Table of Contents


Laura Bernstein-Machlay
• Scab Girl
Alexa Bodor
• Beat
Nancy Naomi Carlson
• Baby Roulette
Wendy Besel Hahn
• How to Be a Hypocrite
Marie Manilla
• Wicked Little Games


Joel Allegretti
• Dracula in Tangier
• E Train to Forest Hills

Daniel Abbott Armstrong
• Silverfish and Glue
• Aunt Becky’s Discount Rainbow, or Threading the Eye of the Donut

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena
• Death Anniversary
• One Winter Day in Bergamo
August Barham
• Femaleium
• Her ‘little helpers’
Roy Bentley
• Easter
• Back in Baby’s Arms
Linda Blaskey
• The Salted Barn
• Elegy for Annie
Rose Mary Boehm
• A respectable mother
• Immersion
Ace Boggess
• Write This in the Morning Before Turning on the News
• Once Upon a Time
• The Other Dinosaurs
Paula Bonnell
• At Last
Barbara Swift Brauer
• Zabriskie Point
Shirley J. Brewer
• A Farewell to Cool Whip
• Endless Feast
Mary Buchinger
• Translating Edip Cansever’s poem with my friend Adam Onart
• / swift / as in “swift of clouds”
Rick Campbell
• Ash
• Burning the Railroad Tracks
• Forgetting the Nicene Creed
Patrick Chapman
• We are the Martians
• Three Kisses
Wendy Mitman Clarke
• Breakbone Fever
Grant Clauser
• How to Set a Broken Bone
Ellen Aronofsky Cole
• Advice to the Creature • Leda in Old Age
Katharine Coles
• Invisible
• Uncanny
• Magnolia
Robert Cooperman
• Beach Dream
• Spiders in the Basement
Nina Corwin
• All of It Baggage, None of It Checked
• Back Room at Bookman’s Alley
Dan Cuddy
• Stand For Peace
• On the Block, Baltimore
Deborah Elliott Deutschman
• Bill Traylor
• July 16, 1945
Beth Dulin
• Brooklyn: 1991
Tara A. Elliott
• The Fox
Robert Estes
• You Poor Bastard!

Maurice Ferguson
• By All The Light We Miss: After Reading Doerr

Irene Fick
• Behind Closed Doors
Ken Fifer
• Caravaggio’s Kimono
Gary Fincke
• Household Hints for Men
Andy Fogle
• Disillusionment Practice
• It Must Be Some Kind of Cycle
Michael J. Galko
• No Catullus of the incels
Jason Gebhardt
• Who Knows? (A poem in the Form of the State of Ohio)
Christopher T. George
• The Legend of the Green Man
• The Way I Think of Her • The Unholy Deal
Stephen Gibson
• Hans Holbein the Younger’s Portraits . . .
• On Kurt Cobain’s Guitar at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
grace (ge) gilbert’s
• After being dumped in the park I realize I’ve used Love as a fantastical & self-denying interlude
Sid Gold
• Aleph
• Fit
James Gross
• George Oppen
• “Maps” revisited
• The Corso Effect
• “Pick-up Sticks—Swampscott”
Hedy Habra
• Or Don’t be Fooled by Her Self-Righteousness Or Are Seniors Really Expendable, You Tell Me!
Ian Haight
• Visiting Bulguk Temple
• Salt Silver
Maryanne Hannan
• Aubade to April
Marc Harshman
• Tell Yourself
• Genesis Rock
Lola Haskins
• Rehearsal
• Watermelon Pond
• 100,000 Lives
• Four Panku
Roger Hecht
• The Critic at the Fair
Nina Heiser
• and here
• Visions of Daddy
John Hoppenthaler
• The Venus of Willendorf
Wendy Ingersoll
• Seek Shelter
• Doing Yardwork Post-Bypass Mid-Pandemic
Mike James
• Hitchhiking Towards the Apocalypse
• Bright Red Calendar Marks
Carol Jennings
• A New York summer: West 14th Street
• Meditation on Feet
Fur Beethoven from Elise
George Kalamaras
• Listening to the Ahmad Jamal Trio
• French Kids Imitate Dizzy Gillespie’s Cheeks in Nice
• Lester Young and Hank Jones Outside the Half Note
• The Gigolo
Stephen Kampa
• Intro to Media Studies
• The Cards
• Let Me Correct You
• “*****!”
• Victor, Spoils
Ray Keifetz
• A Deeper Shore
• Prairie Girl
John Kinsella
• Brevity
• Graphology Ratio 31: ambiquity?
Sandra Kolankiewicz
• For How Else
Gerry LaFemina
• The Birth of Punk
• Club Soda
• The Last Farmer’s Market of the Season
• Punk Coquetry, 1984
• Dog
Mary Ann Larkin
• The Wish
• Catalog Girls
• A Taste for the Absolute
Sarah Layden
• If You Must Know: Why You Shouldn’t Wear White After Labor Day?
• Dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times
• Why Your Brain Wants Cake
David Dodd Lee
• Asymptotic
Joan Leotta
• Rivertown Barge and the Long Walk Home
Linda Lerner
• That Place, April 2020
Miles Liss
• Topographies
Raymond Luczak
• Prairie Wind
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
• “Ever since I saw you in that old photo”
Elaine Vilar Madruga
• Dredging
• Amber  [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]
Clint Margrave
• Camus Takes the Train
• Monk Dies in Greece Without Ever Seeing a Woman
Mark Melnicove
• Leaving Summer Lake
Devon Miller-Dugan
• Winter Empties Her Pockets
• Borders and Deceptions
• Gravid
Nancy Mitchell
• You Should Know by Now
Tom Montag
• Two Poems from “The Woman in the Imaginary Painting”
Mary B. Moore
• The Spring House
• The Appalachian Colony for the Charitably Inclined
Miles David Moore
• Doe at a Street Corner
• His Face
Christopher Morgan
• Self-Immolation
• Composition of a Kill
Stelios Mormoris
• Donald Edward MacBean
Alice Morris
• Watercress
Therese Naccarato
• 2am
Robbie Nester
• In Madagascar

