Gargoyle 74
Cover Art: “For the Sao Jose 1794”
quilt by Esther Iverem, c 2019

Table of Contents


Linda Blaskey
• Saving My Sister
Ruth Boggs
• MoMA Moments
Dylan Emmons
• the Cold—a Definition
Darlene Fife
from this holy temple: where a meadow has come into bloom with spring flowers and breezes [May 20-July 1st]
Jesse Lee Kercheval
• Sandman, Bring Me A Dream
CD Nickols
• Symbolic Acts: Erasing Fables

Randon Billings Noble
• Often there are bears

Darius Stewart
• Dearest Darky
M. Kaat Toy
• In the Weight Room


Fran Abrams
• Complicit
Renee Adams • King Virus Dance
Cynthia Atkins
• Ilicit
• Hypnos
• Dolls, INC
Naomi Ayala
• Lotus
• Fuego
• Kiss
• After Lovemaking
• Men, He Says
Jeanne Marie Beaumont
• Some Are Haunted
• Bucket List
• Mad Woman’s Multiple Choice
Anne Becker
• We All Want It/the Thing with Feathers
• The Age of Old Women
Guy R. Beining
• unsettled view
• extinguished
Nina Bennett
• The Day We Get Our Marriage License, I Turn onto a Dead End
• Three Lies About Size, and One Truth
• What to Do with Poem Drafts
• Legacy for My Sons
Susan Bennett
• In the Center Ring

John Bradley
• Donald Trump Poses with Bible . . .
• I Don’t Even Know If They Know What They Don’t Know
Portrait of Edith Schiele, Egon Schiele, October 28, 1918

Nick Carbo
• Dinner Party
• Apres Le Pluie
• The Wuhan Shuffle
Mira Chiruvolu
• crayons
Joan Colby
• The Atrium in the Hospital
• The End of the Trail
• Selling the Guns
• The Salt Widow

Michael Cole
• The Floating Man

Kathleen Corcoran
• Wounded Angel

Dana Curtis
• Body Apocalyptic 5
Andrew Darlington
• All the Space Between/A Part, and Yet Apart
• Low Walls
William Virgil Davis
• A Response to an Implied Question
• A Short Treatise on Black Holes
Kiki Denis
• Materialistic Virtues
• Rewriting Ithaca
• The Mirror
• ?s
• Necropolis: a space for more than our bodies

RC deWinter
• Memo to Hopper

Lyudmyla Diadchenko
• from “15 Poems from 2019” [tr. by Padma J. Thornlyre]
Buck Downs
• odysseys
Barbara Drake
• Impressions
• A Rainy Night
• The Elephant Seal at Battle Rock
• Confetti
• Goya’s Dog
Michael Estabrook
• I couldn’t be there
Dyane Fancey
• After Seeing Renoir
• Biology and King Kong
• Ygraine

Joel Ferdon
• Juvenile Offenders Remanded to Concord, NC

Richard Flynn
• Apples for Minerva
Marc Frazier
• Design
• Journal of the Plague Years: One
DJ Gaskin
• Secrets
• Fragments

Jason Gebhardt
The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara

Katherine Gekker
• Memory’s Snake
• Autobiography
Robert L. Giron
• Split this Bone
Gabriele Glang
• Menopause
• Cut and Paste
• Camera Obscura
Jesse Glass
• Excerpt from “Hometown”
Regan Good
• Lord’s Day: There Is in this Universe a Staire
• Braid Like A Coprolite
Susan Gubernat
• The Pangolin Redux
• Going Viral
• Others of the Pandemic
• Bardo State of the Quarantine

Robert Head
• Thera: Pompeii of the Ancient Aegean

Ditta Baron Hoeber
• Untitled

Shane Holohan
• Rondo In Vitro
Joyce L. Huff
• Punching a Nazi
• Red Among the Women
• The Lady of Shalott Leaves Her Loom
• Frankenstein’s Sonnet
Tom C. Hunley
• Loving the Traumatized Teen While She’s Acting Out
Paul Ilechko
• Butterflies Cross the Border at Night
Paul Jaskunas
• No one on earth knows how to ski
Mark Allen Jenkins
• Stalled on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
Lane Jennings
• Retirement Resolves
• Braves
Beth Baruch Joselow
• Nostalgia for Utopia
• Terminus
• Sound and Pictures
• Line Dance
• The World
Ken Kakareka
• Education
• Numb
John Kinsella
• Bond
• Aligning, Imploding and Dispersing . . .
Naveen Kishore
• 5 Calcutta poems— I/XI/XXIII/XXX/XXXIV
JoAnn Koff
• A Target on Your Back
Roz Kuehn
• After the Party
Patrick Lawler
• Two Broken Things
• In the Apocalyptic Theater There Will Come A Time
• A Strange Sky Grows Over Us
Jack Mackey
• The History of Rock & Roll
Amadeo Mangune Mendoza
• Erasures
Maria Masington
• Snow White Walks Home from AA
Mary McCoy
• Shelter

