Gargoyle #68
Cover Art for Gargoyle #68: House (collage, 2004) by Star Black.

Gargoyle #68

Contents of our latest issue:





Nancy Naomi Carlson • Until I Die of Something Else

Irene Fick • The Wishful Entrepreneur

Chelsea Morningstar • Bubbles

Daniel Mueller • Antivenom

D.E. Steward • Off the Beach

Debbie Urbanski • Verb (Usually Used with Object)

Kelli Allen • An Asterisk for the Weather

• The Mountain Loon Tells a Story for Lovers

David Alpaugh • Secret/Life

• Miles/Fucker

Jocko Benoit • Filtered Sunlight

• All Out of Bubble Gum

• Godzilla vs. the Economist

Roy Bentley • Zenowich and Raymond Carver

Shinjini Bhattacharjee • Polaroid

• Paper Theatre

Paula Bonnell • Park Street Station

Ann Bracken • The Mental Health Box

• Branded

Shirley J. Brewer • Wedding Dress

• Annie O

Chris Bullard • Ode to Stupidity

Doritt Carroll • EEG

Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-Orafai • Spell for the Hive

• Spell for Drained Public Pools

• The Gone, the Disappeared

Alan Chazaro • Pi.ata Theory #2

• Leaving Footprints on Waterfalls

• Using Google Translation in Mexico

Grant Clauser • Coat of Arms

• Ode to the Half-Dead Bear on the Way to Defiance

Katharine Coles • Fine Dining

• Endure

Robert Cooperman • The Newlyweds

Kathleen Corcoran • Cures and Charms

Barbara Crooker • Martini

• Why I Love Being Married to a Chemist

Gregory Crosby • Walking Away From Explosions in Slow Motion

Dana Curtis • Bedroom Lights

Jim Daniels • Elegy for Phone Booth

• Phone Booth, Eight Mile and Ryan

Mark DeCarteret • Nerval

• Not to One’s Taste

• The One Absent from All

Barbara DeCesare • Poem Employing Somewhat Cheap Metaphor to Describe My Anxiety about Public Performance

• Other Son

Matt Dennison • Barbarians

Deborah Elliott Deutschman • The Last Generation Before Zyprexa

• Night Library: Marcel Broodthaers

Liz Dolan • White Space

M. Scott Douglass • Finding Iowa

• Math Don’t Lie

• Sunset Over Suburbia

• You Know These Roads

George Drew • Romancing Lamentation on the Ides of March

David Ebenbach • Not Long After the War, There Was Another War

• Be the Change

• Hanukkah

• Disappearing Cities

Kari Ann Ebert • I Caught a Train to Dublin Once

• By Chance One Night, I Met a Man Named Sunday

Meg Eden • Purity Conference

• North Carolina Historic Home Festival

Cathryn Essinger • Namaste

Dave Essinger • Poetry à Bears

Jean Esteve • Bubbleland

Lane Falcon • Crescent

Gary Fincke • Contagious (A Sequence)

Jared Frank • The Following Program Contains Theatrical Recreations

• The Growing Season

Christien Gholson • Bodies, Waiting

• Job Interview

Sid Gold • Point

• Three

• Dream

Eric Greinke • Summertime Blues

Jim Gross • The Let Go

• The Light Applause

• One for the Ph.D.

• One for Bukowski

Michael Gushue • Ennui

Hedy Habra • Or How Could he Ever Win the Heart of Any Woman?

• Vanishing Point

Alan Harawitz
• Eternal Paradise

• Sexy Names

Johnny Hartner
• Attack of the 50-Foot Woman Redux

• Welcome to My Kibosh

Timothy Houghton • Hoarding

J. Howard • Application: More Than the Sum of Things

Nancy Iannucci • My Love in Ring Years

Donald Illich • Temporarily Human

Bruce A. Jacobs • Perfect Game

• Playing Footsie

• Relief

Brad Johnson • Buddha Looking Thin

Jeffrey N. Johnson • The Immigrant

Richard Jones • The Hayrick

George Kalamaras • Tonight at the Five Spot

• So Many Roads

• Bread Enough

• Lantern-Lit

• Lost Heart of the Hound

• Just When I Thought I’d Finished Describing All the Photos of the President’s Hounds, I Come Across This Shot of a Reporter and Johnson’s Dog, Him

Stephen Kessler • On Bookshop Slopes

• Garage Elegies 22

• Garage Elegies 8

Rose Knapp • Poie e Sista

• Harper’s Poem #1

Luisa Kolker • Artemis in Taos

• D.H. Lawrence Memorial

• White Shell Woman

• The Tearing Apart

Laurie Kolp • Bumper Stickers

Beth Konkoski • Winter Rounds

Lyn Lifshin • From Lips, Blues, Blue Lace: On the Outside

• Upstate NY, in the House I’m in Rarely These Last 12 Years

• Nothing Gold Can Fly

• How Unlike Frost’s Country, Virginia Square

• Hot Muggy Afternoon on Main Street

• On the Day of the Bombing

• The Mad Girl Dreams of Morocco

• The Sadness, the Beauty of White Trillium

Edwin Madrid • Young Lady at Lunch

• Any Other Flesh

• Turkey Dead for Love

• Word Pepper

Saundra Rose Maley • All the Sun in a Golden Cup

• Miss America, 1951

Stephen Malin • Morning Drill

Aoife Mannix • Reconstruction

• How To Go

• Paranoia

• Simple Directions

Michael Mark • Goodbye to the Tecopa Pupfish

Richard Martin • Pathetic Love Poem

Susan H. Maurer • Orlando 2016

Miles David Moore • Man on Terrace with Wine, Recalling a Line from Hermann Hesse

