Gargoyle 72
photo of poet Salena Godden

Table of Contents


Nancy Naomi Carlson
• Music Above the Rest
Amy L. Freeman
• Sorry, Sort of
Patricia Henley
• Self-Help
Marla Melito
• The Church
Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
• Jesus was a Communist. George Washington was a Liar. Mary Poppins was a Bitch.


Cynthia Atkins • Self-Portrait with Others
• God is a Treasure Hunt

Sara Backer
• Against Thematic Unity

Daphne Beaber
• Orange Dreams

Roy Bentley
• Recuperation from an Incident Involving an Armadillo through Gmail and a Poem by William Heyen

Kristin Berkey-Abbott
• Cassandra Visits the Fertility Clinic

Sheila Black
• Post-Confessional
• Persephone in Texas

Mary Buchinger
• To the Raven Feeding on Carrion on the Side of the Road

Pamelyn Castro
• Eve-Pandora

Laura Chalar
• The Horreum at Narbonne
• At the Figari Museum

Mark DeCarteret
• Blake: Late Night Cable Guest
• On Becoming a Man

Barbara DeCesare
•Six Poems about Herons

Deborah Elliott Deutschman
• Poetry in Another Year of War

Lisa M. Dougherty
• Husband

Sean Thomas Dougherty
• Portrait of Prince as Walt Whitman
• Philadelphia
• Geography Lesson

David Eberhardt
• Koan
• In Mem, zen master Peter Matthiessen, nature writer—zen prelude with fugue
• Poem after music by Albeniz—“Cordoba”
• Fragment
• A Simple Air
• Vermont

Irene Fick
• Thinking About Death at the Dollar Tree

Andy Fogle
• from Narrow, Little Way

Jeannine Hall Gailey
• Honestly I Should Be a Lot More Paranoid
• I Worry I’m Falling Into

Roberto Carlos Garcia
• Elegy in which I explain the end of the world to a ghost

Lea Graham
•Alma (Spanish), (n.) soul, essence, life
• When You’re in Romania and Wish You Were Alone

Susan Gubernat
• I’m No Buddhist, But . .
• Art: For Whose Sake?
• “Feels Like Sugar on the Floor”
• Kaleidoscope

Dan Gutstein
• The Windowpanes of Phantom Addresses
• Ineffable
Holly Karapetkova
• We Thought We Were White
• Snow White
• Of Water
Laura LeHew
• Proportional Relationships
• When the Trine Between the Moon and Mercury Tempers the Vibe
• Whiskey—Tango–Foxtrot

Jane C. Miller
• A House Chart & the Men in Them
•  The Love-Life of Animals by Wolfgang Von Budden

Charley Mitcherson
• Dos Manos/My Two Hands

Amanda Newell
• The Day After the Latest Mass Shooting
• Why so much grief for me?
• Child, Out—
• Out of Body

Charles Rammelkamp
• Doing the Twist

Miriam Sagan
• Prairie like a Bride
• Spelunke

Dennis Saleh
• Exchequery

Claire Scott
• The Grave Pulls
• Templates for the Long Married

Gregg Shapiro
• Old Long Since
• How You Know You Are in Eastern Tennessee
• Daddy-O

Maureen Sherbondy
• Trying to Keep God Out of My Poems
• Kite Surfer in New South Wales Hit by Tail

David Sheridan
• Grand Theft Life
• Notes from the Post-Apocalypse
Mark Spitzer
• My Gay Ungulate Objectifications
• In and Out of the Arkansas
• My Own Personal Hazing into the Gut-Wrenching Fraternity of Nothing

Darrell SCIPOET Stover
• Henry Ain’t Eleanor and Eleanor Ain’t Shuckin’ and Jivin’

Tim Suremondt
• Jubal Early Keeps Riding By

Renee Weitzner
• Borderland
• Rudi and Bel
• The Table of Truth

Don Wentworth
• Hafiz’s Dream of Hafiz
• On the Science of Approbation

Andrea Wyatt
• Princess Diana’s Hat
• John Chamberlain’s First Assemblage from Two Fenders Off a ’29 Ford
Katherine E. Young
• Calculus
• Bluebeard



AJ Atwater
• 1969

A.A. Balaskovits
• Get Bent

Adam Byko
• The Plagues Upon Our Houses

Kim Chinquee
• Fine with Everything
• She Would Never Use
• Minty
• To Not Forget
• You’re Not on Vacation

Susann Cokal
• You Love Lucy

Donya Currie
• Assassination

Eric Darton
• And the drummer, he’s so shattered

Leonora Desar
• Panties
• Snow Pose
• Everything here is yours

Stephanie Dickinson
• Montrose/On the Cusp of the Plague

Gary Fincke
• Waiting for Ray

David Holloway
• The Future of the Lizard Circus

Andrea Jarrell
• At Sea

Wayne Karlin
• The War on Terror

Susan Land
• A Ring, A Knee

Dennis McFadden
• On an Old Billy Goat

Anatoly Molotkov
• Upside Down Pictures

Melissa Scholes Young
• Lighthouse

Ignacio Solares
• The Orders

Ignacio Solares
• The Orders

Rosanna Staffa
• Animals with Wings

Darrell SCIPOET Stover
• Rum Funk

Fumiki Takahashi
• Grown-Ups Don’t Give Way 

Susan Isla Tepper
• Africa . . . then

Rene Georg Vasicek
• Novel #138

Donna D. Vitucci
• Boy Noise

Carolyn Watson
• The Conductor

Tim Wendel
• Snow Days

Stan Lee Werlin
• These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

David Alpaugh
• Photo Poem. Disunited We Stand

Charley Moon
• Two Hands (photo)

William Wolak 4 collages
• The Curiosity of Dust
• The Trance of Anticipation
• What the Mirror Sees
•The Bridge of Silence