Gargoyle 7
cover etching (The Odyssey) by B. Lysoy
publication date 9/4/1977

Table of Contents


Richard Peabody
• Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Book Reviews

William Radford-Bennett
• Classical recordings


Ron Androla
Religion of Circles

Mark Bruner
• Number 38

John Carter
• The Naked Man Dancing

Joseph F. Connelly
• The Clowns

Andrew Darlington
• Giant Plastic Replica of Magritte

John Elsberg
• Bell Poem
The Risks of Perception

Jesse Glass, Jr.
To A Suicided Poet

Madeleine U. Greengold
• The Last Mile

T. N. Grove
• Tears of God

Paul House
The Sexton�s Lament

Kathleen Ingram
• The Wooden Salad Bowl

Gretchen Johnsen
For David

Joseph Lisowski
• A Long Absence

Sanford Pinsker
• Devouring Chronos
• After Reading Gravity�s Rainbow

Thomas Pride
Into Day

Michael Reis
• Kunitz

Patrick Sarri
• Quartet

David Howard Sawyer

Dave Slater
• Poem

Bradley R. Strahan
• Empty Places

Graham Sykes
• The Further Figure

Dave Ward
• 2 untitled poems



Christine Lahey Dolega 
• Mrs. Jameson (pt. 1)

Michael Harris & Benjamin Lawless 
• Letters To A Highly Regarded Instituton

Kevin Urick
• Portraits of Marcy

Meg Chrisler
• 2 photos

Gary Peabody
• drawing

Cynde Pierce
• 2 etchings

Lynn Sheridan
• drawing

#7 Pub date: 9/4/1977
Launch at the Writer’s Center in Glen Echo, MD.
John Elsberg read poetry and Kevin Urick read fiction.