Gargoyle #65
Cover collage by Julia Geiser
Published 12/31/2016

Table of Contents


Jamie Brown 
• The Club That Wants to Keep Jimmy Gatz Out 
• Disillusioned Gatsby On the World

Andrew Gifford
• Prelude: At the Lake, 1979 
(an excerpt from We All Scream: The Fall of the Gifford’s Ice Cream Empire)

Alice Hatcher 
• Rough (Draft) Sex, or, Fifty Shades of Impossible

Alison Condie Jaenicke 
• Sisterhood of Spies

Luisa Kolker 
• How My Hairstylist Saved My Soul

Leonard Kress 
• The Theory of Beta Decay

Judith McCombs 
• My Life in Crime

Frances Park 
• “Meet Me at the Bayou”

Ginger Peters 
• Chewing, Spitting, and Cussing

Kate Sampsell-Willmann 
• No Cracks in the Pavement

Max Sheridan
• Five Solved Murders

Sarah Louise Williams 
• Tight Lines


Jeffrey C. Alfier 
• Stopping at Texas Looseys on a Warm Monday Homeward

Nancy Allen 
• City Park Interlude

David Alpaugh 
• Against/For 

Jacob Appel 
• Transaction Costs 
• Flying with Clarity 
• Touring Greenwich Village

Sara Backer 
• Advice 
• The Man Who Is Never Wrong

Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn 
• Mild Scoliosis

Stacy Barton 
• Beside You on the Porch 
• I Was Reading About Ascension Symptoms…

Nina Bennett 
• Regret

Gary Blankenburg 
• Good Little Soldier 
• Father Charlie 
• Dogwoods

CL Bledsoe 
• April 26th, 2011 
• Doors

Diana Smith Bolton 
• Collapse

Anthony Issac Bradley 
• First Porn Star

John Bradley 
• Celestial Pablum

April Michelle Bratten 
• If you don’t know by now…

Shirley J. Brewer 
• The Prince of Cheese 
• In Place of Cake 
• Twist

Michael Brockley 
• Having Discovered Unreliable Narrators… 
• The Mayor of Hamelin 
• The Only Aloha Shirt in Town

Kevin Brown 
• Prison

Mary Ann Cain 
• I Pretend to be Chinese

Roger Camp 
• Bonfire of the Valentines

Doritt Carroll 
• my name 
• Katie

Grace Cavalieri 
• First Meal after His Death 
• Cavefish Out from Under the Rocks

Laura Cesarco Eglin 
• Without Words 
• Writing in a Café [tr. by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval]

Patrick Chapman 
• Not a Bird

Juliet Cook 
• middle ground pussy 
• Semiabstract Self-Portrait

Juliet Cook/j.j. hastain 
• Instead of the Doctor

Robert Cooperman 
• Tracks in the Snow: Christmas Eve 
• A Short Movie of Blaze Starr, the Stripper

Karen Craigo 
• Bower 
• Time Is Money

Rachel Dacus 
• A View of Life from the Beach 
• Good Head for Numbers

Michael Daley 
• Gentle Dong 
• The Loss of Beauty

Mark Danowsky 
• The Rocky Mountain Locust Surge

Kristina Marie Darling/John Gallaher 
• The Museum of the Occupation 
• In the Bird Museum

William Virgil Davis 
• A Box of Dark 
• Hands

Stephanie McCarley Dugger 
• 3:00 am, Knoxville

Kristina England 
• A Statement of Lines 
• Eating my way through death

Kallie Falandays 
• Watching at the Window for Something Big to Happen

Joyce Maust Enzor 
• Growing Up Mennonite

Matthew P. Garcia 
• Guava Wine Blues

Bernadette Geyer 
• Parable of Impending Doom 
• Ghost, I Remember

Stephen Gibson 
• Saving the Mare

Kate Gillespie 
• To the Arising Civilizations on my Right Hand

Sid Gold 
• Stranger 
• Noon 
• Cat 
• Crawl 
• Mine

Jonathan Greenhause 
• The Seat Wants You to Sit in It

Jay Griswold 
• Refugees

Susan Gubernat 
• Bullet in the Back 
• Poet, Found and Lost

Herb Guggenheim 
• Laser

Maryanne Hannan 
• Pejorate 
• Exercise

David M. Harris 
• Dead Letter Office: Thomas M. Disch 
• Dick Cheney

Johnny Hartner 
• Bullshit Movies 
• Wise Up

Michael Hathaway 
• Birthright 
• At the End of the Day

Gloria Heffernan 
• Insomnia

Arthur Heifetz 
• Sanding

Robert Herschbach 
• Rest

Margaret Hickey 
• Galway Hospital Waiting Room

Donald Illich 
• The Claw Game 
• Gravity

Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll 
• Cloud Hands

Michael Johnson 
• They 
• Ornithos 
• The Bone Temple

Abhay K. 
• Bhaktapur

George Kalamaras 
• Fernando Pessoa Might Call My Body True 
• Luther Grosvenor and the Cape of Sound Rain

