Gargoyle 6
cover drawing by Zenon Slawinski
publication date 6/14/1977

Table of Contents


Andrew Darlington
• Book Review

Richard Peabody

William Radford-Bennett
• Classical Recordings


Ron Androla
• The 100th Rape
Three Variations
The Way She Left

Harry Brown
Gretchen Waiting

John Ditsky
•Man Is

Steven Fustero
•When a Professor Walks Out in the Middle of a Lecture

Leland Gamson
• untitled

T. N. Grove
•Notes Near the Collapse of the American Empire

John R. Reed
• Amsterdam

David Howard Sawyer
Atomic Shuffle

Paris Morning

Hastings Wyman, Jr.
Poets Prolonging the Evening



Herbert S. Guggenheim
• He Struggles at the Audition

Wolfgang Hildesheimer
The Vacation (tr. Patricia Haas Stanley)

Mark Trachtman
• Sea Stories

Charles Wilder
Failure of the Heart

B. Lysoy
• Ariadne (etching)

Cynde Pierce
• etching

Charlie Schlager
• photo

Zenon Slawinski 
• drawing

Keith Tartler
• drawing