When was Gargoyle started?

We started publication in 1976. For more information, check out the about page.

Who publishes Gargoyle?

Gargoyle is published annually in the USA by Paycock Press.

How can I contact Gargoyle?
Contact us at:
Richard Peabody
3819 13th St N
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-380-4893

E-mail: rchrdpeabody9@gmail.com

How and when can I submit material to be considered for publication in Gargoyle?
Our next reading period, for Gargoyle #70, will begin on June 1, 2018. We will accept/reject until full. There will be a Submittable tool on our website on June 1, 2018; please do not submit anything before then.

What are your guidelines?
Gargoyle has never had guidelines during its entire history. We don’t believe in them. If you don’t find your answer here on the FAQ page, feel free to e-mail us any questions you might have.

What types of work do you publish?
The best work we can obtain. Work we can live with. Work we can read 20 times and still get a kick out of. We’ve never had a theme issue and doubt we ever will. Obviously, we want the best poem or story you will ever write. We’re not fans of the same-old/same-old and tend to publish works that are bent or edgy.

How much does Gargoyle pay authors?
Contributors are paid with one copy of the issue in which their work appears (we offer contributors additional copies at 1/2 cover price). Gargoyle reserves Electronic Archival Rights and the right to reprint material in a “best of” anthology. All other rights revert to individual contributors upon publication. Gargoyle appears in the Humanities International Complete and the Index of American Periodical Verse and is also available from University Microfilms.

How much does Gargoyle cost?
Price per single issue varies. Subscriptions are $30/2 issues to individuals, $40/2-yr. for institutions. Sample copies are $10 each plus $2.95 shipping. Checks should be made out to Richard Peabody.

Where can I buy Gargoyle?
Gargoyle is distributed by:

  • Direct from us through this website!
  • Amazon.com
  • One More Page Books
    2200 N. Westmoreland Street #101
    Arlington, VA 22213
  • The New Pages webstore:

Who are your favorite writers?
We both like Paul Bowles and Jeanette Winterson. There are many others.

Why do you do Gargoyle?
We like discovering new poets and writers and rediscovering forgotten poets and writers. Plus, we both get a lot of pleasure out of creating an object. We both love books — the ink on the pages, the shape and feel of them. The two of us have worked in bookshops, or actually owned and operated them ourselves, for a combined total of 30+ years. We both collect books and lit mags, love to read and write, and actually believe that literature is one of the most important endeavours any human can undertake. Silly us.