Kathy Ackerfrom In Memoriam to Identity37/38
Kathy AckerThe Seattle Book50
Anya AchtenbergBusiness60
Anya AchtenbergNot every tourist is a tourist     Online 2
Beth AdamourDouble Shot65
Gail Galloway AdamsThe Call51
Jill AdamsVows65
Kim AddonizioReading Sontag41
Patience AgbabiThere Came a Big Spider42
Forrest AguirreFossiloctopus56
Forrest AguirreGepetto57
Tom AhernDina La Belle Juive20/21
Kelli AllenJum Climbs the Tualang Tree74
Roberta AllenThe Wrong One41
Roberta AllenTomatoes51
Roberta AllenNormal53
Roberta AllenThe Decision53
Roberta AllenSigns57
Roberta AllenSecrets57
Roberta AllenWhat’s Next?65
Roberta AllenThe Connoisseur74
Roberta AllenNot So Good Online 4
Roberta AllenA RoomOnline 4
Roberta AllenSoullessOnline 5
Stephanie AllenLife and Times57
Cathy AlterThe Plundering65
Julia AlvarezHot Water37/38
Rafael AlvarezThe Long Vietnam of My Soul61
Joe AmbroseAlgeciras42
Emily AmodeoWe’re Not Pageant People65
Holly AndersonRecipe for Returning54
Ron AndrolaHitting a Home Run12/13
R. R. AngellGreyhound41
R. R. AngellStick Your Thumb Out74
R. R. AngellBeachheadOnline 4
Claudia ApablazaMy Father Seems to Think I’m a Fakir64
Laura ArciniegaOne Good Whole Milk Minute 70
Laura ArciniegaPrayer of a Woman Sinner70
Daniel Abbot ArmstrongMoonstones74
James ArmstrongLocks70
Bonnie ArningBodies of Water59
B.K. AtrosticThe NewsOnline 1
AJ Atwater196972
Naoko AwaA Summer’s Dream (translated by Toshiya Kamei)56
Steve AylettIf Armstrong was Interesting42


A.V. BachYe Ol’Fashioned Olfactory57
A.V. BachMaking Mickey60
Sara BackerEx and Ex-Ex: The Bar Scene58
Mark BaechtelEvent Horizon60
Jeff BagatoAir74
Jeff BagatoGood Sign74
Jeff BagatoGuessing Games74
Jeff BagatoLingering74
Jeff BagatoNormal74
Donna Baier-SteinProdigal Son66
Mary BaileyThe Body on the Floor53
Doreen BainganaThe Depth of Blue48
Tom Ball32 Fables74
Isaac James BakerBury Me in Smoke68
A.A. BalaskovitsThe Ibex Girl of Qumran59
A.A. BalaskovitsGet Bent72
Ned BalboRollo and Apollo59
Andrew BalesTori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth62
Tom BallAt the Disturbing Goat Bar68
Tom BallOn Fermenting Human Milk Etc.70
Tom BallFor the Theater Of Women70
Tom BallThe Dance Medieval70
Tom BallMad Android Fable #470
Carolyn BanksSwimming61
Lauren Baratz-LogstedDisaster53
Toby BarlowThe DMV51
Jim BarnesThe Visiting Writer50
Stacy BartonThat Summer58
Bruce BaumanThe Nihilist’s Prayer43
Christopher BeaumontGreyhounds66
Anne BeckerLone Grieving Gunman17/18
Matt BellEdgar, Edric, Eduardo56
Susan Woods BellHot in Mexico4
Dianne BenedictHawk58
Claire BennettThe Ex-Wife’s Tale42
John BennettJ. C. Scofield12/13
John BennettAsta & Jacob17/18
John Bennettfrom “Breakers”20/21
Carol BergéWe are Not Alone54
Arion BergerThe Summit of So-Nam Sherpa58
Ana García BerguaThe Cold War58
Marc BerleyLife in Earnest60
Lucia BerlinNoel, Texas 195637/38
Jennie BernerUnsettled62
Jeanette BertlesMargo’s Childhood35
Bill BeverlyA Good Man64
Andrei BhuyanYou Said You’ll Walk Beside Me54
Lucy BiedermanA Cabinet68
Peter BielloHurricane Leonard66
Joanna BiggarAvignon74
Jill BirdsallSea Monkeys57
Jill BirdsallLoafers59
Robert BixbyZero Hour25/26
Lucy E.M. BlackThe Shoe Tree60
Neal BlaikieBubbles Rise54
Matthew BlasiSerenade, Promenade62
Linda BlaskeyThe Importance of Hidden Things58
Linda BlaskeyBreath68
Truitt BlassinghamRelease35
Mary Clearman BlewThe Pretty Wolf9
Mary Clearman BlewThe Machine Age12/13
Hildie S. BlockUmbilical Discord48
Hildie S. BlockThe Key and the Box66
Hildie S. BlockJoe75
Hildie S. BlockMalibu Barbie’s Dream HouseOnline 1
Jodi BloomTeenage Vixens from the Netherworld39/40
Bob BobalaThe Ghost of Ronnie Van Zant75
Caroline BockDC Mechanic66
Jeffrey M. BockmanThe Archivist is Loved by the Mathematician44
Ann BogleDreams from the Station60
Debra BoothBehind the Lens61
Terry BorstThe Crawl30/31
Clark BouwmanFreddo CappuccinoOnline 4
Mikael BouckaertThe White Room66
Jan BowmanKeepers Lot75
R.E. BowseOur Mother, Like a Kite56
Neil BoyackA Chair in the Shower48
Hadley BoydInner Landscape56
Lisa BoylanIndelible Marks43
Lisa BoylanThe Departure66
T. Coraghessan BoyleBloodfall17/18
Jonah Marlow BradendayThe Playwright71
Ryan W. BradleyMotherhood56
Jody Lannen BradyAnything You Need
Michelle BrafmanWashing the Dead55
Pamela BrandtLondon Bridges37/38
Blair BravermanWatching Russia56
Gerri BrightwellBeast62
Gerri BrightwellMr. Sweet-Pie71
Sean BrijbasiH hide-you-place60
Rachel BrillPoet’s Guild59
David Bristolfrom “The Peach Eater”20/21
Michael BrondoliBorrowing22/23
Ken BroskyI Just Can’t Turn It Off56
Chandler Brossardfrom Raging Joys, Sublime Violations14
Chandler Brossardfrom The Bold Saboteurs15/16
James BrownBankrupt20/21
Jamie BrownHow do you get to the Sixties?57
Kevin BrownMemento Mori66
Lindsay Forbes BrownBig Lipped Alligator MomentOnline 6
Randall BrownHiding Nothing55
Rebecca BrownDescription of a Struggle44
Tiffany Lee BrownMary’s Egg50
Charles Brownson 

