Kim Addonizio“What Do Women Want?” (w/musical backing)46
Kim AddonizioFull Moon (w/music)46
Brother Ah/Brian GilmoreAmerica (w/music)46
Robert Anbian and the UFQ: The Unidentified Flying QuartetWe (w/ music)63
Robert Anbian and the UFQ: The Unidentified Flying QuartetWish We Were Here (w/ music)63
Nin AndrewsSea World46
Nin AndrewsDomestic Bliss46
Jillian AnnMinistry52
Mark AriAdvice to a Friend Offered a Suspiciously Inexpensive Apartment in New York67
Mark AriBull Moose67
Joshua AuerbachDescent49
Joshua AuerbachDiary of a Journalist49
E. A. Aymar/DJ AlkimistThe March (w/ Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks)67


A.V. BachAn Hauntology of Dead Ends69
Jenny BadmanThe Boyfriend Poem49
Jenny BadmanNot Only . . .  49
Eric Baizer/Zenon SlawinskiOutlaw (w/music)28
Ned BalboSylvia Plath69
Abby BardiBack to Thumbelina (song)49
Mary BargteilEpidemic63
Cliff BernierCongo SquareOnline 2
Eugénie BisulcoLittle Dave49
Eugénie BisulcoThe Body’s Mirrors49
Heather Shayne BlakesleeMrs. D (song)49
Blind Bot’s MuleWitchin’ Hour (song)63
Bob Boilen/Carmen DelzellSwangin’ (w/musical backing)36
Neil BoyackA Chair in the Shower (w/music)49
Kate BravermanTrue Story52
Steven Ford BrownLove Poem36
Susan BrowneAfter Breaking-Up with My 27th Boyfriend (w/music)46
Susan BrowneFull Moon, Cabo San Lucas (w/music)46
Sarah BrowningDesire69


Tara Campbell w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ AlkimistThe March (w/Holly Karapetkova, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks)67
Helene CardonaEmbers67
Kenneth CarrollThe Domino Theory or Snoop Dogg Rules the World46
Sandie CastleThe Vampire34
Mike ChituSwing Shift (instrumental)36
Mike ChituTuscaloosa Nights (instrumental)36
Mike ChituBorrowed Wings (instrumental)36
Maxine ClairRunning34
Maxine ClairDejavu34
Maxine ClairPenmanship34
Maxine ClairLone Lily Beside the Road34
Grant ClauserOde to Jackalope63
Paula CoomerCaroline Picked Up a Piece of Paper on the Playground69
Laura CostasAriadne AwakensOnline 1
Laura CostasCloud StreetOnline 1
Cravin’ Dogs95% Dark Matter (song)52
Jane Creightonfrom “My Home in the Country”34
Teri Cross-DavisLetdown67
Jennifer CuttingAffirmation Song52


Ramola D“The Basket Maker” and “Invisible Season.” Online 5
Hayes DavisInundated67
Nicelle DavisThe Body Is a Border67
Nicelle DavisBody Story67
Barbara DeCesareThe Birthplace of Aviation46
Carmen Delzell/Bob BoilenSwangin’ (w/musical backing)36
Donna DenizéSacred Geometry49
Donna DenizéBabylon to Baghdad49
Claudia DePaul1/2 Wit (song)36
Claudia DePaulDeath Box (A Lament) (song)36
DJ Alkimist/E.A. AymarThe March (w/ Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, , Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks)67
Gabriel DonSlippery Eels and Assorted Lovers67
Sean Thomas DoughertyOberek #1249
M. Scott DouglassThe Body of Her Work69
Ann DownerThe Synesthete29
Ann DownerEve Named the Whales I Think29
Ann DownerKoko29
Ann DownerPractical Holiness29
Ann DownerRabelasian Spring29
Ann DownerDead Cat29
Frances DriscollIncomplete Examination67


Cornelius Eady & Rough MagicDangerous Times69
Cornelius Eady & Rough MagicDivided City69
Cornelius Eady & Rough MagicLimo63
Cornelius Eady & Rough MagicTwilight is The Hour (Master 2)63
John ElsbergNews Report: Analysis28
John ElsbergThe Administrator28
John ElsbergJunk Ball28
John ElsbergVoices from a Marriage28
John ElsbergAfter Attending a Bly Workshop28
John ElsbergHome-Style Cooking on Third Avenue28
Blair EwingFreddie69
Blair EwingFrom the Annals of the 2nd War on Iraq49
Blair EwingMother’s Day at the Hurlock Cemetery69


