawitzEternal Paradise68
Alan HarawitzSexy Names68
Alan HarawitzSled Dog Audition in Brooklyn Heights73
Jeff HardinCompelled57
Michael HardinTouched50
Myronn HardyThe Desert Unrequited59
Myronn HardyGigou59
James HarmsAnorak Pop56
Catherine HarnettThe Anthropologist Speaks to the Pilot’s Remains35
Catherine HarnetWhat Women Pray For37/38
Catherine HarnettWhere You Live60
Catherine HarnettObit60
Bruce HarrisWinter58
David A. HarrisTo a Friend at 65 Getting a Divorce and a New Him59
David M. HarrisEver After57
David M. HarrisDead Letter Office: Thomas M. Disch65
David M. HarrisDick Cheney65
David M. HarrisDead Letter Office: Mickey Mantle73
David M. HarrisThe Madness of Ajax73
Reginald HarrisIs English Your First Language?48
Reginald HarrisApproaching Baltimore51
Clarinda HarrissDances with Dementia 70
Clarinda HarrissGrief and Time70
Marc HarshmanA Proper Decorum56
Marc HarshmanTell Yourself75
Marc HarshmanGenesis Rock75
Penny HarterFlies on the Corn47
Johnny HartnerWhen We Learned What 69 Meant35
Johnny HartnerLove’s Labor’s Lost at Kennywood Park55
Johnny HartnerTea Party for the Disenfranchised58
Johnny HartnerLori, Robin & Gwen60
Johnny HartnerSnapshot of the Holy Ghost61
Johnny HartnerBullshit Movies65
Johnny HartnerWise Up65
Johnny HartnerAttack of the 50-Foot Woman Redux68
Johnny HartnerWelcome to My Kibosh68
Diana HartogThe Psychoanalysis of Dreams44
Gayle Elen Harveybut knowing . . .8
Gayle Elen Harveyone by one . . .8
Gayle Elen HarveyFlagellation59
Alamgir HashmiYour Dad70
Lola HaskinsBecause He Fails to Look Up61
Lola HaskinsFlight61
Lola HaskinsRehearsal75
Lola Haskins100,000 Lives75
Lola Haskins100,000 Lives75
Lola HaskinsFour Panku75
Nowan HasmStickingjagged Edgers57
J. Hastain/Juliet CookInstead of a Doctor65
Michael HathawayAt the End of the Day65
Michael HathawayBirthright65
Chris HavenHow Nuclear Fusion Works57
Chris HavenThe Cake Girl59
Stephen HaynieThirty Bodies in Houston59
Jasper HazeA Jar of Baby Teeth59
Elizabeth HazenFake Tattoos45
Elizabeth HazenWhy I Love Zombie Woman #651
Elizabeth HazenGhost Story61
Elizabeth HazenCoastal61
Robert Head3 from If a Pregnant Woman Has a Pelvic X-
Ray, Down’s Syndrome Goes Up Fourfold p. 1, 4 & 5
Kevin HeatonMichael Landon64
Nancy HechingerNever was the Heart59
Jennifer Michael HechtHorse Makes a Decision47
Roger HechtThe Critic at the Fair75
Gloria HeffernanInsomnia65
John HegleyThe Reward39/40
John HegleyThe Dog Runs42
Arthur HeifetzSanding65
Nina HeiserWhat is rape?73
Nina Heiserand here75
Nina HeiserVisions of Daddy75
Nina HeiserWeedingOnline 3
Nina HeiserLand’s EndOnline 3
Nina HeiserWest Side AlgebraicOnline 4
Nina HeiserAngel Fire: Where the Pavement EndsOnline 6
Kathleen HellenYou’re Nothing If I Don’t Believe57
Kathleen HellenHow Lights Bends at the Exxon58
Kathleen HellenThe Owl and the Pussy Cat58
Jamie Lynn HellerDr. MacDougall’s Twenty-One Grams60
Janet HellerIf Shakespeare Lived in 2019 . . .73
Paul HellwegDien Bien Phu Cemetery62
Paul HellwegA New Journey Begins64
Paul HellwegTaking a Trip to London64
Paul HellwegThe Sorrow of War64
Kyle HemmingsThe Ghost of Yul Brynner62
Kyle HemmingsA Poem for the Dead62
Michael HemmingsonThe Future Poet62
Essex HemphillThread11
Jared HendricksonEcho37/38
Jared Hendricksonthat compressed feeling again42
Elizabeth Ring HennefrundThe Dane5
Ernst HerbeckYou (translated by Melissa Moore)37/38
Ernst HerbeckThe Dwarf (translated by Melissa Moore)37/38
Ernst HerbeckLife (translated by Melissa Moore)37/38
Ernst HerbeckThe Angel (translated by Melissa Moore)37/38
David HernandezTonight I Am Plotting to Assassinate My Anxiety43
David HernandezStuffed Animal Roadkills50
David HernandezThe Pompous Man57
Robert HershbachScottish Play59
Robert HershbachSpace 199964
Robert HerschbachRest65
Alec HershmanCatastic58
Brian Patrick HestonHector at the OK Corral53
Margaret HickeyGalway Hospital Waiting Room65
David HickmanIn a Small Boat1
David HickmanThornrose1
David HickmanPortrait of Daedalus Falling1
David HickmanForms4
David HickmanThe Drift5
David HickmanFor Delmore Schwartz7
David HickmanTwo Cats7
David HickmanA Prayer (After Being Rejected From a Graduate School in Creative Writing)7
David HickmanOur Body: Our Sleep10
David HickmanVariation #3432/33
David HickmanThe Girl32/33
David HickmanSignifica32/33
Alison HicksTu Me Manques57
Kevin HigginsBlackhole48
David HillPavarotti’s Lament47
Mary Crockett HillMy Sister the Buddhist Prays with the Fleas53
Mary Crockett HillToaster Genesis55
Veda Hilleconversation with the dead42
Jaimee HillsTonight the Character of Death will be Played by Brad Pitt56
Nigel HinshelwoodNo Bark, Very Little Bite27
Nigel HinshelwoodThe Saxophone Player Who was Tired of Jazz35
Brian HintonLove Poem41
Le HintonGod’s Immaculate Memory57
Le HintonFire in the Night57
Elizabyth A. HiscoxVanguard Aria for Minor Organs59
Gretchen HodginAcme Co.59
Ditta Baron HoebberUntitled74
Gretchen HodginTo You: (On Behalf of My Words …)”59
Cynthia M. HoffmanAfter Having Steadied Your Drunken Head44
Cynthia M. HoffmanHammered-On Octaves Patterns with Dead Notes44
Cynthia M. HoffmanShort Biography of a Soldier44
William HollandLegal Training24
Amy HolmanBearing Misfortune with the Abstract Man53
Amy HolmanRelief of Unknown God Found at the Crossroads64
Amy HolmanGoat Gardeners Take the High Ground in Brooklyn Bridge Park70
Amy HolmanIntelligenceOnline 4
Amy HolmanWild BoroughOnline 4
Shane HolohanRondo In Vitro74
Anna Maria HongRebecca Pidgeon’s Subversive Bangs47
Anna Maria HongFlaneur of the Visible World50
Anna Maria HongDOY DOY56
Anna Maria HongSnowem I64
Anna Maria HongSnowem II64
Anna Maria HongSnowem III64
Erin HooverOn the Origin of Species61
Erin Hooverthe ninetiesOnline 3
Erin Hooverthe power of passive voiceOnline 3
Erin HooverWhat use are you?Online 3
Suzanne Marie HopcroftThe Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth61
Suzanne Marie HopcroftOral History61
John HoppentalerThe Venus of Willendorf75
Frances HorovitzBlackberrying10
Frances HorovitzThe Woman’s Dream10
Michael HorovitzParadiCe9
Michael HorovitzAnd the Ignorant Armies10
Michael HorovitzWest London Breakfist Morning, November 199639/40
Timothy HoughtonSunburn Inside45
Timothy HoughtonHomage to Sergio Leone51
Timothy HoughtonHoarding68
Paul HouseAn Abstract Perfection6
Paul HouseAlone with the Years6
Paul HouseThe Sexton’s Lament7
Paul HousePearls in a Glass8
Paul HouseImprecise and Unimportant8
Paul HouseThe Poet Tires9
Paul HouseLa Madrugada10
Paul HouseSomething There Is . . .10
Paul HouseGood Friday in Salamanca64
Paul HouseMiguel Hernández64
Paul HousePoem for Anna64
Jean C. HowardThe Visit57
J. HowardApplication: More Than the Sum of Things68
Katherine Anderson HowellBurning House62
Derrick HsuRazor Stubble37/38
Amorak HueyGuzzle56
Amorak HueyLove Letter during the Opening Scenes of Law & Order59
Joyce L. HuffThe Hymn of a Fat Woman44
Joyce L. HuffPunching a Nazi74
Joyce L. HuffRed Among the Women74
Joyce L. HuffThe Lady of Shalott Leaves Her Loom74
Joyce L. HuffFrankenstein’s Sonnet74
Andy HughesThe Tentacle Shop58
Vicente HuidobroHouse (translated by Anne Hohenstein)14
Vicente HuidobroBell Tower (translated by Anne Hohenstein)14
Coral HullThe Missing Person45
Coral HullThey Would Be Able to Smell My Class45
Coral HullAtistic Bludger Beneath the Clothesline45
Tom C. HunleyLoving the Traumatized Teen While She’s Acting Out74
Barbara HurdImagine Hope39/40
Bethany Schultz HurstThe Unlikely Event of a Water Landing59
Lida HusikFever48
Lida HusikSurvivor48
Lida HusikThe Country We Live in Now48


Nancy IannucciMy Love in Ring Years51
Tod IbrahimDecorating the Nursery During a War51
Tod IbrahimFor the First Time Stronger61
Tod IbrahimTogether We Are the Judas Horse61
Paul IlechkoButterflies Cross the Border at Night74
Paul IlechkoGhost Town SonnetOnline 4
Paul IlechkoThe Father the JazzmanOnline 4
Donald IllichFalling64
Donald IllichGravity65
Donald IllichThe Claw Game65
Donald IllichTemporarily Human68
Donald IllichSuccess as the Rain 71
Donald IllichCrabgrass71
Donald IllichMrs. Robinson73
Donald IllichBig Blue MonsterOnline 6
Donald IllichDelay of the MonsterOnline 6
Jessica Barksdale InclanWondering About Cows47
Colette InezWindlust57
Wendy Elizabeth IngersollCloud Hands65
Wendy IngersollSeek Shelter75
Wendy IngersollDoing Yardwork Post-Bypass Mid-Pandemic75
Kathleen IngramFarewell3
Kathleen IngramThe Wooden Salad Bowl7
Kathleen IngramIn Spring9
Esther IveremHomecoming53
Michael IvesThe Secret History of Representation45
Rich IvesScottish Ancestors59


Elizabeth JacksonPicture Window60
Reuben JacksonVoyeurs—196935
Reuben Jacksondriving south37/38
Reuben Jacksonmy imaginary sister gets married37/38
Reuben JacksonLove #4939/40
Reuben JacksonOne More Once39/40
Reuben JacksonMy Old School51
Reuben JacksonThe Little Boy with the Sad Eyes51
Gray JacobikAnniversary Poem8
Bruce A. JacobsBlood Dance41
Bruce A. JacobsSaxophone51
Bruce A. JacobsKnock-Knock58
Bruce A. JacobsHere Lies58
Bruce A. JacobsPerfect Game68
Bruce A. JacobsPlaying Footsie68
Bruce A. JacobsRelief68
Jodee JaffeeUntitled4
Mahmood JamalNo Comment39/40
Mike JamesGhazal 171
Mike JamesGhazal 271
Mike JamesA Very Short Story73
Mike JamesZookeeper’s Shadow Puppets72
Mike JamesUses for Piggy Banks73
Mike JamesHitchhiking Towards the Apocalypse75
Mike JamesBright Red Calendar Marks75
Mike JamesLast PoemOnline 5
Sonja JamesTwin Shafts of Light50
Sonja JamesSpellbound64
Jessie JaneshekDay Tripping, Geronimo Trail64
Paul JaskunasNo one on earth knows how to ski74
Ted JeanFlower Child59
Valerie JeanAgain41
Brett Elizabeth JenkinsA Basic Guide to Numismatics64
Brett Elizabeth JenkinsTwo Stars Coming out of a Shovel64
Mark Allen JenkinsCocoons64
Mark Allen JenkinsStalled on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge74
Carol JenningsA New York summer: West 14th Street75
Carol JenningsMeditation on Feet75
Carol JenningsFur Beethoven from Elise75
Lane JenningsRetirement Resolves74
Lane JenningsBraves74
Dani Raschel JimenezHealing56
Ted JoansHim the Bird35
Gretchen JohnsenFor David7
Gretchen JohnsenPoem7
Gretchen JohnsenInteriors19
Gretchen JohnsenMatisse19
Gretchen JohnsenPygmalion19
Gretchen JohnsenHow to Write (A Primer for Young Men)19
Gretchen JohnsenWedlock19
Gretchen JohnsenPrivate Eye19
Gretchen JohnsenIntermission19
Gretchen JohnsenTrapeze19
Gretchen JohnsenNeedlepoint19
Gretchen JohnsenInterior19
Gretchen JohnsenSwim19
Brad JohnsonCoffee Shop Waste (Or: Very Bored Barista)55
Brad JohnsonMaria Bello Naked60
Brad JohnsonDelayed Gratification64
Brad JohnsonBuddha Looking Thin68
Brad JohnsonWorld Forgetting by World Forgot 71
Brad JohnsonNorthern Aggression71
Brandon D. Johnsonstarry cloth44
Dan JohnsonThe Road I See27
Dan JohnsonThe Lorton Anthology37/38
Dan JohnsonMusic Theory53
Halvard JohnsonWhite Lies41
Halvard JohnsonCorpse Found Alive by Roadside48
Jeffrey N. JohnsonNine-Month Lease56
Jeffrey N. JohnsonThe Immigrant68
Jeffrey N. JohnsonA Necessary Weakness73
Jeffrey N. JohnsonTo A Dead Girl Who Might Have Been My Friend73
Jeffrey N. JohnsonMediate, MeditateOnline 4
Martha JohnsonLosing Jane41
Michael JohnsonThe Executioner56
Michael JohnsonOrnithos65
Michael JohnsonThe Bone Temple65
Michael JohnsonThey65
Steven JohnsonWhat Moves35
Fred JohnstonFriendly Fire50
Fred Joinerhalf note57
Fred Joinerthe secret of the world is the beautiful room you die in57
Bill JonesOn the Ground in Medellá­n64
Bill JonesWhat I Know About Anthrax64
Bill JonesWhat the Fodor’s Guide Didn’t Tell Us64
Douglas A. Jones[Already day three …]59
E. C. JonesFor Miles Davis64
E. C. JonesRusti’s Song64
Jason JonesGunslinger55
Miriam JonesParty Down on the Island55
Nick D’Annunzio JonesThe True Poet Laureate of the United States58
Nick D’Annunzio JonesSeven Cities I Have Called Home62
Richard JonesWalking in a Cemetery55
Richard JonesRe: Incarnation55
Richard JonesThe Hayrick68
Rocky JonesDracula and His Bitches60
Joolz [Denby]Snapshot42
Joolz [Denby]Gun42
Joolz [Denby]Baby42
Joolz [Denby]The Sea (Polzeath)42
Beth JoselowNo Artistic Unity of Opposed Curves15/16
Beth JoselowPlaying the Musician27
Beth Baruch JoselowNostalgia for Utopia74
Beth Baruch JoselowTerminus74
Beth Baruch JoselowSound and Pictures74
Beth Baruch JoselowLine Dance74
Beth Baruch JoselowThe World74
Siel JuKit and Caboodle44
Siel JuA Reading62
Siel JuA Drinking Solo62
Jacqueline JulesStorm in the Neighborhood61
Jennifer JuneauYou Told Me, Y, to Write You a Love Poem70
Jennifer JuneauDoorman Building70
Jennifer JuneauFuck You, Jennifer: A Love Poem70
Mike JurkovicMongrel55


