Gargoyle 41
Cover art by Andi Olsen
Published 6/1/1998

Table of Contents


Jennifer Egan 
• Rowing a(n Anti-) Memoir

Amy Halloran 
• The Talking Writer

Anne LeBaron 
• Ode to the Golden Toad

David Ulin 
• Kerouac’s Ghost


Jamika Ajalon 
• Blackability (where da revolution at–revisited)

Elizabeth W. Andrews 
• The Swimming Lesson

Joe Asser 
• Graffiti Artist

Steve Aylett 
• Bestiary

Francesca Beard 
• The Poem That Was Really a List

Elisa Biagini 
• Morgue

Paul Birtill 
• Best Seller

Eugenie Bisulco 
• Bodies

Nicole Blackman
• Black Box
• 27 List Poems I Should Write

Calire Calman 
• Love is Blind

Glenn Carmichael 
• And

John Cooper Clarke 
• Eat Lead Clown

Robert O. Costa 
• Tango

Virginia Crawford 
• Drowning
Someone Else’s

Tim Cumming 
• Landscape with Valve

Blair Ewing 
• Just Another Byte out of Time

Brenda Frazer 
• Animated Midnight Dream

Tina Fulker 
• untitled

Karen Garthe 
• The Soutine

Regan Good 
• The War Horse

John Greaves 
• Untitled

Janet Hamill 
• Nocturne 5

Elizabeth Hamilton 
• It Is Easter Week

Brian Hinton 
• Love Poem

Bruce A. Jacobs 
• Blood Dance

Valerie Jean 
• Again
• 22nd Revelation

Halvard Johnson 
• White Lies

Martha Johnson 
• Losing Jane

LuAnn Keener 
• Wild Dogs

Mimi Khalvati 
• Terrapin

Ronald Koertge 
• Q and A
• Myths

Wayne Koestenbaum 
• History of Boys

Avra Kouffman 
• Lush

Elizabeth Mary Larson 
• Ditch Digging

Sara Elizabeth Levy 
• Nocturne
• Rise

Lyn Lifshin 
• The Mad Girl Finds It Excruciatingly Painful

Julie Liu 
• The Patron Sain tof Pests and Mosquitoes

Roger McGough 
• Whoops!

Gwyn McVay 
• You Have Nothing Left to Disbelieve But This
• Quipu

Miriam Morsel Nathan 
• The Absurd Messiah

Dorothy Porter 
• Hot Date
• My At-last-lover
• Crete

Minnie Bruce Pratt 
• The Ferry

Jeremy Reed 
• Poe’s Marriage Night
• Leader of the pack
• Female Singers
• Novels

Elizabeth Rees 
• Home Movie

Kim Roberts 
• St. Anthony preaching to the Fish

Natasha Saje 
• Fruit

Leslie Scalapino 
• from Deer Night

Maureen Seaton/Denise Duhamel 
• The Scarlet Letter
• The Scarlet Letter 2

Edgar Silex 
• Distances

Ifigenija Simonovic 
• Love Poem
• I Used to Be a Girl

Bob Slaymaker 
• Yearning

W. Loran Smith 
• The Playboys

Andrew Sofer 
• Aunt Winnie

Virgil suarez 
• Milagros La Flaca
• Auto Erotica

Peter Tatlin 
• Made Rich
• Paris Revisited

Alexander Theroux 
• Dropping Fleas into a Glass of Water
• To Mickey Hood Who Travels the World

Mike Topp 
• French Style

Tim Turnbull 
• Raw Horse

Christopher Twigg 
• Gorillas

Ruth Vaughn 
• Castle Rock

ruth weiss 
• One Night

Tim Wells 
• Cinnamon Girl
• Biscuits Ain’t Biscuits ’til They’re Baked

Terence Winch 
• Pegleg

Rose Zaeske 
• Pink 



Kim Addonizio 
• Reading Sontag

Roberta Allen 
• The Wrong One

R. R. Angell 
• Greyhound

Mary Caponegro 
• Whoever is Never Born with the Most Toys Wins

Billy Childish 
• The Medway Bog Man

Julia Duncan 
• Ghost in a Glass House

Mary Halnon 
• How It Seems in September

Ken Hollings 
• I Am Singing

Stokes Howell 
• Just Drive

Kevin Jackson 
• Zembla

Shelley Jackson 
• Sperm

R. A. Kapler 
• King

Gregory Maguire 
• The Hurricane Lamp

James Mathews 
• Devil’s Rain

Jeff Minerd 
• The Humpty Dumpty Game

Pedro Ponce 
• Stories of the Unexplained

Lou Robinson 
• Havoc Wreaked by the Bean of Doubt

Elizabeth Roca 
• Final Curtain

Helen Schulman 
• I Heart Dan Jansen

Marilyn Stablein 
• The Rat Caterer

Eugene Stein 
• The Barn Fire

Carolyn Weaver 
• Celia’s Bridegroom

Curtis White 
• from America’s Magic Mountain

Cynthia Connolly 
• Black Canyon, Arizona 1/19/97 4 photos

John Hegley 
• drawing/poem

Connie Imboden 
• 3 photos

Andi Olsen
• Cover art (computer manipulation)