A Beginners Guide to Poetry

See the poet run
Run poet run
Watch the poet jump
Jump poet jump
See the poet stumble
Fall down poet fall
Hear the poet scream
Scream poet scream
The poet cries
Cry poet cry
The poet is drunk
Drink poet drink
The poet is dead
Die poet die
That’s the way
The way we do it
What have we learned?
by Tom DiVenti

Cloud Cover

Every cloud
A silver lining
Every silver lining
A very expensive coat
Head in the clouds
I can’t see the sun
The fog lifts
I must stop this
Cloudy thinking

Tom DiVenti is a poet, songwriter, musician, singer, member of the T T Tucker Band, Founder of Apathy Press, and presence on the Baltimore Literary scene for close to 40 years. He was a contributor to Music Gigs Gone Wrong (Paycock Press, 2022) and recently edited and published Baltimorology (Apathy Press, 2023).