Death in Equality

Read Lucinda’s story in the April 98 Barcelona Review

Vermont: Home of Lousy Sex, the May 1998 Oyster Boy Review

As Editor

Sex & Chocolate: Tasty Morsels for Mind and Body ed. by Lucinda Ebersole & Richard Peabody ISBN 0-931181-21-6
ltd. to 1000cc, 343pp (due 2/14/2006)

Conversations with Gore Vidal (Literary Conversations Series) (w/Richard Peabody) forthcoming 2005, University Press of Mississippi

Mondo James Dean (w/Richard Peabody) – 1996

Women, Creativity and the Arts – with Diane Apostolos-Cappadonna – 1995

Coming to Terms: A Literary Response to Abortion (w/Richard Peabody) – 1995

Mondo Marilyn (w/Richard Peabody) – 1995

Mondo Elvis (w/Richard Peabody) – 1994

Mondo Barbie (w/Richard Peabody) – 1993

Gargoyle Magazine – #39-51 (ongoing)


Elvis + Marilyn: 2X Immortal Rizzoli features Lucinda’s essay.

Rain Taxi, Fall 1998, carried Lucinda’s essay on Margurerite Duras