Gargoyle 8
cover photo by Stan Wayman
publication date 12/2/1977

Table of Contents


Andrew Darlington
• Thom Gunn–A Sense of Movement

Richard Peabody
• Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Book Reviews


Ron Androla
• Days of You

Stephen Cicciarelli
Oh Tap Dancing God I Love You

David Clarke
• Further Horizons Frantic with Detail

Bela Egyedi
• tempora mutantur
• end-of-line

Larry Eigner
any more hours Paris
For R. A.

Real Faucher
• clutching at straws

Steven Fustero
• The Day the Squirrels Ran Over the Cars

Herbert S. Guggenheim
The Image

Susan Hankla
Elegy for a Motorcycle

Gayle Elen Harvey
• but knowing . . .
•one by one . . .

Paul House
Pearls in a Glass
• Imprecise and Unimportant

Gray Jacobik
• Anniversary Poem

James Maher
North Brunswick

Sam McMillan
Sky Searching
Carnival At Midnight

Joyce Merritt

Desmond O�Brien
The Moon Is So High
• Let�s Go Out of This Dark House

Joan Papalia Williams
• – ***

Patric Pepper
• Young Man at a Shopping Center

Thomas Pride
• A Common God Divides

Mike Schultz
• !;

Judy Kastner Skillman
Old Lover Poem #54
In Sickness the Mind

Steve Sneyd
• An Imaginary Dublin

Gopal Swaminathan
• Sitting in a Corner Feeling

Jeffrey D. Talmadge
• The Only Woman in the Carolinas

Aquin Mitsuo Yamagishi
• Although She Left
• A 5-7-5 Syllable Verse
• Uncertain Day



Christine Lahey Dolega
• Mrs. Jameson (part 2)

John Feeney
• Fragments on the Genesis of a Dialectic

Colin Sargent
• A Sestina in Prose

Joseph Scovitch
• Life�s Little Party

Kevin Urick
• To Those Who Can Handle Success

Chris Rexon
• 5 photos

Zenon Slawinski
• 2 drawings

Barak Strahan
• drawing

#8 Pub date: 12/2/1977
Launch at the Writer’s Center in Glen Echo, MD.
Gray Jacobik, James Maher, and Pat Pepper read poetry.
Al Lefcowitz stepped in and read for the absent Colin Sargent.