And the picture had a caption, and the caption read:
You belong with the wildflowers,
Yet, in my slightly twisted mind, cynically bent- I think:
Does that mean he thinks I should get buried?
Naw. Just a phase, I tell myself, just a phase.
Look at the colors and tell me beauty is beyond
the conceptions or contrivances of words.
Unless it’s a song about love or a poem about death
Or a picture by the cavepeople who made due
With the daily genius of survival
The fire was a greeting place, consume the hunt, poke a child
With a friendly stick
The caption of the cave picture read
Nothing is dead
Even if you are unable see it.

J.D. Brayton is an author currently residing in the National Capitol area. He believes great fiction is simply an organized lie between naps, and poetry readings should replace school prayer.