Gargoyle 35
cover photo (Youth and Age on Holiday)
by Leslie A. Bell
publication date 10/1988

Table of Contents


Mark Baechtel 
• Off Target
• Two from State Street
• Poems of Memory
• Peter Wild Squared

Charles Bukowski 
• Feature, w/ letters, poems, interview plus an interview with his German publisher Carl Weissner
•Charles Johnson Interview

Marti Leimbach 
• Estranged Dreams

Glenn Moomau 
• A Luke-warm Too Hot
• Beyond the Static
• Spirited Stories

Richard Peabody 
• Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Peggy Pfeiffer 
• The Legacy of Loss
• A Range of Voices

Susan Schultz 
• Four Poets of Place
• Death and the Body
• Jonathan Strong Interview

C. Jenise Williamson 
• Sense Impressions
• Takes on History

James A. Wu 
• Dissident Doodles
• Even More Love Stories


Charles Bukowski 
• Joe

Sandie Castle 
• Warning

Jim Daniels 
• Digger’s Territory

Alan Devenish 
• Silver Heart Over Chevy Chase Maryland

John Elsberg 
• Fragment

Amy Gerstler 
• Wish in a War Zone
• Russian Lullaby

Angel Gonzalez 
• To Poetry (tr. Steven Ford Brown/Pedro Gutierrez Revuelta)

Paul Grant 
• The Ghost of Buck Jones’ Horse, Silver Talks to Reporters About Fire Prevention
• Grand Terrace Shuffle

Jay Griswold 
• The Man Whose Eyes See Only Real Things

Johnny Hartner 
• When We Learned What 69 Meant

Nigel Hinshelwood 
• The Saxophone Player Who Was Tired of Jazz

Reuben M. Jackson 
• Voyeurs 1969

Ted Joans 
• Him the Bird

Steven Johnson 
• What Moves

B. C. Leale 
• Highly Intoxicated Clerks

Lyn Lifshin 
• Becoming What You’re Called
• Facing Away from Where You’re Going

Patrick McKinnon 
• The Glasses Poem

E. Ethelbert Miller 
• August Rain
• Growing

Fred Muratori 
• Maturity

Naomi Shihab Nye 
• French Movies

Laura Oaksmith 
• Warnings
• Ash-Tails and Fingers

Simon Perchik 
• *

Lee W. Potts 
• Tonight I whispered to you that

Kristopher Saknussemm 
• Call to Worship

Gregg Shapiro 
• Suspicious Honeymoon

Catherine Harnett Shaw 
• The Anthropologist Speaks to the Pilot’s Remains

Silvana R. Straw 
• no mercy: a love poem

Samuel Rogers Truitt 
• 4 poems from Alter

Jim Tucker 
• New York Morning

Steve Tyler 
• My Cockroach



Jennette Bertles 
• Margo’s Childhood

Truitt Blassingham 
• Release

Meghan Gehman 
• Keys

Helen Jones 
• Chaperones

Jonathan London 
• Hank Williams I Love You So Much

Ben Neihart 
• Shake Me

Antonya Nelson 
• Ecstasy

Dawn Newton 
• Chili

William Reid 
• Doing That Outside Dance

Joyce Renwick 
Cuatro Casas

Ellen Summers 
• One Foot in Heaven

Susan Weinberg 
• In Training

Mary Kay Zuravleff 
• The One That Got Away

Leslie A. Bell 
• Berlin Idyll (photo)
• Miss Marple’s Only Son (photo)
• Figure/ Ground Relationship (Being Mortal) (photo)

Bobbi Bennett 
• 3 photos

Lynn Schmidt 
• Offering (painting)

John Dolan 
• 3 photos

Carolyn Fischer 
• 3 photo

Caty Forden 
• 3 illustrations

Michael Montfort 
• 8 photos

Charles A. Taormina 
• Gargoyle (photo)

#35. Pub date: 10/19/1988
Launch party was an actual party
held at Paul Grant and Joyce Renwick’s home in Bethesda, MD.

The reading took place two months later (12/6/88) at d.c. space (DC) and featured poetry by Sandie Castle, John Elsberg, Paul Grant, Nigel Hinshelwood, Reuben Jackson, E. Ethelbert Miller, Catherine Harnett Shaw, Silvana Straw, Sam Truitt, plus fiction by Joyce Renwick, Susan Weinberg, and Mary Kay Zuravleff.