Seven Koans on Old Age20/21
Elizabeth BruceVan Camp’s Pork & Beans64
Elizabeth BruceRicky Steiner was Supposed to Die in Prison75
Elizabeth BruceRacketOnline 4
Ricki Bruce 
Rae BryantA Pop-Modern Genesis57
Rae BryantA Love Letter to Steven Tyler’s Lips60
Mark BudmanOn the Shore of a Dry Sea58
Alison Bundy 
Western: I am Produced39/40
Alison Bundy 
Chihuahua Primer39/40
Alison Bundy 
Erotic Adventure39/40
Alison BundyPrimary Rule for Writing Popular Romance39/40
Alison BundyBeloved61
Alison BundySeasonal Tale61
Alison BundyListmaker61
Alison BundyMovie61
Alison BundyEye61
Claudia BurbankTriple Back-Flip Aria60
Beverly BurchDesperate for a Girlfriend58
Sophy BurnhamSamurai Sword61
Amy BushCement Breath62
T.J. ButlerSongbirdsOnline 6
J.D. ButtingerReplay30/31
Adam BykoThe Plagues Upon Our Houses72
Monica ByrneThe Reclamation Rite of One April Nora Hess56


Mary Ann CainDistractions53
Mary Ann CainPlanes of Existence75
Mary Ann CainHow Do We Know Planets Will PersistOnline 3
Ann CalandroAlbumleaf75
Bonnie Jo CampbellThe Cook53
John L. CampbellCourageous Little Philomena’s Wondrous Bait59
Scott Joseph CampbellFlytrap51
Tara CampbellIn the City of Crying MerchantsOnline 4
Tara CampbellIn the City of Falling MagiciansOnline 4
Dana CannPlatform62
Rachel CantorDo You Know This Child?45
Mary CaponegroWhoever is Never Born with the Most Toys Wins41
Peter CaputoThe Rising Stench of Perfumed Angels62
Cathy CarrWarts66
Kenneth CarrollBarking in Tongues44
Tom Carsonfrom Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter57
Theodore CarterTeddy Wins61
Kevin CatalanoDeleted Scenes60
Jennifer H. CattoDon’t Panic, Don’t Pull64
Louis-Ferdinand Célinefrom Normance [tr. by Mark Spitzer]53
Adrienne CeltIn Deep60
Annita ChalkaStudent Lab Report70
George ChambersThe Portrait of Henry James20/21
Bonnie ChauLoose Morals70
Peter CherchesAt the Opticians61
Peter CherchesTwo Stirrings61
Peter CherchesYoung Peter Cherches …61
Peter CherchesMan in Chair with Book Online 2
Kelly CherryProlegomenon53
Kelly CherryA Dream with the Wind in It61
Kathryn ChiarielloDoctor Delacruz Meets Her Match71
Billy ChildishThe Medway Bog Man41
Susanna ChildressSeeds47
Kim ChinqueeI Got Shot57
Kim ChinqueeGolden Doodle57
Kim ChinqueeChasers57
Kim ChinqueeWildcat Mountain57
Kim ChinqueeFlight57
Kim ChinqueeStill57
Kim ChinqueeFine with Everything72
Kim ChinqueeShe Would Never Use72
Kim ChinqueeMinty72
Kim ChinqueeTo Not Forget72
Kim ChinqueeYou’re Not on Vacation72
Christina Chiuchapter 1 from “Doctor”Online 2
Natasha ChoGodzilla vs. Alice Cooper47
Lucas ChurchKnockabout60
Charles CiccorettiHey68
Chris ClearyPerspective71
Randy Sue CoburnHow Long Have You Known Me?50
Shirley Graves CochraneThe Other Table2
Shirley Graves CochraneRed Carpet12/13
Shirley Graves CochraneThe Smell of Apples30/31
Susann CokalPerfect, for You57
Susann CokalYou Love Lucy72
Allison Hedge CokeFlutter (from “Veldt”)59
Jaimee Wriston ColbertAftermath66
C.A. ColeWhen Olive Was Wanted66
Wanda ColemanShark Liver Oil44
Anne ColwellProduce Boy61
Melinda J. CombsStuck58
Charles ConleyData57
Traci O. ConnorStarla and June54
Kyle ConwellAn Underdeveloped Picture of My Brother45
Paula CoomerPajamas in the Moon50
Brian CooperInedible Fish55
Lucy CorinGodzilla versus the Smog Monster50
Katie CorteseBefore There Was Light71
Julie CorwinMy First Husband59
Daniel CoshnearProximity71
Laura CostasExtinctionOnline 6
Frank CostelloThe Bet39/40
Lynn CothernDead Ringer47
Cynthia CottsThe Exchange25/26
Beth CoutureThe Disappearing Children57
Meg CowenGo With It60
Caryn CoyleDelusions56
Cathy CruiseAsk for Isadora75
Donya CurrieLand Mines39/40
Donya CurrieAssassination72
Roger CutlerLearning How2


Ramola D.Adulthood57
Lori D’AngeloLife/Art60
Quinn DaltonSmall51
Andrew DarlingtonChemical Glide12/13
Eric DartonAnd the drummer, he’s so shattered72
Eric DartonCorpoRealOnline 3
Jim Ray Daniels13-Part Story with Mime60
Jim Ray DanielsThe underachieverOnline 6
JenMarie Davisfrom The Science Concerned57
Kathleen de AzevedoThe Cure54
Zane deBlosatCupid, Valentines, and LSD71
Barbara DeCeasareShe is Going to Bring You a Difficult Life (A Novel)60
Carmen DelzellPassing37/38
Kiki DenisForeign Student Prostitutes’ Club54
Katrina DenzaThe View is like Something from Seurat57
Shannon DerbyOne Way to the Afterlife60
Leonora Desar<In theory>72
Leonora DesarPanties72
Leonora DesarSnow Pose72
Leonora DesarEverything here is yours72
Dennis DesmondAll in a Day’s Work74
Glenn DeutschThe Closing57
Glenn DeutschLet’s Get Rid of Him66
Glenn DeutschCreatural HomageOnline 6
M.M. DeVoefrom “The Boy Who Loved Trees”Online 2
Jason DeYoungMariska’s Tongue53
Lucinda DhavanA Face in the Crowd50
Stephanie DickinsonWhen the Snow Leopard Stalks the River56
Stephanie DickinsonMontrose/On the Cusp of the Plague72
Thom DidatoLife as a One-Hit Wonder47
Barbara Westwood DiehlThe Ultimate Grand Supreme55
Barbara Westwood DiehlMermaids59
Des DillonSaturne Monsieur50
Rachel DixonSun and Sea and Silver54
Mary Stone DockeryJosh’s Flowers58
Trevor DodgeEpsilon50
Trevor DodgeCareless Whisper61
Amy DodgenRealistic Painting for the Blind56
Meghan Dombrink-GreenBog57
John DominiBlinded by Paparazzi54
Gabriel DonCesspools and Treasure Chest62
Gabriel DonExtraordinary Rendition71
Gabriel DonDaphne’s search for self 2Online 2
Gabriel DonThe ChefsOnline 2
Rita DoveThe Spray Paint King20/21
Ann DownerNoli Me Tangere24
Ann DownerRedhead #7625/26
Ann DownerA Change in Circumstances32/33
Albert DrakeBreaking Windows12/13
Damian DressickAccrual55
Dylan Brie DuceyEffacee Like Me66
John DufresneDied and Gone to Heaven50
Julia DuncanGhost in a Glass House41
Chris DungeyThe Enforcer on the Road59
C.M. DupréThe Sacrificial Goat’s Head Box50
C.M. DupréAn Elemental Pose58
C.M. DupréSea & Sand or the Exchanges at City Station North68
Halina DurajAsh58
Jay DuretSushi62
Don DussaultNot Better Late68
Tony DuvertThe Thinker58
Tony DuvertThe Window-Breaker58
Tony DuvertThe Engraver58
Tony DuvertThe Executioner58
Jaclyn DwyerLost in the Red City59
Gloria DycThe New Age59
James DyeThere are no Established Protocols for Entertaining Rogue Comets62
James DyeThe Empty Room68


