Gargoyle 19
cover photos by Richard Peabody (2) and Brian Sheridan
publication date 2/8/1982

Wonder Block

Eric Baizer

for Susan Coleman

it’s construction workers waving to passersby
acknowledging the common bond
shared by all who are able to get up early

it’s muscle guy jogging with a collie
who signed no agreement
to be the hip pup of Dupont Circle

it’s tire bassline backing
divinely syncopated leaf rustlings

it’s only the grand maple saving face
while the magnates & GS 98’s
put out a contract on the entire world

it’s 5 carloads per minute of rushers
to situations I’d like to check out

it’s couples en route to the Rendezvous Backpack
starring Wine, Avocados, Towels, & Jung

it’s ghastly screams in the alley
of elegant young men having too good a time

it’s a family on bicycles
glowing from the right vitamins
til rain angers down on their cat guarded home