Abhay K.Bhaktapur65
Ken KakarekaEducation74
Ken KakarekaNumb74
Ken KakarekaSome Events in OctoberOnline 4
Ken KakarekaticketOnline 4
Ken KakarekaNothing NewOnline 4
George KalamarasLaramie Says48
George KalamarasOne of Only Two50
George KalamarasThe Best Unknown Guitarist in the World53
George KalamarasFernando Pessoa Might Call My Body True65
George KalamarasLuther Grosvenor and the Cape of Sound Rain65
George KalamarasTonight at the Five Spot68
George KalamarasSo Many Roads68
George KalamarasBread Enough / Lantern-Lit / Lost Heart of the Hound68
George KalamarasJust When I Thought I’d Finished Describing All the Photos of the President’s Hounds, I Come Across This Shot of a Reporter and Johnson’s Dog, Him68
George KalamarasSo We Can Teach Ourselves Not to Bleed71
George KalamarasArthur Waley’s Death-Bed Photo71
George KalamarasListening to the Ahmad Jamal Trio75
George KalamarasFrench Kids Imitate Dizzy Gillespie’s Cheeks in Nice75
George KalamarasLester Young and Hank Jones Outside the Half Note75
George KalamarasThe Gigolo75
George KalamarasListening to “Park Avenue Petite,” Hearing My Rain-Raked Heart All Over AgainOnline 3
George KalamarasJack Wilson Tries to Convince Roy Ayers to Join His Quartet, 1963Online 3
George KalamarasOne Night in Indy, January 18, 1959, Eddie Higgins Trio with an Unknown BassistOnline 3
George KalamarasNot Just Forest Rain but Bamboo Hollow: Fancy Miss Nancy’s “Happy Talk”Online 3
Christina KalleryGovernment Cheese55
Marilyn KalletIs There Lightning on Venus?54
Rodger KamenetzChanging Names22/23
Rodger KamenetzHomer and Penelope71
Rodger KamenetzNekiya71
Stephen KampaIntro to Media Studies75
Stephen KampaThe Cards75
Stephen KampaLet Me Correct You75
Stephen Kampa*****!”75
Stephen KampaVictor, Spoils75
Daniel KaneThe Poet’s Job Remains42
Peycho KanevPoet in New England62
Holly KarapetkovaWe Thought We Were White72
Holly KarapetkovaSnow White72
Holly KarapetkovaOf Water72
Suzanne KarpilovskyHow the radical gods left the woods56
Lilah KatcherInvasion 71
Lilah KatcherWinter Landscape with Ice Skaters71
Jim KatesFaulty Memories of Big Jordy50
Donna B. KaulkinOn the Death of Someone You Love3
Donna B. KaulkinThe Death of a Marriage9
Donna B. KaulkinMutations of a Modern Housewife9
Parm KaurPrayer42
Parm KaurLiminal42
Anne KeefeNeruda’s Things57
Carolyn KegelWhen We Moved Here60
Ray KeifetzA Deeper Shore75
Ray KeifetzPrairie Girl75
Tom KellyLos Angeles Lease Agreement65
Tom KellyOregon Trail Meltdown65
Rob KenagyAir No. 759
Rob KenagyAir No. 1659
LuAnn KennerWild Dogs41
David KeplingerOn Deciding Not to Enter the Museum of Torture56
Jesse Lee KerchevalFinal Report on the Lost Footage of the War50
Jesse Lee KerchevalOn July 5, the 4th Year of the War53
Jesse Lee Kercheval196070
Jesse Lee Kercheval201670
Judith KermanMarie Curie with Her Lover50
Ty KessingerBluegrass60
Jascha KesslerA Golden Anniversary56
Stephen KesslerWhen Edgar Met Audrey54
Stephen KesslerSonny Rollins at Zellerbach57
Stephen KesslerOn Bookshop Slopes68
Stephen KesslerGarage Elegies 2268
Stephen KesslerGarage Elegies 868
Kerry Shawn KeysThe Aviary of My Liking37/38
Mimi KhalvatiTerrapin41
Oliver A. KhanEmpire54
Shamshad KhanOn Understanding Our Dragons42
Danil KharmsTrunk (A Hard Case) (translated by Alex Cigale)57
Jill KhourySonnet for Ambien64
Faye KicknoswayTurner Classic Movies47
Rebecca Lu KiernanThe Resentful Bride43
Jennifer KietzmanEconomy of Means62
Jennifer KietzmanThe Idea Of62
Janelle Elyse KihlstromContingency56
Kevin Killian (w/Linda Smukler)A Lover’s Complaint43
Joan Payne KincaidWe’ve Made a Pet of Her60
Joan Payne KincaidA Martini at Five P.M. Smooths Transitions64
Alan KingMy Barber Will’s Case Study of the Flintstones57
John KingSix Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum61
John KingDioramas of the Inquisition61
Linda KingA River Makes Its Own Way55
Maureen KingstonHey, Venus62
John KinsellaBond74
John KinsellaAligning, Imploding and Dispersing . . .74
John KinsellaBrevity75
John KinsellaGraphology Ratio 31: ambiquity?75
David KirbyDemons, Also Saints, Scientists, and Love-Struck SophomoresOnline 3
David KirbyOutfit Alert!Online 3
David KirbyGerda Weismann is Putting on Her Ski BootsOnline 3
Naveen Kishore5 Calcutta poems— I/XI/XXIII/XXX/XXXIV74
Mary Jean KledzikAlchemy55
Mary Jean KledzikAmputations62
Mary Julia KlimenkoTo Field a Dream45
Wayne KlineJeffy Liked the Way the Robot Flexed Its Mechanical Claw . . .27
Mary Julia KlimenkoPoie e Sista68
Mary Julia KlimenkoHarper’s Poem #168
Elizabeth KnappSelf-Portrait as Stormy Daniels Off Camera 70
Elizabeth KnappBlack Friday70
Lora KnightDomestic Desire62
Alyse KnorrAlice in the First Act60
Alyse KnorrJenny’s House Electrocutes Alice60
Bill KnottA Comic Look at Damocles42
Bill KnottPoem For Georg Trakl42
Brigitte KnudsenDirge of Tongue and Mouth47
Andrew KochCross Section of a Petrified Forest65
David KoehnDelta 10: The Green Plastic Flyswatter on the End Table Looks Like a Bug73
Ron KoertgeQ and A41
Ron KoertgeMyths41
Ron KoertgeThe River45
Ron KoertgeNancy Drew51
Ron KoertgeNannies51
Ron KoertgeLibrary Opens at 1:00 Today54
Wayne KoestenbaumHistory of Boys41
JoAnn KoffA Target on Your Back74
JoAnn KoffMarmalade of ColorOnline 5
JoAnn KoffAlong the Boulevard by the SeaOnline 5
Kimble KokichEsmeralda and Her First Phone17/18
Sandra KolankiewiczClaudia, 19 East, Bed A59
Sandra KolankiewiczTipping the Ferryman59
Sandra KolankiewiczHow to Survive the Flood61
Sandra KolankiewiczThe Reading65
Sandra KolankiewiczSnow on the Mountain71
Sandra KolankiewiczTill Retrograde is Over73
Sandra KolankiewiczFor How Else75
Sandra KolankiewiczKidnappingOnline 5
Sandra KolankiewiczWhere to Put ThemOnline 5
Sandra KolankiewiczFor TakingOnline 5
Sandra KolankiewiczIn the Wilderness of the DeadOnline 5
Luisa KolkerArtemis in Taos68
Luisa KolkerD.H. Lawrence Memorial68
Luisa KolkerWhite Shell Woman68
Luisa KolkerThe Tearing Apart68
Ron KolmOpen File39/40
Laurie KolpFaire un Triple64
Laurie KolpGoing Braless64
Laurie KolpBumper Stickers68
Claudiu KomartinI Can See The Defeat So Clearly [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Mariana Berca]70
Claudiu KomartinLate speech, for me [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Mariana Berca] 70
Claudiu KomartinInfected [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Rodica Guja]70
Ellen KombiyilNot About Sex73
Beth KonkoskiSleep Away Camp61
Beth KonkoskiNorth on 8165
Beth KonkoskiWinter Rounds68
Beth KonkoskiWater Witching73
Beth KonkoskiAfter DecadesOnline 6
Rachel KorrConversations60
Lisa KosowThe Weaving42
James Ph. KotsybarThe Sheer Power of Light and Thought73
James Ph. KotsybarOne Paradise73
Avra KouffmanLush41
Karen KovacikElegy for My Sex Life54
Steve KowitSome Skunks55
Steve Kowit7th Grade55
Kathleen KraftLove Letter to My Lost Fish Spatula58
Kathleen KraftThe Woman Who Wears a Dress of Water65
Kathleen KraftCumulative Rainfall71
Robert KrantzWreck65
Benjamin C. KrauseJasper Owen Interview57
David KreshAerocondor de Colombia50
Sharon KrinskyThings to Do in an Edward Hopper Painting45
Randi Gray KristensenAlso 11/7/1770
James KrusoePoem32/33
James KrusoeAmerican Popular Song32/33
Roz KeuhnAfter the Party74
Dale M. KushnerMagdalene at the Tomb45
Jonas Kyle-SidellLightning, some55