Patricia EakinsThe A, the B, the C of My Education30/31
Patricia EakinsStill Lives74
Lucinda EbersoleAuden’s Toothbrush39/40
Bela EgyediLoose Change9
Janice EidusTravelin with Jack K.39/40
Janice EidusThere is a War57
Julie EillDead Girls68
Aaron EmmelThe Listeners71
Robert EpsteinComments on a Book Reproducing an Ancient Bas-Relief Sculpture56
Eurydice [Kamvisseli]from “Scree”39/40
Eurydicefrom “EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy”61


Guillermo FadanelliStrawberry Flavored Kool-Aid [tr. by Joel Streicker]60
Robert FaganConfusions: A Love Story50
Lauren Fairbanksfrom “Cyber-Stained Sorbet”39/40
Lauren Fairbanksfrom “Superpower(s)”62
Alison FairbrotherThe Shield68
Ed FalcoSaint John of the Five Boroughs – An Excerpt54
Ed FalcoThe Pool75
Grant FaulknerCooking45
John FeeneyFragments on the Genesis of a Dialectic8
John FeeneyScourge of the Reds12/13
Suzanne FeldmanThe Crime Museum48
Suzanne FeldmanThe Witch Bottle66
Suzanne FeldmanFive Dollar BoxOnline 6
Connor FergusonAdvantage60
Greyson FergusonThe Woman by the Sea71
Rich FergusonSmoking Joey42
Robin FerrierMetro Tag53
Jonathan B. FerriniTea with Old Friends75
Julia FigliottiSkin-Deep62
Gary FinckeGettysburg60
Gary FinckeWaiting for Ray72
Gary FinckeCounting the ReindeerOnline 6
Joanne FindleyActs of God30/31
Joanne FindleyMiddle Space32/33
Matthew FinnA Brief History of Sushi62
Saskia FischerThe Ship of Sheep57
Seth FischerOur Most Frequent Requests68
Richard FlanaganThe Last of the Hippies25/26
Colin FlemingPiles, or, Climaxing in a Forest Fire56
Louise Jarvis FlynnOver the Moon55
April FordSnapdragonOnline 3
Christopher FowlerNormal Life42
Heather FowlerSex with Exes66
Hugh FoxTrova15/16
Hugh Foxfrom Mandala25/26
Hugh FoxThe Giant Christmas Oyster42
H. E. FrancisA Daughter’s Life30/31
Thaisa FrankThread51
Thaisa FrankEnchantment57
Thaisa FrankAnesthesia62
Thaisa FrankPerpetual MotionOnline 5
Espido FreireThe Wooden Monster (translated by Toshiya Kamei)55
Abby FruchtWingdings51
Abby FruchtOld Inn Door56


Avital Gad-CykmanIntimacy48
Avital Gad-CykmanSuch as Any55
Avital Gad-CykmanMothersOnline 3
Faith GardnerThe Red Button62
Jeremy GarrettIn the Library56
William E. Garrisonfrom “In Search of the West Virginia Moth Man”20/21
Scott GarsonCertain Things I Might Have Done in 199857
Clifford GarstangPluck70
Vishwas R. GationdeThe English Widow68
Frank GatlingPerimeter9
Frank GatlingRolling Through12/13
Frank Gatlingfrom “U.S. Head”20/21
Frank Gatlingfrom “U.S. Head”22/23
Stephen GatlingGame Show Messiah66
Roxane GayHow the Girl in the Glass Sheds Her Skin56
Luke GeddesBetty and Veronica56
Meghan GehmanKeys35
Alessandra GelmiDiary Entry57
Alessandra GelmiTwigs57
Yael GenWater55
Kathryn GerhardAngels and …30/31
Greg GerkeMother and Son56
Andrew GertesArtie and the Veil of Maya68
Richard GessPaul and the Finger10
Anna GeyerDirty Bob47
Megan GiddingsBetween Sternum and Heart64
Sean GillThe Fixed Umbrella73
Shauna GilliganMermaid66
Steven GillisLift51
Brian GilmoreAnybody Trying to Fade?39/40
Mike GiustaAt Sea58
Jesse GlassClosed Casket (a play)12/13
Jesse GlassLife as a Security Guard20/21
Thomas GlynnWhat to Do When the Famous Die50
Tara GoedjenDog Baby53
Sharon GoldbergQuarantine Companion74
Ian GoldingElectric Light Orchestra single “Mr. Blue Sky” as heard in a White Castle dining area59
Hilary GoldsteinThe Dream Eater56
Karen GoldsteinFlip FlopsOnline 3
Sarah GolkarFlight from Your Old New York74
Laurence GonzalesTommy27
Laurence GonzalesIn Country30/31
Okey GoodeIssam the Roman, His Cards and Oracles66
Ivy GoodmanIn Twos30/31
Jaimy GordonThe Bobby Pin20/21
Jaimy GordonBug Motels on Mission39/40
Karen Elizabeth Gordonfrom The Disheveled Dictionary39/40
Pamela GordonSeat Dancing27
Pamela GordonLap74
James GradyDemolition Derby57
Karen GrajalesHingesOnine 2
Philip GrahamGrrrls Underground47
Leigh C. GrantCake60
Peter GrandboisAppliances56
Richard GraysonWhat About Us Grils?12/13
Robert GregoryWhy Things Are a Mess27
Robert GregoryWhat the Flutes Do30/31
Robert GregoryIncidents of 190354
Robert GregoryGone On (An Epitaph)54
Hannah GriecoWhatever you need to empty  Online 1
Todd GrimsonNew Demons Come to Light25/26
Sabina GroganThe Woods Witch62
Gwendolen GrossElvis Eats Everything73
Herb GuggenheimHe Struggles at the Audition6
Herb GuggenheimThe Wall12/13
Diane GurmanSwimming to the Siren’s Song62
Karen GuzmanPilgrims74


