Gargoyle 19
cover photos by Richard Peabody (2) and Brian Sheridan
publication date 2/8/1982

Abandoned Upland Farm

David Sheridan

After drinking ironwater from the pump
We saw the fishnet of tarred rope hanging in tatters.
Maybe here’s where Noah ran aground. (guffaws)
It’s no wonder this farmer went broke,
He thought he was a fisherman. (more guffaws)
Skulking through an amazon of nettles were feral cats.
I wanted to talk with them, hear their stories.
Afternoon buzz and apple rot made me drowsy.
Stretched out beneath a trellis
I dreamt of elephants in a marmalade field,
Bare-legged girls astride them. (titter, titter)

I must jacknife back
Back into middle-age.