Gargoyle 44
Cover photo is (c) Man Ray  
Published 12/7/2001

Chris Farley's Funeral

Mark Wisniewski

Chris Farley’s funeral
was in a church closed
to the public,
but I got in
because I
walked inor maybe because
my girlfriend looked
like Jewel.
A line

aimed at Chris & his
parents shed agents
toward coffee,
& an SNL star
eyeing my girlfriend
cut in & asked who
I was, & I said
I’d phoned

Chris about playing
the worm farmer
in my novel,
& he nodded & sipped
& stared.
2 agents away

from having to greet
the parents, my girlfriend
whispered, “I don’t think
I can do this,”
& I walked
her outside
into drizzle & wasted
of paparazzi
who were
hungry for