Peter LaBergeAfter 32 Days at Stockton60
Stephen LackayeReturning58
Gerry LaFeminaFigure 12.51
Gerry LaFeminaHorses51
Gerry LaFeminaVaudeville Family Therapy51
Gerry LaFeminaNo Omen54
Gerry LaFeminaThinking Really Hard about God54
Gerry LaFeminaClown Baby, the Yogini and Me59
Gerry LaFeminaThe Cruelty of the Third Hand59
Gerry LaFeminaStory Problem59
Gerry LaFeminaRole Players59
Gerry LaFeminaArguing Faith with the Agnostics64
Gerry LaFeminaThe Birth of Punk75
Gerry LaFeminaClub Soda75
Gerry LaFeminaThe Last Farmer’s Market of the Season75
Gerry LaFeminaPunk Coquetry, 198475
Gerry LaFeminaDog75
Andrew Laflecheforget the rest71
Andrea LaganUntitled5
Inga Elsa Laird“They gave birth bestride of a grave”39/40
Michael LallyMore Than Enough39/40
Fran LandesmanEpiphany on the A Train39/40
Brian E. LangstonBuilding a Better Weapon55
W.F. LantryArras Tapestry65
W.F. LantryFlorescence65
W.F. LantryFlood WarningOnline 4
W.F. LantryGoldOnline 4
W.F. LantryKnowing OurselvesOnline 4
Jan LaPerlePluto58
Mary Ann LarkinThe Wish75
Mary Ann LarkinCatalog Girls75
Mary Ann LarkinA Taste for the Absolute75
Teenie LarsA Haiku for Each Person I’ve Slept With, in Chronological Order70
Deanna LarsonThe Flexibility of X59
Elizabeth Mary LarsonDitch Digging41
Sean LauseKafka Lived56
Patrick LawlerDuct Tape Monologue50
Patrick LawlerTwo Broken Things74
Patrick LawlerIn the Apocalyptic Theater There Will Come A Time74
Patrick LawlerA Strange Sky Grows Over Us74
Mercedes LawryBegin the Week and What Have You62
Mercedes LawryImps70
Sarah LaydenIf You Must Know: Why You Shouldn’t Wear
White After Labor Day?
Sarah LaydenDutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times75
Sarah LaydenWhy Your Brain Wants Cake75
Jenna LeLove Story53
B. C. LealeHighly Intoxicated Clerks35
Marie Lecrivainsaturn returns65
Allison LeeChester Avenue Bus Station, 199962
David Dodd LeeAsymptotic75
Kateema LeeGrowing Up D.C.65
Kateema LeeMusings of a Netflix Binge Viewer65
Priscilla LeeAfter the Bird39/40
Priscilla LeeSex53
Priscilla LeeThe Crossing53
Priscilla LeeThe Mummy58
Priscilla LeeThe Sunset, 197358
Priscilla LeeWhen Mania Visits58
Priscilla LeeSun Nin Fai Lok* in America70
Priscilla LeeGrandfather Sin70
Priscilla LeeDaughters of Mao70
Laura LeHewThe Bunny Hoarder56
Laura LeHewProportional Relationships72
Laura LeHewWhen the Trine Between the Moon and Mercury Tempers the Vibe72
Laura LeHewWhiskey—Tango—Foxtrot72
Peter LeightWhen They Come for You73
Gary LeisingAnts60
Gary LeisingHow to Exhume a Body61
Gary LeisingNot As Unlucky61
Kelly LenoxAfter Giving Up Wine for Two Months and Other Alcohol, Too73
Louise Wareham LeonardAsh StarlingOnline 5
Nikia LeopoldThe Constant59
Nikia LeopoldFragile59
Joan LeottaRivertown Barge and the Long Walk Home75
Joseph E. LernerSci-Fi59
Joseph LernerAnamnesisOnline 6
Linda LernerWaiting for the D Train64
Linda LernerPlaying with Tense73
Linda LernerThat Place, April 202075
Michael H. LevinCam Ranh70
Anne-Marie LevineFour November 9ths47
Sara LevyNocturne41
Sara LevyRise41
Sara LevyAtelier58
Sara LevyHindsight60
Adrienne LewisMarry Me50
Gwyneth LewisThe Field39/40
Gwyneth LewisThe Device39/40
Joseph LewisLoneliness5
Melvin E. LewisNear Sidewalks50
Melvin E. LewisAt Their Head61
Susan LewisA Sense of Community62
Susan LewisWandering62
Susan LewisDumb Lucks 71
Susan LewisValor Added71
Lenny LianneSight73
Lenny LianneForget73
James LiddyLove is a Good Read in Bed32/33
David LiebermanCarving Out a Garden in the Woods53
M. L. LieblerRereading America42
M. L. LieblerJourney to War50
Lyn LifshinMs Numb and Co.9
Lyn LifshinCherries Jubilee9
Lyn LifshinSunday Kapiolani in the Shade of the Monkey Pod Tree9
Lyn LifshinPanic9
Lyn LifshinVermont11
Lyn LifshinBringing a Drink of Water to the Bed11
Lyn LifshinBecoming What You’re Called35
Lyn LifshinFacing Away from Where You’re Going35
Lyn LifshinThe Mad Girl Finds It Excruciatingly Painful41
Lyn LifshinLeda and Her Daughter48
Lyn LifshinThe Man Who Says Floating Blondes Come Thru His Eyes48
Lyn LifshinOn the Night the Most Handsome Poet Walked Out of the Schenectady Community College Reading Alone51
Lyn LifshinRose51
Lyn LifshinWhen I See Sarah Jessica Parker is Replaced by Joss Stone51
Lyn LifshinWriter’s Conference Brochure51
Lyn LifshinDead Girls, Dying Girls51
Lyn LifshinOn the Metro55
Lyn LifshinFather Throws 4 Children Off a Bridge55
Lyn LifshinWhen I Found the Words Pressed into Themselves…55
Lyn LifshinShe Said Possessed55
Lyn LifshinFirst Snow, January 1755
Lyn LifshinFor the Roses59
Lyn LifshinOut of the City and Down to the Sea Side59
Lyn LifshinMichael from Mountains59
Lyn LifshinHitchcock and the Hunks59
Lyn LifshinThe More I Think of Janet Leigh59
Lyn LifshinHitchcock’s Circles59
Lyn LifshinBefore the First Red Comes into the Maples61
Lyn LifshinHorses and Dancers61
Lyn LifshinA Year after the Filmmaker61
Lyn LifshinI Think of the Young Girl61
Lyn LifshinAfter the Blue Mosque Dream61
Lyn LifshinApricots, Figs and Late Nights, Cappadocia61
Lyn LifshinMarie Van Goethem65
Lyn LifshinHer Braid of Real Human Hair65
Lyn LifshinPere Lachaise Cemetery65
Lyn LifshinRachel’s Lamb65
Lyn LifshinSainte-Chappelle65
Lyn LifshinFrom Lips, Blues, Blue Lace: On the Outside68
Lyn LifshinUpstate NY, in the House I’m in Rarely These Last 12 Years68
Lyn LifshinNothing Gold Can Fly68
Lyn LifshinHow Unlike Frost’s Country, Virginia Square68
Lyn LifshinHot Muggy Afternoon on Main Street68
Lyn LifshinOn the Day of the Bombing68
Lyn LifshinThe Mad Girl Dreams of Morocco68
Lyn LifshinThe Sadness, the Beauty of White Trillium68
Lyn LifshinIf People Only Knew How Beautiful Aleppo Was 70
Lyn LifshinAleppo, A World Heritage Site70
Lyn LifshinThe Last Garden in Aleppo70
Lyn LifshinListening for Scouting Planes 70
Lyn LifshinOne Man Said Pray You Don’t Have to Go to the Hospital 70
Lyn LifshinIt’s Easy to Lose Your Mind in Aleppo70
Lyn LifshinSyrian Boy70
Lyn LifshinIn the Refugee Center70
Gary Lilleythe dismal swamp, a few miles north of home44
Bei LingI Stroke You With All My Years37/38
Laura LinzerCiting Authority60
Marcia LipsonThe Search42
Joseph LisowskiA Long Absence7
Miles LissTopographies75
Richard LittlerA Letter from My Father42
Richard LittlerJust Another Sunday Couple42
Julie LiuThe Patron Saint of Pests and Mosquitoes41
Timothy LiuTrespass47
Chip LivingstonDefuniak Springs53
Reb LivingstonDiminished Prophecy 1 and 353
Reb LivingstonLitany for the Wrong Bygone53
Reb LivingstonDiminished Prophecy: 6:355
Miles LissFolding up Nets71
Christopher LockeWhat the Dead Know65
Christopher LockeOutside Limerick65
Christopher LockeKing CarterOnline 4
Duane LockeWord Trance No. 8564
Federico Garcia Lorcafrom Summer Hours [tr. Laura Chalar]73
A. LoudermilkLisp57
Adrian C. LouisHorse Academy57
Adrian C. LouisProfessional Development Plan57
Adrian C. LouisMorphine Jesus61
Adrian C. LouisPissing into the Wind73
Adrian C. LouisI Ask My Scar About Redemption70
JoAnn LoVerde-DroppBridesmaid’s Epithalamium58
Gregory LuceReturn to A Love Supreme73
Gregory LuceA Bar at the Folies-Bergere73
Gregory LuceSmells like rain73
Gregory LucePharoah Sanders Meets Coltrane in HeavenOnline 4
Raymond LuczakPrairie Wind75
Molly Lurie-MarinoVariation on the Word Take58
Molly Lurie-MarinoStolen Moments58
Molly Lurie-MarinoAll the Brooks Brothers Women are Married58
Paul LyallsWriters on the Storm39/40
Paul LyallsByronic Soul42
Charles H. LynchThe Hoodibah60
Cliff Lynnbirdwhile70
Cliff Lynnthe name of the band is the bert harbinson trio70
Cliff Lynnnice ring to it70


