Gargoyle 61
“Urban Graveyard Crows,” 
© Donna Snyder 2010.
Published 8/1/2014

Table of Contents


Angela Featherstone
• God Said No

Thalia Field Interview by Jorge Armenteros

Andy Fogle
• The Day I Became a Grown-Up

Sunil Freeman
• Frank Memories: Zappa in College Park

Samina Najmi
• The Little Room on the Roof

José Padua
• The Sixty-Year History of My Family’s Presence in the Valley as Presented in Seven Short but Not Quite Slender Paragraphs
• The Philosophy of Flowers v. The Speed of Life


Carrie Addington
• Body As
• Harvesting

Shane Allison
• Teenage —Drag Queen
• Todd’s Wife, Kerry
• Lavender Wedding

Sara Backer
• Postcard From a Past Life Goth

Mary Bargteil
• Perhaps She Will not Die Today

Charles Baudelaire
• I Love You as I Love the Vault of Night 
• The Taste for Nothingness (tr. by Lola Haskins)

Grace Bauer
• Detours
• Re/wind

Guy R. Beining
• felt tongue 160.

Candace Black
• A Daughter’s Tour of Duty: Vietnam 2006

Linda Blaskey
• Grand Canyon Honeymoon, 1928

Paula Bonnell
• Afterwards

Rich Boucher
• Using a Candle to Tell the Time

Judith Bowles
• L.S.M.F.T.

Steven Breyak
• The Gunman

Valentina Cano
• Rejecting Domesticity

James Cervantes
• I Want You to Understand

Joan Colby
• Clio Prepares for Surgery

Barbara Crooker
• Dreaming of Florida

Michael Daley
• Grace

Kelly Davio
• Round: “In the Kingdom of Thud, Globes Plummet to Black”

William Virgil Davis
• Corminbouef 432
• Seventeen

Joanne Rocky Delaplaine
• Pregnant

Sarah Einstein
• This Is the Problem with all that New Age Bullshit about Positive Thinking and Not Letting the Disease Win

Kristina England
• Sticky Sweet

Gary Fincke
• Girl’s Talk (a sequence)

Rebecca Foust
• Against Plastic Surgery
• The Poet’s Calling

Jesse Glass
• Radio-controlled Jags o’ Jeffers: a Para-human
• Chronothanatolertron

John Gosslee
• Patchwork

James Grinwis
• Landscape of Serene Debauchery

Jim Gross
• 5 Egrets Descending
• Poem for Bill Knott

Herbert S. Guggenheim
• Timmy
• Athena
• Date

Michael Gushue
• The Empire Limited
• Godzilla, King of Monsters

Piotr Gwiazda
• A Poem

Johnny Hartner
• Snapshot of the Holy Ghost

Lola Haskins
• Because He Fails to Look Up
• Flight

Elizabeth Hazen
• Ghost Story
• Coastal

Allison Hedge-Coke
• ‘73

Erin Hoover
• On the Origin of Species

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft
• The Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth
• Oral History

Tod Ibrahim
• For the First Time Stronger
• Together We Are the Judas Horse

Jacqueline Jules
• Storm in the Neighborhood

John King
• Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum
• Dioramas of the Inquisition

Sandra Kolankiewicz
• How to Survive the Flood

Beth Konkoski
• Sleep Away Camp

Gary Leising
• How to Exhume a Body
• Not As Unlucky

Melvin E. Lewis
• At Their Head

Lyn Lifshin
• Before the First Red Comes into the Maples
• Horses and Dancers
• A Year after the Filmmaker
• I Think of the Young Girl
• After the Blue Mosque Dream
• Apricots, Figs and Late Nights, Cappadocia

Adrian C. Louis
• Morphine Jesus

Mary Mackey
• Coriolis Effect
• Inquisition
• Rio +3 Degrees

David McAleavey
• Loose crown for Claude McKay

Margaret McCarthy
• Vertigo 1
• Vertigo 2

Dora E. McQuaid
• Tunnel of Love

Mark Melnicove
• Means Test

Stephen C. Middleton
• In Defense of Hoboes (Veiled)

Devon Miller-Duggan
• The Magnetic Fields . . .

Roberto Montes
• One way to be a person is to believe a matrix is a serious work
• One way to be a person is to be a model citizen

Christopher Morgan
• A Bloom in My Habitat

Elisabeth Murawski
• On a Fragment from Sappho

David Taylor Nielsen
• Superman’s Sperm
• Zombies 1

Meredith Pond
• At Montrose Park

Shelley Puhak
• An Infomercial for the Ladies-in-Waiting
• Guinevere, Supine

Carol Quinn
• My Reykjavik

Charles Rammelkamp
• Disgrace

Elizabeth Rees
• Trespass

Maritza Rivera
• Jealousy

Kim Roberts
• Kim Roberts

Stuart Ross
• Dick TV

Tomaz Salamun
• Holderlin in Bordeaux

Gregg Shapiro
• How to Flirt
• The Indignities

Gary J. Shipley
• Barf Chair

Noel Sloboda
• Last Days of the Mattress King

Rose Solari
• Another Country

Kurt Steinwand
• Black & White 1966

D. E. Steward
• Off Kiritimati
• I Won’t Be Familiar Again

Meredith Trede
• Child of My Child
• Xian Warriors

James Valvis
• How I Became Mexico

Rebecca Villareal
• Fairy Lashes

Michael Waters
• Quoting Rumi

Julia Wendell
• Wafers
• Dieting

Basil White
• Thalia Says Goodbye
• What a Hunting Dog Knows

Gregg Wilhelm
• What Ink

Shangrila Willy
• Concerto the First

Pamela Murray Winters
• An Imagined Garbo . . .
• Cropedey

Bill Yarrow
• What the Hell Am I Doing?

Theodora Ziolkowski
• Brontë for Beginners



Andrew Bales
• Tori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth

Jennie Berner
• Unsettled

Matthew Blasi
• Serenade, Promenade

Gerri Brightwell
• Beast

Amy Bush
• Cement Breath

Dana Cann
• Platform

Peter Caputo
• The Rising Stench of Perfumed Angels

Gabriel Don
• Cesspools and Treasure Chests

Jay Duret
• Sushi

James Dye
• There are no Established Protocols for Entertaining Rogue Comets

Lauren Fairbanks
• from “Superpower(s)”

Lydia Morris Fettig
• Soap

Julia Figliotti
• Skin-Deep

Matthew Finn
• A Brief History of Sushi

April L. Ford
• Bleary

Thaisa Frank
• Anesthesia

Faith Gardner
• The Red Button

Sabina Grogan
• The Woods Witch

Diane Gurman
• Swimming to the Siren’s Song

Paul Handley
• 5 Stages of Dog Grief
• Our Anecdotal Integrity

Gloria L. Huang
• Down to the Bottom

Gilles Leroy
• from Alabama Song [tr. J. T. Townley]

Peter Tieryas Liu
• Phobia

Mary Luttrell
• Fractures

Jønathan Lyons
• Calling

Joe Mills
• At the Edelweiss Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rebecca Nison
• Story Time

Kevin O’Cuinn
• The Water Carrier

Abby Mei Otis
• Sex Dungeons for Sad People

Virgie Townsend
• Warm and Disloyal

Jacqueline Vogtman
• As She Waited

Theodore Wheeler
• Shame Cycle

Kirby Wright
• Leg of Jen

Timothy Zila
• Thing-in-itself

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Thalia Field
• Use Everything
Interviewed by Jorge Armenteros