Mary HalnonHow It Seems in September41
Elizabeth Handfrom Generation Loss50
Paul Handley5 Stages of Dog Grief62
Paul HandleyOur Anecdotal Integrity62
Jessica Claire HaneyUnder Construction74, Online 5
Jessica Claire HaneyAtmosphericsOnline 6
Cathryn HanklaIf It Were Dark30/31
Cathryn HanklaCharmer39/40
Susan HanklaLazy Eye30/31
Myronn HardyCivilization53
Myronn HardyPhilosophy of the Dead55
Myronn HardyPluto57
Myronn HardyMelting Tower Among Sheep61
Myronn HardyThe Addict in the Congolese Poet’s Garden66
Michael Harris (w/ Benjamin Lawless)Letters to a Highly Regarded Institution7
Matthew HarrisonThe Making of Creatures59
Annie HartnettAnimals First58
James HarperNoonday Devil70
Shelby Settles HarperWho Killed the Sparrow?61
Shelby Settles HarperFeather71
Melanie S. HatterMalawi’s Sisters70
Melanie S. Hatterexcerpt from “All the Pain We Endure”Online 3
William Locke HauserMy Bench73
David HaynesSenior Will39/40
Victoria HeartwoodTurning the Vessel74
Roger W. HechtPeomOnline 4
Richard HellBoy Meets Death, Boy Falls in Love42
Michael HemmingsonThis Other Eden48
Michael HemmingsonWhy Don’t You Use Your Parking Space?55
Cyndy HendershotHeads39/40
Cyndy HendershotWhile My Skin Rots Away68
George HeonVegetable Aspic4
Jody Hobbs HeslerSorry Enough66
David HickmanThe Wall5
Frederick HighlandThe Oracle Monger73
Nancy HightowerUnleashed Beauty60
Nancy HightowerEvangelical Wonderland64
Wolfgang HildesheimerThe Vacation (translated by Patricia Haas Stanley)6
Wolfgang HildesheimerWhy I Became a Nightingale (translated by Patricia Haas Stanley)9
Robert HinderliterThe Leprechaun68
Dustin M. HoffmanZombies! Rodemom!56
Dustin M. HoffmanLong Division66
Dustin M. HoffmanMy Pupil, Dive Site66
Charles HoldeferThe Plans59
Richard HoletonCountingOnline 3
Jamie HollandHealing39/40
William HollandFlushing with Zimmerman25/26
Jessica HollanderUltimate Makeover: Zombie Edition57
Ken HollingsI am Singing41
David HollowaySometimes She Knows66
David HollowayThe Future of the Lizard Circus72
Karen HolmanPaper House56
Christian HoltConfessions of a College Admissions Officer64
Rochelle HoltSeven Fantasies12/13
Lucy HonigThe Deluxe Package54
Ian Christopher HooperAsakusa Station54
Suzanne Marie HopcroftMarch57
Paul HouseA Cup of Coffee17/18
Nik HouserFirst Kisses from Beyond the Grave51
Nik HouserThe Kissing Booth Burns Down55
Nik HouserUnder Hindsight’s Knife59
Trevor J. HouserMalta59
Dave HousleyFrog Prince II50
Stokes HowellJust Drive41
Thomas HrycykBlood of a Different Color71
Gloria L. HuangDown to the Bottom62
Dallas HudgensSixty in Twenties55
Dwight HumphriesHearthside10


Julie InnisMetallurgy57
Garine B. IsassiTwo chapters from “The Reasons I’ll Forget You”Online 2


Kevin JacksonZembla41
Shelley JacksonSperm41
Simon JacobsDisasters66
Kelly Ann JacobsonSeashells70
Paul JacobsonProphet and Black CatOnline 5
Alison Condie JaenickeElectric Circus60
Erin JaimesonSurfacing475
Maxim JakubowskiThe Room, After She Left42
Christine JapelyWhat the Mother Did50
Andrea JarrellAt Sea72
Caitlin Greenleaf JohnsonI Miss You, Harold Brozner45
Beth Uznis JohnsonWild Turkey71
Curt JohnsonA Father12/13
Hillary JohnsonSeismatrix39/40
M. H. JohnsonAs Is51
Trasi JohnsonMoon Strike70
Wotring JohnsonThe Sandersons25/26
Dennis JonesAlti Plano39/40
Dennis JonesThe Boar Hunt74
Dennis JonesChristmas Pictures75
Helen JonesChaperones35
Rosemary JonesThe Sichuan Princesses55
Tatjana JovanicInsideOnline 5
Stephanie JoyceNos Morituri71


Ani KachbalianWhen Blowfish Forget Love56
Craig KakudaThe Secrets of Bonsai Gardening54
Anita Shah KapadiaThe Disappeared44
R.A. KaplerKing41
Christina KappThings to Do When It Rains56
Christina KappWhat Sells74
Wayne KarlinOur Fathers’ Wars58
Wayne KarlinThat Minute: Jacksonville, North Carolina61
Wayne KarlinThe War on Terror72
Liat KatzWither Thou Goest66
Donna B. KaulkinThe Principal2
Shawna KenneyPossession58
Robert KerbeckA Dish Best Served Warm66
Daniel Kharms[671] [tr. by Alex Cigale]60
Daniel KharmsThe Descent (Nearby and Far Away) [tr. by Alex Cigale]60
Faye KicknoswayCometh the Sheep58
Jean KimBridge and Tunnel66
Michael KimballThree Girlfriends55
John KingLimbo Girls50
Matthew KirkpatrickMinor Heroes Save You50
Peter KispertThings I Do for Leila Stryker60
Susi KlareAt the Intersection of Heaven and Hell53
Laurence KlavanThe Unexpected Guest53
Robert KlossHow the Old Man Trained His Assassins57
Robert KlossOur Calm was Born from Your Burning59
Jen KnoxSynchronicity58
Franz KnupferThe Informants of Kengtung59
Wilson KoewingFresh Ice75
Nick KoczYoung Nihilist Seeks Other53
Beth KonkoskiDesert Horse59
Beth KonkoskiGolden Rule60
Beth KonkoskiSaying Goodbye64
Joyce Kornblattfrom Mother Tongue Online 2
Richard Kostelanetzfrom Epiphanies14
Zane KotkerA Dog with Yesterday’s Name53
Zane KotkerWhat’s Wrong with Sushi?56
Randi Gray KristensenUntitled66
Len KrugerMarianas Trench59
Len KrugerMiss Degreaser of 198173
Len KrugerErwin FletcherOnline 4
Philip KuanAn Awkward Sort75


Angela LabordetaBarcelona!! [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]54
Christine LaheyMrs Jameson (pt. 1)7
Christine LaheyMrs. Jameson (pt. 2)8
Christine LaheyMrs. Jameson (pt. 3)9
Susan LandA Ring, A Knee72
Rik LanderIf You Try to Stop Me42
Dylan LandisCentrifuge56
Michael LandweberAmuse Bouche56
Bettina LanyiChocolate Bust57
L. A. LantzFamily History42
L. A. LantzHair of the Dog68
W F LantryOne Percent61
Raima LarterThe Healer61
Raima LarterThe Initiate68
laudanum at 33an open letter55
laudanum at 33thymiane55
laudanum at 33welles55
laudanum at 33from “Flannel Bell”56
laudanum at 33Goodbye Jane (screenplay)68
Benjamin Lawless (w/Michael Harris)Letters to a Highly Respected Institution7
Doug LawsonThe Dogs of Canova53
Lawrence LebofskyLake Mead39/40
Justin LeeNot My Blood60
Harry LeedsAnecdotes from the Life of Grace Paley58
Lisa L. LeibowLife Drawing Session: Female ModelOnline 5
Lisa L. LeibowLife Drawing Session: Male ModelOnline 5
Marti LeimbachNicky, Aged 1056
Pavel LemberskyGirl Wants to Be a Politologist64
Pavel LemberskyCat-Dogs64
Louise Wareham Leonardfrom 52 Men64
Gilles Leroyfrom Alabama Song [tr. by J. T. Townley]62
Nathan LeslieLet’s Do Thai51
Nathan LeslieIn Different Rooms57
Nathan LeslieThe Makeout Club58
Nathan LeslieThe Miniaturist58
Nathan LeslieA Helping Hand61
Nathan LeslieOur Unwired Yurt is Better than Your Wired Non-YurtOnline 3
Nathan LeslieBack of this Shampoo BottleOnline 3
Joseph LevensDue Diligence60
Elise LevineCavalcade43
Elise LevineAll We Did54
Amy Eller LewisThe Double Life of Evelyn Gray45
J. C. LichtnerIn the Service of Others42
Christopher LinforthThe Lake60
Christopher LinforthReunion73
Christopher LinforthThe Last of UsOnline 4
Peter Tieryas LiuThe Buddha of Many Parts57
Peter Tieryas LiuPhobia62
Bryan LivingstonWeekend10
Lisa Lo ParoSomething David Must Explain73
Norman LockTo Each According to His Own54
Kimberly LojewskiSwamp Food at the Rapture Cafe59
Alyce LomaxSanatorius58
Alyce LomaxPlantsOnline 4
Jonathan LondonHank Williams I Love You So Much35
Ben LooryThe Swimming Pool57
Katharine LorrPictures of a Wedding20/21
Kate LuWays to Breathe While Drowning64
Nancy LudmererForeplay with Nicole Kidman44
Alexander LumansCormac McCarthy, Walmart Greeter56
Valya Dudycz LupescuLament66
Mary LuttrellFractures62
Jønathan LyonsDashiell53
Jønathan LyonsCalling62


