Gargoyle 44
Cover photo is (c) Man Ray  
Published 12/7/2001

Table of Contents


Sheri Martinelli 
• Mexico, His Thrust Renews


Nin Andrews 
• Confessions of a Succubus
• Dedicated to the One I Love

Gary Blankenburg 
The Late News

Bernadette Geyer 
• Practical Applications of Newton’s Laws of Motion

Diana Hartog 
The Psychoanalysis of Dreams

Cynthia M. Hoffman 
• After Having Steadied Your Drunken Head
• Hammered-On Octave Patterns with Dead Notes
• Short Biography of a Soldier

Joyce Huff 
• The Hymn of a Fat Woman

Brandon Johnson 
• Starry Cloth

Siel Ju 
• Kit and Caboodle

Sydney March 

Ed McCafferty 
• Seducing Martha Stewart

Michael Gregg Michaud 
How to Be a Gay Literary Icon

James Norcliffe 
• Yippee!

Nicole Louise Reid 
• Night, August 1984, Blacksburg

Eileen Tabios 
• The Artist Looks at the Model

Cynthia Tedesco 
Fragment XIV

Mark Wisniewski 
Chris Farley’s Funeral



Jeffrey M. Bockman 
• The Archivist is Loved by the Mathematician

Rebecca Brown 
• Description of a Struggle

Kenneth Carroll 
• Barking in Tongues

Wanda Coleman 
• Shark Liver Oil

Anita Shah Kapadia 
• The Disappeared

Doug Rice 
• A Light in August Trees

Suzan Sherman 
• Peaches

Rozanne Gooding Silverwood 
• Squirrel Hunting

MaryAnn Suehle 
• The Encyclopedia Gesland

Tim Wendel 
• Jamie’s Car

Tom Chalkley 
• One Hundred Years of Suburbitude (comix)

Man Ray 
• Cover Photo
Trust/Artist Rights Society, NY/ADAGP, Paris Used with Permission

Nancy Taylor 
• Photo