Gargoyle 19
cover photos by Richard Peabody (2) and Brian Sheridan
publication date 2/8/1982

New Wave

David Sheridan

   That’s right
Tease him
   O Jesus,
OK. Dissolve to the window.
Close in on the frost crystal.
Overhead now of the little kid
drawing a fish in the yard dust,
humming, sunshine, still safe
from brainlock
        nuke Iran
        kill the nigger.
Voiceover (Nastassia):
Error comes from an old root-
meaning to wander about looking for something.
Cut. Mavis,
slowly now, from the top,
unbutton your blouse,
easy, easy,
now unhook your brassiere.
Draw him into you,
make that throaty sound you make.
Voiceover (Richardson):
We strive to construct intelligibility out of random experience.
Guide him down between your thighs, Mavis,
between your mimosa-scented thighs.
Interviewer:    Are you making a statement with
                        your work?
Director:         Statement? Honey, put down that he
                        obstinately questions sense and outward
Mavis:             Long desired, mes enfants, the journey