Gargoyle 55
Cover photo by Andy Rumball of poet Aoife Mannix
Published 12/3/2009

Table of Contents


Aaron Gilbreath
• Cupid Carries a Switch

Margery Kreitman
• Taxi!

Louise Wareham Leonard
• Ashes

William Minor
• Cheese
• A Blessing

Jordan Okumura
• Descent


Sherman Alexie
• The Oral Tradition

D.N. Baldwin
• Night of the Savior

Jan Ball
• cross-dressers in spring clothing

Kate Braverman
• Fox and Camouflage Russian Hill Women

Traci Brimhall
• Chastity Belt Lesson

Emily Brungo
• Shockoe Bottom (aka Hungover .  . .

Claudia Burbank
• Morris, New Jersey, 1967

Linda E. Cable
• Fishing for Dead Poets

Chezia Thompson Cager
• Ask Your Mama I
• Ask Your Mama II
• A Country Girl’s Recipe. . . 

Mary Ann Campbell
• Melissa
• Joe

Sean Carman
• On Being Trapped in a Grain Elevator . . .

Sandra M. Castillo
• LSD and Kyle McLachlan

Patrick Chapman
• Oubliette

Alex Cigale
• The Rabid Loves of the Americans

Heather Davis
• From the American People

Alex Dimitrov
• Saint Sebastian After the Arrows

George Drew
• CSI Gil Grissom in the Kingdom of the  Dead

Moira Egan
Laurus nobilis

Bridget Gage-Dixon
• The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Shelley Grabel
• The Reluctant Tomboy

Anne Wilson Gregory
• Warning the Hunter

Robert Gregory
• Elegy in Advance

Harry Griswold
• In Churchport

Susan Gubernat
• Sibyl

Jenny Hanning
• Trench

Johnny Hartner
• Love’s Labor’s Lost at Kennywood  
• Park

Mary Crockett Hill
• Toaster Genesis

Brad Johnson
• Coffee Shop Waste Sheet (Or: Very Bored Barista)

Jason Jones
• Gunslinger

Miriam Jones
• Party Down on the Island

Richard Jones
• Walking in a Cemetery Re: Incarnation…

Mike Jurkovic
• Mongrel

Christina Kallery
•Government Cheese

Linda King
• A River Makes Its Own Way

Mary Jean Kledzik
• Alchemy

Steve Kowit
• Some Skunks
• 7th Grade

Jonas Kyle-Sidell
• Lightning, some

Brian E. Langston
• Building a Better Weapon

Lyn Lifshin
• On the Metro
• Father Throws 4 Children Off a Bridge
• When I Found the Words Pressed into Themselves
• She Said Possessed
• First Snow, January 17

Reb Livingston
• Diminished Prophecy  6:3

Ann Malaspina
• Disappear

Sally Wen Mao
• Love Pear

Cathy McArthur
• Lipsticks

Greg McBride
• At the Gay-Pride Parade

Margaret McCarthy
• Slut    
• America, Light of the World

Melissa Monroe
• Pinocchio on Wishes

Peter Moore
• Airborne Leaflet Propaganda
Language by Immersion

Kathi Morrison-Taylor
• Hypothesis

Elisabeth Murawski
• A Type of Sad

Barbra Nightingale
• Ahab’s Second Wife

Kevin Oberlin
• Meeting for Drinks at the Bar…

Claudia Putnam
• On reading the Bible backwards

Alan C. Reese
• This Just In

Amanda Reynolds
• Kurt Vonnegut Flunked    Thermodynamics

Diane Schenker
• Poem with No Pants On

Mather Schneider
• Midnight in the Beer Garden of Good and Evil

Peter Schwartz
• Naked Woman/Naked Man

Eric Paul Shaffer
• Picnic in the Year Zero

J. D. Smith
• Dachshunds of Buenos Aires

Paul Sohar
• War Bread

D. E. Steward
• The Line

Bianca Stewart
• And

Julie Marie Wade
• Hester Prynne . . .
• Morton’s Girl

Ronald Wallace
• Dress Right Dress

Ian Williams
• West of Boston

A.D. Winans
• 71 Going on 72
• Poem For Allen Ginsberg

Corey Zeller
• The Background Singers . . .



Michelle Brafman
• Washing the Dead

Randall Brown
• Hiding Nothing

Brian Cooper
• Inedible Fish

Barbara Westwood Diehl
• The Ultimate Grand Supreme

Damian Dressick
• Accrual

Louise Jarvis Flynn
• Over the Moon

Espido Freire
—The Wooden Monster

Avital Gad-Cykman
• Such As Any

Yael Gen
• Water

Myronn Hardy
• Philosophy of the Dead

Michael Hemmingson
• Why Don’t You Use Your 
        Parking Space?

Nik Houser
• The Kissing Booth Burns Down

Dallas Hudgens
• Sixty in Twenties

Rosemary Jones
• The Sichuan Princesses

Michael Kimball
• Three Girlfriends

laudanum at 33 
• welles
• an open letter
• thymiane

Jen Mikalski
• Orion

Susan Smith Nash 
• Discourse & Dustin, Oklahoma Panhandle Gun & Coin

Andrew Oldham
• Song of the Whale Boy

Steve Pastis
• Wet Dogs of Hispaniola
• The Bucket Seats of Poets
• The Zesty Saints

Susan Perabo
• End of Days

Deborah Pintonelli
• Baby Love

Terri G. Scullen
• Pullout

Martin Seay
• from “The Mirror Thief”

Irene Svete
• The Wake

David Veronese
• A Boy in Need

Lisa Vogel
• The Museum of This

Sue Williams
•Where the Apple Rolls

Keith R. Wilson
• Cleaning the Smoking Room

Tim Wirkus
• Apiary

Sally Wilde 
• No One Knows You’re a God

Lisa Chun
• 5 photos

Andy Rumball
• Cover photo