Dora E. McQuaid
• First Thought (#1)
• Nearly Enough
• Sometimes There Is Just No Way Around It
• First Thought (Conflated)
• Origin #11

Alexandra Melnick
• The State of Mississippi is a (black) Woman
• Nitta Yuma
Nancy Mercado
• Plagued America
• I Come to See for Myself: On the Anniversary of Hurricane Maria
Gary Metras
• The Fox
• To Rhyme with Love
• Age 23 Wordsworth Sleeps in Stonehenge
Michael Milburn
• Wrath: A Sequel
Ted R. Miller
• Pudgy
• Urge to Fly
Gloria Mindock
• So Good
• 1994
Barbara Marie Minney
• Shooting Crows in the Cornfield

Jane Edna Mohler
• Miserere
• Making Friends in the Pandemic

Mary B. Moore
• Aubade with Door, For an Art Exchange Project

Mary Morris
• Rembrandt, Late Self-Portrait
• Lorca’s Lover
• Visions of Johanna, JPG #12

Mihaela Moscaliuc
• from “The Book of Salt”
• La isla de las munecas
• Forget the blossoms
• Mother Goddess, Ptolemic Period, 305-51 B.C., Egypt
• Erotic

Fred Muratori
• Special This Week
• Wretched Stalks

Elisabeth Murawski
• Gold Medal
• Storm, Western Ireland

Émile Nelligan • To George Rodenbach • Winter Evening • The Carmelites • October Roses [tr. by James and Shona Deahl]
Mark Niedzwiedz
• Hundred loose ends
Kathleen Novak
• Out of the Rain
• Resilience

Suzanne S. Rancourt
• Voyage

Russell Reece
• Chainsaw
Tatiana Retivov
• Moving Mountains

Suzanne Rhodenbaugh
• This Dame’s Dozen-Plus Poetry Disqualifications: A Damn-Near Ars Poetica.
• The Girl Who Quit at Leviticus
• Someone Has Got to Love the Animals

Jonathan K. Rice
• Music
• On Glassy Mountain
Dennis Saleh
• Yellow Tedium
Roberta “Bobby” Santlofer
• A Crow at My Window
Louisa Schnaithmann
• The New World
Leonora Simonovis
• Further Study of the Raft
Richard Spilman
• Contagion
Todd Swift
• Anthony Hopkins Slowly Driving Through the States
• A Quebec Farmhouse in Summer
• Flix
Devin Taylor
• Nermal is Latin for Nothing
• Mr. Caretaker
• Post-Father
Eleanor Ross Taylor
• The Tallow Family
• How the Horse Came to be Written by the Donkey
J.C. Todd
• Winter Love
• Letter to the Father
• In Torino,
Pat Valdata
• Small Appliances
Joanne Van Wie
• Nipple
• Spider
Michael Waters
• Michael
• Love Me Tender
• Reptilian
• Window
J.T. Whitehead
• American Myths: Lincoln flattens the penny

Rosemary Winslow
• M Street, March 27
• This Quiet Time
• Good Friday, 2020
Where have all the flowers gone?



Kelli Allen
• Jum Climbs the Tualang Tree
Roberta Allen
• The Connoisseur

R R Angell
• Stick Your Thumb Out

Daniel Abbott Armstrong
• Moonstones

Jeff Bagato
• Air
• Good Sign
• Guessing Games
• Lingering
• Normal
Tom Ball
• 32 Fables
Joanna Biggar
• Avignon

Dennis Desmond
• All in a Day’s Work

Patricia Eakins
• Still Lives

Sharon Goldberg
• Quarantine Companion
Sarah Golkar
• Flight from Your Old New York
Pamela Gordon
• Lap
Karen Guzman
• Pilgrims

Victoria Heartwood
• Turning the Vessel

Jessica Claire Haney
• Under Construction

Dennis Jones
• The Boar Hunt

Christina Kapp
• What Sells

Kristian Macaron
• Flight

Elaine Vilar Madruga
• The Tanners [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]
Willard Manus
• When the World Was Young
Ofelia Montelongo
• Enema
Mary Overton
• The Making of Samson
Chris Paranicas
• The Arrangement
Che Parker
• Death of a Man
Meg Pokrass
• Eleanor Rigbys
Rebecca Pyle
• A Pond by the Anthropology Museum

Jordan Redd
if we were witches

Russell Reece
• Scatterbrain
Jeff Richards
• Red Light

Thierry Sagnier
• Can We Go Now?

Lex Shramko
• from “Existence”

Julia Slavin
• Relics

Zephaniah Sole
• Infighting

Marija Stajic
• Golden-Grip Gun

Kate Tooley
• The End of the World is the Original Femme Fatale
Tom Whalen
• The Professor
Kathy Wilson
• The Overlook
Stephen Gibson
• Sense of Something Coming
• Pardon Our Dust

Esther Iverem
• “For the Sao Jose 1794” quilt, reclaimed fabric, including recycled pants. 2019

Alice Morris
• Tools Covering a Wall  Nov. 2020 (photo)

• Collage, Wood and Metal  Nov. 2020

Sherry Shahan
• Hope Collage