Gargoyle 27
cover photo Rainer Werner Fassbinder/Hannah Schygulla publication date 10/13/1985

Jeffy Liked the Way the Robot Flexed Its Mechanical Claw . . .

Wayne Kline

From out of town, Commission hired
stainless outlaw shine-skin to gogo
at Annual Robot Preaching & Claw-Flexing Exhib . . .

Carted to pre-show Maple Lane Reception, Robot was cool
even indifferent to hostess Evans, though she had footed
hefty expense for complimentary ices and an x-ray photo
of the perfect audience . . .

     "Robot tell about itself, say, will it?" Evans ask . . .

Finally the robot replied . . .
     "Robod heat water for coffee, rescue ‘kittens from
          bounding clasp of voracious zipper’ (zipper)
      Robod ‘is the claw’ who dwells is dwelt ‘into the house’
          fo good, fo damn sure, the peptic tidal flush verbositing:
      Caput mortuum ‘du former dash, cooperative Robod lies
          belle-ing the foof, the foof’ is a wall fixture
      and the wall ‘is a pity support . . .’ ngyaaact . . .
          THE CLAW THE CLAW works for no living, works for no
      hot-collared boss. Shy of Shoulder, or Cheap of Chin
          CLAW MAN SOCK AN REEL’EM IN . . ."

Maple Lane crowd is not without many claps
throughout Robot Reception . . .
Barbara like the way robot moved its mechanical
arm Bill like the way the bucketbrain wiggle mechanical
toes Boy Randolph like the way the damn thang bashed
Clubby Lime, the way it "rubbin on the tracks"
Beaveer like the day it show and say
     "Let make it Robot Day!"
Looby like the way the wobot blink eyes
Peter like the way it glub drink
Marsha de Barry like the way dr obot
      "It impossible to tell!"
Handi like the way tbr obot mash down telephone
Eberbody like wat dat sucker do . . .

Jeffy watch from sideline, like see through tiger window
wat dat obot do. e like the way dat sucker do move
it mechanical ahm
Jeffy git so wild wen he see it he say
      "it so much, it so much . . . I
           Like dat Kanical Arm Claw Flex!"

Note: Jeffery attended that night’s event with his grandparents
           and sister Illiatar; somehow the older couple got lost,
           leaving the children to view the show without the moderating
           influence of adult supervision . . .

Still hot from morning reception, Jeffy and sis quickly
score night show front seat row and park dere
to witness preaching but the way it he liked best
was when dr obot talked yabba yabba it flexed
mechaNIACal claw go VRRRPT VRRRPT
an open an close . . .

Everybody knew wat dye like an say           "Yah, We like it!"
but Jeffy know how he like best kanikal hold de cigarette
chop nose off evil spirit, can flex like nobody business
people hands are kool but Jeffy watchin obot VRRRPT VRRRPT
say "Man O Man!" like somethin was being borned
or crawlin outa a tree . . .