Gargoyle 73
Cover Art: “Are You Not Reassured?”
by Reb Livingston.

Table of Contents


Anne McGouran
• Hoopoe/Huppe

Frances Park
• Koomo Who?
Marilyn Stablein
• Cocktails in the Library
D.E. Steward
• At My Bianchi Pace


CL Bledsoe/Michael Gushue
Driot du Seigneur
• This Way to the Egress
• Listen Carefully, As Our
Menu Has Changed • How to Find True Love
Shirley J. Brewer
• Date at the Diner
Steven Breyak
• Helping My Father Fix the Tractor
Roger Camp
• Mike, the fish guy

Kathleen Clancy
• Expecting My Ex

Robert Cooperman
• First Rock Concert

Reilly Cox
• At Dusk in Delaware beside the Crabbing Dock

Henry Crawford
• D.C. Pinball

Barbara Crooker
• Midlife Blues
• The Sky Shrugs Its Indifferent Blue Shoulders

German Dario
• crucible
• golondrinas
• WorkM

Holly Day
•The Decorating Preferences of Starlings and Housewives

Daniella Deutsch
• Brooklyn Has Bad Water Pressure Anyways

RC deWinter
• schizocreatophenia
• Sliding Scale

Alexis Draut
• nikau lodge

George Drew
• I Turn to Charles Bukowski
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

Alan Elyshevitz
• Arson Day

Robert Estes
• I’ve Never Tried It

Alexis Rhone Fancher
• Hey: 19: Daddy’s Pal, Paul and I Cut to the Chase
• Clueless

Michelle Fenton
• Dark, water

David Galloway
• how I have saved the world

Stephen Gibson
• Portrait of Madame de Pompadour at the Frick Collection in NYC

Daniel Ginsburg
• Black Snake Coiled in My Black Leather Sofa

Robert L. Giron
• Walled In
Sid Gold
• Eyes
• Defeat

Benjamin Goluboff
• Leiber and Stoller Meet Big Mama Thornton
• John Hammond Meets Louis Armstrong on Board the U.S.S. City of Hoboken, Bound for Liverpool, 1933

Howie Good
• Sound Bites
• Twilight Lasts a Long Time
• A Bouquet of Mistakes

Robert Hahn
• Grief as Bad Art
• Saxophone Player in a Large Empty Room
• Morning Devotions

Alan Harawitz
• Sled Dog Audition in Brooklyn Heights

David M. Harris
• Dead Letter Office: Mickey Mantle
• The Madness of Ajax

Nina Heiser
• What is rape?

Janet Heller
• If Shakespeare Lived in 2019 . . .

Donald Illich
• Mrs. Robinson
Mike James
• A Very Short Story
• Zookeeper’s Shadow Puppets
• Uses for Piggy Banks
Jeffrey N. Johnson
• A Necessary Weakness
• To A Dead Girl Who Might Have Been My Friend

David Koehn
• Delta 10: The Green Plastic Flyswatter on the End Table Looks Like a Bug

Sandra Kolankiewicz
• Till Retrograde is Over

Ellen Kombiyil
• Not About Sex

Beth Konkoski
• Water Witching

James Ph. Kotsybar
• The Sheer Power of Light and Thought
• One Paradise

Peter Leight
• When They Come for You

Kelly Lenox
• After Giving Up Wine for Two Months and Other Alcohol, Too

Linda Lerner
• Playing with Tense
Lenny Lianne
• Sight
• Forget

Federico Garcia Lorca
• from Summer Hours [tr. By Laura Chalar]

Gregory Luce
• Return to A Love Supreme
• A Bar at the Folies-Bergere
• Smells like rain

Joyce Enzor Maust
• When You Tell My Story
Mark Melnicove
• The Difficulty with Pundits
• Perceptual Shift
• Worshipping the Dark

R.S. Mengert
• Frank Booth’s Lament

Michael Meyerhofer
• Thoughts and Prayers

Miles David Moore
• Autumn Directive
Alice Morris
• Our Veranda Is Covered with a Flowered Canopy

Christopher Munde
• Fortean Gods
• Endura
• Camp Davidian

Elisabeth Murawski
• redemptive
James Norcliffe
• Scandinavian Noir
• Dear Contributor

Lauro Palomba
• Elixir

Theresa Pappas
• The Greek Word for Rain
• Memoir
• Look

*Gabrielle M. Peterson
• how to calm the heart animal

Scarlett Peterson
• Back Roads

Joshua Plack
• Worldplay
• Questions for the Statues
• Gladys Went and Busted Her Ass!
• Her Three-Piece Sublime

Jessica Purdy
• Who speaks to me when I can’t write
• Pareidolia

Charles Rafferty
• Perspective
• The Land of Steady Decline

Robin Ray
• Grand Concourse and 161th St., The Bronx

Liz Rees
• On Disappointment Island

John Repp
• Canto

Stephen Thomas Roberts
• Wipeout
• The Final Days of Beauty

Steven B. Rogers
• October 5th, 1957

Kathryn Pratt Russell
• Baudelaire’s Watery Grave

M.A. Scott
• Twilight with Pharmaceutical

Tamara Kaye Sellman
• Blue Tarp
Eric Paul Shaffer
• Tea Party
Beate Sigriddaughter
• To the Inadvertent Misogynists in My Life
Michael Spring
• inside the drum
• Snowfield
Kurt Steinwand
• Race Music

Robert Joe Stout
• Christmas, Oaxaca, 2006

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez
• Bite
• Unfortunate Monsters
Irene Svete
• Leavings
Marc Swan
• Through a cracked window
Kelly Talbot
• Mesektet into the Night
Parker Tettleton
• Demon Monkey
• The Breastplate Stretcher

Gillian Thomas
• Loose Notes

Sally Toner
• Jabberjaw: For Miles
M. Kaat Toy
• News at a Glance
• The Gods of Mutable Things
Meredith Trede
• Cassandra Says
• Creation
Stephen Scott Whitaker
• Tiresias Comes Over for Tea
Pamela Murray Winters
• Keats House
• SoHo Grand Hotel, August 2018
Emma Sky Wolf
• These Days
Kathi Wolfe
• Trolley

Michael T. Young
• Dreaming I’m Jason Bourne

Ed Zahniser
• Man Boobs
• Mass Transit Poetry Readings, Early 1970s



Sean Gill
• The Fixed Umbrella

Gwendolen Gross
• Elvis Eats Everything

William Locke Hauser
• My Bench

Frederick Highland
• The Oracle Monger

Len Kruger
• Miss Degreaser of 1981
Christopher Linforth
• Reunion

Lisa Lo Paro
• Something David Must Explain

Kuzuha Makino
• Doing It with Octopuses [tr. Toshiya Kamei]

Mannika Mishra

Daniel Mueller
• After Logic

Jillian Oliver
• Dora

W. T. Paterson
• Fishing

Issie Patterson
• When the Snow Melts

Glen Pourciau
• Half
Doug Ramspeck
• Stumpy and Marnie

Michael R. Schrimper
• House-Sitting

Adam Schwartz
• Wizzur

Curtis Smith
• A Visit

Max Talley
• We’re Here to Protect You

Cover Art: “Are You Not Reassured?”
by Reb Livingston.