Gargoyle 45
Cover art by Sigal Avni
Published 10/2002

Table of Contents


Steven Moore 
• Nympholepsy


Beth Barnyock 
• What I Have Not Forgotte

Jeffery Beam 
• Physical Love

Barbara Berman 
• The Star of Mars Bars

Michelle Bitting 
• The Accompanist

Korie Beth Brown 
– Fatal Attraction

Terri Brown-Davidson 
• The Cabin

Chezia Thompson Cager 
• The First Ho in Space

James Cervantes 
• Poems for Friends at Mid-Winter

Denise Duhamel 
• Midlife Crisis Poem

Roxanna Font 
• Carnal

Stephen Gibson 
• I Can See the Machinery Turning Behind the Dry
Wall, Even Now

Jesse Glass, Jr. 
• Listening

Elizabeth Hazen 
• Fake Tattoos

Timothy Houghton 
• Sunburn Inside

Coral Hull 
• The Missing Person
• They Would Be Able to Smell My Class
• Artistic Bludger Beneath the Clothesline

Michael Ives 
• The Secret History of Representation

Mary Julia Klimenko 
• To Field a Dream

Ronald Koertge 
• The River

Sharon Krinsky 
• Things to Do in an Edward Hopper Painting

Dale M. Kushner 
• Magdalene at the Tomb

Dora Malech 
• Love Letter from the Montgomery County Police Station
• Relationship #2 –February

Kat Meads 
• The Tent Preacher

Miles David Moore 
• All for Poetry

Rush Rankin 
• Zeno’s Paradox

Rochelle Ratner 
• The First Monkey

Maritza Rivera 
• Consequences

Chuck Roberts 
• Borges

William Rushton 
• Remembering Birds

John Rybicki 
• St. Timothy’s Home for Boys–1983

Shoshauna Shy 
• Crippled

Robin Standish 
• Sweet Graffiti

Mark Terrill 
• Terminal Satori

Jonathan Vaile 
• The Shadows of the Aurora

Yi Yon-ju 
• Prostitute 7
• An Executioner Doesn’t Have the Time to Read a Letter



Rachel Cantor 
• Do You Know This Child?

Kyle Conwell 
• A Underdeveloped Picture of My Brother

Grant Faulkner 
• Cooking

Caitlin Greenleaf Johnson 
• I Miss You, Harold Brozner

Amy Eller Lewis 
• The Double Life of Evelyn Gray

Rachael Perry 
• My Grandfather’s Dictionary

Lea Russo 
• Mausoleums

Miranda Saake 
• Current

Davis Schneiderman 
• Tupeat, Frompeet, Repeit

Michael Spann 
• The Black Pancho Villa

Liza Taylor 
• We Have Fun

Ross Taylor 
• A Memorable Fantasy

Christopher Walsh 
• Substantial Collections

Elizabeth Keller Whitehurst 
• The Leg

Signal Avni 
• Cover art

David Hernandez 
• drawing

Dee Rimbaud 
• frontispiece