Gargoyle 58
“WTF?!” cover art by Cintia Gonzálvez © 2010.
Published 5/29/2012

Table of Contents


Elison Alcovendaz 
• Works Cited

Aimee Anderson 
• Indian Springs

Charlotte Safavi
• The Nose of the Matter

Morty Sklar
• Necessary Nakedness and the Democracy of Universal Vulnerability: An appreciation of Isabella Gardner

Silvana Straw
• Half Ball


Ron Androla
• We Give 
• He is Walking Around in My Mind

Julie Babcock
• The Reluctant Hostess

D. N. Baldwin
• Rimini

Lucy Biederman
• With Sleep for Everyone But Me

Gary Blankenburg
• Summer Reading 
• Rapture

Linda Blaskey
• Mary Custis Lee Visits Arlington for the Last Time

Jody Bolz
• The Shadow Box

Neil Boyack
• Dead Fish—Murray River Easter Camp 1990

Amanda J. Bradley
• The Nicene Creed Meets the Jabberwocky

Jamie Brown
• Ode to Reggie Dunlop, In Retirement
• The Assertion

Sarah Browning
• Headline: Six Killed in Raid 
• Fasting

Carmen Calatayud
• Soul Search in Mexico

Rick Campbell
• On the Lake 
• Elegy in a Small Town Churchyard 
• Texas Highway Good Night 
• Waiting for the Piggly Wiggly to Open

Alex Cigale
• My Mother the Witch, My Father the Broom
• From an Evening with the Brothers Quay

Joan Colby
• Barn Fire

Gail Braune Comorat 
• Jealous of His Weimaraner 
• What She Remembers about the Honeymoon

Jennifer Cutting
• A Day at Sense-Camp

Jim Daniels
• Foundation

Nick D’Annunzio Jones 
• The True Poet Laureate of the United States

Kristina Marie Darling 
• Footnotes to a History of the Cathedral

Kiki Denis
• The Mirror

Sean Thomas Dougherty 
• 3 A.M.

M. Scott Douglass
• Baking Cookies

Julie R. Enszer
• Breasts

Laura Fargas
• Plato Says Poems Are 
• The Old MacArthur

Gary Fincke
• The Headless

Rebecca Foust
• The Writing Life

Sunil Freeman
• In an Alternate Universe

Stuart Friebert
• Adam and Eve (1504)—Durer

Sarene Friedman
• The Most Detestable of Words

DJ Gaskin
• Seven Moon Drive Opus

Jim Gross
• Monk 
• Doin’ Time

Herb Guggenheim
• Pete Sussman Hangs Out at an Art Opening

Daniel Gutstein
• Two Weeks in December

Bruce Harris
• Winter

Johnny Hartner
• Tea Party for the Disenfranchised

Robert Head
• Untitled

Kathleen Hellen
• How Light Bends at the Exxon 
• The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

Alec Hershman
• Catastatic

Andy Hughes
• The Tentacle Shop

Bruce A. Jacobs
• Knock-Knock 
• Here Lies

Kathleen Kraft
• Love Letter to My Lost Fish Spatula

Stephen Lackaye
• Returning

Jan LaPerle
• Pluto

JoAnn LoVerde-Dropp 
• Bridesmaid’s Epithalamium

Priscilla Lee
• The Mummy 
• The Sunset, 1973 
• When Mania Visits

Sara Levy
• Atelier

Molly Lurie-Marino 
• Variation on the WordTake
Stolen Moments 
• All the Brooks Brothers Women are Married

Siwar Masannat
• For Total War, the Memory of Jasmine

David McAleavey
• Culture Hero 
• For George Oppen 
• Mary Jane and Frances

Natalie McNabb 
• Adventures of an Alaskan Barfly

Stephen C. Middleton
• The Missing Upper Partials 
• The Clamps (Reach)

Devon Miller-Duggan
• Baba Yaga in Chicken Country

Sally Molini
• Meditation in The Fuzzy Cube

Michael Monroe
• Rave 
• Mardi Gras

Miles David Moore
• Lines Written at Twilight on an Intercity Bus

Elisabeth Murawski 
• Message on the Wall of an Abandoned Barn

David Michael Nixon 
• Stephen Forgives the Stones

Desmond O’Brien 
• Fortunes

Jose Padua
• Traveling Men
• Green

Patric Pepper
• Soirée 
• Sun and Moon


Joe Raffa
• Planet Amtrak

Misti Rainwater-Lites 
• Steering Wheel Made of Stars

Alan C. Reese 
• Contemplating Pieter de Hooch’s A Mother

Maritza Rivera
• Saudade

William M. Rivera
• Piques 
• Let’s pretend

Daniel Saalfeld
• Slow Season

Michael Salcman
• Vault No. 2, Shelf No. 36

Jane Satterfield
• The Poet’s Brother at Seventeen 
• “The Water-Cure”

Lorraine Schein
• Marvel

Daniel M. Shapiro
• Brian Wilson Begins to Compose “Good Vibrations” outside Dripping Cave, Calif., 1966

Larissa Shmailo
• The Girl @theparisreview Says Uncool

Jessica Sleider
• These Villagers Ride Anemic Equus, or My Dear Got Caught Stealing Plastic Pieces 
• river, n. fem.

