7 bullets, that

ran through a father’s


while his children

sat in the back seat.

2 handcuffs tied

him to the bed

so he can’t run away.

Many hearts broken

Cost is


Numbers and time,
Time and numbers

How long is a scream?
How long is a nightmare?
How long is a heartbreak?

(Unrevised, read at Machar coffeehouse Feb 2021)

The Motorcycle

For this entire year, the plague year,
Whenever I looked outside my window,
I would see the motorcycle, waiting by
The curb.
One morning, I looked out and it was

Sometime during the night, perhaps,
Someone had taken the motorcycle.

It’s been 3 days now- still no motorcycle.

Will it return?
Will we return?
We don’t know.

Renée Weitzner taught children with special needs,particularly in the field of special education: emotional disturbances. She is currently tutoring children and adults in reading, writing and executive functioning. It is a pleasure, and an honor, to once again be a part of the Gargoyle family.