Gargoyle 24
Cover photo by Moki Publication date 3/5/1984

Finding The Masculine Principle in Babyshit

Rod Tulloss

4 hours cleaning the oven; then David emptied shitty diapers in crib
after his nap. Strangely I am full of love for everyone.

Now David and I dance to the Beatles. He’s got another shit in his pants.
My new brown corduroys catch under my heels. My floppy Greek sweater
waves on my arms. I do high kicks. I am agile! And I can clean the shit! "Bullet-headed Saxon mother’s son." I love you all.

Einstein was right
nothing can surpass
the speed of heart
Living in this love
is like
life in the air
like spores that travel ten thousand miles
like the words of saints
like the eyeglint of saintly children
carried ten million years
like the neutral network of the mastodon
like the dire wolf’s tender kiss
like the ground sloth who yearned through the Pleistocene
for a woman’s lips
It is love in the midst of the double helix
like a mote that falls in a bowl of flowers
I take the great leaf from my belly
oh, chromosome jellybeans

baby turds
the Great Eternal Tao

is left undone.

in every lover’s heart
Orville and Wilbur Wright
play in the sand naked
at Kitty Hawk.