Kristian MacaronThe Ways I Hold My Floods71
Jennifer MacBain-StephensStatoblast64
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens“Ever since I saw you in that old photo”75
John MacDonaldJesus Sleeps In62
John MacDonaldFrom Juarez64
Rebecca MacijeskiMemories of Japan65
Jacklyn MacInnisOffspring10
Jacklyn MacInnisResurrection10
M. MackWhat Toast?60
Jack MackeyThe History of Rock & Roll74
Jack Mackey1701 Q Street ConversionOnline 4
Jack MackeyAda Limon Perches on my Knee and Reads Her PoemsOnline 4
Jack MackeyWhen You Really Wish You Were StupidOnline 4
Jack MackeyHamartiaOnline 4
Jack MackeyHappy EndingsOnline 4
Mary MackeyCoriolis Effect61
Mary MackeyInquistion61
Mary MackeyRio + 3 Degrees61
K. E. MacMillianPeriodicals of Grief57
Anthony MadridWe Find the Boom Is Too High57
Edwin MadridYoung Lady at Lunch68
Edwin MadridAny Other Flesh68
Edwin MadridTurkey Dead for Love68
Edwin MadridWord Pepper68
Elaine Vilar MadrugaDredging75
Elaine Vilar MadrugaAmber  [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]75
Majena MafePintuckers50
e. megg mageeGiraffes Hum To Each Other Throughout the NightOnline 4
Mike MaggioI Was Born in America54
James MagorianMime Performing with a Knee Injury11
James MagorianSalamanca at Sunset59
Robin MagowanAngels on the Head of a Pin Bartering48
Dennis MahaginNew Lows in Elevator Music60
Mary Claire MahaneyKnitting59
Mary Claire MahaneySuzette60
James MaherSaskatchewan5
James MaherNorth Brunswick8
James MaherThe Hymn10
James MaherThings Fall Apart11
James MaherWinter Without Snow11
James MaherBody of Water17/18
Ann MalaspinaDisappear55
Dora MalechLove Letter from the Montgomery County Police Station45
Dora MalechRelationship #2 February45
Dora MalechGoodbye, I Love You53
Dora MalechOpen Letter53
Saundra Rose MaleyAll the Sun in a Golden Cup68
Saundra Rose MaleyMiss America, 195168
Stephen MalinForecast: Dry57
Stephen MalinSt. Foutin60
Stephen MalinElderbind65
Stephen MalinGrave Days65
Stephen MalinMorning Drill68
Michael MalinowitzEqual Time37/38
Amadeo Mangune MendozaErasures74
Aoife MannixSwimming at Night42
Aoife MannixTomboy42
Aoife MannixThe Last Show: A No Beginning57
Aoife MannixNicobar Scare Devil57
Aoife MannixReconstruction68
Aoife MannixHow To Go68
Aoife MannixParanoia68
Aoife MannixSimple Directions68
Mark MansfieldThe Elegant Redemption Rag50
Joyce MansourFour Poems (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)57
Joyce MansourFever (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)57
Joyce MansourInvite Me (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)57
Joyce MansourThe Blind Intrigues (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)57
Joyce MansourThe Amazon (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)57
Sally Wen MaoLove Pear55
Sandra MarchettiRetourner60
Sandra MarchettiWitnessOnline 2
Sandra MarchettiThe DreamOnline 2
Sandra MarchettiUntitledOnline 2
Sandra MarchettiSlipstreamOnline 2
Sandra MarchettiAnd the wind running through itOnline 2
Sandra MarchettiGoldfinchOnline 2
Sydney MarchAccompong44
Peter MarcusCrabs in Recife57
Clint MargraveCamus Takes the Train75
Clint MargraveMonk Dies in Greece Without Ever Seeing a Woman75
Allie Mariniif my body is the house I grew up in, let’s burn it from cellar to rafters65
Michael MarkVisiting My Daughter64
Michael MarkGoodbye to the Tecopa Pupfish68
Jennifer MartelliPete Townshend’s Voice behind Me, the Snowplow’s Blade before Me64
Hugh MartinHome from Iraq, Eating Dinner57
Michael MartinOn the Eve of Her Retirement, on a Cross Atlantic Flight, A United Airline Stewardess…62
Richard MartinStoic Surrender59
Richard MartinEmpty Mailbox60
Richard MartinI Think I Can Answer That64
Richard MartinPathetic Love Poem68
Grisella MartinezCon Safo56
Rita Maria MartinezPop Poem50
Rita Maria MartinezThe Madwoman64
Cate MarvinLocal Blind43
Siwar MasannatFor Total War, the Memory of Jasmine58
Maria MasingtonSnow White Walks Home from AA74
Chris Mason3/10/1670
Chris Mason4/25/1670
Frank MatagranoNow I Have Seen Everything48
Frank MatagranoSelf-Portrait with Facebook57
Cynthia MatsakisA Winter Landscape64
Marsha MathewsTribal Court in the Bush62
Susan H. MaurerDesiderata56
Susan H. MaurerRain Taxi59
Susan H. MaurerAl Mutannabi62
Susan H. MaurerRisk64
Susan H. MaurerJames Foley64
Susan H. MaurerThe Polar Vortex64
Susan H. MaurerOrlando 201668
Joyce Enzor MaustMaking a Cigarette Run with a Trio of My Homeless Friends71
Joyce Enzor MaustWhen You Tell My Story73
Joyce Enzor MaustThe Day I Left HomeOnline 4
Joyce Enzor MaustThe Songs of My PeopleOnline 4
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezDuct TapeOnline 4
StevenallenmaySleep Without PaperOnline 2
C. M. MayoUFO 199050
David McAleaveySpeaking Portrait of a Woman10
David McAleaveyWritten next to a page of Emerson15/16
David McAleaveyArriving Lost15/16
David McAleaveyWhat it felt like15/16
David McAleaveyBonsai seisuke (National Arboretum)17/18
David McAleaveyBurning Burning17/18
David McAleaveyCulture Hero58
David McAleaveyFor George Oppen58
David McAleaveyMary Jane and Frances58
David McAleaveyTo Ginsberg, who visited Wichita60
David McAleaveySightings60
David McAleaveyLoose crown for Claude McKay61
Cathy McArthurLipsticks55
Gary A. McBreenDelicacies56
Greg McBrideAt the Gay-Pride Parade55
Ian McBrydeArsonist42
Ed McCaffertySeducing Martha Stewart44
Richard McCannNights of 198750
Richard McCannGarden50
Margaret McCarthySlut55
Margaret McCarthyAmerica, Light of the World55
Margaret McCarthyVertigo 161
Margaret McCarthyVertigo 261
Margaret McCarthyI Wish I Could Drive64
Margaret McCarthySurfer64
Margaret McCarthyThe Sheboygan Conservatory of MusicOnline 6
Steve McClainThe Colombian Prayers: Poemstories Assembled from the Green Year City57
Kevin McClellanSurveyors62
Linda McCloudAnother Woman’s House3
Linda McCloudHuman City3
Linda McCloudThe Card Player11
Joanna McClureRespite39/40
Joanna McClure2 a.m.39/40
Mary McCoyShelter74
Sjohnna Bruce McCrayBurning Down Suburbia, An Ode to Bob Ross57
Sjohnna Bruce McCrayNight Sweats57
Charles Ramsay McCrorywreck porn couple62
Laura McCulloughReading for Harvey Keitel53
Jeffrey McDanielBilly Idol39/40
Leigh McDonald70° in December64
Leigh McDonaldJ.R.S., 196264
Walter McDonaldHauling on Hardscrabble37/38
Gary L. McDowellChild-Rearing56
Ron McFarlandPoetry Reading at the Art Gallery62
Roger McGoughWhoops!41
Jennifer A. McGowanCommute to Kuntae Hora59
Heather McHughTornado Survivor37/38
Heather McHughBusy Dot Com39/40
Heather McHughNot So Fast39/40
Carla McKainPlease Note47
Brandy McKenzieOn the Voynich manuscript I keep by my pillow at nightOnline 6
Patrick McKinnonThe Glasses Poem35
Patrick McKinnonpoem for my daughters60
David McLeanfor Georg Trakl54
Sam McMillanSky Searching8
Sam McMillanCarnival at Midnight8
Chloe Yelena MillerItalian Vocabulary: IntimissimiOnline 4
Chloe Yelena MillerPantheonOnline 4
E. Ethelbert MillerPostcard from JapanOnline 1
E. Ethelbert MillerOrangesOnline 1
E. Ethelbert MillerSophisticated LadyOnline 1
E. Ethelbert MillerSun Ra Left Me Here Standing in Front of the Sam GilliamOnline 1
E. Ethelbert MillerThe Final RoundOnline 1
Franetta McMillianThe Klansmans’ Daughter53
Franetta McMillianStupid Mean SeasonOnline 2
Natalie McNabbAdventures of an Alaskan Barfly58
Dora E. McQuaidAlchemy59
Dora E. McQuaidAvatar59
Dora E. McQuaidTunnel of Love61
Dora E. McQuaidOrigin (#7)64
Dora E. McQuaidFirst Thought (#1)74
Dora E. McQuaidNearly Enough74
Dora E. McQuaidSometimes There Is Just No Way Around It74
Dora E. McQuaidFirst Thought (Conflated)74
Dora E. McQuaidOrigin #1174
Gwyn McVayYou Have Nothing to Disbelieve But This41
Gwyn McVayQuipu41
Kat MeadsThe Tent Preacher45
Tony MedinaStephon Clark70
Tony MedinaCharleena Lyles70
Tony MedinaKajieme Powell 70
Tony MedinaGod Awful Ghazal70
Erika MeitnerCamp Westmont, 196850
Erika Meitner6956
D. H. MelhemAdaptation11
Marla MelitoThe Burqa64
Alexandra MelnickThe State of Mississippi is a (black) Woman74
Alexandra MelnickNitta Yuma74
Mark MelnicoveFour Blessings57
Mark MelnicoveZelda’s Painting60
Mark MelnicoveMeans Test61
Mark MelnicoveUncle B. would say 71
Mark MelnicoveIf weeds made noises71
Mark MelnicoveThe Difficulty with Pundits73
Mark MelnicovePerceptual Shift73
Mark MelnicoveWorshipping the Dark73
Mark MelnicoveSOS75
Mark MelnicoveLeaving Summer Lake75
Dan MemmoloBombardment59
David MemmottMeditation from a Dark Wood65
David MemmottShadow-Boxing65
Cedrick Mendoza-TolentinoThe Jesus Fish62
Cedrick Mendoza-TolentinoThe Wedding62
Didi MenéndezEl Gallo54
R.S. MengertFrank Booth’s Lament73
Nancy MercadoCatcalls to My Brain71
Nancy MercadoPlagued America74
Nancy MercadoI Come to See for Myself: On the Anniversary of Hurricane Maria74
Ana Merinountitled poem (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)62
Ana MerinoThe Fifth Heaven (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)62
Joyce MerrittScheherazade8
Joyce MerrittCandle Poetry11
Corey MesslerMy Friend RichardOnline 5
Corey MesslerI Kissed JennyOnline 5
Corey MesslerI Saw John BerrymanOnline 5
Douglas MesserliSkinning the Deer15/16
Gary MetrasThe Fox74
Gary MetrasTo Rhyme with Love74
Gary MetrasAge 23 Wordsworth Sleeps in Stonehenge74
William MeyerTurquoise Shrouds Are Floating in the Hay Fresco Oles27
Michael MeyerhoferThoughts and Prayers73
Michael Gregg MichaudHow to Be a Gay Literary Icon44
Stephen C. MiddletonThe Missing Upper Partials58
Stephen C. MiddletonThe Clamps58
Stephen C. MiddletonIn Defense of Hoboes (Veiled)61
Stephen C. MiddletonComposition65
Stephen C. MiddletonOpening Heartlands65
Al MilaneseGarrison, NY2
Al MilaneseSleepless2
Al MilaneseScrape Scrape2
Michael MilburnSeamus Heaney at Harvard64
Michael MilburnStrong Silent71
Michael MilburnWrath: A Sequel74
Brown MillerTo Come Back and to Sing56
Chloe Yelena MillerGuide to Baby’s First Year70
Chloe Yelena MillerHahrt-breyk at Seven Months70
Jane C. MillerA Friend Shows Me James Galvin’s “Two Sketches of Horses”Online 5
Jane C. MillerRule of JawOnline 5
Jane C. MillerAnother Way to LandOnline 5
Leslie F. Millerthe brouhaha after the traveling carnival pulled out of town59
Leslie F. Millerthe psalm of the shoe59
Leslie F. Millerrequiem for a vacation59
Leslie F. MillerTraffic TicketOnline 6
Leslie F. MillerOedipal ArrangementOnline 6
Devon Miller-DugganBaba Yaga in Chicken Country58
Devon Miller-DugganLiam Rector, Who Once Wrote a Poem About a Chair Who Smoked Cigarettes and Thought Deep …60
Devon Miller-DugganThe Magnetic Fields …61
Devon Miller-DugganDisorderly Abecedarian 5: Calendar64
Devon Miller-DugganLast Episode65
Devon Miller-DugganScience Fiction vs. Literature65
Devon Miller-DuganWinter Empties Her Pockets75
Devon Miller-DuganBorders and Deceptions75
Devon Miller-DuganGravid75
E. Ethelbert MillerThe Reluctant Rapist: Everybody’s Ex-Lover4
E. Ethelbert MillerFlight5
E. Ethelbert MillerAugust Rain35
E. Ethelbert MillerGrowing35
E. Ethelbert MillerCo-Star39/40
E. Ethelbert MillerWhispers, Secrets and Promises39/40
E. Ethelbert MillerMorning Buddhism42
Jane MillerFigures of Speech70
Jane MillerA House Chart & the Men in Them72
Jane MillerThe Love-Life of Animals by Wolfgang Von Budden72
Philip MillerSex after Death? — The Ghost Says, “Yes, Yes”54
Ted R. MillerPudgy74
Ted R. MillerUrge to Fly74
Gloria MindockOn Top of His Stomach, a Boat Was Floating64
Gloria MindockSo Good74
Gloria Mindock199474
Liz MinettePiano71
Barbara Marie MinneyShooting Crows in the Cornfield74
Sami MirandaLechon 70
Sami MirandaSantos y Diablos70
Charlotte MitchellCrack60
Nancy MitchellFree Barbie!!70
Nancy MitchellYou Should Know by Now75
Susan Bucci MocklerCivil War Hospital, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Diptych70
Jane Edna MohlerMiserere74
Jane Edna MohlerMaking Friends in the Pandemic74
Jane Edna MohlerLeftoverOnline 5
Sally MoliniDelivery53
Sally MoliniMeditation in The Fuzzy Cube58
Melissa MonroePinocchio on Wishes55
Michael MonroeBlown Cover57
Michael MonroeRave58
Michael MonroeMardi Gras58
Michael MonroeDance of the Skeletons60
Tom MontagTwo Poems from “The Woman in the Imaginary Painting”75
Dawn MontefuscoA Good Bluff59
Dawn MontefuscoA Private Conversation59
Roberto MontesOne way to be a person is to believe a matrix is a serious work61
Roberto MontesOne way to be a person is to be a model citizen61
Keith MontesanoBlood59
Nancy Carol MoodyThe Negative Space of Cows57
Nancy Carol MoodyPlease Remain Seated until the Captain Has Turned off the Seatbelt Sign64
Charley MoonDos Manos/My Two Hands72
Adam Mooradthis handicapped stall is paducah59
Mary B. MooreHer poem is
Aubade with Door, For an Art Exchange Project
Mary B. MooreThe Spring House75
Mary B. MooreThe Appalachian Colony for the Charitably Inclined75
Miles David MooreAll for Poetry45
Miles David MooreLines Written at Twilight on an Intercity Bus58
Miles David MooreFatslug and the Little Dog60
Miles David MooreA Soaking Rain64
Miles David MooreThe Capriciousness of Fatslug65
Miles David MooreTo an Obscure Vegetable65
Miles David MooreMan on Terrace with Wine, Recalling a Line from Hermann Hesse68
Miles David MooreGrandma and the Hurricane71
Miles David MooreAutumn Directive73
Miles David MooreDoe at a Street Corner/His Face75
Miles David MooreCutting to the ChaseOnline 4
Miles David MooreChopin MazurkaOnline 4
Miles David MooreThe CriminalOnline 4
Miles David MooreWoundedOnline 5
Miles David MooreA Song for SeptemberOnline 6
Miles David MooreMartin Luther King Day, 2021Online 6
Peter MooreAirborne Leaflet Propaganda55
Peter MooreLanguage by Immersion55
Barbara MoraffSeptember Fruit54
Barbara MoraffLabial Bond Juxtapose54
Barbara Moraffevoking maha machenno54
Stephen MoranAnnie57
Yvette Neisser MorenoLanguages I Have Heard53
Christopher MorganA Bloom in My Habitat [revised version]61
Christopher MorganSelf-Immolation75
Christopher MorganComposition of a Kill75
Ronald T. MorganT-Room with Stained Glass Window11
Dave MoriceThe Final Art64
Stelios MormorisDonald Edward MacBean75
Alice MorrisBluebirds70
Alice MorrisOur Veranda Is Covered with a Flowered Canopy73
Alice MorrisWatercress75
Mary F. MorrisNew Mexico53
Mary F. MorrisHave You Ever Been Experienced?57
Mary F. MorrisThe Wind Cries Mary57
Mary MorrisRembrandt, Late Self-Portrait74
Mary MorrisLorca’s Lover74
Mary MorrisVisions of Johanna, JPG #1274
Kathi Morrison-TaylorHypothesis55
Mihaela Moscaliucfrom “The Book of Salt”74
Mihaela MoscaliucLa isla de las munecas74
Mihaela MoscaliucForget the blossoms74
Mihaela MoscaliucMother Goddess, Ptolemic Period, 305-51 B.C., Egypt74
Mihaela MoscaliucErotic74
J. Scott MoselDialectical Ghost Lines60
Thylias MossLunchcounter Freedom37/38
Thylias MossSong of Iota50
Thylias MossHeads Wrapped in Flowers50
Moira MuldoonSecond Marriage47
Moira MuldoonRisk of Love47
Christopher MundeFortean Gods73
Christopher MundeEndura73
Christopher MundeCamp Davidian73
Keith Aaron MunroeA Poem for My Brother  Online 2
Keith Aaron MunroeGreeceOnline 2
Fred MuratoriMaturity35
Fred MuratoriSpecial This Week74
Fred MuratoriWretched Stalks74
Elisabeth MurawskiThe Chapel That Tempted O’Keeffe …48
Elisabeth MurawskiA Type of Sad55
Elisabeth MurawskiElegy for Green Eyes56
Elisabeth MurawskiMessage on the Wall of an Abaondoned Barn58
Elisabeth MurawskiI smile at you60
Elisabeth MurawskiHenry at the Bridge60
Elisabeth MurawskiOn a Fragment from Sappho61
Elisabeth MurawskiChildish Things64
Elisabeth MurawskiThe Present64
Elisabeth MurawskiPortrait: Mademoiselle Boissi.re Knitting68
Elisabeth MurawskiUnexpected Point of Intersection68
Elisabeth MurawskiFrom the Station71
Elisabeth MurawskiUrn with Hummingbird71
Elisabeth Murawskiredemptive73
Elisabeth MurawskiGold Medal74
Elisabeth Murawski Storm, Western Ireland74
Elisabeth Murawskimuch worse thingsOnline 3
Elisabeth MurawskiRemembering Worldly LauraOnline 3
Kristine Ong MuslimAbandoned Buildings57
George Myers Jr.Mrs. Shapiro’s One-and-One-Half Prayers39/40
George Myers Jr.Mrs. Shapiro Remembers the War, Mum39/40
Tim MyersTrilobite57
Eileen MylesCulture50


Therese Naccarato2am75
Weam NamouThe Veil of Vanilla and Fire56
Miriam Morsel NathanThe Absurd Messiah41
Maria NazosFor a Good Time, Call Morphine64
Maria NazosRock ‘n’ Roll Fever64
Maria NazosWhen the Beloved Asks “What Would You Do if I Woke up One Morning as a Loch Ness Monster?”65
Carissa NeffPhysex56
Carissa NeffDistress over the Damsel56
Émile NelliganTo George Rodenbach74
Émile NelliganWinter Evening74
Émile NelliganThe Carmelites74
Émile NelliganOctober Roses [tr. by James and Shona Deahl]74
Sheryl L. NelmsFucking a Bull Rider50
Sheryl L. NelmsIn the Seguin Cemetery62
Sheryl L. NelmsSunset Pier, Key West, Florida62
Sheryl L. NelmsKansas Wheat Farmer64
Sheryl L. NelmsRosetta64
Sheryl L. NelmsSummer Was68
Rodney NelsonFrom a Letter to the Lost64
Peter NeumeyerWould Druids Come to Us6
Peter Neumeyer. . . must include postage6
Peter NeumeyerOn Louis Simpson’s Saying Dan Gerber Should Write Poems About Car Crashes6
Amanda NewellA Labor Day Story62
Amanda NewellElastration68
Amanda NewellThe Black and White of Him in His Wetsuit68
Amanda NewellThe Day After the Latest Mass Shooting72
Amanda NewellWhy so much grief for me?72
Amanda NewellChild, Out— 72
Amanda NewellOut of Body72
Martin NewellThe Weather Back-cast42
Martin NewellJohn Cooper Clarke42
Dawn NewtonJailbait50
Joe NicholasThe Trees are Ever Embracing64
Joe NicholasThe Water Spiral64
Mel NicholsGiallo42
Mel NicholsLifting51
Gerald NicosiaDaddio Pete56
Gerald NicosiaThe Beats in China56
Gerald NicosiaFirst Chinese Breakfast56
B.Z. NiditchFrank O’Hara in Soho56
Mark NiedzwiedzHundred loose ends74
A. L. NielsenInstructions for the Magic Frog37/38
A.L. NielsenA Sense of the Monumental 70
A.L. Nielsen“Why Don’t You Give It Up, for God’s Sake, and Try Something Else?”70
David Taylor NielsenMy Underwear60
David Taylor NielsenSuperman’s Sperm61
David Taylor NielsenZombies 161
Barbra NightingaleAhab’s Second Wife55
David Michael NixonUntitled17/18
David Michael NixonStephen Forgives the Stones58
James NorcliffeYippee!44
James Norcliffeles haricots ne sont pas sales47
James NorcliffeATM53
James NorcliffeThe flying saucer is a breast57
James NorcliffeScandinavian Noir73
James NorcliffeDear Contributor73
Jean NordhausPartial Eclipse Viewed Through a Colander70
Jean NordhausThe New, Small Cars 70
Jean NordhausZeitgeist 70
Jean NordhausThe Sleepers 70
Jean NordhausVictory Garden 70
Jean NordhausOld Men Dancing70
normalin the doorway60
normalremembering sean62
normalon the banks of the great passaic65
normalthe strangle tree65
normal“in late life…”75
normaljames dean would be 90 today75
Michelle NoteboomExperiment47
Kathleen NovakCertain People5
Kathleen NovakReasons Why5
Kathleen NovakEscape47
Kathleen NovakOut of the Rain74
Kathleen NovakResilience74
Valeria NuminosaHere’s Why This Stunning Visual of Goddess Kali…65
Naomi Shihab NyeFrench Movies35
Naomi Shihab NyePimento50
Naomi Shihab NyePoor Pitiful Me Award50


Karmen OVenceremosOnline 5
Laura OaksmithWarnings35
Laura OaksmithAsh-Tails and Fingers35
Keith OberlinMeeting for Drinks at the Bar Where None of Our Friends Go55
Desmond O’BrienPoet’s Trip3
Desmond O’BrienLeft Behind3
Desmond O’BrienAngelic Muse3
Desmond O’BrienPoem5
Desmond O’BrienThe Filled Pipe5
Desmond O’BrienThe Moon is So High8
Desmond O’BrienLet’s Go Out of This Dark House8
Desmond O’BrienUntitled11
Desmond O’BrienFortunes58
John O’DellChekhov at the Moscow Zoo65
Charles O’HayA Brief History of Redemption42
Susan OkieThy Bed of Crimson Joy65
Andrew OldhamSirens47
Robert Michael OliverThe Creation CycleOnline 4
Greg OlsenLove and Dinosaurs64
Christina OlsonOn Turning Thirty59
Toby OlsonHesitation Waltz51
C. Mikal OnessThis Goes with ThatOnline 4
C. Mikal OnessFor the Love of CowsOnline 4
C. Mikal OnessThe Implements in the CopseOnline 4
Elizabeth OnessFive Elements51
Shawnte OrionColors Stored for Never62
Sibbie O’SullivanSpring Spiders22/23
Alex OsborneSamhain37/38
Alex OsbornePost Mortem37/38
Jason O’TooleLawrence from Above75
Catherine OwenTwo years since you died, or nearly: a glossa60
Catherine OwenHomage to my father’s tearlessness60
Annette OxindineOn Matter68