Dyane FanceyLazarus29
Dyane FanceyYoshino at Suppertime29
Dyane FanceyThe Dark Glass of Memory29
Ian Ferrier w/Catherine KiddI Am the One49
Ian FerrierWhere Will I Ever Find You (w/music)49
Knuckleberry FinnThe Beantown Teetotaler Throughout the Ages69
Five & DimeJune 32nd (song)49
Richard M. Flynnfrom The Age of Reason34
Thaisa FrankThe Kissing Booth67
Abby FruchtEmergency69
Tina FulkerSnow Storm IIOnline 3


Alberto GaitanBluesyOnline 6
Bernadette K. GeyerThe Eye Forgets49
Bernadette K. GeyerThe Rose Forgets Its Beauty49
Jane GillmanListen to the Thunder (song)36
Brian Gilmore/Brother AhAmerica (w/music)46
Salena GoddenPortsmouth46
Edward GoldValentine36
Edward GoldSaturday Morning36
Edward GoldS.O.S.36
Robert GrayMask (instrumental)29
Paul GrantUtilities34
Paul GrantSail Away34
Paul GrantVisiting Hours34
Paul GrantMetagraywacke34
Sy GresserAlmost Recognition36
Sy GresserA Turn in the Road36
Sy GresserFrom a Great Distance36
Sy GresserThe Porter36
Teri Youmans GrimmThis Is How It Ends67


D. Hagen/Kim RobertsUnder the Night Sky69
Janet Hamill w/Moving StarThe Sphinx at Sea (w/music)49
Greg HannanRequiem36
Greg HannanThe Light for Our Surroundings36
Reginald HarrisResume52
Reginald HarrisWhy I Can’t Take You Nowhere52
Reginald HarrisM.T. in Solitary52
Catherine HarnettBeing Satisfied36
Catherine HarnettThe World Through Your Eyes36
Catherine HarnettSummer36
Lola HaskinsFor Those Who Will Not Vote67
Lola Haskins & Ben NoyesThe Lake67
Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke & Rd KlaHarp Strings67
Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke & Rd KlaReduction67
Jared HendricksonNo Title34
David HernandezHow to Commit Adultery52
David HernandezDamage52
Nigel HinshelwoodFrom the P. T. Barnum Journals29
Nigel HinshelwoodBuddy’s Poem29
Nigel HinshelwoodSome Old Infatuation29
Bill Holland & Rent’s Due BandAnxiety (song)28
Lida HusikLovers Divine (song)46
Lida HusikBreeze (song)46
Hyaa!Columbus Day (song)36



Reuben JacksonThe Big Chill Variations34
Reuben JacksonTo Newport34
Reuben JacksonCIA Love Song34
Reuben JacksonFelix34
Bruce A. JacobsShock (w/music)46
Bruce A. JacobsJeep Cherokee (w/music)46
Lane JenningsNot Ungrateful28
Lane JenningsRomance28
Lane JenningsCompanions28
Gretchen JohnsenAudition28
Gretchen JohnsenCaravan28
Gretchen JohnsenPygmalion28
Gretchen JohnsenIce28
Gretchen JohnsenIntermission28
Gretchen JohnsenViele Tabletten28
Gretchen JohnsenCain’s Lament28
Gretchen JohnsenLove Poem for Perry Mason28
Gretchen JohnsenFor David28
Dan JohnsonThe Road I See28
Dan JohnsonA Translation28
Dan JohnsonThe Net Mender28
Beth JoselowAn Act with Chimps29
Beth JoselowThe Boy Next Door29
Beth JoselowOne of Our Most Popular Acts29


George KalamarasBuhaina52
George KalamarasFor Good52
Holly Karapetkova w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ AlkimistThe March (w/, Tara Campbell, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks)67
Greg KeelerProud to be Proud (song)49
Catherine Kidd w/Ian FerrierI Am the One49
John KingSpinning63
Rd Kla & Allison Adelle Hedge-CokeHarp Strings67
Rd Kla & Allison Adelle Hedge-CokeReduction67
Wayne KlineBigfoot29
Brigitte KnudsenSubconscious Hues/Fly on the Wall (w/music)52