Christine MaDave68
Kristian MacaronFlight74
Trish MacEnultyThe Cannibalized Woman51
Trish MacEnultyPlural58
Jonathan MackThe Extinction of Stories57
Fiona J. MackintoshJanus64
Karan MadhokNew Mutiny71
Elaine Vilar MadrugaThe Tanners [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]74
Mike MaggioThe HerdsOnline 6
James MagruderShift Work64
Gregory MaguireThe Hurricane Lamp41
Mary Claire MahaneyOn Cheeko Lake64
Kathleen MaherJamie30/31
Deepak MainiThe Brother59
Christine Ma-KellamsDave68
Kuzuha MakinoDoing It with Octopuses [tr. Toshiya Kamei]73
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Willard ManusWhen the World Was Young74
Ben MarcusPresentation of the Church39/40
Debra MarquartThe Many Short Teeth of the Many Long Zippers42
Anne MarsellaSons of53
Anne MarsellaBillie Jean King and Two Pink BallsOnline 4
Cynthia Newberry MartinMackenzie57
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Michael MartoneSchliemann in Indianapolis25/26
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Michael MartoneThree Skywritings70
Tara Lynn MasihAgatha: A Life in Unorganized FragmentsOnline 1
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Joyce Enzor MaustThere’s Only One First70
Mark Maxwell4353
Mark MaxwellThin Places68
Katie Mazza-PhillipsAlice75
Mark McBrideLacy59
Susan McCartyCorridors57
Buzz McClainLast Pages of a Detective Novel 70
Buzz McClainLast Page of a Fantasy Novel 70
Buzz McClainLast Page of a Rock Star Autobiography70
Dennis McFaddenOn an Old Billy Goat72
Monica McFawnDead Horse Productions58
Jean McGarryThe Tree of Life53
Steven McKnightLeave the Window Open on Your Way Out75
Ann L. McLaughlinfrom The Balancing Pole12/13
Robin McLeanFor Swimmers58
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Franetta McMillianThe Fall of Rome61
John McNallyPlanetary Danger47
Molly McQuadeDeath by Creamation50
Kat MeadsAuthors Always Lie about their Lives51
Petra Meindl-AndrewsThe AMG Online 1
Lindsay MerbaumSolitude57
Corey MeslerMonster57
Sharon MesmerIn Ordinary Time50
Sharon MesmerAn Upside-Down Horse Is the Jewel-in-the- Crown of a French Tiger Man 50
Sharon MesmerHesperis50
Sharon MesmerObsolete Heroes50
Sharon MesmerAt Epiphany50
Lily MeyerMeyerland64
Jen MikalskiOrion55
Jen MikalskiGreater Good68
Teresa MilbrodtComment Cards60
Teresa MilbrodtWeighing Hearts75
Martin MillarMusicians42
Tim MillasThe Idea of Isabel60
Ben Miller#43647
E. Ethelbert MillerMaria48
Sam J. MillerThe Last Sleepover56
Joseph Wendell MillerDesert Girl64
Joe MillsAt the Edelweiss Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico62
Stefan MilneFour Bombs66
Michael MinchinTools64
Gloria MindockThe Man Who Collected EyelashesOnline 4
Valerie MinerFlat World47
Jeff MinerdThe Humpty Dumpty Game41
Mannika MishraCupola73
Janet MitchellScenes from a Funeral57
Allison Harden MoenMuse58
Matthew L. MoffettA Heart Made Wicked47
David MohrmannMonster57
Hannah MoloneyThe Water71
Anatoly MolotkovUpside Down Pictures72
Ofelia MontelongoEnema74
Rick MoodyPirate Radio50
Glenn MoomauClock Radio25/26
Elizabeth MooreWatching for Nessie30/31
Dan MoreauA Tour of North American Ruins58
Chris MorganEGZ Tour Rider: Calendar Year 200348
Chris MorganPas de Deux Online 2
Shilo MorlangA Bicycle Built for Two56
Michael MorrisseyA Very Timid Little Boy Called Franz Kafka20/21
Donna MossNight Owl60
Rebecca MotilMatchsticks42
Daniel MuellerSpoils53
Daniel MuellerAfter Logic73
Daniel MuellerAt Least You’ll Have Company75
Terence MulliganTom’s World64
Terence MulliganTrioOnline 1
Laura MullenThe Dead39/40
Alastair MurdochThe Chalet71
Teresa Burns MurphyMr. Bra57
Teresa Burns MurphyThe Tree House68
Clare Marie MyersThe Scene57
George Myers Jr.An Apartment of Modern Art8
George Myers Jr.Memory Turning Into Itself8
George Myers Jr.I Remember Malraux11
George Myers Jr.Confession12/13
George Myers Jr.Jealousy30/31


Sequoia NagamatsuThe Passage of Time in the Abyss58
Susan Smith Nashfrom “Cat Magic”51
Susan Smith NashDiscourse & Dustin, Oklahoma55
Susan Smith NashPanhandle Gun & Coin55
Susan Smith NashI, Vampire57
Ben NeihartShake Me35
Antonya NelsonEcstasy35
Lee NelsonThe Wrong Room42
Sandra NelsonI Understand the Wheel30/31
Susan NevilleThe Mausoleum50
Susan NevilleShock and Awe66
Susan NevilleParting70
Julee NewbergerFan Cruise70
Sasha “Birdie” NewbornAfrica, Goodbye12/13
Penny NewburyErotica27
Eric Andrew NewmanDown the Mississippi68
Dawn NewtonChili35
Amy NgShoes56
David NicholsonAmong the Righteous30/31
Hal NiedzvieckiDisplacement50
Rebecca NisonStory Time62
Delaney NolanShotgun Style59
Lalita NoronhaCat Cry54
Carol NovackThe Eating Habits of the Poor54
Ashby NorthMy Dog9


