Gargoyle 29
cover photo by Sanford Scheller
Sixty Minute Spoken Word Casette
publication date 6/27/1986

Table of Contents

Side One

Side Two

Zenon Slawinski 
• Indiana Danza (Pt. 1) (instrumental)

Sharon Morgenthaler 
• Every Time I See Blue
• Very Glad Things Never Change
• The Price of Fame

Nigel Hinshelwood 
• from the P. T. Barnum Journals
• Buddy’s Poem
• Some Old Infatuation

Ann Downer 
• The Synesthete
• Eve Named the Whales I Think
• Koko
• Practical Holiness
• Rabelasian Spring
• Dead Cat

Thad Ziolkowski 
• Aubade
• The Sepulchre of Simon Says
• The North American Wrass
• Evening Mechanism
• Untitled

Dyane Fancey 
• Lazarus
• Yoshino at Suppertime

Zenon Slawinski 
• Indiana Danza (Pt.2) (instrumental)

Dyane Fancey 
• The Dark Glass of Memory

Robert Gray 
• Mask (instrumental)

Wayne Kline 
• Bigfoot

Beth Joselow 
• An Act with Chimps
• The Boy Next Door
• One of Our Most Popular Acts

Afaa M. Weaver 
• Water Song
• In Paris on a Humble
• A Room (for Nelson Mandela)

Zenon Slawinski 
• Silica (instrumental)