Elisabeth Murawski • Portrait: Mademoiselle Knitting

• Unexpected Point of Intersection

Sheryl L. Nelms • Summer Was

Amanda Newell • Elastration

• The Black and White of Him in His Wetsuit

Annette Oxindine • On Matter

January Pearson • Cold Ease

Kate Peper • Love Is an Airborne Thing

• What the Witch Told Me

Michael Pontacoloni • Happy Birthday

Barbara Ann Porte • Why Old Women Leave Their Money to Art Museums

Ana Prundaru • Away

• Indian Summer

Kathleen M. Quinlan • Ritornello

Charles Rammelkamp • Swann’s Way

• Tyranny Has a Witness

Michael Ratcliffe • Thoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac

Alan C. Reese • A Station of the Cross

Virginia Smith Rice • pre : light

• Derelict, Kerosene

• Glass Flight

• Begin with a Diamond (Weld, Welt)

William Rivera • In Love

Kim Roberts • The Fiji Merman

Stephen R. Roberts • Pineapple Western with Slow Posse

Cathryn Shea • A Marriage Next Door

Gregory Sherl • In the Dining Hall at the OCD Center at Cedar Ridge

Gary Stein • The Stuttering Anesthesiologist

• Teegarden’s Star

Kurt Steinwand • Pantone Library of Color

• Free Huey

Holly Stone • The Little Snow Globe Place in Our Society

Adrienne Su • Home Baker

• Mobility

Marc Swan • Wild West

Jason Tandon • Memory

Adam Tavel • How to Write a Nature Poem

• Smear

Sally Toner • Prom Afternoon

• When Your Healthiest Relationship Is with the GPS

Erick Verran • Maiden Voyage

Michael Waters • McSorley’s (1969)

• Psychological Sit-Up

Anne Pierson Wiese • Bird on Barck Street

• Out of Reach

Pamela Murray Winters • Oliver Schroer’s Last Invention

• Fifty-Five

• Carom

• Altogether

Rob Winters • Make Way for Ducklings

Valerie Wohlfeld • Hive

• Horse Latitudes

Emma Sky Wolf • Familiar

Michele Wolf • Runaway

• Homeless

Andrea Wyatt • Mark Rothko’s Paintings

• Galesville

• 1919

Ed Zahniser • No More Duct Tape Solutions

• Dear Heloise, Dear Abby, Dear Someone

• If They Ask You


Isaac James Baker • Bury Me in Smoke

Tom Ball • At the Disturbing Goat Bar

Lucy Biederman • A Cabinet

Linda Blaskey • Breath

Charles Ciccoretti • Hey

Don Dussault • Not Better Late

CM Dupre • Sea & Sand or the Exchanges at City Station North

James Dye • The Empty Room

Julie Eill • Dead Girls

Alison Fairbrother • The Shield

Seth Fischer • Our Most Frequent Requests

Vishwas R. Gaitonde • The English Widow

Andrew Gretes • Artie and the Veil of Maya

Cyndy Hendershot • While My Skin Rots Away

Robert Hinderliter • The Leprechaun

LA Lantz • Hair of the Dog

Raima Larter • The Initiate

Christine Ma-Kellams • Dave

Mark Maxwell • Thin Places

Jen Michalski • Greater Good

Teresa Burns Murphy • The Tree House

Eric Andrew Newman • Down the Mississippi

Janet Olsonbaker • Only Memory

Meredith Pond • Anniversary Party with Gatsby in Mind

Nickalus Rupert • The Worst Mile

Curt Saltzman • The Observer and the Observed

Nick Sansone • Weekends

John Saul • Tapas

Sonia Scherr • First Kill

Beate Sigriddaughter • Snapshots of the Wife of the Man Who Wouldn’t Dance

Curtis Smith • Playground

Donna D. Vitucci • Shelter

Stan Lee Werlin • Vietnam Vortex Sutra

Kelly Wolfe • Beautiful Bicuspid

Tara Isabel Zambrano • No Man’s Land



laudanum at 33 • Goodbye Jane



Allen Forrest • Clandestine Service

• City Life, in Transit

• City Life, Cyclist

• London Noir, #1

• London Noir, #3

Marilyn Stablein • Cloud Boat in Rising Seas

• Thinking of Her

• Zebra Collage

Kelly Cressio-Moeller • Christ, Discarded

• Italian Cypress Surfaces

• The Century Plant Remembers Ruth Asawa

• Palm Dunk

• Jesus Takes a Break from the World

• Lemon Fingers


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