Gargoyle 51
Cover by Patricia Storms
Published 9/7/2006


Sandy Florian

A frivolous fancy. And. A perverse presumption. A bizarre unreason on a zero topic held by persons of impressionistic tendencies. Or. A vision. A phantom. Fantastic. Also, a cross or an asterisk. As My head is full of windmills. Or. I have thoughts of you on my half-wit mind. For. A wind chime. A windfall. A wind instrument. As. An oboe. A trumpet. Or. A flute. More so. A mill in machinery blown by breezes that act upon its sails. And. A device used in flat districts for pumping still waters. But. If you become harnesser of Gods guilty of shaping the shapeless earth, I am harnessed only by the Goddess of Discordia. Good fortune is guiding my affairs. And. In the distance I see forty enormous Giants with whom I intend to do battle. For. It is a great service to God to remove so evil a breed from the rounder faces.

A fan, a blower, a draft, a leaf. A propeller, a ventilator, a thermantidote. As. A cooling medicine used to tame this heat. Or. A fan fixed in a window and incased in wet tatties. As. Screens of kuskus grass.

Generally, a style of bowling with overarm delivery. Necessarily, an airscrew. Literally. A toy consisting of crossshaped cards fixed at the end of a stick. As. I going to the store and buy my child a windmill they sells made of paper. Or. To fly in the face of convention. As. She was a wild outward lass who enjoyed her youth with freedom and flung her shawl far over the windmill. Or. Over the rainbow. For. If you become the harnesser of the greater Gods, I stand every which way prepared to entertain fight. As. A windmill airplane flies over the English channel. And. I await the day your windmilly arms and angry eyes do fall.