Gargoyle 43
Cover painting “Acrobats, Hooligans, and a Horse,”  by Joe Sorren
Published 2/26/2001
150 pages, $10.00

Table of Contents


Diane di Prima

Spike Gillespie
Close to Phobic

Brion Gysin

Jonathan Sheffer 
• Blood on the Dining Room Floor

Aurelie Sheehan 
• The Catholic Reel


John Balaban
• Root Boy Slim, 1945-1993

Jody Bolz 
• Ambush

Geoff Bouvier 
• Organized Philosophy

Ray Bradbury 
• Which Shall It Be

Anne Caston 
• What Seems To Be

Ed Cox 
• Entwined
• Her Recounting
• These Clouds
• The Vulnerable

Sharon Doubiago 
• Cojo at the Millennium

Lisa Glatt 
• If you Have Sex with a Stranger with One Ball

David Hernandez
Tonight I Am Plotting to Assassinate My Anxiety

Rebecca Lu Kiernan 
• The Resentful Bride

Kevin Killian
& Linda Smukler
• A Lover’s Complaint

Cate Marvin 
• Local Blind

Kaia Sand 
• The Fruit We Eat

Barbara M. Simon 
• The Boys

Denis Sivack 
• Ear

Katherine Soniat 
• Somnambulist

Virgil Suarez 
• Pinkie

Todd Swift 
• Curing
• Why I Do Not Carry A Gun
• Public Service Announcement 101

Henry Taylor 
• The Savage God: Clerihews

Ryan G. Van Cleave 
• Back Porch Blues

William Viant 
• Doomsday

James Wagner 
• Kafka

Liz Waldner
AdamAu Verso

Barrett Warner 
• The Boat



Bruce Bauman 
• The Nihilist’s Prayer

Lisa Boylan 
• Indelible Marks

Elise Levine

David Plumb 
• Why I Smoke

Lily Pond 
• The Mother Who Floated Away

Lorraine Schein 
• My Little Mermaid

Elisabeth Sheffield 
• Influenza

Sarah Louise Williams 
• Out of the Atlas

Lidia Yuknavitch 
• If Patti Smith Was Jesus

Lili Corbus Bezner 
• Three Photos

Dave Morice 
• drawing “Whistler’s Mother’s Artichoke”

Joe Sorren 
• cover painting “Acrobats, Hooligans, and a Horse”

Nancy Taylor 
• Four Photos