Gargoyle 66
Cover collage by Julia Geiser
Published 12/31/2016

Table of Contents


Donna Baier-Stein 
• Prodigal Son

Christopher Beaumont 
• Greyhounds

Peter Biello 
• Hurricane Leonard

Hildie S. Block 
• The Key and the Box

Caroline Bock 
• DC Mechanic

Mikael Bouckaert 
• The White Room

Lisa Boylan 
• The Departure

Kevin Brown 
• Memento Mori

Cathy Carr 
• Warts

Jaimee Wriston Colbert 
• Aftermath

C.A. Cole 
• When Olive Was Wanted

Glenn Deutsch 
• Let’s Get Rid of Him

Dylan Brie Ducey 
• Effacee Like Me

Suzanne Feldman 
• The Witch Bottle

Heather Fowler 
• Sex with Exes

Stephen Gatling 
• Game Show Messiah

Shauna Gilligan 
• Mermaid

Okey Goode 
• Issam the Roman, His Cards and Oracles

Myronn Hardy 
• The Addict in the Congolese Poet’s Garden

Jody Hobbs Hesler 
• Sorry Enough

Dustin M. Hoffman 
• Long Division 
• My Pupil, Dive Site

David Holloway 
• Sometimes She Knows

Simon Jacobs 
• Disasters

Liat Katz 
• Wither Thou Goest

Robert Kerbeck 
• A Dish Best Served Warm

Jean Kim 
• Bridge and Tunnel

Randi Gray Kristensen 
• Untitled

Valya Dudycz Lupescu 
• Lament

Jennifer Makowsky 
• Daters Anonymous

Scott McClelland 
• Liminality

Stefan Milne 
• Four Bombs

Susan Neville 
• Shock and Awe

Kevin O’Cuinn 
• The Incorrigible Mr. Gupta

Donaji Olmedo 
• Crocodile [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]

Douglas Penick 
• A Fan Moves in the Air

Pedro Ponce 
• The Omniscient Voice 
• Kafka Dreams of the New World

Glen Pourciau 
• A Private Place

Melissa Reddish 
• Advice for Growing a Second Head

Aria Riding 
• What She Is Trying to Say

John Saul 
• Anniversary of a Village

Marija Stajic 
• Sister

J.J. Steinfeld 
• The Oldest Magic Trick in the Book…Revisited

Liza Nash Taylor 
• Confab

Susan Tepper 
• Nobody Misses Anyone

Sheila Thorne 
• The Museum of Rooms

Sally Toner 
• Picklebacks

Gretchen A. Van Lente 
• Black Water Bridge

Sheila Walsh 
• Re: Our Third Quarter Game Plan

Josh Wardrip 
• Aqid

Jesse Waters 
• Intelligence 
• Watching Superman Leave Home, Not in Love, Alone

Kathleen Wheaton 
• Animal Control

Theo Zizka 
• Her Designs on Me

Bonnie ZoBell 
• Dog Girl


Kate LaDew 
• Polka Mountain

Bill Wolak (5 collages) 
• The Irresistible Offer 
• The Stillness of Bells 
• Pure Sperm Oil 
• Erectile Intervention 
• The Lover’s Moan

Kathleen Wheaton