Mallards On The Washington Channel

twice a day, the river sprays
surge through the gates of Inlet Bridge

winter mornings attend the drakes
dabbling ducks, green heads,
sail through the drink
pluck snails and slugs
caught in the shoreline grass

afternoons and late thrusting
tide swings wide the gate
flows into the Channel,

sends the mallard flight
into the air
under the gulls
that sweep the gray December sky.

Andrea Wyatt’s  books include Three Rooms (Oyez), Poems of the Morning, Poems of the Storm (Oyez), Founding Fathers: Book One (Llanfair), The Movies (Jawbone), Jurassic Night (White Dot), and Baseball Nights (Renaissance). She coedited Selected Poems by Larry Eigner (Oyez), Collected Poems by Max Douglas (White Dot), and The Brooklyn Reader (Random House). Wyatt works for the National Park Service in the maintenance division and is working on her first volume of short stories.