W.F. LantryRilke Was RightOnline 6
W.F. LantryHow Are You?Online 6
W.F. LantryWearing the MaskOnline 6
Lambs Eat IvyFertile Decay (song)36
Late LightsRat, Midnight69
Priscilla LeeBecoming a Cross Dresser46
Priscilla LeeChinese Girl in the Mirror46
Louise Wareham LeonardTed69
William LevyRome: Partners in Crime52
M.L. Liebler/Country Joe McDonaldThe King Tree (w/music)46
M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry BandAnd I Ain’t Never Gonna See Bobby Rush 
No More! (w/ music)
M.L. LieblerWords From “Blood in the Moon”Online 5
Little PinkBumblebee (song)46
Jeffrey LittleNBA Ursonata52
Edward LynskeyFallen Angels36
Edward LynskeyLittle Boy Blue36


The Magic Poetry Band & M.L. LieblerAnd I Ain’t Never Gonna See Bobby Rush 
No More! (w/ music)
Sydney MarchMonk’s Misterioso49
Karen Mal w/Jeff TalmadgeInside the Brackets (song)49
Sydney MarchImprovisation for a Machete and 2 Hummingbirds (w/music)49
Deb MarquartCome November69
Jeffrey McDanielWhat Year was Heaven Desegregated?49
Jeffrey McDanielSupreme Courtesans49
Country Joe McDonald/M.L. LieblerThe King Tree (w/music)46
Franetta McMillianHenry Box Brown on the Slow Boat to China (w/music)52
Leeya Mehta4th Street Plaza67
Leeya MehtaThe Restful God67
Mark Melnicove/Bern PorterMay All Be Well69
Don Meyer/Davis Schneiderman“S=The=I_=Snytax=_Y=of=N=Resoan=T=Pruocdes=A=Mnotsres=X”69
Leslie F. MillerGoddesses36
Leslie F. MillerTortoise Cats36
Leslie F. MillerIn the Sixth Grade36
Bill MinorSandra Bullock63
Bill MinorQ-Tips63
Charley MoonThe Bluebird Lounge36
Charley MoonTrue Confessions36
Charley MoonAirplanes & Locusts36
Charley MoonA Desperate Woman36
Christopher MorganThe Drowning Yard63
Sharon MorgenthalerEvery Time I See Blue29
Sharon MorgenthalerVery Glad Things Never Change29
Sharon MorgenthalerThe Price of Fame29
Sharon MorgenthalerI’ll Tell You What34
Sharon MorgenthalerTru Luv34
Sharon MorgenthalerSin34
Sharon MorgenthalerSex34
Sharon MorgenthalerMe With My Libido . . . You Saying Something about True Blue34
Michael MorrisseyThe Mature Man in the Kitchen34
Michael MorrisseyThe Mature Man Goes Traveling34
Michael MorrisseyThe Mature Man’s Health34
Michael MorrisseyThe Mature Man Considers the Moon and Poetry34
Michael MorrisseyThe Mature Man’s Wife34
Thylias MossA Piece of the Culture of Funnel Cake (w/music)52
Moving Star with Janet HamillThe Sphinx at Sea (w/music)49
Elisabeth MurawskiFrightened by Italy63
Elisabeth MurawskiSafeway Via Dolorosa63
Elisabeth MurawskiThe Day Pablo Neruda Met My Mother63


Fortune Bucholtz (aka Fortune Rebecca Nagle)David’s Clock36
Fortune Bucholtz (aka Fortune Rebecca Nagle)Photo: Teatime in Taos36
A.L. NielsenA Pack of Lies34
A.L. NielsenDriving to San Jose34
A.L. NielsenOn the Move34
A.L. NielsenSelections from TRAY69
A.L. Nielsenfrom Yellow34
David Taylor NielsenMy Spirit Animal Revealed69
Damon NorkoWhimper28
Josip NovakovichLies69, Online 3
Ben Noyes & Lola HaskinsThe Lake67
Lisa Null/Bill ShuteRemember the Poor67


Elizabeth Oness (aka Beth McGrath)Music Lessons36
Meg Opperman w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ AlkimistThe March (w/, Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, and Amber Sparks)67
Sibbie O’SullivanWorship the Worm34
Sibbie O’SullivanShadow Dancing in the Suburbs34
Sibbie O’SullivanAnother Photograph34


