Richard Peabody, EOS Ensemble director Jonathan Sheffer, Lucinda Ebersole. Photo by Harry Lowe.
Gargoyle‘s 1990 wake.
Jenn Strangeway with Maja Prausnitz, Gargoyle‘s London editor from 1988-1990 and again from 1997-2000.

Gargoyle magazine celebrates 
35 years of literary activity!

We had a great celebration of Gargoyle‘s 35th anniversary on February 3, 2011, during the 2011 AWP conference, at the Artisphere Dome Theater in Rosslyn, VA.

Above (left to right): Gregg Shapiro, Barbara DeCesare, Maya Sonenberg, Richard Peabody, Nani Power and Venus Thrash hang out after reading at the Gargoyle 35th anniversary event, 2011.
Venus Thrash
Nani Power
Dan Stolar
Barbara DeCesare
Gregg Shapiro

Venus Thrash, Nani Power, Dan Stolar, Barbara DeCesare, and Gregg Shapiro read from their works at Gargoyle‘s 35th anniversary event.

In the wake of this and related events, the Washington Post Magazine published what a colleague has called “a lovely and long-overdue profile of (Gargoyle publisher) Richard Peabody, who does so much and then some to tirelessly promote, publicize and shape Washington writers and writing”:

“I just want to say that I’m happy to see Richard Peabody‘s many contributions to DC writers recognized in the Washington Post. I took a writing class with him at the Writer’s Center over 10 years ago and it was one of the best experiences I ever had in a writing workshop. He has a way of inspiring writers to do work that transcends the self-editing mind, as well as a fail-proof BS detector. I wish he still taught at the Writer’s Center.”

Sheila Walsh