Jay Pabaruetrip, We take a desperate57
José PaduaTraveling Men58
José PaduaGreen58
Saïdeh PakravanWhat I heard this morning56
Raul PalmaBatido de Mamey64
Alyson PalmerEngine Company47
Earth PancakeA Dream to Be5
Lauro PalombaElixir73
Joan Papalia-Williams* * *8
Theresa PappasDream Survey64
Theresa PappasLocal News64
Theresa PappasQuestions for the New Year64
Theresa PappasThe Greek Word for Rain73
Theresa PappasMemoir73
Theresa PappasLook73
David ParkerI Think Only of Unreasonable Explanations53
Michelle Parkersonfor cece37/38
Linda PastanNew England Christmas3
Linda PastanStone Soup6
Linda PastanEarly Spring6
earl patricka teardrop fracture of the C4 vertebral body56
Alexa PatrickGhost70
Alexa PatrickRyan70
Alexa Patrick12.26.1670
Richard PeabodyParisian Days5
Gerry Gomez PearlbergPredictions42
January Pearson,Cold Ease68
Joanna PearsonThe Ice Sculptor59
Joanna PearsonMermaids59
Nicole PekarskeChrissed Off53
Kate Pendleburyfrom “Baby Poems” XI59
Kate Pendleburyfrom “Baby Poems” XIII59
Kate PeperBalloon64
Kate PeperLove Is an Airborne Thing68
Kate PeperWhat the Witch Told Me68
Kate PeperMy Ghosts Arrive Again,75
Patric PepperYoung Man at a Shopping Center8
Patric PepperFishing15/16
Patric PepperSoirée58
Patric PepperSun and Moon58
Patric PepperGentrification75
Simon Perchik*35
Simon Perchik*56
Simon Perchik*65
Jordan PérezWild Cactus71
Jordan PérezTheodore Roosevelt Island71
Robert PetersSweet Macho Nothings22/23
Gabrielle M. Petersenhow to calm the heart animal73
Jim PetersonDollars53
Scarlett PetersonBack Roads73
W. T. PfefferleBand Fantasy47
Peggy PfeifferHarbinger39/40
Patrick PfisterPostcard75
Patrick PfisterElegy for an Exile75
Patrick PfisterSky on Earth75
AA PhilipsEmpty Pasture62
C.M. PhysiocLearning Things from My Mother59
C.M. PhysiocElephant and Castle, North Line59
Sanford PinskerDevouring Chronos7
Sanford PinskerAfter Reading Gravity’s Rainbow7
Douglas H. PinsonAn Evening On the Town37/38
Joshua PlackWorldplay73
Joshua PlackQuestions for the Statues73
Joshua PlackGladys Went and Busted Her Ass!73
Joshua PlackHer Three-Piece Sublime73
Brian PohankaSeaside9
Brian PohankaJuly 19369
Meredith PondAt Montrose Park61
Michael PontacoloniHappy Birthday68
Barbara Ann PorteWhy Old Women Leave Their Money to Art Museums68
Dorothy PorterHot Date41
Dorothy PorterMy At-last-lover41
Dorothy PorterCrete41
Andrea PotosIt Happens in Greece64
Jacklyn PotterThe Charge37/38
Lee W. PottsTonight I whispered to you that35
Lee W. PottsOld Man Dreams Online 2
Lee W. PottsThe sea grew calm far out from landOnline 2
Lee W. PottsGoing ThroughOnline 2
Ken PoynerCovenantOnline 6
Ken PoynerDefined ThreatOnline 6
Holly PradoSweater53
Holly PradoInstantly53
Holly PradoSandalwood53
Minnie Bruce PrattThe Ferry41
Thomas PrideInto Day7
Thomas PrideA Common God Divides8
Richard PrinsThe Beverages64
Jean ProkottThe High School Teacher’s Old Spring Fling59
Ana PrundaruAway68
Ana PrundaruIndian Summer68
Jeff PruzanNow Then37/38
Shelley PuhakThe Death Quartet57
Shelley PuhakAn Infomercial for the Ladies-in-Waiting61
Shelley PuhakGuinevere, Supine61
Jessica PurdyWho speaks to me when I can’t write73
Jessica PurdyPareidolia73
Claudia PutnamOn reading the Bible backwards55


Jessica Quah妈 (mā)64
Kathleen M. Quinlan“One Classy Bitch”60
Kathleen M. QuinlanThe Hotel Housekeeper’s Daughter62
Kathleen M. QuinlanPossibility65
Kathleen M. QuinlanRitornello68
Carol QuinnMy Reykjavik61


Dean RaderFive Rooms59
Joe RaffaPlanet Amtrak58
Charles RaffertyPerspective73
Charles RaffertyThe Land of Steady Decline73
Robin LaMer RahijaSwimming the Firth of Forth60
Misti Rainwater-LitesSteering Wheel Made of Stars58
Frederick RameyUntitledOnline 3
Charles RammelkampDisgrace61
Charles RammelkampAuH2O64
Charles RammelkampSinger-Songwriter-Stalker64
Charles RammelkampSwann’s Way68
Charles RammelkampTyranny Has a Witness68
Charles RammelkampThe Late Great Philip Roth70
Charles RammelkampDoing the Twist72
Charles RammelkampJoyeux Noel75
Charles RammelkampThe Sepia Sally RandOnline 5
Jade RamseyShe Lives in a Pat of Butter59
Suzanne S. RancourtVoyage74
Margaret RandallHunger’s Table39/40
Rush RankinZeno’s Paradox45
Michael RatcliffeThoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac68
Rochelle RatnerThe First Monkey45
Robin RayGrand Concourse and 161th St., The Bronx73
Russell ReeceChainsaw74
Jeremy ReedPoe’s Marriage Night41
Jeremy ReedLeader of the Pack41
Jeremy ReedFemale Singers41
Jeremy ReedNovels41
Zoe ReedChapter 2: You Can Dance if You Want To47
Elizabeth ReesHome Movie41
Elizabeth ReesUpsetting the Basket50
Elizabeth ReesTrespass61
Elizabeth ReesIntern Culture64
Elizabeth ReesRecovering from My Professor 70
Elizabeth ReesReply All70
Liz ReesOn Disappointment Island73
Alan C. ReeseContemplating Pieter de Hooch’s A Writer’s Duty48
Alan C. ReeseThis Just In55
Alan C. ReeseA Station of the Cross68
Noley Reid (aka Nicole Louise)Night, August 1984, Blacksburg44
Michael ReisKunitz7
Rebekah RemingtonForty62
d.j. renegadeIn E Sharp42
d.j. renegadeSilent Night42
Joyce RenwickTurtle Soup11
John ReppCanto73
Tatiana RetivovMoving Mountains74
Amanda ReynoldsKurt Vonnegut Flunked Thermodynamics55
Billie ReynoldsDusk at Rocket Park59
Susie ReynoldsMy Neighbour the Revolutionary59
Susie ReynoldsBoots62
Susie ReynoldsMA VOISINE L’OISEAU de NEIGE (Paris)62
Christine RheinOverload62
Alexis Rhone FancherHey: 19: Daddy’s Pal, Paul and I Cut to the Chase73
Alexis Rhone FancherClueless73
Alexis Rhone FancherCover photoOnline 3
Suzanne RhodenbaughScrub Palmetto27
Suzanne Rhodenbaugh“This Dame’s Dozen-Plus Poetry74
Suzanne RhodenbaughDisqualifications: A Damn-Near Ars Poetica.74
Suzanne RhodenbaughThe Girl Who Quit at Leviticus74
Suzanne RhodenbaughSomeone Has Got to Love the Animals74
Jonathan K. RiceIce Cream53
Jonathan K. RiceMusic74
Jonathan K. RiceOn Glassy Mountain74
Virginia Smith Ricepre : light68
Virginia Smith RiceDerelict, Kerosene68
Virginia Smith RiceGlass Flight68
Virginia Smith RiceBegin with a Diamond (Weld, Welt)68
Katy RicheyVagina Cognizance53
Melissa RidgeFou, Fou Beauty27
Rainer Maria RilkeThe Rose Interior (tr. by Len Krisak)59
Maritza RiveraConsequences45
Maritza RiveraSaudade58
Maritza RiveraShibari60
Maritza RiveraJealousy61
Maritza RiveraA Lovely ViewOnline 1
Maritza RiveraAmuse-BoucheOnline 1
Maritza RiveraChips with KetchupOnline 1
Maritza RiveraEl Cuartito/The Little RoomOnline 1
Maritza RiveraSenzalaOnline 1
Maritza RiveraSenzala (Spanish version)Online 1
Nanette Rayman Riverafate discovers a fish56
W.M. RiveraMortality56
W.M. RiveraPiques58
W.M. RiveraLet’s pretend58
W.M. RiveraWalking in Central Park65
W.M. RiveraIn Love68
Liz RobbinsBefore the Cut59
Charles E. Robertsborges45
Kim RobertsSt. Anthony Preaching to the Fish41
Kim RobertsHalf-Built House48
Kim RobertsA Private Tour53
Kim RobertsNot-So-Super Heroes57
Kim RobertsThe Thing in the Thing60
Kim RobertsKim Roberts61
Kim RobertsThe Fiji Merman68
Kim RobertsBlue MorphoOnline 5
Kim RobertsOuter BanksOnline 5
Stephen R. RobertsIn Remembrance of the Creature56
Stephen R. RobertsRoy and Dale Memorabilia59
Stephen R. RobertsPineapple Western with Slow Posse68
Stephen Thomas RobertsWipeout73
Stephen Thomas RobertsThe Final Days of Beauty73
Roger RobinsonHer Thirtieth Year42
Radoslav RochallyiWhen he comes out75
Radoslav RochallyiLife once said75
Lindsay RockwellSound of Light
Lindsay RockwellGhost Fire
Lindsay RockwellNot Today
Steven B. RogersOctober 5th, 195773
Steven B. RogersInukshuk75
Steven B. RogersField NotesOnline 4
Steven B. RogersDementiaOnline 5
Steven B. RogersKetchumOnline 5
Steven B. RogersParadiseOnline 5
Steven B. RogersSonoran DaybreakOnline 5
Steven B. RogersWilliston RoadOnline 5
Zack RogowBird in Flight75
Zack RogowDeaccessioning Chagall’s Kiss75
Zack RogowThe Kama Sutra for Senior Citizens75
Zack RogowWhen Your Name Begins with Z75
David Romandadrought59
David RomandaHeart-Shaped Box62
David RomandaBucket List64
David RomandaNext Big Thing64
David RomandaFortune-Cookie Fortunes65
David RomandaBefore I Move In71
David RomandaChemo Hair 75
David RomandaShe Walked the Dog75
Daniel RomoPancho as Protagonist in the 9th Grade Grammar Book59
Kathleen Rooney‘Tis the Season to Submit56
Carol RosenfeldI was a Sexual Switzerland47
John RothHead-Case Aquarium65
John RothResurrection Minutia65
Stuart RossDick TV61
Anne Rousefrom His Coy Mistress42
Anne Rousefrom The Good Weekend [Friday]42
Kalen RoweHumane62
Anele RubinI’d Stand with the Horses75
Jay RubinDay of the Dead60
Mark RubinMouse and Fox71
Ronald Simon RubinThe Spanish Lesson57
Helen RuggieriGoodbye Jack Kerouac60
Leslie M. RuprachtWhirled Peas, Man71
William RushtonRemembering Birds45
Kathryn Pratt RussellBaudelaire’s Watery Grave73
Rusty RussellBefore and After Bloomington50
John RybickiCoal Boys37/38
John RybickiSt. Timothy’s Home for Boys–198345
Judi A. RypmaNight Watch50


