Gargoyle 32/33
cover assemblage (Cafe Exquisique)
by Judy Miller
publication date 8/31/1987

Table of Contents


Jonathan Baron 
• Why Africa? Six Reasons to Read African Writing in English
•Carol Berge Interview

Helene Bokanowski 
• Memories of Gertrude Stein

Edward Butscher 
• Disarranging Language and Self
Helen Garner Interview
Amy Gerstler Interview
Laurence Gonzales Interview
• Sy Gresser Interview

Joseph Keppler 
• In the Mode: Three by Chasen Gaver
• Four by Three
• Michael Martone Interview

George Myers Jr. 
• Culture & Anarchy

Robert Peters 
• Poets on the Grass, Alas! The Latest Crop of Poetry Anthologies
Edouard Roditi Interview

Rita Signorelli-Pappas 
• Breaking the Mirror: The Oblique Artistry of Natalia Ginzburg


Anna Akhmatova 
• untitled
• untitled (tr. by Judith Hemschemeyer)

Anne Becker 
• The Laws of Nature
• The Excised Pages
• Variation
• The Landscape of Prayer

Charles Bukowski 

Elaine Equi 
• Approaching Orgasm
• Another Form of Suicidal Behavior

Laura Fargas 
• Hyperbolae

Forrest Gander 
• Imagining You

David Hickman 
• Variation #34
• The Girl
• Significa

James Krusoe 
• Poem
• American Popular Song

James Liddy 
• Love is a Good Read in Bed

Joel Sattler 
• Arrows

Elizabeth Sullam 
• Not Blue Roses

Dabrina Taylor 
• The Vendor’s Mare

James Taylor 
• Dear Paul



Ann Downer 
A Change in Circumstances

Joanne Findley 
• Middle Space

Mary Truitt 
• Under the Circumstances

Susan Weinberg 
• Masters of the Universe

David O’Dell 
• Heat

Kathy Bell 
• photo

Leslie A. Bell 
• My Name: Zubitz (photo)
• Ted Priester as Max Beckmann (photo)
• Dee McNeil as a Bird (photo)

Rosemary Feit Covey 
• South African Childhood (lino cut)
• Writing on the Wall (lino cut)
• The House After Noon (lino cut)

Jody Mussoff 
• Woman with Cherubs (colored pencil)

Frontispiece – Henry L. Berben

Book Reviews by Michael Alexander, Frank Allen, R. Lynn Barnes, Grace Bauer, Dan Beaver, Charles Brownson, David Cantor, Rose Ciccarelli, Jay Dougherty, C. L. Eckard, Lindsay E. Edmunds, Richard Flynn, Lisa Forestier, Robert Gregory, Kathleen K., M. Kettner, Patricia Lesko, Lois Mathieu, Mark Melnicove, A. L. Nielsen, Leslie Pietrzyk, Maja Prausnitz, S. Ramnath, Robert L. Reiff, Jeff Richards, Edouard Roditi, Steven B. Rogers, C. S. Schreiner, David Sheridan, Rita Signoreli-Pappas, Belinda Subraman, Jeffrey D. Talmadge, Kenneth Warren