Gargoyle 59
“Not Your Bitch,” cover photo by Ren Garczynski
Published 1/22/2013

Table of Contents


Mary Carpenter 
• Transformations

Deborah Gold 
• Cody, age 14 (or 15, if you ask him)

Mark Spitzer 
• Polemic: The History of Pirated English-Language Translations of Jean Genet’s Poetry (with Chronology)

Mark Terrill
• Here to Learn: Remembering Paul Bowles
See it here


Karren Alenier
• A College Boy Finds His Way
• Paris in the Twenties: 1929
• Bupple’s Cat

Kelli Allen
• Beginning with a Wager

R. A. Allen
• Not So Easy

Elaine Bander
• Angouléme

Kacee Belcher
• No Ass Licking

Jocko Benoit
• Freud’s Lesser-Known Cousin 
• Why Atlas Shrugs
• The Nagging of the Surreal

Jill Bergkamp
• Conjuring Angels in Davao City

Vanessa Blakeslee 
• The Swamp Goddess

Chris Bullard
• The Boy Stood on the Burning Babe

Mary Lou Buschi
• Maybe I Wanted to Give You More Than Ruin
• Cloud I

Katie Cappello
• Scorpion Hunting

Emily Carr
• Queen for a Day
• Lateral Gene Exchange

Christopher Citro
• A Marriage Made on the Dining Room Floor

Robert Cole
• Saffron

Brandon Courtney
• The Startle of the Sleeping World

James Davis
• Charity

Nicelle Davis
• A Girl named June Says about the Desert

Mark DeCarteret
• Another Beatrice Chesterton Diary Entry
• A Being Seen as a Decoy

Brian Komei Dempster
• The Mother Dreams Her Daughter Away from Benjamin

Matt Dennison
• El Sabor

Michelle Disler
• Solutions

Aschala Edwards
• Black Widows

Lori Ellison
• In the Mouth of the Evening

Sylva Fischerova
• Old Worlds (tr. by Stuart Friebert)

Piotr Florczyk
• Fairway Falls

Theophile Gautier
• The Fellah (tr. by Len Krisak)

Jean Genet
• Rediscovered Poems (tr. by Mark Spitzer)

Corey Ginsberg
• The Illusion of Sturdy

Maryanne Hannan 
• Desiderium: Ardent Longing, as for Something Lost

M. Michael Hanner
• Almost Extinction

Toni Hanner
• the dim radiance of HE 1523

Myronn Hardy
• The Desert Unrequited
• Gigou

Daniel A. Harris
• To a Friend at 65, Getting a Divorce and a New Hip

Gayle Elen Harvey 
• Flagellation

Chris Haven
• The Cake Girl

Stephen Haynie
• Thirty Bodies in Houston

Jasper Haze
• A Jar of Baby Teeth

Nancy Hechinger
• Never Was the Heart
• Star Wars

Allison Hedge Coke 
• Breathing
• The Last House Creeley Left

Travis Hedge Coke
• God and Pony Show

Robert Herschbach 
• Scottish Play

Elizabyth A. Hiscox 
• Vanguard Aria for Minor Organs

Gretchen Hodgin
• Acme Co.
• To You: (On Behalf of My Words . . .)”

David Hubbard
• The Last Swimming Pool in Managua (1979)

Amorak Huey
• Love Letter During the Opening Scenes of Law & Order

Bethany Schultz Hurst
• The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing

Rich Ives
• Scottish Ancestors

Ted Jean
• Flower Child

Douglas A. Jones
• [Already day three . . .]

Rob Kenagy
• Air No. 7
• Air No. 16

Sandra Kolankiewicz 
• Claudia, 19 East, Bed A
• Tipping the Ferryman

Gerry LaFemina
• Clown Baby, the Yogini and Me
• The Cruelty of the Third Hand
• Story Problem
• Role Players

Deanna Larson
• The Flexibility of X

Nikia Leopold
• The Constant
• Fragile

Joseph E. Lerner
• Sci-Fi

Lyn Lifshin
• For the Roses
• Out of the City and Down to the Sea Side
• Michael from Mountains
• Hitchcock and the Hunks
• The More I Think of Janet Leigh
• Hitchcock’s Circles

James Magorian 
• Salamanca at Sunset

Mary Claire Mahaney 
• Knitting

Richard Martin
• Stoic Surrender

Susan H. Maurer
• Rain Taxi

Jennifer A. McGowan
• Commute to Kutnåe Hora

Dora E. McQuaid
• Alchemy
• Avatar

Dan Memmolo 
• Bombardment

Leslie F. Miller
• the brouhaha after the traveling carnival pulled out of town
• psalm of the shoe
• requiem for a vacation

