Gargoyle 48
Cover Photo by Margaret Schnipper
Published 9/1/2004

Table of Contents


Sally Drumm 
• Alphabet Story

Reamy Jansen 
• Verges

Willard Manus
• S.J. Perelman in the Aegean


Shane Allison
• Poem for Craig Kilborn

Nin Andrews
• The Beautiful Lie

Ron Androla
• wild rain wind
• the theory of a falling moon
• molecules of george
• months in the war

Anne Becker
• Not a Ghazal–Snapshots from the Museum of Life

Eugenie Bisulco
• No Assing Rough

Laurel Ann Bogen
• Poem

Michelle Brooks
• Anyone Could Do It

Nick Carbo
• Tormenta Electromagnetico
• Translating Lorca in Andalusia

Grace Cavalieri
• The Long Night
• Water on the Sun

Christopher Chambers
• Interview with a Birdcage
• How Terrible Orange

Lisa Chun
• Seven Stages of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Matthew Cooperman
• Ms. Stein in Laramie

Bill Costley
•On My Turning 61

Mark DeCarteret
• Family Reunion

Diane Shipley DeCillis
• A Day at the Lake with Gertrude Stein

Pamela Ditchoff
• Lakeside Park Concert

Doug Draime
• The True Story of Noah

Carolyn Elkins
• The Moon and Stars Café

Blair Ewing
• Tributary

Ray Gonzalez
• Without Sorrow
• Bamboo Face

Diane Halsted
• Lottery

Annalynn Hammond
• Carlos and Analea

Reginald Harris
• Is English Your First Language?

Kevin Higgins
• Blackhole

Lida Husik
• Fever
• Survivor
• The Country We Live in Now

Halvard Johnson
• Corpse Found Alive by Roadside

George Kalamaras
• Laramie Says

Lyn Lifshin
• Leda and Her Daughter
• The Man Who Says Floating Blonds Come Thru His Eyes

Robin Magowan
• Angels on the Head of a Pin Bartering

Frank Matagrano
• Now I Have Seen Everything

Elisabeth Murawski
• The Chapel That Tempted O’Keeffe . . .

Kim Roberts
• Half-Built House

Michael Salcman
• The Cubist

Hal Sirowitz
• Mortician School

Rose Solari
• Elegy for the Sleeping Girl

Alan Spears
• It’s Amazing What You Get Used To

Gary Stein
• The Cremationist’s Day Off

Adele Steiner
• The Class Reunion

Tim Suermondt
• Fishing on a Sunday with Helen Vendler

Doug Tanoury
• Retail Egyptology

Meredith Trede
• Returns of the Day–New Mexico

• Land Mines & Dreams
• One Moment
• Poem to the Lithuanian Lady
• Finally Meeting Neruda

Rebecca Villarreal
• Isaiah

Afaa M. Weaver
• The Labor Feast of 100 Jokes

Tom Whalen
• Incompatibility
• In an Antique Shop Window

James R. Whitley
• Cantata No. 21

Michele Wolfe
• Small Talk with an Eight-Year-old

Sarah Wolfson
• From the Annals of Taxonomical Mishap
• Trappings



Doreen Baingana 
• The Depth of Blue

Hildie Block 
• Umbilical Discord

Neil Boyack 
• A Chair in the Shower

Suzanne Feldman 
• The Crime Museum

Avital Gad-Cykman 
• Intimacy

Michael Hemmingson 
• This Other Eden

E. Ethelbert Miller 
• Maria

Chris Morgan 
• EGZ Tour Rider: : Calendar Year 2003

Carolyn Osborn 
• Oppositions

Deborah Pintonelli 
• Lola

Nahid Rachlin 
• Chance Meetings

Doug Rice 
• In Memoriam to Identity

Lynda Schor 
• Corrections

R. D. Selim 
• Annunciation

D. E. Steward 
• Julie

Jon Swan 
• Transactions

James F. Thompson 
• Butterfly BBQ Sauce

Katherine Vaz 
• A Simple Affair

Tim Wendel 
The Handy Man

Cover Photo
• Margaret Schnipper

• Twyla Peabody

Photo – Claudia Carlson 
• Dog Crown

Photo – Lisa Chun 
• Windham Ranch Cowgirl


Photo – Lisa Chun 
• Christine