Gargoyle 62
Published 2/18/2015

Here’s one of the stories from this issue of Gargoyle: KarenChaseStory

Table of Contents


John Bacon
• from A Greater Awakening

Karen Chase
• Oedipus in the Back Seat

Michael Hemmingson
• The Last Days of My Father

Jose Padua
• Turn Up Your Radio

Janet Steen
• The Gravity of the Situation


Abdul Ali
• Holy
• Broken Watch
• How to Begin a Short Film

R. A. Allen
• Gun Control.2
• The Quality of Laughter

Nin Andrews
• The Mentascopy
• Submission Guidelines for Open Press

Glen Armstrong
• Afro-Wig

Cynthia Bargar
• Don’t Wear Pearls to Therapy

Stacy Barton
• Between Boughs
• Standing By
• Napping

Virginia Bell
• Forgiveness

Michael Berton
• Phlegm and Philosophy

Marc Carver
• 2nd Free Beer

Michael Casey
• three ladies to Manchester

Susan Charkes
• How to Move a Mountain
• I Stand at Your Gate

Lisa Cihlar
• Carving Burr
• Tradition

Grant Clauser
• Ode to a Jackalope

Abigail Cloud
• Paulo Aims to Stay Grounded

Robert Cole
• Barbes

Katharine Coles
• Self-Portrait Up in the Air
• Canis Latrans

Robert Cooperman
• Have You Fallen

Melissa Cundieff
• Fairy Tale

J.K. Daniels
• As Mary Magdalene

Nick D’Annunzio Jones
• Seven Cities I Have Called Home

Nicelle Davis
• Foot Note 2
• Foot Note 3
• Foot Note 5

Holly Day
• Quiet, Like Marble

Margaret Del Guercio
• From the Top 
• How Long You in For?
• Anne and Richard: She Picks Her Poison

Stephen Devereux
• Roof Space

Jennifer K. Dick
• Four poems from the CERN 200 Project

George Drew
• Why I Could Marry Temperance Brennan

Blair Ewing
• My Favorite Communist
• Plautus

John MacDonald
• Jesus Sleeps In

Michael Martin
• On the Eve of Her Retirement, on a Cross Atlantic Flight, A United Airline Stewardess …

Marsha Mathews
• Tribal Court in the Bush

Susan H. Maurer
• Al Mutannabi

Charles Ramsay McCrory
• wreck porn couple

Ro McFarland
• Poetry Reading at the Art Gallery

Kevin McLellan
• Surveyors

Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino
• The Jesus Fish
• The Wedding Dress

Ken Fifer
• Gloss

Majda Gama
• There Are No Straight Lines in Nature

Gerald George
• Figment Ninety

C. John Graham
• Faultless

Andrea L. Hackbarth
• Inventory #31

Paul Hellweg
• Dien Bien Phu Cemetery

Kyle Hemmings
• The Ghost of Yul Brynner
• A Poem for the Dead

Michael Hemmingson
• The Future Poet

Katherine Anderson Howell
• Burning House

Siel Ju
• A Reading
• A Drinking Solo

Peycho Kanev
• Poet in New England

Jennifer Kietzman
• Economy of Means
• The Idea Of

Maureen Kingston
• Hey, Venus

M. J. Kledzik
• Amputations

Lora Knight
• Domestic Desire

Mercedes Lawry
• Begin the Week and What Have You

Allison Lee
• Chester Avenue Bus Station, 1999

Susan Lewis
• A Sense of Community
• Wandering

Ana Merino
• untitled poem
• The Fifth Heaven [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]

Sheryl L. Nelms
• In the Seguin Cemetery
• Sunset Pier, Key West, Florida

Amanda Newell
• A Labor Day Story

• remembering sean

Shawnte Orion
• Colors Stored for Never

Ann A. Philips
• Empty Pasture

Kathleen M. Quinlan
• The Hotel Housekeeper’s Daughter

Rebekah Remington
• Forty

Susie Reynolds
• Boots
• Ma voisine l’oiseau de neige (Paris)

Christine Rhein
• Overload

David Romanda
• Heart- Shaped Box

Kalen Rowe
• Humane

George J. Searles
• Shoptalk

Claudia Serea
• After Nina’s Funeral …
• The Street Shaped Like a Key

Marisa Silva-Dunbar
• We Invited Discord to the Family Dinner

Michael Spring
• jazz in the time of war
• new tribe

Marjorie Stelmach
• Learning to Use Our Scalpels

Dariel Suarez
• (My) Colossus
• Cassoulet

Parker Tettleton
• 7-4
• I Won’t Be Familiar Again

Charles F. Thielman
• His Teenage Octave
• Steps Away from Undertow

John J. Trause
• The Mermaid
• Winter Cabbage

Quinn White
• Amnesia

Jill Williams
• Speculum

L.B. Williams
• At Fourteen

Pamela Murray Winters
• Whip-Smart

Anne Harding Woodworth
• You Ask Me What’s in My Little Notebook?

Wynn Yarbrough
• What Wild Play Enrages in Us



Andrew Bales
• Tori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth

Jennie Berner
• Unsettled

Matthew Blasi
• Serenade, Promenade

Gerri Brightwell
• Beast

Amy Bush
• Cement Breath

Dana Cann
• Platform

Peter Caputo
• The Rising Stench of Perfumed Angels

Gabriel Don
• Cesspools and Treasure Chests

Jay Duret
• Sushi

James Dye
• There are no Established Protocols for Entertaining Rogue Comets

Lauren Fairbanks
• from “Superpower(s)”

Lydia Morris Fettig
• Soap

Julia Figliotti
• Skin-Deep

Matthew Finn
• A Brief History of Sushi

April L. Ford
• Bleary

Thaisa Frank
• Anesthesia

Faith Gardner
• The Red Button

Sabina Grogan
• The Woods Witch

Diane Gurman
• Swimming to the Siren’s Song

Paul Handley
• 5 Stages of Dog Grief
• Our Anecdotal Integrity

Gloria L. Huang
• Down to the Bottom

Gilles Leroy
• from Alabama Song [tr. J. T. Townley]

Peter Tieryas Liu
• Phobia

Mary Luttrell
• Fractures

Jønathan Lyons
• Calling

Joe Mills
• At the Edelweiss Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rebecca Nison
• Story Time

Kevin O’Cuinn
• The Water Carrier

Abby Mei Otis
• Sex Dungeons for Sad People

Virgie Townsend
• Warm and Disloyal

Jacqueline Vogtman
• As She Waited

Theodore Wheeler
• Shame Cycle

Kirby Wright
• Leg of Jen

Timothy Zila
• Thing-in-itself

Cover photo: Baltimore artsist Deborah Russell in front of one of her canvases:
3×4 ft. mixed oil, acrylic, some ink and plaster.
Photo by Gene Tanski, Tanski Studio and Gallery, Loveland, CO

Frontispiece: Allen Forrest
• New York Noir 2
• Memphis Minnie
• Lulu Jackson
• Blind Willie McTell

Dan Vera
• portraits of DC Poets: Bomani Armah, Holly Bass, Regie Cabico, Grace Cavalieri, Kim Roberts, and Joseph Ross