Gargoyle 42
Cover art by Robert Alder
Published 5/21/1999
175 pages, $10.00

From Launch

Table of Contents


Bleddyn Butcher 
• David McComb 1962-1999

John Mnihan 
• Bacon, Beckett and Burroughs

Claudia Turske 
• The Recipe for That Night

Mark Wallce 
• Hurry Up Please: Time and Destruction in the Fiction of Paul Bowles and William Burroughs

Kathleen Warnock
• Rock and Roll Roadtrip


Rayne Arroyo 
• Why I Hate Pittsburgh #1
• Come Back, Blue Jay

Jennifer Badman 
• The Boyfriend Poem

Pal Hidasi Berlioz 
• If She Would Stand

Nicole Blackman 
• Fifteen She Learns

Dermot Bolger 
• Beechwood

Margaret Bonfiglioli 
• Narcissus

John Calder 
• Seduction

Billy Childish 
• sex crimes of the future

Don Mee Choi 
• At Saint Matthew’s Cathedral

Lana Citron 
• Eternal Optimist
• 100% Love

J. Wesley Clark 
• With Sheila, in the Mudbaths

John Cooper Clarke 
• Martin Newell: The hardest Working man in Showbusiness

Tim Cumming 
• Days

Joe Cushnan 
• To Trust a Lover

Andrew Darlington 
• Act of Gross Indecency/Cottaging in Thornes Park

Barbara DeCesare 
• Honeymoon
• Love Letter to the Unabomber

Buck Downs 
• In Memory D Thompson

Cathy Eisenhower 
• Jane Talks Dirty to Herself

Lucy English 
• Right Now

Duncan Fallowell 
• Rainbow Party: Fuschia’s Song from Gormenghast

Lorca Getty 
• Sum of Its Parts

Stephen Gibson 
• Last Blues

Selena Saliva Godden 
• Butter Drag Lady
• Saliva Gloopy
• Henry

John Hegley 
• The Dog Runs

Jared Hendrickson 
• that compressed feeling again

Veda Hille 
• Conversation with the Dead

• Snapshot
• Gun
• Baby
• The Sea (Polezeath)

Daniel Kane 
• The Poet’s Job Remains

Parm Kaur 
• Prayer
• Liminal

Shamshad Khan 
• On Understanding Our Dragons

Bill Knott 
• A Comic Look at Damocles
• Poem for Georg Trakl

Lisa Kosow 
• The Weaving

M. L. Liebler 
• Rereading America

Marcia Lipson 
• The Search

Richard Littler 
• A Letter from My father
• Just Another Sunday Couple

Paul Lyalls 
• Byronic Soul

Aoife Mannix 
• Swimming at Night
• Tomboy

Ian McBryde 
• Arsonist

E. Ethelbert Miller 
• Morning Buddhism

Martin Newell 
• The Weather Back-cast
• John Cooper Clarke

Mel Nichols 
• Giallo

Charles O’Hay 
• A Brisf History of Redemption

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg 
• Predictions

d.j. renegade
• In E Sharp
• Silent Night

Roger Robinson 
• His Thirteth year

Anne Rouse 
• From His Coy Mistress
• from The Good Weekend (Friday)

Rebecca Sabin
• The Facts of Life

john siddique 
• when i saw you from the sky
• fiftyfirstsecond the heaviest hush

Labi Siffre 
• Requieum
• Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Neil Sparkes 
• portrait of a city dweller
• like falling in love
• scattering
• count your blessings

Alan Spears 
• Woman in a Red Dress-Escalator Down!
• Taking Her Photograph Down
• Working on My Jealousy Issues

Carolyn Stoloff 
• Fashioning A Widow

Adrienne Su 
• Childhood Pets
• Why I Can’t Become a Buddhist

Peter Tatlin 
• Light

Lori Tsang 
• Winged Communion

Michael Waters 
• Voronet Blue



Patience Agabi 
• There Came a Big Spider

Joe Ambrose 
• Algeciras

Steve Aylett 
• If Armstrong Was Interesting

Claire Bennett 
• The Ex-Wife’s Tale

Rich Ferguson 
• Smoking Joey

Christopher Fowler 
• Normal Life

Hugh Fox 
• The Giant Christmas Oyster

Maxim Jakubowski 
• The Room, After She Left

Rik Lander 
• If You Try To Stop Me

L.A. Lantz 
• Family History

J.C. Lictner
• In the Service of Others

Debra Marquart 
• The Many Short Teeth of the Many Long Zippers

Joe Martin 
• from Parabola: Tales of the Wise and the Idiots

Martin Millar 
• Musicians

Rebecca Motil 
• Matchsticks

Lee Nelson 
• The Wrong Room

Deborah Pintonelli 
• from Some Heart

Nani Power
• Rimbaud’s head

Paulette Roberts 
• Sustenance

Roger Robinson 
• Tree

David Rose 
• Ming

Joanne Sobieck -Lingg 
• Remember the Horse Girls?

Gladys Swan 
• The Bath Tub

Royston Swarbrooke
• Penis Envy

Andrea Tetrick 
• Jimmi Veneer

Michael Wilding 
• Market Forces

Jim Williamson 
• Pitch Pipe

Robert Alder
• Cover art (computer manipulated graphic)

Bleddyn Butcher 
• 3 photos

Tuli Kupferberg 
• cartoon

John Minihan 
• 4 photos

Nick Strangeway 
• Cool Britannia? 6 photos

Derek Ridgers 
• 3 photos