Carlo Parcellifrom Empiricism in the Glossomorph28
Passiflora and MesmerThe Nursery (w/music)52
Passiflora and MesmerPicture (w/music)52
Neelam PatelReflection52
Neelam PatelSong of Dance52
Isabella PerelmanPandora’s Box (song)63
Isabella PerelmanSea Changes (song)67
Ruth PettusHand Job36
W. T. PfefferleNew Mexico (song)49
Bern Porter/Mark MelnicoveMay All Be Well69



John Ramo & Zenon SlawinskiQuatre Bras (instrumental)28
Rent’s Due Band & Bill HollandAnxiety (song)28
Doug RiceHere Lies Memory63
Elisavietta Ritchiefrom Wild Garlic: The Journal of Maria XOnline 5
Hugo RizzoliDreaming About Yul Brynner36
Hugo RizzoliGreetings from Florida–A Postcard36
Hugo RizzoliPutting the Aerialists to Bed36
Kim Roberts/D. HagenUnder the Night Sky69
Bruce Robinson, Zenon Slawinski & Mike WillisSilent Waves (instrumental)28
Andy RojasWhat Vallejo Calls Notre Dame Bridge67
Joe RossMeasure of Central Tendency36
Joe RossUp the Alps36
Joe RossThoughts Aback36
Joe RossIron Curves36
KD Rouse and the SamsTinybits (song)52


Miranda SaakeSaturn Song (w/music)52
Carly SachsJack in the Pulpit No. 467
Jennifer SainatoConcentricity36
Jennifer SainatoGypsies36
Jennifer SainatoIn the Shadow of Mary36
Jane SatterfieldEcoloque in the Absence of Herdsmen69
Davis Schneiderman/Don Meyer“S=The=I_=Snytax=_Y=of=N=Resoan=T=Pruocdes=A=Mnotsres=X”69
Gregg ShapiroThe Bittersweet Table69
David SheridanEphemera Vulgata28
David SheridanResistance at the Future Site of the New Tokyo Airport28
David SheridanAfter Long Rains28
David SheridanDC-10 Dream28
David SheridanCruising Along Dream28
David SheridanResistance at the Site of the New Tokyo AirportOnline 2
David SheridanAfter Long RainsOnline 2
Larissa ShmailoMy First HurricaneOnline 4
Larissa ShmailoThe Gospel According To MagdaleneOnline 4
Bill Shute/Lisa NullRemember the Poor (song)67
R.U. SiriusBrag (I Fucked Ted Nugent with His Own Gun) (song)69
Zenon SlawinskiAmphibian (instrumental)28
Zenon Slawinski & John RamoQuatre Bras (instrumental)28
Zenon Slawinski, Mike Willis & Bruce RobinsonSilent Waves (instrumental)28
Zenon Slawinski/Eric BaizerOutlaw (w/ music)28
Zenon SlawinskiIndiana Danza (Pt. 1) (instrumental)29
Zenon SlawinskiIndiana Danza (Pt.2) (instrumental29
Zenon SlawinskiSilica (instrumental)29
Zenon Slawinski/Sarah TuftDisunentanglement (w/music)34
Zenon SlawinskiNow Hear This (instrumental)49
Andrew SoferConkers46
Andrew SoferFind a Way Home (song)46
Andrew SoferDown in the Valley (song)49
Rose SolariLetter from Sligo Creek36
Rose SolariJohn and His Sister36
Julianna SpallholzCandy52
Julianna SpallholzRecord52
Amber Sparks w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ AlkimistThe March (w/, Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, and Meg Opperman)67
Alan Spears/Jim WilliamsonLavaman (instrumental)46
Silvana StrawAlba34
Silvana StrawLove You Like I Love Jesus34
Silvana StrawReferences34
Silvana StrawCome to Your Senses34
Silvana StrawTeratophobia52
Silvana StrawEver Since He’s Been Taking Anti-depressants52
Swifty LazarusHistory Is Dead/Read My Lips (w/ music)46