Tom Kelly 
• Oregon Trail Meltdown 
• Los Angeles Lease Agreement

Andrew Koch 
• Cross Section of a Petrified Forest

Sandra Kolankiewicz 
• The Reading

Beth Konkoski 
• North on 81

Kathleen Kraft 
• The Woman Who Wears a Dress of Water

Robert Krantz 
• Wreck

W.F. Lantry 
• Florescence 
• Arras Tapestry

Marie Lecrivain 
• saturn returns

Kateema Lee 
• Growing Up D.C. 
• Musings of a Netflix Binge Viewer

Lyn Lifshin 
• Marie Van Goethem 
• Her Braid of Real Human Hair 
• Pere Lachaise Cemetery 
• Rachel’s Lamb 
• Sainte-Chappelle

Christopher Locke 
• What the Dead Know 
• Outside Limerick

Rebecca Macijeski 
• Memories of Japan

Stephen Malin 
• Elderbind 
• Grave Days

Allie Marini 
• if my body is the house I grew up in, let’s burn it from cellar to rafters

David Memmott 
• Shadow-Boxing 
• Meditation from a Dark Wood

Stephen C. Middleton 
• Composition 
• Opening Heartlands

Devon Miller-Duggan 
• Science Fiction vs. Literature 
• Last Episode

Kate Sampsell-Willmann 
• No Cracks in the Pavement

Miles David Moore 
• To an Obscure Vegetable 
• The Capriciousness of Fatslug

Maria Nazos 
• When the Beloved Asks “What Would You Do if I Woke up One Morning as a Loch Ness Monster?”

• on the banks of the great passaic 
• the strangle tree

Valeria Numinosa 
• Here’s Why This Stunning Visual of Goddess Kali Is Giving People Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

John O’Dell 
• Chekhov at the Moscow Zoo

Susan Okie 
• Thy Bed of Crimson Joy

Simon Perchik 
• *

Kathleen M. Quinlan 
• Possibility

W. M. Rivera 
• Walking in Central Park

David Romanda 
• Fortune-Cookie Fortunes

John Roth 
• Resurrection Minutia 
• Head-Case Aquarium

Daniel Saalfeld 
• DC Poem 
• Spring Again

Taylor Sacco 
• Meditations 
• Cum Blossoms

Bruce Sager 
• Question

Gerard Sarnat 
• 67% Hopperized Bathos

M. A. Schaffner 
• Algorithm Deflector Search Terms 
• From Reedsville to the Big City

Lorraine Schein 
• The Secret Hour, Before the Rain 
• The Yellow Fairy Book

Claire Scott 
• Did They 
• My Father’s Death

Cathryn Shea 
• The Lake Doesn’t Know

Kristina Webster Shue 
• Never the Same Place Twice

Noel Sloboda 
• Grading While the Roof is Being Replaced 
• Tarzan in Suburbia

J. D. Smith 
• Upon Further Review

Lana Spendl 
• Flinging Superstitions

Kurt Steinwand 
• Woodstock 
• Lucky Lindy

M.G. Stephens 
• Expanding Outward 
• A Bad Case of the Blues

Mary Stone 
• This is Dating

Belinda Subraman 
• Refugee

Tim Suermondt 
• Not Everything Has to Always Make Sense, Like Today

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez 
• The Monster’s Magic List

Marc Swan 
• Before Ralph Nader Wrote His Book

Kelly Talbot 
• The Drumming of Wings 
• Stars Entering the Flow 
• The Shimmer

Jenniey Tallman 
• A Yellow Bowl

Devin Taylor 
• Adventure Time! Circle All That Apply /[Sophomore Slump]/[I Believe I Can Fly]

Ed Taylor 
• Elegy

Terrell Jamal Terry 
• Faintly Majestic 
• Three Moons

Parker Tettleton 
• Love Poem 
• Love Poem 
• Love Poem

Teniola Tonade 
• How Golden, At Last, Is the Recovered Fleece?

Sally Toner 
• Boating on Lake Anne

Idea Vilarino 
• You Don’t See Me 
• I Want [tr. by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Anna Lowe Weber 
• Block Island, 2015

Katherine West 
• After the Bomb

J.T. Whitehead 
• Almost Bourgeois

Gregg Wilhelm 
• Jutting Out (Patapsco) 
• Thief River Scrap

A.D. Winans 
• Woman on the Balcony 
• Thoughts on the California Drought 
• Back from an MRI

Pamela Murray Winters 
• Small Repair 
• Pam Plays That Tiny Violin

Shannon Connor Winward 
• Eruptions 
• In Conception 
• Peach Pie

Pui Ying Wong 
• View from the Writers’ Room

Andrea Wyatt 
• Arguing About the Line, the Breath 
• Trout Fishing at Chicoutimi

Katherine E. Young 
• Today I’m Writing Love Songs 
• Succuba



Beth Adamour 
• Double Shot

Jill Adams 
• Vows

Roberta Allen 
• What’s Next?

Cathy Alter 
• The Plundering

Emily Amodeo 
• We’re Not Pageant People

Jessy Randall 
• Monotone Functions

David Sheskin 
• You Are a Person of Interest

Randi Ward 
• Blades 
• Cattails

Nick Wineriter 
• Pete Best