Snow Storm II

John Ramo — gtrs
Zenon Slawinski–keyboards
Recorded March 1984
at Sonic Images, Washington DC

Tina Fulker (1954-1992) was an English/Irish poet. We published her Jukebox poetry volume in 1980. And when she visited DC for a whirlwind week in March 1984 there were readings at the Writer’s Center (their 2nd location on Sangamore Rd.), the Art Barn in Rock Creek Park, the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Md., and Irene Rouse’s bookshop in Alexandria, VA. Grace Cavalieri interviewed Tina for “The Poet and the Poem” radio show.  And some of her poems were recorded at Sonic Images (when they were located in Adams-Morgan). The result was Tender Hooks, a 30-minute audio cassette, released in 1986.  “Snow Storm II” is one of the tracks from those sessions. I gathered a combination of her new and old work for Loose Change, published by Bogg editors/publishers John Elsberg and George Cairncross in 1995.