• “in late life…”
• james dean would be 90 today

Jason O’Toole
• Lawrence from Above
Kate Peper
• My Ghosts Arrive Again,
Patric Pepper
• Gentrification
Patrick Pfister
• Postcard
• Elegy for an Exile • Sky on Earth
Charles Rammelkamp
• Joyeux Noel
Radoslav Rochallyi
• When he comes out
• Life once said
Steven B. Rogers
• Inukshuk
Zack Rogow
• Bird in Flight
• Deaccessioning Chagall’s Kiss
The Kama Sutra for Senior Citizens
• When Your Name Begins with Z
David Romanda
• Chemo Hair
• She Walked the Dog
Anele Rubin
• I’d Stand with the Horses
Michael Salcman
• Yesterday’s News
Steven Schutzman
• the mistake
• A Train Has Stopped
Claire Scott
• Second Marriage
• They Don’t Make Gods Like They Used To
• Penelope’s Stormy Night
Gregg Shapiro/Denise Duhamel
• Gas Station Flowers
Gregg Shapiro
• Spirit of ‘76
• The Handwasher’s Tale
• Sonnet Habit
Martin Shapiro
• Drinking in Queens
• Reunion
Cathryn Shea
• Every Bit Mine
• Biscotti with the Taj Mahal
Sharon K. Sheppard
• Nowadays
• these geese
Beate Sigriddaughter
• Kaleidoscope
• Hope
Noel Sloboda
• Fugue
• Electricity
Ian C Smith
• Two loves, remembered, forgotten
Kurt Steinwand
• Slug Moth
• Aquarium Mom
Michael Angelo Stephens
• Mingus at the Five Spot
• Orpheus in Lesbos
Tim Suermondt
• A Beatitude
Sharon Suzuki-Martinez
• No Shit, Sherlock
• Year in Review
• Portrait of My Brain as a Jellyfish
Marc Swan
• After treatment
• Always an Unknown . . .
Adam Tavel
• The Young Riace Bronze
• Sleeping Quarters
Parker Tettleton
• WDF 964
• Two Shopping Carts
Padma Thornlyre
• The Swallows of Oia
• The Bed I Would Make for You
Sally Toner
• Airing Out
M. Kaat Toy
• Truncated Aspirations
• Denouement Harbringers
John J. Trause
• Funk Lessons for Life

Meredith Trede
Noli Timere

Barbara Ungar
• Memorial Day 2020
• In Which I Fear the Coronavirus Is All My Fault
• Dunce
Allison Whittenberg
• Eighty Percent Burns
• Fine
• Our Plight
• Three Acts
Pamela Murray Winters
• Margot at Not Quite Two
• It’s Like Seattle
Francine Witte
• The Year of You Gone
Emma Sky Wolf
• Inside out
Christine Wolfe
• The Artist Says She Did Not Anticipate a Porcelain Crown of Thorns
Kathi Wolfe
• Sunstruck
Anne Yarbrough
• Still Life
• Grisaille
• Impression, Sunrise
Ed Zahniser
• Who Needs a Treadmill at Work?
• Ladies and Gentlemen
• Gertrude Stein, Staff Meeting, Stenographer



Hildie S. Block
• Joe

Bob Bobala
• The Ghost of Ronnie Van Zant

Jan Bowman
• Keepers Lot

Elizabeth Bruce
• Ricky Steiner was Supposed to Die in Prison
Mary Ann Cain
• Planes of Existence
Ann Calandro
• Albumleaf
Cathy Cruise
• Ask for Isadora
Ed Falco
• The Pool
Jonathan B. Ferrini
• Tea with Old Friends

Karen Guzman
• In the Flesh

Amy Halloran
• Deer City
Erin Jamieson
• Surfacing
Dennis Jones
• Christmas Pictures
Wilson Koewing
• Fresh Ice
Philip Kuan
• An Awkward Sort
Franca Mancinelli
• The Cleaning Lady
• Walls, Rubble [tr. by John Taylor]
Katie Mazza-Phillips
• Alice
Steven McKnight
• Leave the Window Open on Your Way Out
Teresa Milbrodt
• Weighing Hearts
Daniel Mueller
• At Least You’ll Have Company
Thomas Pletcher
• Sparks
Sik Chuan Pua
• Night
John Saul
• Even in the suburbs
K.E. Semmel
• Sudden Death
Curtis Smith
• Silver Girl
T.C. Smith
• Minotaur
Marc Stone
• Old Campus Dreams
Soumya Tejam
• Occupational Hazard
Susan Tepper
• Double Life
Faerl MarieTorres
• Primed
Yasumi Tsuhara
• Aquapolis [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]
Katherine Vaz
• Eaten Songbird Claws Way Out of Hawk
Nancy Welch
• Never Was
Stan Lee Werlin
• The Poster Girl
Jeffrey Alfier
• 5 photos

Cynthia Connolly
• Cover Art