Daniel SaalfeldSlow Season58
Daniel SaalfeldDC Poem65
Daniel SaalfeldSpring Again65
Daniel SaalfeldSweetmeatOnline 5
Daniel SaalfeldA Baboon Gets Some FlmaingoOnline 5
Patrick SaariQuartet7
Rebecca SabinThe Facts of Life42
Taylor SaccoCum Blossoms65
Taylor SaccoMeditations65
Carly SachsThe Game53
Jenny Sadre-OrafaiInstructions for the Cheat56
Miriam SaganYosemite. This Light.17/18
Miriam SaganFlamenco37/38
Miriam SaganViews of the Pecos37/38
Miriam SaganFourth Street50
Miriam SaganAna Mendieta: Falling in Four Elements50
Miriam SaganPrairie like a Bride72
Miriam SaganUntitled72
Miriam SaganSpelunker72
Bruce SagerQuestion65
Karen SagstetterBread5
Natasha SajeFruit41
Kristopher SaknussemmCall to Worship35
Tomaz SalamunZinacantan (tr. by Michael Thomas Tarne)57
Tomaz SalamunHolderlin in Bordeaux (tr. by Michael Thomas Tarne)61
Michael SalcmanThe Cubist48
Michael SalcmanVault No. 2, Shelf, No. 3658
Michael SalcmanYesterday’s News75
Marty Sanchez-LoweryChinese Ink64
Marty Sanchez-LoweryDancing Your Age64
Marty Sanchez-LoweryThe Inviolable Border70
Kaia SandThe Fruit We Eat43
Joshua SapanFloating Above the City to Irving Berlin56
Sarah SalaiThe Quiet Softness57
Dennis SalehYellow Tedium74
Roberta “Bobby” SantloferA Crow at My Window74
Gerard Sarnat67% Hopperized Bathos65
Jane SatterfieldThe Poet’s Brother at Seventeen58
Jane Satterfield“The Water-Cure”58
Joel SattlerArrows32/33
David Howard Sawyer (aka Reywas Diva)Atomic Shuffle6
David Howard Sawyer (aka Reywas Diva)Afro-Heat7
David Howard Sawyer (aka Reywas Diva)Voice in the Dark (1.)10
Leslie Scalapinofrom Deer Night41
Simon ScardanelliUncommon Times39/40
M. A. SchaffnerThe Onion Apps60
M. A. SchaffnerAlgorithm Deflector Search Terms65
M. A. SchaffnerFrom Reedsville to the Big City65
M. A. SchaffnerPlague Diary: Not A Post Script by A Long ShotOnline 4
M. A. SchaffnerThe Confederate FlagOnline 4
M. A. SchaffnerNovember When the Light ChangesOnline 6
M. A. SchaffnerA Bite to Eat in Hardeeville, South CarolinaOnline 6
M. A. SchaffnerWhat I Saw of Saint GeorgeOnline 6
Sami SchalkPromiscuous Promesia57
Jane SchapiroErosion70
Jane SchapiroBashert70
Susan ScheidJeanne d’Arc Burning for Love 70
Susan ScheidMy Mother Meets Her Fates70
Lorraine ScheinThe Crafty Ones54
Lorraine ScheinMarvel58
Lorraine ScheinA Nevelson Triptych64
Lorraine ScheinThe Secret Hour, Before the Rain65
Lorraine ScheinThe Yellow Fairy Book65
Diane SchenkerPoem with No Pants On55
Tatyana ScherbinaThe Mermaid (translated by Jim Kates)37/38
James SchlatterConception of Skolopendra56
Louisa SchnaithmanThe New World74
Sam SchmittSuburban Myth #1251
Mather SchneiderMidnight in the Beer Garden of Good and Evil55
E.M. SchorbThe Final Tithe56
Eric W. SchrammFive Landscapes with Shopping Cart59
Mike Schultz!;8
Janice Lynch SchusterLanguage Acquisition64
Steven Schutzmanthe mistake75
Steven SchutzmanA Train Has Stopped75
Steven SchutzmanYogi & BogeyOnline 6
Steven SchutzmanThe RaceOnline 6
Patricia Roth SchwartzAfter the Velveeta Buses50
Peter SchwartzNaked Woman/Naked Man55
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)Did They65
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)My Father’s Death65
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)Disappeared Saints 70
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)Time Tossed70
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)Cake at the Counter Feels Good50
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)The Grave Pulls72
Claire Scott (aka C.M. Scott)Templates for the Long Married72
Claire ScottSecond Marriage75
Claire ScottThey Don’t Make Gods Like They Used To75
Claire ScottPenelope’s Stormy Night75
M.A. ScottTwilight with Pharmaceutical73
Maureen Seaton (w/ Denise Duhamel)The Scarlet Letter41
Maureen Seaton (with Denise Duhamel)The Scarlet Letter 241
George J. SearlesShoptalk62
Tamara Kaye SellmanBlue Tarp73
Claudia SereaAfter Nina’s Funeral …62
Claudia SereaThe Street Shaped Like a Key62
Larry C. SeelyThe Mirror4
Emily SeveranceEspousal59
Eric Paul ShafferPicnic in the Year Zero55
Eric Paul ShafferThe Godzilla Delusion57
Eric Paul ShafferGod as a Dispenser of Pez64
Eric Paul ShafferTea Party73
Eric Paul ShafferCeremony, In the American TwilightOnline 4
Eric Paul ShafferSylvia Plath’s Keyboard LamentOnline 4
Eric Paul ShafferLettered Among the Stars in HeavenOnline 4
Daniel M. ShapiroBrian Wilson Begins to Compose “Good Vibrations” outside Dripping Cave, Calif., 196658
Gregg ShapiroSuspicious Honeymoon35
Gregg ShapiroHow to Flirt61
Gregg ShapiroThe Indignities61
Gregg ShapiroThe Bittersweet Table70
Gregg ShapiroOld Long Since72
Gregg ShapiroHow You Know You Are in Eastern Tennessee72
Gregg ShapiroDaddy-O72
Gregg Shapiro/Denise DuhamelGas Station Flowers75
Gregg ShapiroSpirit of ‘7675
Gregg ShapiroThe Handwasher’s Tale75
Gregg ShapiroSonnet Habit75
Gregg ShapiroUnnatural DisastersOnline 5
Gregg ShapiroDreaming DeadOnline 5
Martin ShapiroDrinking in Queens75
Martin ShapiroReunion75
Cathryn SheaUnder “M”54
Cathryn SheaThe Lake Doesn’€™t Know65
Cathryn SheaA Marriage Next Door68
Cathryn SheaHer Mother Obtained Visas70
Cathryn SheaEvery Bit Mine75
Cathryn SheaBiscotti with the Taj Mahal75
Sharon K. SheppardNowadays75
Sharon K. Sheppardthese geese75
Maureen SherbondyTrying to Keep God Out of My Poems72
Maureen SherbondyKite Surfer in New South Wales Hit by Tail72
David SheridanNew Wave19
David SheridanWar Dance19
David SheridanAnd Ten Hail Marys19
David SheridanAbandoned Upland Farm19
David SheridanFrom An Indian Woman’s Bio19
David SheridanLearning An Old Language19
David SheridanInvaders Out of the North19
David SheridanThe Gonif’s Daughter19
David SheridanYes, Here19
David SheridanGood-bye, Gillian, Good-bye19
David SheridanGrand Theft Life72
David SheridanNotes from the Post-Apocalypse72
Gregory SherlBasic Cable56
Gregory SherlOnce Upon a Time59
Gregory SherlNine Out of Ten Republicans Will Not Buy My Next Poetry Collection60
Gregory SherlIn the Dining Hall at the OCD Center at Cedar Ridge68
Kate Pwell ShineHow Do You Do?Online 6
Kate Pwell ShineResolvedOnline 6
Kate Pwell ShineCould Have Been MadOnline 6
Gary J. ShipleyWaiting on Ectoplasm59
Gary J. ShipleyBarf Chair61
Peter Jay ShippyKeir Dullea Gone Tomorrow53
Larissa ShmailoThe Girl @theparisreview Says Uncool58
Amber ShockleyDaniel Was Failing French, So He Hired a Tutor60
Michael ShorbElegy for the Aral Sea57
Laura ShovanCuniform Love PoemOnline 5
Laura ShovanAn Archivist Opens One ofOnline 5
Laura ShovanGuaranteed PersonalityOnline 5
Kristina Webster ShueNever the Same Place Twice65
Walter ShulitsFor WinstonOnline 4
Shoshauna ShyCrippled45
John Siddiquewhen I saw you from the sky42
John Siddiquefiftyfirstsecond the heaviest hush42
Labi SiffreRequiem42
Labi SiffreAssault with a Deadly Weapon42
Beate SigriddaughterEmily Watches Him Sharpen Kitchen Knives71
Beate SigriddaughterRosemary Honey71
Beate SigriddaughterOn Ice71
Beate SigriddaughterTo the Inadvertent Misogynists in My Life73
Beate SigriddaughterKaleidoscope75
Beate SigriddaughterHope75
Martha SilanoBlue Positive50
Barry SileskyA Line57
Barry SileskyHer Voice60
Barry SileskyFrench Toast60
Edgar Gabriel SilexDistances41
Edgar Gabriel SilexLetter to Calliope57
Edgar Gabriel SilexNothing57
Edgar Gabriel SilexFortune60
Edgar Gabriel SilexGraduation60
Edgar Gabriel SilexMurmuration Mass70
Marisa Silva-DunbarWe Invited Discord to the Family Dinner62
Barbara M. SimonThe Boys43
Brian SimoneauI Hold a Grudge Against a Well-Known Poet59
Ifigenija SimonovicLove Poem41
Ifigenija SimonovicI Used to Be a Girl41
Lucy SimpsonTransformation in White56
Ronnie SirmansLot and Daedalus56
Hal SirowitzMortician School48
Denis SivackEar43
Judith SkillmanOld Lover Poem #548
Judith SkillmanIn Sickness the Mind8
Judith SkillmanThe Crinolines54
Judith SkillmanAndy Warhol Circa 201564
Dave SlaterJean-Louis7
Dave SlaterPoem7
Bob SlaymakerYearning41
Jessica SleiderThese Villagers Ride Anemic Equus, or My Dear Got Caught Stealing58
Jessica SleiderPlastic Pieces58
Jessica Sleiderriver, n. fem.58
Gary SlobodaOhio Riff64
Gary SlobodaSt. Rose64
Gary SlobodaThrough Radno’s Eyes64
Noel SlobodaTrim Fit59
Noel SlobodaDear University Office of Risk Management60
Noel SlobodaPassages60
Noel SlobodaLast Days of the Mattress King61
Noel SlobodaAt the Tattoo Removal Center64
Noel SlobodaThe Patron Saint of Piggy Banks64
Noel SlobodaGrading While the Roof is Being Replaced65
Noel SlobodaTarzan in Suburbia65
Noel SlobodaProgress Report71
Noel SlobodaFugue75
Noel SlobodaElectricity75
Noel SlobodaLast Call at Purgatory Grille Online 5
Ellen McGrath SmithShaken 19: Devouring Time blunt thou the lion’s paws 71
Ellen McGrath SmithShaken 22: My glass shall not persuade me I am old71
Ellen McGrath SmithShaken 25: Let those who are in favour with their stars71
Erin Elizabeth SmithThe Plastic Triceratops Questions Behavioral Integrity59
Ian C SmithTwo loves, remembered, forgotten75
JD SmithDachshunds of Buenos Aires55
JD SmithUpon Further Review65
JD SmithMushrooms71
JD SmithA Vanishing71
Joan Stepp SmithSparrow Meat57
John C. SmithMechanicOnline 5
John C. SmithEnduranceOnline 5
Katherine R. SmithHard-Hearted Woman53
Lawrence R. SmithThe LexOnline 3
Maggie SmithIn His Hand39/40
Patricia SmithDear Jimmy Connoll57
Patricia SmithBecause57
Patricia SmithOne Way to Run from It57
Mark Smith-SotoDrifting Away53
W. Loran SmithThe Playboys41
Linda Smukler (w/Kevin Killian)A Lover’s Complaint43
Steve SneydAladdin5
Steve SneydToo Young to Die5
Steve SneydAn Imaginary Dublin8
Steve SneydPure Affectation11
Jay SnodgrassMy Ghost Made an Art Movie: 27.259
Laurel SnyderDog53
Laurel SnyderBye53
Anthony SobinThe Calculation22/23
Andrew SoferAunt Winnie41
Paul SoharWar Bread55
Rose SolariAbortion Elegy: What I Know About Her39/40
Rose SolariElegy for the Sleeping Girl48
Rose SolariWho, What, When58
Rose SolariThe Last Girl58
Rose SolariAnother Country61
Rose SolariPortrait of a Woman, Fountain-Side70
Rose SolariPortrait of a Woman, Smoking70
Rose SolariMetal70
Joanna SolfrianDon’t Come to Me with Your Whole Body70
Robert J. SolomonFor Thornton Wilder – Dec. 7, 19755
Maya SonenbergThe Lost Poem, 197871
Katherine SoniatSomnambulist43
William SouleRemembering Father56
Amy SouzaDissolution64
Amy SouzaWay Out64
Emma SovichOf Two Mouths60
Emma SovichOf Two Davids60
Shenandoah SowashDave Announces He’s Made Partner, So I’m Thinking Maybe I Should Too71
Barry SpacksA Seagull60
Neil Sparkesportrait of a city dweller42
Neil Sparkeslike falling in love42
Neil Sparkesscattering42
Neil Sparkescount your blessings42
Amy Bracken SparksDark Matter Draws Me Home53
SparrowBeautiful Cowards39/40
SparrowA New Poem39/40
Alan SpearsWoman in a Red Dress-Escalator Down!42
Alan SpearsTaking Her Photograph Down42
Alan SpearsWorking on My Jealousy Issues42
Alan SpearsIt’s Amazing What You Get Used To48
Laurel SpeerYesterday’s Doxy in Vienna17/18
Meg Spencer-GormanVienna, 19685
Meg Spencer-GormanFistula in Ano5
Meg Spencer-GormanAt the Bus Stop5
Lana SpendlFlinging Superstitions65
David SpicerThe Transexual’s Lament17/18
David SpicerThis Poem Again22/23
Rob SpiegelSupergirl’s Poem57
The Poet Spielinterpretive solo64
The Poet Spielthe preaching64
Richard SpillmanSex and Memory53
Richard SpilmanLast Days of the Dynasty60
Richard SpilmanSummer in Taipei, 196864
Richard SpilmanFurther Study of the Raft74
Mark SpitzerMy Gay Ungulate Objectifications72
Mark SpitzerIn and Out of Arkansas72
Mark SpitzerMy Own Personal Hazing into the Gut-Wrenching Fraternity of Nothing72
Michael Springjazz in the time of war62
Michael Springnew tribe62
Michael Springinside the drum73
Michael SpringSnowfield73
Carlie St. GeorgeBrains56
Carlie St. George“Why Princess Leia Never Became a Jedi …”57
Carlie St. GeorgeThe Kiss58
Carlie St. GeorgeOb/Gyn58
Marilyn StableinHelium Event57
Marilyn StableinDry Humping on Stage57
Marilyn StableinThe Baths71
Marilyn StableinA Hard Read71
Marjorie StalmachLearning to Use Our Scalpels62
Robin StandishSweet Graffiti45
Wilson StapletonThe Hungry Wolves11
Medeia StarfireHouse Gown60
David StarkeyRenaissance Humor56
David StarkeyTo the Science Professor Across the Canyon, Who Died56
Sampson StarkweatherBe Jazz, Die50
Gary SteinThe Cremationist’s Day Off48
Gary SteinTeegarden’s Star68
Adele SteinerThe Class Reunion48
Adele SteinerGrowing Up in 196251
Kurt SteinwaldPhysics57
Kurt SteinwaldGettysburg59
Kurt SteinwandBlack & White 196661
Kurt SteinwandLucky Lindy65
Kurt SteinwandWoodstock65
Kurt SteinwandPantone Library of Color68
Kurt SteinwandFree Huey68
Kurt SteinwandSettlers71
Kurt SteinwandRick Sunshine71
Kurt SteinwandRace Music73
Kurt SteinwandSlug Moth75
Kurt SteinwandAquarium Mom75
Marjorie StelmachUnjust71
Annie StenzelHow to tame a tarantula70
M.G. StephensPrince Wen Hui’s Cook58
M.G. StephensThe Ferret’s Poem58
M.G. StephensThe Storyteller58
M.G. StephensA Bad Case of the Blues65
M.G. StephensExpanding Outward65
Michael Angelo StephensMingus at the Five Spot75
Michael Angelo StephensOrpheus in Lesbos75
Joseph SternGlobal Reports and Analysis71
D.E. StewardThe Line55
D.E. StewardLatrine56
D.E. StewardSyndetic57
D.E. StewardOneiros57
D.E. Steward“Killed at Resaca”58
D. E. StewardWCTU60
D. E. StewardOff Kiritimati61
D. E. StewardI Won’t Be Familiar Again61
D. E. StewardBeyond Herat64
D. E. StewardHabermas64
Bianca StewartAnd55
Walt-Christopher StickneyShe Got It All But She Don’t Do Much Wid It10
Cheryl StilesWatercress Sings54
Dennis Ward StilesItch47
Samn StockwellStoryline70
Terry StokesThe Prince of Impotence14
Terry StokesChapter 28: Someone Has Been Trimming the Trees with Pretzels50
Carolyn StoloffFashioning a Widow42
Carolyn StoloffWhere Are You?54
Holly StoneRevolutionary Pudding64
Holly StoneThe Little Snow Globe Place in Our Society68
Mary Stone (aka Mary Stone Dockery)This is Dating65
Robert Joe StoutChristmas, Oaxaca, 200673
Darrell StoverEthnopharmacology of Snake Bite Cues39/40
Darrell StoverHenry Ain’t Eleanor and Eleanor Ain’t Shuckin’ and Jivin’72
Laren StoverRoy Deutsch Poem15/16
Bradley-Strahan Vias (aka Bradley R. Strahan)Atlas5
Bradley-Strahan Vias (aka Bradley R. Strahan)Empty Places7
Bradley-Strahan Vias (aka Bradley R. Strahan)Rattlebone’s Theory of History64
Kurt StraubeFor M.B.56
Silvana Strawno mercy: a love poem35
Silvana StrawFede37/38
Silvana StrawOur Lady of the Unauthorized Biography39/40
Silvana StrawHow I Was Terrorized by a Poodle in the Elevator of the Empire State Building While Visiting New York with My Boyfriend39/40
Silvana StrawI Should Have Been Crazier47
Silvana StrawGay Italian Man47
Silvana StrawDear Mark58
Silvana StrawSherman58
Laura-Gray StreetMeet Me at the Speed of Light53
Laura-Gray StreetCrowd Looking at a Tied-Up Object53
Laura-Gray StreetRecreation Center53
Laurie StroblasGrunion5
Laurie StroblasCanyon: A Setting for a Story5
Dan StrykOrnament53
Tom SturchPioneer Species60
Tom SturchCurrents60
Adrienne SuChildhood Pets42
Adrienne SuI Can’t Become a Buddhist42
Adrienne SuFashion Magazines47
Adrienne SuCollege47
Adrienne SuHarvard54
Adrienne SuHome Baker68
Adrienne SuMobility68
Dariel SuarezSigns59
Dariel Suarez(My) Colossus62
Dariel SuarezCassoulet62
Virgil SuarezMilagros La Flaca41
Virgil SuarezAuto Erotica41
Virgil SuarezPinkie43
Virgil SuarezTrigger WarningsOnline 3
Virgil SuarezDays of QuarantineOnline 3
Virgil SuarezA Gathering of Ladies Around a BonfireOnline 3
Belinda SubramanRefugee65
Doc Sudsscrimshaw poem60
Tim SuermondtLuchow’s Night 70
Tim SuermondtTom Lux Dental Clinic70
Elizabeth SullamNot Blue Roses32/33
KMA SullivanRiver’s Bend59
Tim SuremondtFishing on a Sunday with Helen Vendler48
Tim SuremondtBartleby in Ho Chi Minh City60
Tim SuremondtFinding the Book I’d Been Looking For60
Tim SuremondtNot Everything Has to Always Make Sense, Like Today65
Tim SuremondtJubal Early Keeps Riding By72
Tim SuermondtA Beatitude75
John SurowieckiWatching Sea Hunt with J. Z. and S. Z.50
John SurowieckiFrench Lesson aprés Larry Rivers50
Alison Carb SussmanActing Like a Woman64
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezThe Monster’s Magic List65
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezCherophobia 70
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezBite73
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezUnfortunate Monsters73
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezAbraham Lincoln’s House Slippers70
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezNo Shit, Sherlock75
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezYear in Review75
Sharon Suzuki-MartinezPortrait of My Brain as a Jellyfish75
Irene SveteLeavings73
Terese SvobodaBring Home the Groceries59
Terese SvobodaBanduri or Mandari or Merle59
Terese SvobodaThe Disappearing Hippo59
Elizabeth SwadosShips51
Elizabeth SwadosNo Photographs, Please53
Elizabeth SwadosThe Visit53
Gopal SwaminathanSitting in a Corner Feeling8
Marc SwanMexico DF57
Marc SwanAcceleration64
Marc SwanBefore Ralph Nader Wrote His Book65
Marc SwanWild West68
Marc SwanDeath Café70
Marc SwanExtraction70
Marc SwanThrough a cracked window73
Marc SwanAfter treatment75
Marc SwanAlways an Unknown . . .75
Dennis James Sweeney66°20°S 124°38°E64
Jennifer K. SweeneyDeath Valley54
Todd SwiftCuring43
Todd SwiftWhy I Do Not Carry a Gun43
Todd SwiftPublic Service Announcement43
Todd SwiftCafé Alibi47
Todd SwiftOn the Back of the Hip Young Poet’s Book47
Todd SwiftThe Eyes of England50
Todd SwiftIvo, Marianopolis, 198454
Todd SwiftMr. Death54
Todd SwiftMr. Charisma58
Todd SwiftOn Reading an Anthology of Younger American Poets from the ’80s58
Todd SwiftAzoospermia58
Todd SwiftAnthony Hopkins Slowly Driving Through the States74
Todd SwiftA Quebec Farmhouse in Summer74
Todd SwiftFlix74
Graham SykesThe Further Figure7


