The Divorce Antlers

The divorce antlers still wore their felt, as we plucked one another from our incipient grooves. Clicked to zero like some doomsday clock and we banjo-ed up to perform Mandolin Wind, all cozy, hot, and azure to the bone. Crazy churned inside me until all I could swallow were dry crackers. Such is a love affair’s start. Then you lovingly, piece-meal, introduced to me pancakes and blueberries and broiled cod. Stars of our show, the chef and the feasting, the courtyard leaves clacking with wind that lifted.

Donna Vitucci’s work has appeared in print and online since 1990. Her most recent novel, ALL SOULS, is published by Magic Masterminds Press, as are her previous 3 books. After years living in the Midwest, she now makes a home in North Carolina, enjoying nearby grandsons and an extended growing season for cherished gardens.