Gargoyle 51
Cover by Patricia Storms
Published 9/7/2006

Table of Contents



Bruce Fleming
• Creative Writing

Corso and the Coed

Deborah Ager

Naomi Ayala
Twelve Days

Nicole Blackman
• Things We Will Need For Our Performance

Jennifer Bosveld
• Abandoned Piano

Sarah Browning
Assess Your Own Eating Behavior
• Falling for Tiger Woods in a St. Louis Airport Bar

Chezia Thompson Cager
• 41 Shots

Cathy Carlisi
• Fragile

Laura Chester
• Survival of the Violet Girls

Jan Clausen
• Cliff Notes to the Book of Revelation

Virginia Crawford
• Going to Bed After PBS

James Deahl
• Black Sausage

Gillian Devereux
• 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Jennifer K. Dick
• Looking for Engrams

Sandy Florian

Thaisa Frank
• The Letters
• Confessions from a Tattoo Parlor

Ed Zahniser
• A French Trapper Names the Teton Mountains

Stephen Gibson
• At Mazar-E Sharif

Timothy Green
• Diorama in A-Minor

Jennifer Gresham
• We Spit on the Word Evacuation

Reginald Harris
• Approaching Baltimore

Elizabeth Hazen
Why I Love Zombie Woman #6

Timothy Houghton
• Homage to Sergio Leone

Reuben Jackson
• My Old School
• The Little Boy with the Sad Eyes

Bruce A. Jacobs
• Saxophone

Ron Koertge
• Nancy Drew
• Nannies

Gerry LaFemina
• Figure 12.  Horses
• Vaudeville Family Therapy

Lyn Lifshin
• On the Night the Most Handsome Poet Walked Out of the Schenectady Community     College Reading Alone
• Rose
• When I See Sarah Jessica Parker is Replaced by Joss Stone
• Writer’s Conference Brochure
• Dead Girls, Dying Girls

Mel Nichols
• Lifting

Toby Olson
• Hesitation Waltz

Elizabeth Oness
• Five Elements

Sam Schmidt
Suburban Myth #12

Adele Steiner
• Growing Up in 1964

Elizabeth Swados
• Ships

Ross Taylor
• Copier

Mark Terrill
• Eggburgers

Venus Thrash
Born Negro, Born Black

Paul West
• Invocations

Pamela Murray Winters
Alphabet Series: S



Gail Galloway Adams
• The Call

Roberta Allen

Toby Barlow
• The DMV

Scott Joseph Campbell
• Flytrap

Quinn Dalton

Thaisa Frank
• Thread

Abby Frucht
• Wingdings

Steven Gillis

Nik Houser
• First Kisses From Beyond the Grave

M. H. Johnson
As Is

Nathan Leslie
• Let’s Do Thai

Trish MacEnulty (aka Pat MacEnulty)
• The Cannibalized Woman

Kat Meads
• Authors Always Lie about their Lives, e.g., Always Lie about their Lives, Always, e.g.

Susan Smith Nash
• From “Cat Magic”

Elizabeth Oness
• Spillover

Michael Phillips

Kit Reed
• Freezing Geezers

Megan Staffel
• The Yes Column

Angel Threatt
• Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Jessica Treat
• Teacup

Dallas Wiebe
• Skyblue’s Essay on Dying

Ann Downer
• Frontispiece   “Dove or Hawk ” collage

Patricia Storms
• Cover Drawing

David Moss
• 4 Photos