Gargoyle 37/38
Cover Photo of Louise Brooks
Published 1/1/1990

Table of Contents


Kathy Acker

Lucia Berlin

Charles Brownson 
• Big Science

Robert Gregory 
• Voyeur Machines
• Joolz Interview
• Harry Mathews Interview

Susan Schultz 
• New Mythologies

Mary Lynn Skutley 
• Eating the Sadness

Michael Gregg Michaud 
• How to Be a Gay Literary Icon

James A. Wu 
• No More Heroes


Innokenty Annensky 
• Second Tormenting Sonnet (tr. Nancy Tittler/Devon Miller-Duggan)
• The Bronze Poet

Ivan Arguelles 
• Madonna

James Bertolino 
• Lines to restore Van Gogh’s Ear

Kevin Bezner 
• Playing Ball

Bruce Bond 
• The Narcoleptic in L.A.

Charles Bukowski 
• 2 Henry Miller paintings and etc.
my father

Michelle T. Clinton 
Dating the Dick Heads

Robert Cole 
• Emergency

Sunil Freeman 
• Thirty, Feeling Like Seventeen Again

Kenneth Gangemi 
• Calle Bolivar

Stefan George 
• My White parrots . . . (tr. Ulrike Weber/Richard Jones)

Robert Gregory 
• Waiting for the bus with the ghost on it, in bac•

A. L. Nielsen 
• Instructions For the Magic Frog

Alex Osborne 
• Samhain
• Post Mortem

Michelle Parkerson 
for cece

Douglas H. Pinson 
• An Evening On the Town

Jacklyn Potter 
• The Charge

Jeff Pruzan 
• Now Then

John Rybicki 
• Coal Boys

Karla M. Hammond 

Greg Hannan 
• Between Friends

Ernst Hebeck 
• I – You
• The Dwarf
• Life
• The Angel (tr. Melissa Moore)

Jared Hendrickson 
• Echo

Derrick Hsu 
Razor Stubble

Reuben M. Jackson 
• driving south
• my imaginary sister gets married

Dan Johnson 
The Lorton Anthology


Kerry Shawn Keys 
• The Aviary of My Liking

Bei Ling 
I Stroke You With All My Years (tr. Jin Zhong/William Slaughter)

Michael Malinowitz 
• Equal Time

Walter MacDonald 
• Hauling on Hardscrabble

Heather McHugh 
Tornado Survivor

Sharon Morgenthaler 
• The Man I Adore

Tylias Moss 
Lunchcounter Freedom

Miriam Sagan 
Views of the Pecos

Tatyana Scherbina 
• The Mermaid (tr. Jim Kates)

Catherine Harnett Shaw 
• What Women Pray For

Janet Snell 
• A Different Version of Noah’s Ark

Silvana R. Straw 
• Fede

Hilary Tham 
• May Means Beautiful in Chinese

Mitchell Toney 
• Recreation

Steve Tyler 
• Spring 1966

Kenneth Warren 
• Johnny Angel

Dana Weimer 
• The Widow

Peter Wild 
• Local Historical Societies



Kathy Acker 
• from: In Memorium to Identity

Julia Alvarez 
Hot Water

Lucia Berlin 
• Noel, Texas. 1956

Pamela Brandt 
• London Bridges

Carmen Delzell 
• Passing

D. E. Steward 
• Septiembre

Ken Waldman 
• Scientific Cuisine

Tom Whalen 
• Promenade

Mark Winegardner 
• The Batting Cage

Anna Banana 
• Gargoyle Commemorative (1976-1989) (stamps)

Y. David Chung 
• Bar Scene
• Street Scene
• The Spill
• Nightclub Act

Cynthia Connolly 
• 3 photos

Marianne Laroche 
• Pipe Dream (painting)

Ellie Moran 
• 3 photos

G. Byron Peck
• photo

Janet Snell

Charles Steck 
• Dot & Margaret (photo)
• Sun Ra (photo)
• untitled photo

Graham Sykes 
• photo

Dan Treado/Grace Jeffers 
• painting

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