Kevin O’CuinnUn Sac Comme Le Mien56
Kevin O’CuinnSnow Journal, Day 2358
Kevin O’CuinnAt the Neuwiener Hutte60
Kevin O’CuinnThe Water Carrier62
Kevin O’CuinnThe Incorrigible Mr. Gupta66
David O’DellHeat32/33
Jordan OkumuraAnatomy of a Photograph58
Amelie OlaizAdrift [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]61
Amelie OlaizParallel Paradises [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]61
Amelie OlaizChange or Die [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]61
Amelie OlaizA Woman’s Nickname [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]61
Andrew OldhamSong of the Whale Boy55
Jillian OliverDora73
Donaji Olmedo1814 [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]60
Donaji OlmedoCrocodile [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]66
Donaji OlmedoBetween Autumns [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]71
Lance OlsenHistorical Uterine Dreams39/40
Lance Olsenfrom Nietzsche’s Kisses50
Lance OlsenCalendar of Regrets – An Excerpt53
Lance Olsenexcerpt from Always Crashing in the Same CarOnline 4
Toby OlsonSweet Georgia Brown58
Janet OlsonbakerOnly Memory68
Judith O’NeillDreams of Croatia64
Elizabeth OnessSpillover51
Carolyn OsbornOppositions48
W. P. OsbornOn the Role of Venus in the Abduction of Helen64
Abby Mei OtisSex Dungeons for Sad People62
Mary OvertonTeeth53
Mary OvertonThe Making of Samson74


Yarrow PaisleyThe Revised Minutes59
Cheryl PallantUntil Death Do They Part53
Mike PancieraBreachOnline 1
Chris ParanicusThe Arrangement74
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John ParkThe Death of Ambrose Bierce6
Che ParkerDeath of a Man74
M.E. ParkerThe Man Inside Her57
Paul PasquarellaThis is the Way It Should Always Be1
Steve PastisWet Dogs of Hispaniola55
Steve PastisThe Bucket Seat of Poets55
Steve PastisThe Zesty Saints55
W. T. PatersonFishing73
Issie PattersonWhen the Snow Melts73
James J. Patterson & Quinn O’Connell Jr.from Roughnecks58
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Pete PazminoLyle-O59
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Claude Pelieu-WashburnThe Stars Take Over  (translated by Mary Beach)15/16
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Mark PerryWhat They Say in Jean, Nevada30/31
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David PetersenThe Wicker Man50
Michael PhillipsSan51
Constance PierceThe Regional Writer20/21
Leslie PietrzykWhere Your Life Begins39/40
Deborah Pintonellifrom Some Heart42
Deborah PintonelliLola48
Deborah PintonelliBaby Love55
Deborah PintonelliPaper People61
bart plantengaThe Kingdom of Busby Berkeley70
Thomas PletcherSparks75
David PlumbLate Show17/18
David PlumbWhy I Smoke43
David PlumbThe Ghost of Susan Hayward58
David Plumbfrom “Dream in a Market Place”60
Meg PokrassUnderneath56
Meg PokrassSurrogate56
Meg PokrassThe Party57
Meg PokrassSo Much to Tell57
Meg PokrassEleanor Rigbys74
Zena PolinWarm Ice, Cold Eggs57
Pedro PonceStories of the Unexpected41
Pedro PonceIntelligent Design53
Pedro PonceThe Pill Course58
Pedro PonceThe Sexiest Man Alive58
Pedro PonceThe Soundtrack Killer58
Pedro PonceKafka Dreams of the New World66
Pedro PonceThe Omniscient Voice66
Lily PondThe Mother who Floated Away43
Meredith PondOn the Dark Desert Highway57
Meredith PondTo Whale Camp60
Meredith PondDelgado and the Bike Shop Boys64
Meredith PondAnniversary Party with Gatsby in Mind68
Wena PoonExtract from the The Biophilia Omnibus57
Marie PotocznyIf Not Now, When?59
Charles Pottsfrom Lake Earth25/26
Glen PourciauBounce56
Glen PourciauA Private Place66
Glen PourciauHalf73
Nani PowerRimbaud’s Head42
Shelagh Power-ChopraWhile on Vacation in Rome53
Sik Chuan PuaNight75
Kate PullingerThe Visits Room39/40
Jessica PurdyPsychopompOnline 6
Rebecca PyleA Pond by the Anthropology Museum74


Joseph M. QueenanA Short History of Modern French Literature17/18
Pilar Quintanafrom “Collectors of Weird Screws” (translated by Joel Streicker)57
Sean QuinnAsuncion59
Eman QuotahGlory56


Nahid RachlinChance Meetings48
Misti Rainwater-LitesBody as Temple61
Misti Rainwater-LitesDeaf Date61
Doug RamspeckWater Tower60
Doug RamspeckStumpy and Marnie73
Donald A. RanardSpooknikOnline 5
Elahzar RaoThe Round in My Mother’s Kitchen58
Robert ReadyDede30/31
Michelle RealeTimbal57
Jordan Reddif we were witches74
Melissa ReddishAdvice for Growing a Second Head66
Russell ReeceScatterbrain74
Kit ReedFreezing Geezers51
Kit ReedManners61
David ReelThe Top Floor of the Slash and BlindOnline 4
F. D. ReeveThe Trip Home20/21
William ReidDoing That Outside Dance35
Joyce RenwickCuatro Casas35
Suzanne RessEarrings20/21
Suzanne RessLittle Toros24
Doug RiceA Light in August Trees44
Doug RiceIn Memoriam to Identity48
Doug RiceAnatomy of Pronouns in Advance of an Autobiography by Doug Rice53
Doug RiceA Prayer for One Sentence57
Doug RiceMemoryscapes70
Doug RiceRain in OctoberOnline 4
Doug RiceThe Nostalgia of Pittsburgh Bars: A TriptychOnline 6
Colleen Kearney RichWild Horses71
Jeff RichardsWhipped60
Jeff RichardsRed Light74
Jeff RichardsI’m Going InOnline 4
Aria RidingWhat She Is Trying to Say66
Paulette RobertsSustenance42
Lou RobinsonHavoc Wreaked by the Bean of Doubt41
Lou RobinsonAll Four Feet in the Air61
Roger RobinsonTree42
Shannon RobinsonHow to Get a Man56
Elizabeth RocaFinal Curtain41
Ethel RohanSorry57
S. RomagnoliWasps30/31
Gabriele RomeriHYPNOS for Beginners57
David RoseMing42
Karin RosmanBlue Dress Day59
Henry H. RothHappy in Ohio20/21
Nickalus RupertThe Worst Mile68
Lea RussoMausoleums45
Dawn RyanMy Own Divine Motility71
William F. RyanStreet Dance20/21
Ann K. RylesHow My Heart Spoke and I Heard the Voice of Pain57