Dawn Montefusco
• A Good Bluff
• A Private Conversation

Keith Montesano
• Blood

Adam Moorad
• this handicapped stall is paducah

Christina Olson
• On Turning Thirty

Joanna Pearson
• The Ice Sculptor
• Mermaids

Kate Pendlebury
• from “Baby Poems” XI

Carly Physioc
• Learning Things with My Mother
• Elephant and Castle, North Line

Jean Prokott
• The High School Teacher’s Old Spring Fling

Dean Rader
• Five Rooms

Jade Ramsey
• She Lives in a Pat of Butter

Billy Reynolds
• Dusk at Rocket Park

Susie Reynolds
• My Neighbour the Revolutionary

Rainer Maria Rilke
• The Rose Interior (tr. by Len Krisak)

Liz Robbins
• Before the Cut

Stephen R. Roberts
• Roy and Dale Memorabilia

David Romanda
• drought

Daniel Romo
• Pancho as Protagonist in the 9thGrade Grammar Book

Eric W. Schramm
• Five Landscapes with Shopping Cart

Emily Severance
• Espousal

Gregory Sherl
• Once Upon a Time

Gary J. Shipley
• Waiting on Ectoplasm

Brian Simoneau
• I Hold a Grudge Against a Well-Known Poet

Noel Sloboda
• Trim Fit

Erin Elizabeth Smith
• The Plastic Triceratops Questions Behavioral Integrity

Jay Snodgrass
• My Ghost Made an Art Movie: 27.2

Kurt Steinwand
• Gettysburg

Dariel Suarez
• Signs

K.M.A Sullivan
• River’s Bend

Terese Svoboda
• Bring Home the Groceries
• Banduri or Mandari or Merle
• The Disappearing Hippo

Adam Tavel
• Letter to Hathaway Writ on Water

Eleanor Ross Taylor
• Three Witches
• Tony’s Mother Left Him 7 Umbrellas
• Writing in the Dark

Parker Tettleton
• Mad Snickerlish

Meg Thompson
• 13 Affordable Ways to Become a Famous Poet …

Padma Thornlyre
• Mavka #35

Michelle Tooker 
• Motorcyclist on 206

Sandee Gertz Umbach 
• Cures for Epilepsy

James Valvis
• For the Headless Mannequins

Thomas Vaultonburg
• A Poem I also title “The Donner Party” after a Night of Reading Richard Brautigan’s Poetry
• Beaten

Jaime Warburton
• From a Young Girl

Theresa Williams
• Reading Winesburg

Mark Wisniewski
• Maturity

Nicholas YB Wong 
• Tasteless Desserts: Thoughts on Teachers in Hong Kong: An Alien Encounter

Stefanie Wortman
• Careless Simile

Kirby Wright
• Kowloon Tong at 3 O’Clock in the Morning

Theodora Ziolkowski 
• Shakespeare’s Children



Bonnie Arning
• Bodies of Water

A.A. Balaskovits
• The Ibex Girl of Qumran

Ned Balbo
• Rollo and Apollo

Jill Birdsall
• Loafers

Rachel Brill
• Poet’s Guild

John L. Campbell
• Courageous Little Philomena’s Wondrous Bait

Julie A. Corwin
• My First Husband

Barbara Westwood Diehl
• Mermaids

Chris Dungey
• The Enforcer on the Road

Jaclyn Dwyer
• Lost in the Red City

Gloria Dyc
• The New Age

Ian Golding
• Electric Light Orchestra single “Mr. Blue Sky” as heard in a White Castle dining area

Matthew Harrison
• The Making of Creatures

Allison Hedge Coke
• Flutter (from “Veldt”)

Charles Holdefer
• The Plans

Nik Houser
• Under Hindsight’s Knife

Trevor J. Houser
• Malta

Robert Kloss
• Our Calm was Born from Your Burning

Franz Knupfer
• The Informants of Kengtung

Beth Konkoski
• Desert Horse

Len Kruger
• Marianas Trench

Kimberly Lojewski
• Swamp Food at the Rapture Café

Deepak Maini
• The Brother

Mark McBride
• Lacy

Delaney Nolan
• Shotgun Style

Yarrow Paisley
• The Revised Minutes

Pete Pazmino
• Lyle-O

Lorine Kritzer Pergament 
• Lost

Bridget Plekavic
• Lillian’s Closet

Marie Potoczny
• If Not Now, When?

Sean Quinn
• Asuncion

Karin Rosman
• Blue Dress Day

Andrew Shelden
• SeaTac Rain

Michael Spann
• Maroc Con

Jenniey Tallman
• Gertrude is Gay

Rene Georg Vasicek
• The City of Machines

Ann Wahlman
• Six-Shooter

Tim Wendel
• Gallows Poll

Paul West
• Oxford

Nin Andrews
• Shakespeare 
• Uncouth Mister 
• Glamour Shot 
• This Is Just to Say – I 
• This Is Just to Say – II

Ren Garczynski
• Cover Photo “Not Your Bitch”
Photography by random eye candy photography