Pia Taavila-BorsheimPeaches64
Pia Taavila-BorsheimToward Death64
Eileen TabiosThe Artist Looks at the Model44
Eileen TabiosFalling Up50
Eileen R. TabiosWitnessed in the Convex Mirror 70
Eileen R. TabiosNarcissism 70
Eileen R. TabiosMortality70
Eileen R. TabiosForegone Angels 70
Eileen R. TabiosSmile’s Identity70
Kelly TalbotStars Entering the Flow65
Kelly TalbotThe Drumming of Wings65
Kelly TalbotThe Shimmer65
Kelly TalbotMesektet into the Night73
Emily TallmanBackstage at the 1999 Miss California Pageant56
Jenniey TallmanA Yellow Bowl65
Jeff TalmadgeVisiting Your Home in the Country3
Jeff TalmadgeThe Only Woman in the Carolinas8
Jeff TalmadgeCross-Country Drive64
Jeff TalmadgeJust Another Town64
Jeff TalmadgeReunion64
Jason TandonLines in Early Autumn64
Jason TandonLocker Room64
Jason TandonMemory68
Doug TanouryRetail Egyptology48
Peter TatlinMade Rich41
Peter TatlinParis Revisited41
Peter TatlinLight42
Adam TavelLetter to Hathaway Writ in Water59
Adam TavelHow to Write a Nature Poem68
Adam TavelSmear68
Adam TavelThe Young Riace Bronze75
Adam TavelSleeping Quarters75
Dabrina TaylorThe Vendor’s Mare32/33
Devin TaylorAdventure Time! Circle All That Apply/[Sophomore Slump]/[I Believe I Can Fly]65
Devin TaylorNermal is Latin for Nothing74
Devin TaylorMr. Caretaker74
Devin TaylorPost-Father74
Devin TaylorDaddy ChoirboyOnline 4
Ed TaylorBear Crossing60
Ed TaylorIcarus60
Ed TaylorElegy65
Eleanor Ross TaylorThree Witches59
Eleanor Ross TaylorTony’s Mother Left Him 7 Umbrellas59
Eleanor Ross TaylorWriting in the Dark59
Eleanor Ross TaylorThe Tallow Family74
Eleanor Ross TaylorHow the Horse Came to be Written by the Donkey74
Henry TaylorOne Morning, Shoeing Horses17/18
Henry TaylorThe Savage God: Clerihews43
James TaylorDear Paul32/33
Jim TaylorCrusoe and I64
Ross TaylorCopier51
Cynthia TedescoFragment XIV44
Samantha Erin TegangcoUpon Viewing Man Ray’s Noir et Blanche57
Susan TepperBlankOnline 2
Susan TepperBled OffOnline 4
Mark TerrillTerminal Satori45
Mark TerrillEggburgers51
Mark TerrillA Poem for the Here & Now53
Mark TerrillThe Refit58
Terrell Jamal TerryFaintly Majestic65
Terrell Jamal TerryThree Moons65
Adam TessierIt’s a Shame about Ray Eames57
Andrea TetrickOlympia Deluxe39/40
Parker TettletonMad Snickerlish59
Parker Tettleton7-462
Parker TettletonI Won’t Be Familiar Again62
Parker TettletonLove Poem65
Parker TettletonLove Poem65
Parker TettletonLove Poem65
Parker TettletonIf You Can Get In, You Don’t Need a Clock70
Parker TettletonStag70
Parker TettletonDemon Monkey73
Parker TettletonThe Breastplate Stretcher73
Parker TettletonWDF 96475
Parker TettletonTwo Shopping Carts75
Simon A. ThalmannMaybe Boston56
Hilary ThamMay Means Beautiful in Chinese37/38
Alexander TherouxDropping Fleas into a Glass of Water41
Alexander TherouxTo Mickey Hood Who Travels the World41
Maribeth TherouxThe fish-fry58
Charles F. ThielmanHis Teenage Octave62
Charles F. ThielmanSteps Away from Undertow62
Naomi ThiersFires I Have Seen58
Naomi ThiersSignature58
Gillian ThomasLoose Notes73
Gillian ThomasCagedOnline 4
Gillian ThomasWomen on HorsebackOnline 4
Meg ThompsonLittle-Known Facts about Ford Festivas54
Meg ThompsonQuestion for my Nurse Practitioner57
Meg Thompson13 Affordable Ways to Become a Famous Poet …59
Sue Ellen ThompsonThe Paper Dress60
Padma ThornlyreMavka #3559
Padma ThornlyreThe Swallows of Oia75
Padma ThornlyreThe Bed I Would Make for You75
Maureen ThorsonPurple Haze60
Venus ThrashNovember Night47
Venus ThrashBorn Negro, Born Black51
J.C. ToddCircus Child22/23
J.C. ToddWinter Love74
J.C. ToddLetter to the Father74
J.C. Todd In Torino,74
Jim TolanCorpus Poetae57
Jim TolanBroken58
Jim TolanBouffant58
Barbara Tomashfrom Flying Water50
Hannah TomletsSo I Made You Pregnant (tr. by Harry Leeds)60
Teniola TonadeHow Golden, At Last, Is the Recovered Fleece?65
Sally TonerBoating on Lake Anne65
Sally TonerProm Afternoon68
Sally TonerWhen Your Healthiest Relationship Is with the GPS68
Sally TonerJabberjaw: For Miles73
Sally TonerAiring Out75
Mitchell ToneyRecreation37/38
Michelle TookerMotorcyclist on 20659
Mike ToppFrench Style41
Khal TorabullyIf only my mother 70
Khal TorabullyAnd they slaughter the seahorse70
Khal TorabullyGangrene paronychia70
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)Low Tensile Strength60
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)Neologism Psychosis64
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)In Our Culture We Go Like This 70
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)Dancing with the Enemy70
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)News at a Glance73
M. Kaat Toy (aka Katherine Toy Miller)The Gods of Mutable Things73
M. Kaat ToyTruncated Aspirations75
M. Kaat ToyDenouement Harbringers75
Jo Dianne TraskComing Back5
John J. TrauseThe Mermaid62
John J. TrauseWinter Cabbage62
John J. TrauseFunk Lessons for Life75
John J. TrauseThe Pity Party in the Pity PalaceOnline 5
John J. TrauseLinusOnline 5
Billie TravelliniUpon Reading Rene Descartes’ …57
Billie TravelliniEverything I Know About Religion I Learned from My Breasts57
Billie TravelliniAnatomy of a Frog57
Meredith TredeReturns of the Day–New Mexico48
Meredith TredeStill the Noises57
Meredith TredeAn American in a French Cemetery60
Meredith TredeChild of My Child61
Meredith TredeXian Warriors61
Meredith TredeSteel the Soldiers’ Hearts64
Meredith TredeWhat Will You Wear to War, Darling Boy64
Meredith TredeOperation Weasel Words70
Meredith TredeCassandra Says73
Meredith TredeCreation73
Meredith TredeNoli Timere75
David TrinidadFortunes39/40
David TrinidadPenelope50
Sam Rogers TruittFour Poems from Alter35
Lori Tsangwinged communion42
Lori TsangLive Music47
Jim TuckerNew York Morning35
Melissa TuckeyA Lesson in Cuban Cooking54
Rod Tulloss195422/23
Rod TullossFinding the Masculine Principle in Babyshit24
Carolyn TurgeonI dream of my sisters and the sea70
Tim TurnbullRaw Horse41
[John] TuschenThe Dancer5
[John] TuschenThe Day Was Fine5
[John] TuschenParis Morning6
[John] TuschenAt the Speakeasy (’74)7
[John] TuschenBombed at Three in the Afternoon7
[John] TuschenLand Mines & Dreams48
[John] TuschenOne Moment48
[John] TuschenPoem to the Lithuanian Lady48
[John] TuschenFinally Meeting Neruda48
Stacy TuthillSeparation10
Christopher TwiggGorillas41
Steve TylerMy Cockroach35
Steve TylerSpring 196637/38


Laura UlewiczThe Prologue of Demon is Spoken39/40
Sandee Gertz UmbachCures for Epilepsy59
Barbara UngarSyria Homework70
Barbara UngarAprès Moi70
Barbara UngarMan Bun Ken 70
Barbara UngarYour Mother Serves Tongue70
Barbara UngarMemorial Day 202075
Barbara UngarIn Which I Fear the Coronavirus Is All My Fault75
Barbara UngarDunce75
Barbara UngarSelf-DiagnosisOnline 5
Barbara UngarCruising for SeniorsOnline 5
Barbara UngarPeri-Apocalypse NowOnline 5
Barbara Ungar22 ExtinctionsOnline 5
Lee UptonBarbara’s Story22/23
Lee UptonHand-Made Pin, Madonna: Book of Kells39/40
Sara Uribeclepsydra (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)60
Sara UribeDiana (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)60
Pam UschukAggravated Child Theft 70
Pam UschukSpeaking of Angels and Ghosts70