Miranda Saakecurrent45
Patrick SaariPallazzini: Poet of Anguish3
Thierry SagnierCan We Go Now?74
Kris SaknussemLetters from Old Girlfriends57
Curt SaltzmanThe Observer and the Observed68
Kevin SampsellSkip the Walker50
Gideon SamsA Day on the Town15/16
Nick SansoneThe Fourth Pig60
Nick SansoneWeekends68
Colin SargentA Sestina in Prose8
Jack Saundersfrom Delray Beach15/16
John SaulAnniversary of a Village66
John SaulTapas68
John SaulEven in the suburbs75
John SaulHavanaOnline 3
R. Gilad SchamessLucky50
Lorraine ScheinMy Little Mermaid43
Sonia ScherrFirst Kill68
Harold SchneiderHot in the Middle25/26
Davis SchneidermanTupeat, Frompeet, Repeit45
Melissa Scholes YoungLighthouse72
Lynda SchorCorrections48
Lynda SchorThe Sexual Harassment Rules61
Lynda SchorPandemic DreamsOnline 5
E. M. SchorbWeightless61
Michael R. SchrimperHouse-Sitting73
Helen SchulmanI Heart Dan Jansen41
Steven SchutzmanWar of Choice54
Adam SchwartzWizzur73
Miranda SchwartzThe Shine of Fates64
Robert ScotellaroBeep-Ball57
Robert ScotellaroBad Boy Wannabe and the Cephalopod Empire70
Joseph ScovitchLife’s Little Party8
Joseph ScovitchThe Women in Sidney’s World10
Joseph ScovitchSalome’s Silver Platter12/13
Terri G. ScullenPullout55
Terri G. ScullenThinking of You58
Martin SeaySeventeen Ways of Looking at a Frog47
Martin Seayfrom The Mirror Thief55
Jessie SeigelThe Eunuch God39/40
Jessie SeigelThe Naked ManOnline 6
R. D. SelimAnnunciation48
Tamara Kaye SellmanPeppercorns50
K.E. SemmelSudden Death75
Yvonne J SengMontana Mermaid64
Sarah SeyboldUnfinished60
Lynda SexsonEye of a White Rabbit57
Helen Maryles ShankmanThe Jew Hater61
Gregg ShapiroMy Mother’s Vanity64
Gregg ShapiroHeavy MeddleOnline 4
Elisabeth SheffieldInfluenza43
Elisabeth Sheffield“i live in a hole”57
Andrew SheldenSeaTac Rain59
David SheridanGeronimo1
Suzan ShermanPeaches44
Lewis ShinerCastles Made of Sand39/40
Phil Shoenfeltfrom Junkie Love39/40
Lex Shramcofrom “Existence”74
Lex ShramcoDeaf Captain Wanted Online 1
Rozanne Gooding SilverwoodShooting Squirrel44
Beate SigriddaughterBlind Tiresias64
Beate SigriddaughterSnapshots of the Wife of the Man Who Wouldn’t Dance68
Don SkilesMiss America22/23
Don SkilesChet Baker Dies in Amsterdam39/40
Bob SkinnerThe Eternal Champion3
Fred SkolnikAdrift in the Global Village56
Julia SlavinBeauty and Rudy39/40
Julia SlavinRelics74
Marcia SlatkinGifts57
Noel SlobodaUnnamedOnline 6
Mary SlowikSnake in the Pond50
Glenn SmallAuto Reply54
Nic SmallTrue or False: A Knarl-Biter Saved the World – The Tale of Yanx58
Sarah Nicole SmetanaModern Commons64
Curtis SmithSilent57
Curtis SmithPlayground68
Curtis SmithA Visit73
Curtis SmithSilver Girl75
Katherine SmithPhantom57
Joan Stepp SmithTime Released History 2 Mitigate GrimoireOnline 4
Katherine SmithThe Woman Who Made Men Angry61
T.C. SmithMinotaur75
Steve SneydWhen Maggots Wag Their Tails9
Steve SneydThe Postcard14
Joanne Sobieck-LinggRemember the Horse Girls?42
Ignacio SolaresThe Orders [tr. C.M. Mayo]72
Zephaniah SoleInfighting74
Edmundo Paz SoldánRodrigo and Others [tr. by Kirk Nesset]58
Edmundo Paz SoldánPromise [tr. by Kirk Nesset]58
Edmundo Paz SoldánFriday Morning [tr. by Kirk Nesset]58
Maya SonenbergCartographies25/26
Maya SonenbergBaby 199539/40
Frank SoosThree Weird Things25/26
Julianna SpallholzA Man of Regret50
Julianna SpallholzWho Will Take the Cat50
Michael SpannThe Black Pancho Villa45
Michael SpannMaroc Con59
Amber SparksThe Woman Across the Water Wore the Shape of Love57
Laurel SpeerPlay For Us, Fanfani14
Dawn SperberWind in a Ring Box57
Marilyn StableinThe Rat Caterer41
Marilyn StableinAlphabet Sex54
Marilyn StableinThe Rat Tavern61
Marilyn StableinRat Currency61
Rosanna StaffaAnimals with Wings72
Megan StaffelThe Yes Column51
Marija StajicSparrows61
Marija StajicBucket of Fat64
Marija StajicSister66
Marija StajicSirens71
Marija StajicGolden-Grip Gun74
Kara Allison Stambachfrom “Miami Water Tribe”50
Ben SteinInstruction53
Eugene SteinThe Reunification of Germany and Other Stories27
Eugene SteinThe Barn Fire41
J.J. SteinfeldThe Oldest Magic Trick in the Book…Revisited66
M.G. StephensThe Mood58
D. E. StewardAfternoon14
D. E. StewardPierre20/21
D. E. StewardHeathrow24
D. E. StewardSeptiembre37/38
D. E. StewardJulie48
Jan StinchcombMethod Ghoul70
Daniel StolarTwenty Years Later57
Daniel StolarGraham’s BuckOnline 6
Marc StoneOld Campus Dreams75
Darrell StoverRum Funk73
Laren StoverPiece of Blue39/40
Emma StraubSoap56
MaryAnn SuehleThe Encyclopaedia Gesland44
Ellen SummersOne Foot in Heaven35
Matthew Summers-SparksKinderCare47
Irene SveteStill Life Without Monsters47
Irene SveteThe Wake55
Gladys SwanThe Bath Tub42
Jon SwanTransactions48
Roberta Metz SwannSon Days20/21
Royston SwarbrookePenis Envy42


Julia TagliereCasting Stones70
Julia Hager TagliereThe KnotOnline 2
Fumiki TakahashiGrown-Ups Don’t Give Way [tr. Toshiya Kamei]72
Yoshiro TakayasuWild Cherry Trees [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]70
Elizabeth TallentThe Rain, the Doves, and Tangerines12/13
Max TalleyWe’re Here to Protect You73
Jenniey TallmanGertrude is Gay59
Caleb TankersleyGodzilla Girl64
Charles A. TaorminaThe Madness12/13
Art TaylorPrecision61
David A. TaylorSpecial Economic Zone – Shantou53
David A. TaylorLovely, Dark and Deep61
David A. TaylorHumane Society71
Liza Nash TaylorWe Have Fun45
Liza Nash TaylorConfab66
Ross TaylorA Memorable Fantasy45
Soumya TejamOccupational Hazard75
Susan TepperGlue56
Susan TepperWedding58
Susan TepperA Year Is a Long Time60
Susan TepperSon of Leon64
Susan TepperFloods61
Susan TepperNobody Misses Anyone66
Susan TepperAfrica . . . then    [Novel Excerpt]72
Susan TepperDouble Life75
Andrea TetrickJimmy Veneer42
Alexander Therouxfrom Laura Warholic47
Richard ThomasTinkering with the Moon58
James F. ThompsonButterfly BBQ Sauce48
Sheila ThorneThe Museum of Rooms66
Angel ThreattBela Lugosi’s Dead51
Jessica TreatListing51
Jessica TreatTeacup51
Kenneth R. Timmermanfrom The Wren Hunt15/16
Kenneth R. TimmermanNothing is Easy20/21
Kenneth Tindallfrom “Pignon”30/31
Varsha TiwaryA Pear a Day (and Other Proverbial Truths)71
Sally TonerTermites60
Sally TonerIn a Different Key61
Sally TonerPicklebacks66
Lee A. TonouchiSex and the Holy City57
Kate TooleyThe End of the World is the Original Femme Fatale74
Faerl TorresPrimed75
Virgie TownsendWarm and Disloyal62
M. Kaat ToyGetting Even25/26
M. Kaat ToyWhat is News?54
M. Kaat ToyEntering Atlantis71
Mark TrachtmanThe Band3
Mark TrachtmanSea Stories6
An TranThe Message of My Skin61
Letitia TrentThe Dancer54
Karen TrimbathMysterious Players, Those Failed Prayers53
Mary TruittGravity30/31
Mary TruittUnder the Circumstances32/33
Yasumi TsuharaAquapolis [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]75
Christina TudorThe Girl with the Third Leg Online 6
Meg TuiteThy Blood is Cold60