Rose Solari
• Who, What, When 
• The Last Girl

M. G. Stephens
• Prince Wen Hui’s Cook
• The Ferret’s Poem 
• The Storyteller

Carlie St. George
• The Kiss 
• Ob/Gyn

D. E. Steward
• “Killed at Resaca”

Silvana Straw
• Dear Mark
• Sherman

Todd Swift
• Mr. Charisma 
• On Reading an Anthology of Younger American Poets from the ’80s 
• Azoospermia

Mark Terrill
• The Refit

Maribeth Theroux
• The Fish-Fry

Naomi Thiers
• Fires I Have Seen 
• Signature

Jim Tolan
• Broken 
• Bouffant

Michael Waters
•Last Day on Ios
• Horse (Ars Poetica)

Shangrila Willy
• Persephone Among the Birds

Sally Wilde
• Prodigal 
• The Beginning of the Affair 
• Widdershins 
• X. The Wheel This Must Be the Place 
• The River, from the Other Side

Pamela Murray Winters
• Exegesis of a Bootleg Tape of “Truckin’”

Emma Sky Wolf
• Nap Day

Kathi Wolfe
• Uppity Writes on Tinseltown’s Facebook Wall

Pui Ying Wong
• That Kind of Day



Sara Backer
• Ex and Ex-Ex: The Bar Scene

Stacy Barton
• That Summer

Dianne Benedict
• Hawk

Arion Berger
• The Summit of So-Nam Sherpa

Ana García Bergua
• The Cold War

Linda Blaskey
• The Importance of Hidden Things

Mark Budman
• On the Shore of a Dry Sea

Beverly Burch
• Desperate for a Girlfriend

Melinda J. Combs
• Stuck

Mary Stone Dockery
• Josh’s Flowers

• An Elemental Pose

Halina Duraj
• Ash

Tony Duvert
• The Thinker 
• The Window-Breaker 
• The Engraver 
• The Executioner

Mike Guista
• At Sea

Annie Hartnett
• Animals First

Wayne Karlin
• Our Fathers’ Wars

Shawna Kenney
• Possession

Faye Kicknosway
• Cometh the Sheep

Jen Knox
• Synchronicity

Harry Leeds
• Anecdotes from the Life of Grace Paley

Nathan Leslie
• The Makeout Club 
• The Miniaturist

Alyce Lomax
• Sanatorius

Trish MacEnulty (aka Pat MacEnulty)
• Plural

Annam Manthiram
• Sweet Custard

Monica McFawn
• Dead Horse Productions

Robin McLean
• For Swimmers

Allison Harden Moen 
• Muse

Dan Moreau
• A Tour of North American Ruins

Sequoia Nagamatsu
• The Passage of Time in the Abyss

Kevin O’Cuinn
• Snow Journal, Day 23

Jordan Okumura
• Anatomy of a photograph

Toby Olson
• Sweet Georgia Brown

James J. Patterson and Quinn O’Connell Jr.
• from “Roughnecks”

Vicki Pearson-Rounds 
• A Trail of Disappearance

David Plumb
• The Ghost of Susan Hayward

Pedro Ponce
• The Pill Course 
• The Sexiest Man Alive
• The Soundtrack Killer 

Elahzar Rao
• The Round in My Mother’s Kitchen

Terri Scullen
• Thinking of You

Nic Small
• True or False: A Knarl-Biter Saved the World—The Tale of Yanx

Edmundo Paz Soldán 
• Rodrigo and Others 
• Promise 
• Friday Morning

M. G. Stephens
• The Mood

Susan Isla Tepper
• Wedding

Richard Thomas
• Tinkering with the Moon

Lee Upton
• What Doesn’t Kill You Makes Me Stronger

Judy Viertel
• June Picnic

Brennen Wysong
• The Fox and the Nest 
• The First One In

Margaret Zamos-Monteith 
• The Monument of Great Lies

Theodora Ziolkowski
• The Littlest Puck

Mary Kay Zuravleff
• Side Effects

Lonny Chant
• Frontispiece

Nin Andrews
• Poet
• No Chocolate

Janice Shapiro
• Popular