The terrorists were flabbergasted to discover their hijacked passengers were crash test dummies.  We sit perfectly still, in character, nonplussed by their terrifying shouts, their terrifying guns shoved so abruptly under our noses. We sit so totally unresponsive even the targets on the sides of our heads don’t move, our mouths fixed in a permanent zip. We refuse to be high value, or have any value at all. The terrorists throw up their hands in frustration, ditch the plane in the desert & walk off into the sunset, into the crosshairs of the drones circling above. Our sighs at last uncase our plastic faces now that we’re no longer victims, just men in costume in transit to the crash test dummy con. We don’t praise god or the government for our release. We simply defer to the wisdom of our imagined selves.

Roger W. Hecht’s books include Talking Pictures (Cervena Barva Press) and two chapbooks: Lunch at the Table of Opposites (Red Dancefloor Press) and Witness Report (Finishing Line Press). His poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, Diagram, Puerto del Sol, A-Minor, Book of Matches, Redactions, Gargoyle, and many other journals. He is an Associate Professor of English at SUNY, Oneonta, where he helps direct the Red Dragon Reading Series.