Roz Kuehn UnruhSuburban Window (from “VariousStates of Undress”)57
Lee UptonThe Peaceable Kingdom24
Lee UptonInsurance30/31
Lee UptonAlice Doesn’t50
Lee UptonPerformance Review53
Lee UptonWhat Doesn’t Kill You Makes Me Stronger58
Kevin UrickPortraits of Marcy7
Kevin UrickTo Those Who Can Handle Success8
Kevin UrickA Gatekeeper’s Lament12/13


Rita Valenciafrom “Thirteen-Story Woman”25/26
Gretchen A. Van LenteBlack Water Bridge66
William Van WertThe Anxiety of Influence30/31
Rene Georg VasicekThe City of Machines59
r. g. vasicekNovel #13872
Katherine VazA Simple Affair48
Katherine VazEaten Songbird Claws Way Out of Hawk75
David VeroneseA Boy in Need55
Judy ViertelBecoming Steadily Denser57
Judy ViertelJune Picnic58
Ursula Villarreal-MouraHoneymoon in Zagreb, 200964
Donna D. VitucciSnowbound50
Donna D. VitucciShelter68
Donna D. VitucciBoy Noise73
Donna D. VitucciThe Divorce AntlersOnline 6
Lisa VogelThe Museum of This55
Jacqueline VogtmanAs She Waited62


Ken WaldmanScientific Cuisine37/38
Ann WahlmanSix-Shooter59
Julie Wakeman-LinnThe Kitchen Closes at 760
Christopher WalshSubstantial Collections45
Sheila WalshRe: Our Third Quarter Game Plan66
Dave WardRoom10
Josh WardripAqid66
Barrett WarnerConfirmation30/31
Barrett Warner“Ha Fucking Ha”60
Elizabeth WarrenLast Year’s Model57
Jesse WatersIntelligence66
Jesse WatersWatching Superman Leave Home, Not in Love, Alone66
Carolyn WatsonThe Conductor73
Vallie Lynn WatsonThat Doesn’t Sleep, That Never Sleeps60
Vallie Lynn WatsonThe Dead You’ve Left64
Riggin WaughA Little Pagan Holiday39/40
Carolyn WeaverCelia’s Bridegroom41
Colin David WebbThe Argument11
Colin David WebbBeige12/13
Colin David Webbfrom “26”20/21
Katharine WeberShooting in Sequence47
Susan WeinbergMasters of the Universe32/33
Susan WeinbergIn Training35
Nancy WelchNever Was75
Tim WendelJamie’s Car44
Tim WendelThe Handy Man48
Tim WendelSnowDays73
Tim WendelSuspensionOnline 2
Stan Lee WerlinVietnam Vortex Sutra68
Stan Lee WerlinThese Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For72
Stan Lee WerlinThe Poster Girl75
Stan Lee WerlinAll the Days We WhirledOnline 3
Katherine WestA Good Hand64
Paul WestBolivians Are Getting Shorter61
Tom WhalenThe Enchanted Forest25/26
Tom WhalenPromenade37/38
Tom Whalenfrom “The Secret Correspondence: A Novel of Novels”61
Tom WhalenThe Professor74
Kathleen WheatonAnimal Control66
Theodore WheelerShame Cycle62
Shannon Connor WinwardBabyCake64
Curtis Whitefrom America’s Magic Mountain41
Elizabeth Keller WhitehurstThe Leg45
Paula WhymanAnother Story57
Paula WhymanJump61
Dallas WiebeSkyblue’s Essay on Dying51
Sally WildeNo One Knows You’re a God 55
Sally Wildefrom House of Beef: Chapter 170
Charles WilderFailure of the Heart6
Charles WilderA Maiden Lady of Color12/13
Michael WildingThe Falcon15/16
Michael WildingMarket Forces42
Michael WildingMaster Class54
Diane WilliamsThe Brilliants39/40
Sarah Louise WilliamsOut of the Atlas43
Sue WilliamsWhere the Apple Rolls55
C. Jenise WilliamsonFirst LightOnline 5
Jim WilliamsonPitch Pipe42
D. Harlan WilsonDisney Reanimated50
Kathy WilsonThe Overlook74
Keith R. WilsonCleaning the Smoking Room55
Jenni WiltzIntegers and Atoms60
Terence WinchThe Age of Transition25/26
Mark WinegardnerThe Batting Cage37/38
Bess WinterFour Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds57
Donald WinterCalculated Response4
Tim WirkusApiary55
Francine WitteLady Macbeth at the Nail Salon Online 5
Francine WitteWe Used to be YoungOnline 5
Francine WitteSome Things Are Best ForgotOnline 5
Valerie WohlfeldThe Dead One30/31
Kelly WolfeBeautiful Bicuspid68
Anne-E. WoodTheater of the Sea56
William Crawford WoodsAvailable Light20/21
Kirby WrightLeg of Jen62
Andrea WyattHe’s Crazy, Everybody Said71
Brennen WysongThe Fox and the Nest58
Brennen WysongThe First One58
Geoff WyssArms56



Jennifer YacovissiSandoval70
Jennifer YacovissiThe AppointmentOnline 4
Brigit Kelly YoungThe Raccoon Chronicles56
Tim G. YoungThe Real PhotoOnline 4
Tim G. YoungStarry NightOnline 5
Vonetta YoungAs Far Away71
Christina YuThe Girls of Sigma Psi53
Lidia YuknavitchIf Patti Smith was Jesus43
Lidia YuknavitchEight by Ten Glossies50


Shellie ZachariaThe Arborist Shows Up on Saturday Afternoon56
Hananah ZaheerListening for Storms64
Tara Isabel ZambranoNo Man’s Land68
Margaret Zamos-MonteithThe Monument of Great Lies58
mckenzie zalopanyStamp Bingo71
Timothy ZilaThing-in-itself62
Theodora ZiolkowskiThe Littlest Puck58
Theodora ZiolkowskiLily ExitsOnline 6
Theo ZizkaHer Designs on Me66
Bonnie ZoBellDog Girl66
Mary Kay ZuravleffThe One That Got Away35
Mary Kay ZuravleffSide Effects58