Gargoyle 34
cover painting by Damon Von Eiff
90 Minute Casette
publication date 10/1987

Table of Contents

Side One

Side Two

Sarah Tuft/Zenon Slawinski 
• Disunentanglement (w/music)

Silvana Straw 
• Alba
• Love You Like I Love Jesus
• References
• Come to Your Senses

Reuben Jackson 
• The Big Chill Variations
• To Newport
• CIA Love Song
• Felix

Sibbie O’Sullivan 
• Worship the Worm
• Shadow Dancing in the Suburbs
• Another Photograph

Daryl Wakeley 
• Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
• Three Points of Leaving–Aubade

Sharon Morgenthaler 
• I’ll Tell You What
• Tru Luv
• Sin
• Sex
• Me With My Libido . . . You Saying Something About True Blue

Jared Hendrickson 
• No Title

Rosmarie Waldrop 
• from The Reproduction of Profiles

Sandie Castle 
• The Vampire

Wishes and Water 
• Thursday Four (song)

Maxine Clair 
• Running
• Dejavu
• Penmanship
• Lone Lily Beside the Road

Paul Grant 
• Utilities
• Sail Away
• Visiting Hours
• Metagraywacke

A.L. Nielsen 
• On the Move
• Driving to San Jose
• from Yellow
• A Pack of Lies

Richard M. Flynn 
• from The Age of Reason

Dabrina Taylor 
• Coming Down at the Reception
• Landscape with Chicken Feathers
• Little Suite for 6am
• Portrait of Frida Kahlo Dressed as a Tehuana

Ron Weber 
• Menage a Tois
• Churrigueresque…
• The Joy of Boring

Jane Creighton 
• from My Home in the Country

Michael Morrissey 
• The Mature Man in the Kitchen
• The Mature Man Goes Traveling
• The Mature Man’s Health
• The Mature Man Considers the Moon and Poetry
• The Mature Man’s Wife

Wishes and Water
• Closed Doors (song)