Eileen TabiosGrey, Surreptitiously46
Eileen TabiosAdultery46
Jeff Talmadge w/Karen MalInside the Brackets (song)49
Brian TateThe Furnace36
Brian TateBuild My Gallows High36
Dabrina TaylorComing Down at the Reception34
Dabrina TaylorLandscape with Chicken Feathers34
Dabrina TaylorLittle Suite for 6 a.m.34
Dabrina TaylorPortrait of Frida Kahlo Dressed as a Tehuana34
Mark TerrillThink of Death as a Subway Station in Paris (w/music)49
Mark TerrillGod’s Tired Eye (w/music)49
Mark TerrillA Poem for Parking Lots63
Mark TerrillA Poem for the Here & Now63
Mark TerrillApproaching Elmshorn63
Mark TerrillLaughing Butcher Berlin Blues63
Hilary ThamThe Body is Weak36
Hilary ThamMama Washington on How to Fry Fish36
Hilary ThamUpturned Palms36
Venus ThrashUncivil52
Sally TonerPlaylist for a Bus Trip from NY after Dropping Off the First Born69
Samuel Rogers TruittThe World Remains36
Samuel Rogers TruittThree Points of Leaving–Aubade34
Sarah Tuft/Zenon SlawinskiDisunentanglement (w/music)34
Verniece TurnerCongo SquareOnline 2
[John] TuschenUncle Harry’s Tombstone (w/music)49


Barbara UngarWhy I’d Rather Be a Seahorse69


Jonathan VaileOde to that Woman Driving by in the Pinto (w/music)52
Vapor TrailsComo se llama mama (song)63
Rebecca VillarrealFresh Tomatoes46
Rebecca VillarrealOrange Food46
Rebecca VillarrealA Girl Undone by Firelight63
Rebecca VillarrealListen63
Rebecca VillarrealStaycation63
Rebecca VillarrealMama Chelo67
Rebecca VillarrealMiss Maggie67
Rebecca VillarrealRubberband Ball for JoeyOnline 4
Rebecca VillarrealSteel WoolOnline 4


Matthias von Hintzenstern/w ruth WeissTHIS IS REALLY REAL (w/music)49
Daryl WakelyAspects of the Theory of Syntax34
Daryl WakelyThree Points of Leaving34
Ken WaldmanThe Violinmakers (w/music)46
Rosmarie Waldropfrom The Reproduction of Profiles34
Robert WalkerMore Evidence My Father is a Ray Carver Character67
Randi WardPhone Call63
Randi WardAfter Berry Picking67
Randi WardCreek67/69
Randi WardFiddling69
Randi WardGrackles69
Randi WardGrandma69
Randi WardLeaves67
Randi WardMobile69
Randi WardRabbit69
Randi WardStray69
Henry WarwickAmerica (instrumental)69
Henry WarwickIndus(trial) (instrumental)36
Henry WarwickNew Friends (instrumental)52
Afaa M. WeaverWater Song29
Afaa M. WeaverIn Paris on a Humble29
Afaa M. WeaverA Room (for Nelson Mandela)29
Ron WeberMenage a Tois34
Ron WeberChurrigueresque …34
Ron WeberThe Joy of Boring34
ruth weiss w/Matthias von HintzensternTHIS IS REALLY REAL (w/music)49
David WhatsonInglenook (instrumental)69
Stephen Scott WhitakerHenri69
Jim WilliamsonBlue Light On (instrumental)46
Jim Williamson/Allan SpearsLavaman (instrumental)46
Mary-Sherman WillisThe Wall Is Our Shepherd67
Mary-Sherman WillisThe Doe Steps Inside67
Mary-Sherman WillisCamped in Oak Shade67
Mike Willis, Zenon Slawinski & Bruce RobinsonSilent Waves (instrumental)28
Rick WilsonQuarry36
Rick WilsonPoem, Little Tavern36
Rick WilsonHoming In36
Pamela Murray WintersCheesemakers69
Pamela Murray WintersHow to Be a Sixties Sexpot–69
Wishes and WaterThursday Four (song)34
Wishes and WaterClosed Doors (song)34




Ann ZimmermanGo Away & Die (song)49
Thad ZiolkowskiAubade29
Thad ZiolkowskiThe Sepulchre of Simon Says29
Thad ZiolkowskiThe North American Wrass29
Thad ZiolkowskiEvening Mechanism29
Thad ZiolkowskiUntitled29
Eleni ZisimatosBluebird49
Eleni ZisimatosFilling the Void49