Jonathan VaileThe Shadows of the Aurora45
Pat ValdataSmall Appliances74
Pat ValdataMaintenance Never StopsOnline 6
Pat ValdataTo the Young Man Who Made Me Espresso on the Local from Arles to AgenOnline 6
James ValvisThe Pause57
James ValvisFor the Headless Mannequins59
James ValvisHow I Became Mexico61
Diana VanceLooking Into the Backyard14
Ryan G. Van CleaveBack Porch Blues43
P.C. VandalIn the House No One Plays60
P.C. VandalSomething From Nothing60
Joanne Van WieNipple74
Joanne Van WieSpider74
Mimi VaquerOn the Discovery of the Wild through the Drawings of a Small Child57
Ruth VaughnCastle Rock41
Thomas L. VaultonburgThe Streak50
Thomas L. VaultonburgA Poem I also title “The Donner Party”59
Thomas L. VaultonburgBrautigan’s Poetry59
Thomas L. VaultonburgBeaten mmmmmm59
Janine Pommy VegaJameson’s Whiskey11
Janine Pommy VegaDream in Absentia15/16
Janine Pommy VegaThe Politics of Insomnia39/40
Paul VegaI Sit and Look Out5
Dan VeraNabokov Visits the Smithsonian57
Dan VeraLago de mil ojos57
Erick VerranMaiden Voyage68
Erick VerranThe Zygomatic Process of the Temporal BoneOnline 4
Erick VerranOde to BoulderingOnline 4
Erick VerranJumpersOnline 4
Erick VerranA Carousel at the End of the WorldOnline 4
William ViantDoomsday43
Idea VilarinoI Want [tr. by Jesse Lee Kercheval]65
Idea VilarinoYou Don’t See Me [tr. by Jesse Lee Kercheval]65
Rebecca VillarrealIsaiah48
Rebecca VillarrealFairy Lashes61
Rebecca VillarrealLa Pausa
Rebecca VillarrealThe Poem is You…
Marc VincenzTrash NebulaOnline 2
Marc VincenzA Confession of SortsOnline 2
Marc VincenzA Very Messy AffairOnline 2
Helen VitoriaBeing Philomena60
Lynne VittiGreyhounds70
Jim VollmarMidwinter Maneuvers17/18
Kim Vollmer-Lawson w/ Jenny BadmanWays to Appear a Reliable Source57
Avni VyasDear Floozy57


Julie Marie WadeHester Prynne55
Julie Marie WadeMorton’s Girl55
James WagnerKafka43
Liz WaldnerAdam Au Verso43
Ronald WallaceDress Right Dress55
Ronald WallaceIn the Winter Kitchen57
Darryl WallyCrocodile Child14
Hugh WalthallOtiose Bones22/23
Hugh Walthallhunki-dori22/23
Jamie WarburtonFrom a Young Girl59
Dave WardUntitled7
Dave WardUntitled7
Dave WardThere Are Eyes in the Trees9
Randi WardHome64
Barrett WarnerThe Boat43
Kenneth WarrenJohnny Angel37/38
Michael WatersVoronet Blue42
Michael WatersLast Day on Ios58
Michael WatersHorse (Ars Poetica)58
Michael WatersQuoting Rumi61
Michael WatersMcSorley’s (1969)68
Michael WatersPsychological Sit-Up68
Michael WatersSpelling Lesson70
Michael WatersMPD70
Michael WatersMichael74
Michael WatersLove Me Tender74
Michael WatersReptilian74
Michael WatersWindow74
Bernardine (Dine) WatsonHey 19Online 5
Bernardine (Dine) WatsonFreedomOnline 5
Bernardine (Dine) WatsonPlease: A soulfulSonnetOnline 5
Riggin WaughGirl-So-Queer50
Riggin WaughCharm School50
Afaa M. Weaver (aka Michael Weaver)A Photograph of Negro Mania24
Afaa M. Weaver (aka Michael Weaver) Homecoming37/38
Afaa M. Weaver (aka Michael Weaver)The Labor Feast of 100 Jokes48
Anna Lowe WeberBlock Island, 201565
Ron WeberThe Somnambulist14
Ron WeberSlash and Burn27
Danae WeimerThe Widow37/38
Danae WeimerWomen with Big Shoulders39/40
Danae WeimerIn the Orchid’s Voice of Waiting64
ruth weissOne Night41
ruth weissI am Calling You54
ruth weissFor Carol Bergé (1928–2006)54
ruth weissFor Philip Lamantia54
Renee WeitznerBorderland72
Renee WeitznerRudi and Bel72
Renee WeitznerThe Table of Truth72
Renee WeitznerNumbersOnline 2
Renee WeitznerThe MotorcycleOnline 2
Anne Pierson WieseBird on Barck Street68
Anne Pierson WieseOut of Reach68
Dillon J. WelchToday, Your Spirit Animal is on Sale at IKEA60
Holly Welker1812 Overture56
Holly WelkerDalliance56
Brandi Wellsunsuccessful interloper60
Brandi Wellsjury member60
Brandi Wellsthe handsome man60
Thomas WellsOpen Reading9
Tim WellsCinnamon Girl41
Tim WellsBiscuits Ain’t Biscuits ’til They’re Baked41
Julia WendellWafers61
Julia WendellDieting61
Don WentworthHafiz’s Dream of Hafiz72
Don WentworthOn the Science of Approbation72
Dieter WeslowskiIf the Bahamas27
Dieter WeslowskiAfter a Motet by Eugenio Montale27
Christopher WestSix Haiku2
Christopher WestSomething Simple2
Katherine WestAfter the Bomb65
Paul WestInvocations51
Sharlie WestCafé Noir47
Tom WhalenIncompatibility48
Tom WhalenIn an Antique Shop Window48
Cate WhetzelIsty, Chantress of Amun, in the Two Lands60
Cate WhetzelThe Seam60
Cate WhetzelTo Chauvet Cave60
Stephen Scott WhitakerTiresias Comes Over for Tea73
Basil WhiteThalia Says Goodbye61
Basil WhiteWhat a Hunting Dog Knows61
Gail WhiteThe Aging Process71
Mike WhiteWorld Peace54
Quinn WhiteAmnesia62
J. T. WhiteheadChrome60
J. T. WhiteheadAlmost Bourgeois65
J. T. WhiteheadAmerican Myths: Lincoln flattens the penny74
James R. WhitleyCantata No. 2148
Allison WhittenbergOne World or None54
Allison WhittenbergEighty Percent Burns75
Allison WhittenbergFine75
Allison WhittenbergOur Plight75
Allison WhittenbergThree Acts75
Peter WildTurtles17/18
Peter WildLocal Historical Societies37/38
Sally WildeTop Ten from the Bottom57
Sally WildeProdigal58
Sally WildeThe Beginning of the Affair58
Sally WildeWiddershins58
Sally WildeThe River, from the Other Side58
Sally WildeX.The.Wheel This Must Be the Place58
Sally WildeSnow Day71
Sally WildeXVI: The Tower: Drunken Jenga Night71
Carl WilfandA Standard View1
Gregg WilhelmConcerto the First61
Gregg WilhelmJutting Out (Patapsco)65
Gregg WilhelmThief River Scrap65
Charles Wilkinson-lith60
Derek JG WilliamsArchivists64
Ian WilliamsWest of Boston55
Jill WilliamsSpeculum62
L.B. WilliamsAt Fourteen62
Theresa WilliamsReading Winesburg59
Mary-Sherman WillisA Door, A Mat60
Shangrila WillyPersephone among the Birds58
Shangrila WillyThe Snow Queen60
Shangrila WillyConcerto the First61
Marne WilsonBlame Steve Almond70
Rick WilsonCross-Country11
A.D. Winans71 Going on 7255
A.D. WinansPoem for Allen Ginsberg55
A.D. WinansThinking Back to My Publishing Days60
A.D. WinansBack from an MRI65
A.D. WinansThoughts on the California Drought65
A.D. WinansWoman on the Balcony65
A. D. WinansPoem for the Immigrants on the Corner of Cesar Chavez in San Francisco70
A. D. WinansStretching the ImaginationOnline 6
A. D. WinansChoicesOnline 6
A. D. WinansPoem For My MotherOnline 6
A. D. WinansFor Lady LynneOnline 6
A. D. WinansThe Beginning of the EndOnline 6
Terence WinchPegleg41
Rosemary WinslowRecess53
Rosemary WinslowM Street, March 2774
Rosemary WinslowThis Quiet Time74
Rosemary WinslowGood Friday, 202074
Rosemary WinslowWhere have all the flowers gone?74
Pamela Murray WintersAlphabet Series: S51
Pamela Murray WintersGuitarslinger57
Pamela Murray WintersExegesis of a Bootleg Tape of “Truckin'”58
Pamela Murray WintersThe Essential Man60
Pamela Murray WintersAn Imagined Garbo …61
Pamela Murray WintersCropedey61
Pamela Murray WintersWhip-Smart62
Pamela Murray WintersTwo Texas Folk Films64
Pamela Murray WintersPam Plays That Tiny Violin65
Pamela Murray WintersSmall Repair65
Pamela Murray WintersOliver Schroer’s Last Invention68
Pamela Murray WintersFifty-Five68
Pamela Murray WintersCarom68
Pamela Murray WintersAltogether68
Pamela Murray WintersI’ve Never Felt So Much Like a Woman70
Pamela Murray WintersKeats House73
Pamela Murray WintersSoHo Grand Hotel, August 201873
Pamela Murray WintersMargot at Not Quite Two75
Pamela Murray WintersIt’s Like Seattle75
Pamela Murray WintersHushOnline 3
Pamela Murray WintersProvincetown SeductionOnline 3
Pamela Murray WintersAnyway, the MoonOnline 3
Pamela Murray WintersFaceOnline 6
Pamela Murray WintersFriday Night CinemaOnline 6
Rob WintersMake Way for Ducklings68
Shannon Connor WinwardEruptions65
Shannon Connor WinwardIn Conception65
Shannon Connor WinwardPeach Pie65
Laryssa WirstiukCentral Avenue Voodoo64
Mark WisniewskiChris Farley’s Funeral44
Mark WisniewskiIn or Out47
Mark WisniewskiDreams47
Mark WisniewskiMaturity59
Francine WitteHow the Trouble Started70
Francine WitteThe Year of You Gone75
Valerie WohlfeldVespers39/40
Valerie WohlfeldHive68
Valerie WohlfeldHorse Latitudes68
Bill WolakImpossible Tenses57
Bill WolakYou Who Taught Me Tenderness57
Bill WolakIrresistible as a Wish60
Bill WolakWhat Love Protects60
Bill WolakWind-seeking Seeds64
Emma Sky WolfTime for Herself56
Emma Sky WolfNap Day58
Emma Sky WolfFamiliar68
Emma Sky WolfFlotsam70
Emma Sky WolfThese Days73
Emma Sky WolfInside out75
Emma Sky WolfIn the CenterOnline 4
Michele WolfSmall Talk with an Eight-Year-Old48
Michele WolfForest Encampment64
Michele WolfRunaway68
Michele WolfHomeless68
Christine WolfeThe Artist Says She Did Not Anticipate a Porcelain Crown of Thorns75
Kathi WolfeWhat Angels Do on Their Day Off50
Kathi WolfeDancing with Martha Graham53
Kathi WolfeIf I Have to Leave56
Kathi WolfeUppity Writes on Tinseltown’s Facebook Wall58
Kathi WolfeFrank O’Hara Speaks of Helen Keller60
Kathi WolfeCelestial Navigation70
Kathi WolfeTrolley73
Kathi WolfeSunstruck75
Sarah WolfsonFrom the Annals of Taxonomical Mishap48
Sarah WolfsonTrappings48
Nicholas YB WongThoughts on Teachers in Hong Kong: An Alien Encounter59
Pui Ying WongThat Kind of Day58
Pui Ying WongView from the Writers’ Room65
Joseph P. WoodGood Night Nobody, Good Night Mush56
Deborah WoodwardJunior High Bathing Suit Muse56
Deborah WoodwardMcGuffey: The Generous Traveler60
Deborah WoodwardMcGuffey: Anna’s Nettle60
Anne Harding WoodworthYou Ask Me What’s in My Little Notebook?62
William Kelley WoolfittManzanar Haibun (ii)64
Peter WoolsonMiddle Ages17/18
Ernie WormwoodEmily56
Stefanie WortmanCareless Simile59
Charles Edward Wrighte56
Kirby WrightKowloon Tong at 3 O’Clock in the Morning59
Kirby WrightDriving by SeaWorld64
Kirby WrightThe Leaping Off Place64
Kirby WrightThe Coauthor 70
Kirby WrightMingling on the Esplanadi70
Andrea WyattArguing About the Line, the Breath65
Andrea WyattTrout Fishing at Chicoutimi65
Andrea WyattMark Rothko’s Paintings68
Andrea WyattGalesville68
Andrea Wyatt191968
Andrea WyattChesapeake Beach in October70
Andrea WyattPrincess Diana’s Hat72
Andrea WyattJohn Chamberlain’s First Assemblage from Two Fenders Off a ’29 Ford72
Andrea WyattMallards on the Washington ChannelOnline 5
Hastings Wyman, Jr.Poets Prolonging the Evening6
Hastings Wyman, Jr.I Was Drinking Coca-Cola10



Acquin Mitsuo YamagishiAlthough She Left8
Acquin Mitsuo YamagishiA 5-7-5 Syllable Verse8
Acquin Mitsuo YamagishiUncertain Day8
Alyssa YankwittI’m the One Who Burns64
Anne YarbroughStill Life75
Anne YarbroughGrisaille75
Anne YarbroughImpression, Sunrise75
Wynn YarbroughWhat Wild Play Enrages In Us62
Bill YarrowWhat the Hell Am I Doing?61
Yi Yon-juProstitute 7 (tr. by Don Mee Choi)45
Yi Yon-juAn Executioner Doesn’t Have the Time to Read a Letter (tr. by Don Mee Choi)45
Katherine E. YoungFish Tale60
Katherine E. YoungOn the Bosphorus60
Katherine E. YoungSuccuba65
Katherine E. YoungToday I’m Writing Love Songs65
Katherine E. YoungCalculus72
Katherine E. YoungBluebeard72
Michael T. YoungDreaming I’m Jason Bourne73
Paula YupMy Apartment71


Rose ZaeskePink41
Ed ZahniserA French Trapper Names the Teton Mountains51
Ed ZahniserTreatment Plan56
Ed ZahniserNational Anthem at Birth, 1814: An Homage64
Ed ZahniserPersistence of the Parent Tapes64
Ed ZahniserTed Berrigan Visits the National Gallery of Art64
Ed ZahniserThe Tibetan Buddhism GPS Device64
Ed ZahniserNo More Duct Tape Solutions68
Ed ZahniserDear Heloise, Dear Abby, Dear Someone68
Ed ZahniserIf They Ask You68
Ed ZahniserLearning to Live Together70
Ed ZahniserMan Boobs73
Ed ZahniserMass Transit Poetry Readings, Early 1970s73
Ed ZahniserWho Needs a Treadmill at Work?75
Ed ZahniserLadies and Gentlemen75
Ed ZahniserGertrude Stein, Staff Meeting, Stenographer75
Kevin ZambranoArgonautica60
Karen ZealandIf Watermelons Were Confetti39/40
Corey ZellerThe Background Singers55
Burgi ZenhaeusernEvening News54
Burgi ZenhaeusernMass at Easter in the Alps64
B. Lynne ZikaThistle, Civility, EdgeOnline 5
Thaddeus ZiolkowskiThe North American Wrass27
Theodora ZiolkowskiShakespeare’s Children59
Theodora ZiolkowskiBrontë for Beginners61
Fredrick ZydekLetter to Kelly About the Land of Pain50