Gargoyle staff, 1998—front: Lucinda Ebersole, Richard Peabody, Casey Kane, Kris Kane; 
back: Maja Prausnitz, Sandra Tharumalingam.
Gargoyle staff, 1980: Richard Peabody, Zenon Slawinski, Gretchen Johnsen.

Gargoyle staff, 1999: Richard Peabody, Lucinda Ebersole, Maja Prausnitz.

The mag was always an eclectic mix of graphics, interviews, reviews and poetry and fiction, and was legendary for changing format from issue to issue. There were four cassette issues with music and spoken word performances by everybody from Chemlab’s Jared Hendrickson and Baltimore’s gothic folk group Lambs Eat Ivy, to poets as diverse in terms of style as Rosmarie Waldrop, Maxine Clair, Reuben Jackson, and Silvana Straw, and fiction writers like Carmen Delzell. Now edited by Richard Peabody and Lucinda Ebersole, who look forward to continuing the Gargoyle tradition.